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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-22

7-22. A Night No One Knows (4)


Satou's here. I wonder since when is the trend of boss characters transform for so many times when you're defeating them? It's generally troublesome when it's in a game, but when it's in real life....

It's probably the effect of the demon's unique skill. The demon has revived as an undead. The demon's upper body that should have been lost has also regenerated in the blink of an eye. There's no worth in defeating this guy.
The two liuyedao have been lost somewhere when I destroy the upper body earlier, thankfully.

I do have several trump cards, but since I don't know how many times the demon can revive, I won't recklessly use them. It's painful that one MP recovery potion only recovers 20% of my MP with one bottle.
From now on, I'll charge magic swords and the holy swords whenever I'm free.

"It has been since Yamato that I have to resort using Banpufutou's effect. O Nanashi, perchance you can beat me? Yamato took the heavenly dragons lot along to attack my castle. You alone intend to be the equivalent of a hero and heavenly dragons nanoda huh."

Fumu, since my name is blank, it's [Nanashi] huh. I guess I'll call myself Nanashi from now on.
<TLN: Na nashi=nameless.>

Thanks to HP potion and self-healing skill, my wounds have disappeared. It still hurts, but not to the degree that makes me unable to fight. Looks like it's bad for the opponent to let me heal more than this.

"The heavenly dragons are taking rests."

While holding three MP recovery potions on my mouth, I operate the storage with thought.
Since the demon launches destruction magic towards me, I slap the magic with my palm and change its course. The demon is muttering, "Ridiculous", but I ignore it. My palm is stinging. I don't want to touch that magic too much.

"Besides, the professional hero is currently taking a vacation with beautiful big-breasted women in the imperial capital."

I'd hit him if he really was on a vacation.

I exchanged Durandal for [Trump Card #1, Holy Spear Longinus] from the storage, and pour it in with magic power that I've just recovered. I feel dizzy from using too much magic power, but I endure it.

"Professional hero? Then what are you, nanoda?"
"I'm a part-timer. My main job is a tourist."

Tourist is not a job. I know.
Using vague words to distract the demon is just fine. The demon uses destruction magic, but the aim is loose. Use ranged magic if you want to hit me.

I shouldn't think unnecessary things.
The demon really launches ranged magic. I kick up the stone pavement below my feet, standing it up and make it into a shield. Unfortunately, I don't get tatami flip skill.

The demon's magic destroys the stone pavement and rushes to me.

I've put up Shield to buy some time, but it's meaningless. The shield also breaks in an instant. I twist my body and protect the important places.


As expected of the demon lord's attack. It's wholesomely painful. Even though the pain quickly goes away, painful thing is painful.
Looking at the health gauge that's only reduced for a bit, the demon is probably the type that's weak with magic.

This time a breath attack is coming, so I use Ground Shrink to evade it. Of course, before it.

While closing in like teleporting, I launch a technique.

Three-stranded spiral spear attack.

I invoke Furnace Flame (Forge) at the same time to burn down the multiple small shields.
The first and second spiral attacks pierce both shoulders of the golden wild boar demon lord's, the third spiral attack pierces the heart. While like that, the holy light sucks the demon's body--

Half of the demon's body has been blasted.

However, the demon cut half of its body with both of its edge-like claws before the spiral spear attack effect reach it. A new body grows out of the remaining half. Are you a planarian.

This demon is much more immortal than Zen.

This time translucent tentacles-like things come out of the demon's hand and attack. What a diverse guy.
Since it's destroyed with just one stab of Longinus, I don't know what kind of attack it is, but it's probably dangerous to recklessly take it.

The demon's eyes are glittering, but since I don't know what kind of attack is it, I look at the log and a chill runs down my spine. They're instant death attack, followed by attack with instant death effect.

>[Instant Death Resistance Skill Acquired]

I stop my assault, and activate the skill on the spot. Next time, if I see the demon doing the same motion, I should take out a mirror.

Since then, my attacks have hit it for many times, but the demon gets revived each time due to its unique skill's effect. It has been revived for seven times already, I want it to end.

The demon seems to think that magic and special attacks are not working against me, this time it changes to attacking physically.

The most annoying one is when I'm attacking it in close range.

