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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Strongest Sage, Receives Dragon Vein's Magic


In contrast to that, this time Iris is acting as a vanguard, while I'm standing by on the verge of Disqualified Crest's range, with Alma and Ruli guarding the rear.
We're unable to deploy special attack magic or disturb the enemy with ebb and flow in this formation.
But in exchange, the enemy's attacks won't get past Iris either.

"I see, that girl... is quite a sturdy one, but can she take this one?"

Looks like the demon Giwald has comprehended the fact that its attacks won't reach us unless Iris is defeated.
The demon stops using high speed attack magic and starts constructing a high-powered attack magic instead.

Barriers can't block that much power.
Changing its trajectory won't stop it from damaging us either at this range.
However--of course I've prepared ways to deal with such cases.



With my command, Iris thrust her spear toward the demon.
The demon kept constructing the magic even while dodging her attack--at the cost of its stance.
I use that chance to construct an interference magic.


"Take this!"

The moment the demon cast its attack magic, I too cast my interference magic.
The effect of my magic is a reduction in the demon's magic's power.

Even after getting weakened, the magic is still powerful enough to instantly kill ordinary people, however...

"...This sensation... It feels like the times when some rocks hit me during a volcanic eruption!"

It's nothing to Iris.
Even Iris wouldn't have escaped unscathed were she took a direct hit of a full powered magic unleashed by a demon of this class... But I won't let that comes to pass.

"Don't dragons usually move to another mountain after an eruption?"

"We do that sometimes since it gets hot... But rocks falling from an eruption work really well on stiff shoulders, you know."
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...So dragons can get stiff shoulders too.

For the time being, our formation is working nicely.
To the point it afforded us this trivial conversation.
It'd be nice if we could keep this up until Giruas came back... But I guess it won't go so well.

"Then... How about this?"

Giwald rapidly unleashes attack magic one after another.
Aiming for--Ruli and Alma.

Half-baked magic won't work on Iris.
Shooting magic at me will only get it dodged.
As such, naturally you'd want to aim for easier targets, Ruli and Alma in this case.

Of course, I won't let that happen.
I repelled every last one of the magic flying toward Ruli and Alma.

However... Demon Giwald kept on shooting the attack magic even while dodging Iris's spear without minding my action.
Because this demon's aim is not to land a hit with that magic.

Its real attack is the other magic it's constructing in parallel with the rapid-fire magic it's shooting.
A peculiar attack magic invoked through the Dragon Vein.

--This magic that makes use of Dragon Vein is close to [Man-eating Blade] in principle.
However, unlike [Man-eating Blade] this magic does not draw mana from Dragon Vein.
The magic simply gets invoked at the location of a Dragon Vein.

...Makes no mistake, it's still quite a potent magic.
After all, you can directly send your magic right below your opponent.

At our current positions--Ruli and Alma are fine, but a thick line of Dragon Vein is running right below me.
Giwald must have constructed this magic knowing that.

Since its magic has been built with a very thorough spell formula, interference magic doesn't work on it.
Dodging it is a simple matter if I get away from the ground above Dragon Vein... But I have reasons not to.

Which means... That method is the only way out huh.
It carries a considerable risk, but it's not like there's any safe means to get out of this situation to begin with.

"Dodging this many attack magic... Quite a dexterous one, aren't you."

Demon Giwald continued constructing his magic even while saying that.
A few seconds later.

Giwald cast the magic soundlessly.

--A moment later.
Countless needles made of mana manifested all around me.

There is no escape.
All possible paths of escape are within the range of these needles.
And to top it off, the tips of these needles are furnished with barrier-destroying augments.


Ruli was going to run out toward me when she saw that.
But there's no way she would make it in time. And even if she did, there would be nothing she could do.

The entirety of my vision is completely covered in needles.

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