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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Secured Additional Employees


"Ane-yan, we're 'ere to play~"

No no no, I'm here for a business talk Futsuno-san.

Us three; me, Futsuno-san and Mitama are visiting the slave trader [Beastfolk Expansion] right now. That's right, we're here to look for slaves that will be employees.
I plan to use the N-capital to fund the purchase. We still haven't got sales from our goods currently. Just think of it as an investment that will quickly make itself back.

"Ara ara, I'm glad to see you so lively Futsuno-chan. You too Mitama-chan. And you, I've been hearing a lot of things about you lately. I also heard you got quite some nicknames on you now?"

"T-that stuff is outside of my power to influence..."

"...Kirishna-neesan, don't be mean to Nobu."

"Ara, Mitama-chan scolded me. Fufufu, you must be loved dearly. So, what do you need today?"

"Oh yes, you see we're currently looking for employees to work at [Shut-in Lamia]. However, since we don't want to let our production process be known, we're thinking of hiring slaves for the roles. As for ages, there's no special requirements since even children can do the job. I'd prefer if they're girls. As the work needs fine control and most importantly, because our other employees are all girls. If I had to be picky, I'd like those who can work patiently."

Everyone there including employees are all women except me. I don't actually mind hiring a man, but it would complicate many things, like room assignments and stuff. Two will stay in one room to ascertain their characters. Can't use Discerning-sense to tell me about personalities and stuff after all.

"I see. If it's you, I'm sure those girls won't be treated unjustly. Would you wait a minute. I'm bringing just the right kids for you."

A few minutes of waiting later. Kirishna-san brought three girls. Think they're around 10-13 year old. That's fine and all, but what piqued my interest is their races. They're neither general humans nor beastfolks. All these girls are of races consolidated as 'demons' in this world.

"These girls were all brought here by some random adventurers and powerful men as a sort of loot. They may be treated as demons, but they have proper racial names, and none of these girls is aggressive. I believe in you, you won't treat them differently just because of their races, right?"

She asked me in a really provocative manner. Gununu, by this point I've already lost the match. Feels like I'm being toyed with in the palm of her hand. It's like she's making me believe that I can do it.

"Weird. Aren't I a guest here, why am I getting threatened. Yes, we will take these girls. You two are fine with that right?"
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"S'fine. Cuz I'm a wife obedient to her husband, y'see."

Why are you emphasizing on the obedient part there. Oh is she trying to act the virtuous wife part or something?

"...Nn, no probs. I'm these kids's oneesan now. Right?"

Mitama said so while petting the three girls' heads. She did that to Tino-chan too. Wonder if she yearns being an older sister.

"From the right, it's Gana, Oltea and Mashu. All three will be 500,000 mani."

A surprise bargain price!? No no wait, aren't you selling them way short just because they're little girls?

"Eeeh, isn't it too cheap no matter how you look at it!?"

"Ara, I didn't think you would complain about that. It's fine. I don't have anybody in mind who could take care of these girls anyway. But in exchange, please don't make them work in a harsh environment."

"...Why are you going so far."

"There were times when I was a slave, you know. I'm fully aware there's no way we can abolish slavery with the way things are right now. The only thing I can do is to get them good masters. So they can live even a little bit happier life. And these kids are having it rough even compared to other slaves. After all, only eccentric customers would look for those regarded as demons."

So she's saying I'm an eccentric customer huh. It's sad how I cannot deny that.

Let's look at these girls once again. Unlike Sefi-san and her transformation, these girls are in their bare racial forms.
That said, I have no idea what races are which. I only know that they're not general humans from stuff like their horns and fangs. Well then, it's time for your turn Discerning-sensei.

Name: Gana - Gender: Female - Age: 11 - Race: Vampira
Class: Vampira Lv5 - State: Cursed
Title: None
Grappling Lv2 - Dark Magic Lv2 (Unusable due to Curse)
【Racial Skill】
Bloodsuck Lv2

A halfling of vampires and general humans. Being a halfling, they are more durable against sunlight said to be vampires' weakness, they are able to move around in daytime despite reduced physical ability. However, they have lost racial abilities of vampires; transformation and creating familiars. Often despised by either race. They are able to recover their health and mana by sucking blood.

Name: Ortea - Gender: Female - Age: 11 - Race: Ogrefolk
Class: Ogrefolk Lv5 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Grappling Lv3 - Body Reinforcement Lv1

A race similar to onifolk with horns on foreheads and green or blue skins. They boast great physical strength like onifolk, but they prefer bare handed combat instead of carrying weapons. A lot of them have rough and belligerent manners, but they're in no way unintelligent. They are not the same as monsters with similar names that spawn in dungeons.

Name: Mashu - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Hakutaku
Class: Hakutaku Lv3 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Alchemy Lv1 - Pharmacology Lv1 - Flora and Fauna Lv1

【Racial Skill】
Well of Wisdom Lv1

A unique clan living in the far east. They're easy to mix up with minotaurs, but they're in fact, a completely different race. Possessing Well of Wisdom that is said to know everything in universe, which is in fact their racial skill. By consuming mana, they are able to access a shared information database-like network where they can draw knowledge from. They also have high aptitudes in magic and science. Conversely, they vastly fall behind on physical side of things, unable to learn most martial art skills.

...Oy, it's really far too cheap. Are you even aware just how capable these kids are--. Mashu-chan in particular, she probably could work her magic right away at our shop.

Gana is a tsurupeta loli with curly short-cut light blue hair and red eyes. Ortea is... almost taller than me already, I'm tearing up. She's got green skin, brown horns and unkempt blue hair. It's long enough to reach her waist. Especially of note would be the reversal of the white and black portions of her eyes. Mashu has bull horns that grow from her temple sidewards, a fluffy tail and fluffy fur below her knees. Her hair is pure white.

For now, unfortunately they're prohibited to go out until they learn the art of transformation from Sefi-san. They'd stand out way too much in the middle of the town otherwise.

"Hi there. I will be taking you in from today on. The name's Nobusada. Nice to meet you all."

"H-hmph. No need to act all niceties with me."

"Anchan, yer' strong. Okay then, I'll be your follower. So let's spar next time, yeah?"

"Ah yes, nice to meet you desuyou. Kukaa~"

Oy, Mashu, don't sleep on me now. I'm getting a bit worried of the future. I'm their master for once right?

After making the contract, I put the three girls and their fiercely unique personalities on Model Hakumai and ran back to our mansion.

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