While yelling with spirit, I stab at the demon's heart with Longinus, at that time, its hands stretch out toward me. I judge that I could avoid the stretched arms attack with a paper-thin difference, but--

The arm bone breaks through the hand and flies out like a crossbow's bolt.
Its attacks have become increasingly absurd.

While being slightly surprised, I acrobatically avoid the bone arrow.
Short Stun is already unable to even act as a feint, so I don't use it.

Making use of the air as a foothold with Sky Drive, I stab with the holy spear while being upside-down.
It's no good even though the heart is pierced after all huh.

When it comes to this, I have no choice but to cut up the body to pieces and then, evaporate or burn it down.
I exchange Longinus with Durandal.

There's only little magic power left in it, so the blue light that comes out of Durandal is faint.

"What's wrong hero. You can't manage to defeat this immortal body, nodana?"

The demon takes out two rib bones from the sides under its arm, holds it, and lets out a short roar that makes the rib bones get covered in black flames. Flame magic swords huh?

"I'll let you taste my black flame bone swords, noda. Come, dance the dance of death."

The demon lord comes attacking with two swords style, but leaving aside its appearance, the black flame bone swords are more fragile than the liuyedao. When our swords clash, I just get slightly burned from the black flame.

"What the hell are you, nanoda? Basking in the black flame, bringer of ruin that burns down heavenly dragons, why are you unhurt?!"

I guess it's because my level is high? No, it might be because my destruction resistance skill is at MAX.
Moreover, I do get hurt. It's just that my recovery speed is fast. MP is used for recovery, so I should take care as not to get hurt as much as possible. It hurts after all.

"If you're unhurt, then I'll just keep attacking until you do, noda!"

Please stop doing endless repetitive moves.
The demon endlessly takes out another black flame bone swords whenever I destroy it, and right when I get bored with it, I've finally recovered enough magic power.

As I energetically destroy the black flame bone swords, I cut the demon's body into pieces. When it starts reviving, I invoke Furnace Flame (Forge) during the regeneration's time of half of an eye's blink, incinerating it.

And yet, the demon still regenerates without losing to the fire.

As expected of a demon lord.

Oops, this isn't the time to admire it.

While maintaining Furnace Flame (Forge), I charge holy bolts that I've taken from the Storage, set up crossbow sets, and shoot it. I shoot the remaining 10 sets during the short time.

At last the pieces of meat that are regenerating stop wriggling.

I have to perform the last rite now.
I take out a new thing from the storage, [Trump Card #2, Holy Sword Galatine], and slash with it, evaporating the demon.

I've not thought that I'd end up taking out the secret, Galatine. Galatine is a sibling sword of Excalibur, I've filled with reasonable amount of magic power. If it's still not good with this one, I'd have to use Excalibur even though it's dangerous.

In preparation for the second revival, I gulp down potions. I drink too much, feel sick.

Apparently, it won't revive again. The evidence is the appearance of these guys.

"Kusukusu, it lost huh."
"It lost, lost to Yamato."
"It lost to the new hero too."

Three small violet lights rise up, just like the time with Zen.
No, their colors are a bit black. Jet black lights are also mixed in occasionally. The impression I sense from them are the same, but are they different things?

"It's an Orc after all."
"What should we use this time?"
"Weasel seems smart."

Thinking that I would not harm them, they let their guard down, I cut the black violet lights.

I slash the jet black lights three times, and the three after-lights disappear. I take off [God Slayer] from my title, and put the divine sword into the Storage. It feels like the divine sword has absorbed the slashed lights, but since the divine sword's status hasn't changed, it's probably just my imagination.

After crushing the black violet lights, the log flows in great speed indicating loots acquisitions, but I scroll back on it and will check the loot for later. The log properly shows [Fragments of God have been defeated!], so I've probably beaten them.

When I carefully think about it, the deeds make it as if I'm picking a fight with the god, but it's a done deal so there's no use in thinking about it. Though, I feel that an existence that lends its power to the demon lord would be hostile even if I don't do anything anyway. Even if I've antagonized the god, I hope that it's the kind of god with 100 years later scale.

>Title [Demon Lord Slayer]
>Title [Demon Lord Slayer 『Golden Wild Boar King』] Acquired
>Title [True Hero] Acquired
>Title [Unsung Hero] Acquired.

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