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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Strongest Sage, Controls Dragon Vein


"His mana reading is still intact... What does this mean?"

Few seconds since the magic was cast.
It was demon Giwald who threw that question.

"It means I'm alive of course."

The mana-made needles disappeared as I said that.
Demon Giwald sounded perplexed when it saw me.

"You're unharmed!? You... couldn't possibly have blocked those needles, could you!?"

"Yea... I mean I blocked your other attack magic. Why couldn't I mere needles."

I check the surrounding mana while replying to the demon.
--Giruas's mana reaction is coming closer.
Looks like we're nearly done buying time here.

"No... You did not block those needles. They moved like they intentionally missed the spot you were at--"

Demon Giwald scanned over the ground below me.
There's absolutely no damage around it.
Even though all other spots have needles completely burying them.

"I see... No wonder you're trying to take [Dragon Vein Sword]."

Looks like the demon has realized the real reason of the needles missing me.

I was controlling Dragon Vein.
Unlike human's magic circuit, controlling Dragon Vein externally is a simple task.
You can attack through Dragon Vein thanks to that... And conversely, you can defend against those attacks yourself.

Right before the demon invoked its magic, I interfered with the Dragon Vein below me and slightly altered the manifestation range of those needles.
As a result, the area around me turned into a safe zone.

"However... A mage of your caliber must have realized by now. You have no chance of victory."

Demon Giwald looked surprised for a moment before regaining its composure.
Apparently this demon found out that I had no means to defeat it.
Though that's going to change very soon.

"...Good work."
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Right after I said that.
The wall next to me broke apart--as a huge lump of metal showed up through the hole.

It's the thing I've been waiting for.
--[Coffin of Sealing].
Giruas carried it and threw it to where I was.

"What the crap's up with that shitty thing's weight! Anyone else woulda been crushed to death by that!"

I could hear Giruas beyond the broken wall.
Giruas has done his role well.

"I see. You were waiting for that... But what are you planning to do with that box? What use is a locked box, no better than a blunt instrument indeed."

Demon Giwald sneered when it saw me touching the coffin.

I don't have the [Key] to the [Coffin of Sealing] indeed.
And [Coffin of Sealing] is practically indestructible.


"You do it like this."

I pour my mana into the coffin.

Not ordinary mana of course.
But mana with a special pattern.

Then--the [Coffin of Sealing] came undone with a dull sound.
The pattern was correct.


Demon Giwald opened its eyes wide in surprise to see the [Coffin of Sealing] opening.
It must have never occurred in its mind.

But of course it would open.
The magic put in this [Coffin of Sealing] originated from something I developed myself.
Why wouldn't the designer of a lock know how to open it.

"You... Just who are you?"

Demon Giwald asked in blank amazement as I took the [Man-eating Blade] in my hand.
I won't answer that.

Instead, I activate [Man-eating Blade] and establish a connection between my magic circuits and the Dragon Vein.
I feel an enormous load on my magic circuits along with the peculiar sensation from getting connected to Dragon Vein.
But the me right now can bear it.

"Iris, get back."

"Got it!"

Iris retreated back.
Demon Giwald tried to hinder her--but a hand appearing out of ground blocked the magic the demon shot.

"That's... [Hand of Dragon Vein]!"

...It knew this magic huh.
Demon Giwald is indeed correct, right now I'm using a magic called [Hand of Dragon Vein].

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