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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 7 Intermission 4

Intermission: Pochi and Picture Book


My favorite things are master and meat nano desu.

"Ara? Pochi hates me huh."

I'm not nodesu. I like Arisa too nano desu.

"Pochi hates Tama~?"
"Is that so, I am below meat huh."

Tama and Liza too, please wait nodesu.

"I see~ Pochi-chan likes meat more than everyone huh. It's unfortunate~ even though I've grilled a delicious steak."
"I express regret."

Au, Lulu too, it's not like that nodesu. Nana and Mia too, please wait nodesu.
But, meat is delicious nodesu. So delicious it makes me happy nano desu.

"Then, Pochi doesn't need us right. Good bye Pochi."

It's not like that nodesu. Wait nano desu.

"Please don't go~, nano desu!"
"Uwah, I'm surprised. What's wrong Pochi. Did you see a strange dream?"

When I look around restlessly, Tama is sleeping on top of master's lap.
Is this the camping ground?

I went to sleep when I was on night guard duty nodesu.

"Everyone was bullying me nodesu."
"That was just a dream. Everybody loves Pochi, so it's alright okay."

Master gently hugs Pochi and pats my head and back. It feels good nodesu. I almost sleep in because it feels too good nodesu.

Swoosh! I take a pose to get me spirited and wake me up nodesu. I'm a disgrace of a slave if I leave the night watch duty to master alone nodesu. I can see that Tama is sleeping on master's lap, but Tama is surely only pretending to be asleep nodesu. She surely is, nano desu.

"I won't feel sleepy with this nodesu."
"It's fine to sleep if you're sleepy you know?"
"I'm alright nano desu."

However, the [Aspalegus Meat Roll] that we've eaten just now is too delicious, it's no good nodesu. Happiness with full stomach--

Ha!? Critically dangerous nodesu. I almost dozed off involuntarily nodesu.
Arisa has said this, full stomach is the strongest enemy of drowsiness, she says.

It's reading time for a time like this nano desu.

"Master, I'd like you to read the picture book please nodesu."
"Nn? The picture book that Arisa's bought from the secondhand store huh? Hasn't Pochi become able to read now?"

This and that are different matters nodesu. It's essential for master to read it for me nano desu.

"Then, let's read it together."
"Yes, nano desu!"


A loo~ng, long time ago.
The seven gods came here together with the world trees from the world of gods.

The gods planted the world trees on the earth, and taught everyone knowledges and words.

And then, everyone lived together in happiness, happily ever after.


"Not that nodesu, the story is not like that nodesu."

Master is not serious nano desu. I should protest firmly here nano desu.
Even though Pochi is hitting master softly, master only laughs without complaining that it hurts nodesu.
The master today is mean nano desu.

"I give, I give~ I'm going to read it properly, so forgive me."
"Being mean is no good nano desu. The next one is the last chance nano desu."
"Understood. I'll read it properly alright."


The people lived peacefully and prospered greatly at the feet of the eight world trees.
However, since when was it. There are nine gods in the world.

The eighth god is the god of dragon.
The god of dragon had been in the world before the seven gods came together with the world trees.
The god of dragon was a sleepyhead, it was sleeping even until the world had completely changed.

The god of dragon was very surprised when it finally woke up, but since it was a foolish god who didn't fuss over small things, it approved the agreeable seven gods and got along with them.

However, the ninth god was different.


"Master, why does it use [Hashira] instead of [Hito] nano desu?"
<TLN: This is impossible to translate in English, Japanese uses counter words to count objects. In this case the book use [Hashira] to count gods, and [Hito] to count people. Satou-sensei will explain next.>
"I wonder? We learn to do it like that. Birds use [Hane], rats use [Hiki] right? Different counters are used for different objects."

As expected of master nano desu. I don't really understand, but I feel like I've understood nodesu.

"Thank you nano desu. Please read the continuation nodesu."

When I push the picture book to master, he says [Ow, ow] and laughs. When I see master's smile, I feel happy nodesu.


The ninth god was a demon god that had traveled from another world.
The demon god was really spoiled, it couldn't stand not being the best, and always tried to pick a fight with the other gods.

It couldn't be helped that the demon god became envious when it saw the other gods were surrounded by various people and mythical beasts.
The demon god created demons to have them revere itself. The demons and their creator, the demon god, bullied the other races around.

The troubled gods protested to the demons and demon god to not act violently, but they were completely ignored.

Too bad so sad, and then, the world was destroyed.


"Mou, master is a bully nodesu. Not reading the picture book properly, bad, nano desu."

Even though I'm scolding master, he's giggling.
Is he really repenting desu?

"I am repenting, I'll read it properly this time."
"You have to absolutely nano desu. Let's do pinky promise nodesu."

We link our little finger and make a pinky promise nodesu.
Master's finger is slender and beautiful nodesu.

I'll boast it to Arisa later nodesu.


One day, a tragedy occured.
The demons that had gone wild laid their hands on the dragons and the dragon god who were sleeping. The dragons who got their pleasant sleeps disturbed violently raged, every demon were burned by the breath of the dragons.
And unfortunately, at the same time, the other races were also burned together.

The demon god was also chased by the dragon god, but the demon god who was quick at running away continued to elude the dragon god for 100 years, and finally, the dragon god got tired and went back to the dragon valley.

The gods said to the dragon god that it was too excessive, but the dragon god who was half-asleep swung its tail once and blew away the gods to beyond the mountains.

Ever since that time, the demons never approach the dragons, and bully the weaker ones stealthily.

The weakest and most bullied one, the human race, asked the young goddess for the power to fight against the demon.

The young goddess was very troubled.
That is because the young goddess didn't have power to fight. The troubled young goddess consulted with the other gods, but every one of them only nods their heads while uh-huh-ing without trying to do anything.

The young goddess went to consult the strongest one, the dragon god. Of course, she couldn't borrow the power of the dragons. If she did that, the damage would be greater than letting the demons going wild.

At first the dragon god was unwilling to help, but since it liked the human toys and liquor that the young goddess had brought, the dragon god taught her one magic.

That was the magic to summon a hero.

It was the magic of hope.


"Pochi also wants to be summoned nodesu! And then I'll become a hero nodesu!"
"That's right, if it's Pochi, she will become a hero someday."

Muu, master answered vainly nodesu.
Pochi knows nodesu.

Not good desu. Truly not good nodesu.

Master has closed the pattern and the picture book nodesu.

No nano desu!
After this, it'll be the part about the hero's heroic tales nano desu.
I protest by clinging on master's neck, and look up at master's face, but master isn't looking here nodesu. Master? Pochi is over here nano desu.

"Good morning, master."
"Good morning, Lulu. Liza and Nana are tired from the special training yesterday, so let them keep sleeping, I'll help with the breakfast today. Pochi, do you have any request?"

Meal from master!
That is the essential wonder nano desu.

I don't have to think for the re-quest nodesu.


When I declare so vigorously, master laughs nodesu.

Today is also a really good day nano desu!

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