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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Employee Training


Afterward, I brought the three girls to the mansion and introduced them to everyone else.

Gana looked a bit flustered when Tino-chan took quite a liking on her, and her tsundere-ness showed. Her dere rate is improving it seems.
Ortea called Kagura-san ane-san the moment she saw her. Their skins may be of different colors, but Kagura-san's got horns after all. They exchanged fists as befitting of fighter kins, and Ortea's eyes changed to that of complete admiration as a result. Ah, I also participated in it and ended up getting called Nii-san myself. So glad I trained myself.
As for Mashu, being similar to Sefi-san in having their own pace, the two quickly got along. But listen here, okay? You two've got to work when you need to work, okay.

When I asked Sefi-san to teach the three girls transformation art, she was so shocked and asked me back when did I notice.  When I told her I did from the very beginning, she pushed me down for some reason. We blacked out for around an hour. I was able to recover quickly and do rapid discharge ever since I got that skill, so of course the last one standing was me in the end.

The girls got used to things here relatively quick since we were composed of many races to begin with. Eleanor-san looked like she had a cramp on her face at first, but I'm not sure if that's because of the stuff with demons or because I bought three girls. Yet she secured the position of Ortea's onee-san after the two exchanged fists. Doesn't seem like she minds them in a bad sense.

And right now I'm currently training the newbies.

"Well then. I will now explain our manufacturing process to you."

Dilt-san as the field supervisor, Tino-san as an employee, and the three girls are sitting straight in front of me.
Since there's no white board or anything, I made a stone wall and wrote on it using charcoal. Fortunately, they've all been taught reading and writing at the [Beastfolks Expansion], so this works without a hitch. Kirishna-san's pretty good.

I may have said manufacturing process but it's actually just a complete busywork.
1: Sort out containers in accordance to the type of product.
2: Pour the finished product Sefi-san and I made beforehand to their corresponding containers using a ladle and funnel.
3: Check if there are drips on the containers, wipe if so, otherwise put a cap to close it.
4: Do that over and over.

The containers have different shapes and sizes depending on the content. I've made the ladles to fit one container full for each type as well, so it should be simple. We have no idea how much these will sell until they're known, so we're doing a limited production run for the time being. Since things should not get that busy in the beginning, I plan to gradually teach the girls in basic arithmetic operations and self-defense.

"Muu, Nobu-niisan. I don't think this suits me, do I really have to do it?"

We got straight to practicing, and Ortea immediately had a hard time before complaining. Fast, way fast.

"Ortea, stop complaining and move your hands. Show master that we are all dependable women."


Gana-san seem to have taken the leader position of these three. She's doing her job briskly affording him time to mind the other girls. As for Mashu... her hands are working properly while the person herself is fast asleep!? Is this even at the level of mere dexterity, I wonder.

I was worried whether Dilt-san and Tino-chan would feel reluctant to work with these girls with them being bunched up with demons and all, but there doesn't to be any problem on the surface at least. I don't know how they think inside, but I'd like to believe that they're fine. And in case they don't no matter what... Yup, I'd have to take the three's side then. I would take Dilt-san and Tino-chan to their hometown if they wished. But these girls don't have other place they can go to, so I won't compromise on this matter. I pray that it won't come to that though.

Afterward, we all have meals together. The three girls jumped at all the to them unknown dishes. Hey now, you girls are some not lunchless school kids, manners please. Having to wipe food scraps off Ortea's mouth, and giving seconds to Mashu who was eating very slowly yet snatching up snacks left and right made me feel like a waiter or a nursemaid instead. Even now Gana is behaving calmly like an onee-san would. I considered she was just an unfussy kid, but I felt something's off. Only ever so slightly though, not necessitating a talk.

The three girls sleep in a detached building like Dilt-san. I asked Futsuno-san and other girls to buy bed sheets and change of clothing while I was training the newbies. Their eyes were gleaming again when they saw their new clothes and bed sheets. Right now they're sleeping on a bedding laid on the floor, maybe I could make them a bunk bed later. We don't have that much space after all.

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At the dread of night when even plants are asleep. I got up due to a sudden urge of nature's call.
Geez, it's really dark without electricity here. I produced a light ball using light magic and floated it ahead of me. I'm not too keen on Western-style house personally. Hence why I'm desperately trying to recall Japanese-style architectures. My father was an architect, thus I had many opportunities to see blueprints and actual sites, so now I'm trying to draw up those memories. I'm gonna build my own home sweet home, my castle. And if I ever get to build a town, I'm gonna build my own castle, like Winds and Clouds Nobusada Castle. The trap would be a Dragon King Pond. You're gonna get eaten by the dragon king if a stone fall on it.

...Sob sob, sniff, sob...

On my way back while thinking that. I could heard some sort of sobbing voice. It'd really be a ghost in this world if that comes out, that's bad. No no wait, this never happened before, just what's going on?

It comes from around the warehouse huh. Did something weird get put in?


Opening the door, I saw a small shadow. No, the one inside is... Gana?
She's holding her knees while sobbing. Her eyes are shining red befitting of a vampira.

"Is that... you master?"

"Yeah, what's the matter? It's midnight. Did you see a scary dream or something?"

I sat beside Gana and asked her quietly. "Eh....ah...", she sounded hesitant at first but then, she eventually calmed down and started talking.

"Master, you... won't abandon us?"

Gana's face was grim when she uttered that.

"We were already in that store by the time we were aware of our surroundings. We don't even know how our parents look. I could only slightly recall the warmth of a person who held the bloodied me. Until then, we were living with Asa, I-I mean Kirishna-sama's former slaves while helping out with chores. I also bore witness to many getting sold off. Some sent us letters depicting their happy lives, but the majority never even call back. Often I couldn't get a wink of sleep, fearing if the next one would be Otana, or Mashu or maybe even me."

She took a deep breath after saying that far.

"And then, it was finally my turn to get called. I could only feel dread at that moment. I calmed down a bit after two more names were called, but I couldn't stop trembling not knowing what kind of person would we work under. And then we were welcomed so warmly like this... but this happiness, could it be a dream. That before I knew it... I would be looked down by frightening adults inside a cage. My tears wouldn't stop falling when I thought that..."

This was a complete blunder on my side. I thought Gana was an unfussy kid. But she's still just a kid no matter how hard she tries to act like an adult. I should have known better about her feelings, the feelings of being sold to someone unknown.
I put my hand on Gana's head, she flinched. I slowly pat her head as I gently talk to her to ease her fear.

"Gana. I think of you and the other two as family. I can't let you go out until you can transform for now, but I promise that I'll take you three to Kirishna-san's place once you can defend yourself.  Kirishna-san believed in me enough to entrust you girls to me. I also intend to release you from slavery one day. So there's no need to worry. You girls can just stay here."

She was tearing up again while I was talking. But I don't believe those are sorrowful tears this time.


She squeezed out that small sheepish voice, buried her face in me and cried out. I pat her head while holding her until she calmed down.

She eventually cried herself to sleep. I carry her back to the detached building while being careful not to wake her up. Do your best [Seclusion]! I'm doing my best not to wake everyone, it's tiptoeing time!!

Alright, the other two are fast asleep. I put Gana next to them and put a sheet over her.

As I quietly went out of the room... Dilt-san found me for some reason, and I found myself in a sermon session for acting suspiciously. I wasn't treated like a lolicon since she looked 15 outwardly, but I was told of being too enthusiastic. Dilt-san apologized deeply when the misunderstandings were cleared though.
But now I'm worried if this is all due to our voices at the main building getting heard from here when it got too intense. I swore in my mind to develop soundproof or muffler magic next time.

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