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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki

New View ・ Nobu-san's Otherworld Chronicle

 Author: Kotobuki Wataru

I'm Izumi Nobusada. 35 year old, just a humble clerk of a convenience store.
When I was enjoying my consecutive holidays that I hadn't had for a long time, it was just my luck that I seemingly got summoned to another world. Furthermore, a former demon lord interfered this summoning.
The former demon lord told me, 『Please listen to my two requests if you become strong. You can live freely besides that.』 Usually here, I should have been the one who got my wish fulfilled shouldn't it? Well whatever. The former demon lord made my body younger as a farewell gift. I'm gonna say goodbye to my introvert past self and do my best.
Aim to become! Mofumofu King!?

Chapter 2 Meeting the Old Demon Lord 
Chapter 3 Looking at the Status 
Chapter 4 Nobusada Still... Hasn't Stood on Bare Earth Yet
Chapter 5 Nobusada Stands on Bare Earth
Chapter 6 Magical Boy Nobusada's Bombastic Birth 
Chapter 7 Found Animal Ear-san
Chapter 8 Teach Me Futsuno-sensei
Chapter 9 What's Life Magic?
Chapter 10 The March of Wild Boar
Chapter 11 Finally Arrived at Gramada
Chapter 12 The Guild and Eleanor-san
Chapter 13 Matda the Superman and Kyle
Chapter 14 Good Food Really is the Best
Chapter 15 Advent! The No-Goddess Next Door
Chapter 16 Re~d Old Man and Green Old Man♪
Chapter 17 Encounter with Kagura-san, Boing Boing Chapter
Chapter 18 The Impactful Facet of Gramada
Chapter 19 First-Time-Dungeon
Chapter 20 Would You Defend Bunny Ears!
Chapter 21 Gutsy Nobusada
Chapter 22 Got a Master
Chapter 23 24-hour Lifesaving Inn
Chapter 24 Nobusada's Path of Training ①
Chapter 25 Nobusada's Path of Training ②
Chapter 26 Hello Baby
Chapter 27 Your Name is....
Chapter 28 Nobusada, Shocking Truth
Chapter 29 If I Can't Use Weapon Skills, I'll Just Make One
Chapter 30 Tama, Mushroom, and Me
Chapter 31 Blast! New Finisher
Chapter 32 Tama-chan's Potentials
Interlude 1 Sefi and Alchemy
Interlude 2 A Moment at Levellit Temple-thing Shack First Part
Interlude 3 A Moment at Levellit Temple-thing Shack Later Part
Chapter 33 Nobu-san's Current Status Report
Chapter 34 An Adventure With Kagura-san - Encounter Arc
Chapter 35 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Valley Arc
Chapter 36 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Metal Arc
Chapter 37 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Lolita Arc
Chapter 38 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Past Arc
Chapter 39 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Extermination Arc
Chapter 40 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Bouncing Arc
Chapter 41 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Return Arc
Chapter 42 Let's Get Ready for the Party
Chapter 43 Your Lovely Pecs
Chapter 44 Drink Drink Yeah
Chapter 45 Alchemist of Peach
Chapter 46 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 47 Don't Think, Feel... Sometimes That Won't Work
Chapter 48 Break the Wall in Your Way
Chapter 49 Apparently You Get Stronger After Close Call
Chapter 50 Requital of Softies
Chapter 51 Advent of Saviors!?
Chapter 52 Starting Shot of Counterattacks
Chapter 53 Just Punishment Executed!
Chapter 54 Gotta be Thorough with the Clean-up - First Part
Chapter 55 Gotta be Thorough with the Clean-up - Latter Part
Interlude 4 Gilui's Northern Bar
Chapter 56 Beginning of Mayhem
Chapter 57 Entrapped Fox Girl
Chapter 58 An Older Sister's Obstinacy
Chapter 59 Helper-san, Welcome Aboard~
Chapter 60 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - First Part
Chapter 61 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - Second Part
Chapter 62 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - Third Part
Chapter 63 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - Part Four
Chapter 64 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - Part Five
Chapter 65 Everyone Going Back Home to Gramada
Chapter 66 Liberating the Slaves and...
Chapter 67 Nobusada's Confession
Chapter 68 Nyan Nyan Nyan
Chapter 69 Morning of Bliss
Chapter 70 Guild Master Raid!
Chapter 71 Master's Evaluation
Chapter 72 Get Your Ducks in a Row
Interlude 6 Mandora-san
Chapter 73 Elf and Half Elf
Chapter 74 Second Advent, Yours Truly No-Goddess-san Barging in
Chapter 75 Guardians of Solomon
Interlude 7 Senior Pupils?
Chapter 76 Let's Feed in Dungeon
Chapter 77 Apparition Badppearance?
Chapter 78 Flying in the Sky
Chapter 79 Build Up! Silvery Piece
Chapter 80 Nobusada's Hammer of Wrath
Chapter 81 From Snow to Flying Fish
Chapter 82 So How Much for the Loot?
Chapter 83 General Merchant Dornuko - Part One
Chapter 84 General Merchant Dornuko - Later Part
Chapter 85 Secured Additional Employees
Chapter 86 Employee Training
Chapter 87 No no good, no no good!
Chapter 88 Restart
Chapter 89 Reconciliation
Chapter 90 Return
Chapter 91 Peerless
Chapter 92 Peerless...ed
Chapter 93 Conclusion
Chapter 94 Sharing Happiness
Chapter 95 Quickening
Chapter 96 Budding Ones
Chapter 97 Platinum Right Hand
Chapter 98 Malice Lurking in the Dark
Chapter 99 Before the Start of a New Life
Chapter 100 A New Life
Chapter 101 Sea Vacation (1)
Chapter 102 Sea Vacation (2)
Chapter 103 Sea Vacation (3)
Chapter 104 Sea Vacation (4)
Chapter 105 Sea Vacation (5)

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