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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 511

511 Being Made Fun of?


"They will be taken care of. We have strewed soldiers along the road here, they shall be arrested on the spot. Every single one without question. These fools showed up after the great pruning of rotten nobles in this kingdom. I suppose it goes to show the dire situation of our current political landscape."

Leord gradually got more comfortable in his grumble. Likely because the other soldiers are standing by with no sign of approaching us.
Guy's quite young to be a commander, even if it's just provisional. He must have a lot of pent-up stuff.
I may be considered a danger, but I'm still younger than him. He prob find it easier to loose his lips.

"Guess I've got nothing more to do then. I'll take my leave here. Ah, what's gonna happen to Bandoro?"

Now that Gora family is no more, I'm curious about the fate of their associates.
I was thinking it would make my life easier if these soldiers went and arrested Bandoro as well, but my query needlessly piqued Leord's interest instead.

"We should find incriminating evidence once we search through this mansion. I believe Bandoro's arrest should be done by tomorrow... Actually, how did you know about his connection to Gora Family? You sounded sure too."

"...Anyone on the streets knows about this stuff. And oh yeah, the kingdom's patrols are involved in under the table dealings with Bandoro. Mister saw it. Later then."

I left him with a parting gift.
Leord put on a dumbfounded look, 'Eh?', which gave me the opportunity to slip.
I could hear him asking me to stop but I paid it no heed.
My source of worry is gone now. I've got to return Griffon home. Gotta go back soon.
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Now then, here I am back at the site. I came across soldiers guarding the road on my way here.
Them and the remnants of Gora Family, still clueless about the fate waiting for them.
Naturally, they were none the wiser cause I passed by both parties in Accelerated State.
Bandoro himself arrived just as I got out of the gate. His camel horse looked spent, he must have driven it hard. And.

"I'm back. Everything has been taken care of. Now I'd like to return Griffon home. Will that be a problem?"

"Didn't you say you were going to the kingdom? How are you back here so quick? What did you do? And what do you mean by taken care of... Ah, sheesh, I don't understand a single thing you said, you know?"

Yep, it hadn't been long since I left.
The duration I was gone must not compute considering the distance.
Also, she probably won't believe me even if I give it to her straight. She might think I'm boasting.
Knowing that there's no point, I reiterated what I said instead.

"Bandoro won't be coming here again. So I'm sending Griffon home, no problem right?"

"...Haa, yes it's fine. Let me tag along, I'll see you off."

The three site workers that remained protested to that.

"That's dangerous, chief! I don't care what he told you, there's just no way a Griffon get attached to a human! Is there even a need for you to go there, chief?"
"Agreed. I know you said you saw it yourself chief, but I still can't believe it. Griffons are famous for their high pride, no tamers have ever succeeded making them yield let alone submit."
"Just let this guy do it himself. What if you get hurt getting close to such a dangerous beast, what's gonna happen to this site, chief!?"

Where did their reaction from that time I crushed Gora Family goons go to?
Yet, the fact that they're still staying here is worthy of praise I guess.
I can tell that they're genuinely worried about Chief Raie too.

Therefore, having them accompany us is the quickest option here.

"Why don't you guys go with the chief as her escort."





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