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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.14


Multiple mages are fighting.

All of which possess monstrous amounts of mana.

Even from this far, the lights emitted from the magic shootouts dazzle the eyes.

Explosions keep occurring intermittently. Clashes between magic would happen in between those explosions, but the extent of Lecan's knowledge was unable to discern what kind of magic were shot.

He once bore witness to a fight between dragons in his previous world, and what's happening now reminds him of exactly that.

(Oh. Something's flying off.)

Something flew off the site of battle toward Mt. Suringa.

It's a winged creature.

(A flying dragon?)

According to <Life Detection> there's one magic beast with two humans riding on it. Then another magic beast and one human followed behind them like they were giving chase. But the leading party shot a magical light that hit the pursuer whom then crashed down.

(Oy oy.)

A huge amount of offensive spells were shot out of the Magic Research Institute, but the flying dragon was already outside their range.

<White Necked Dragons> are said to be the only type of flying dragons that can be tamed by humans. The approaching dragon does have a white neck. Jiza and Ui are riding on it.

The White Necked Dragon quickly arrived at Mt Suringa, slowed down near the tree Lecan was on and just floated there while flapping its wing. Strong gusts of wind swayed all the branches. Lecan got blown off the tree as well.

"<Wind>! <Wind>!"

He decelerated with <Gust> and made a soft landing. For something that needs quick reflexes like this, <Gust> is best after all. Both <Float> and <Move> requires him to knead his mana and concentrate during their activation, but <Gust> can be cast near instantaneously.

Jiza and Ui got off slightly far from Lecan.

"Lecan-chan! We're going in the dungeon! Hurry up!"

Lecan had detected two flying dragons coming from the Magic Research Institute. That in addition to dozens of enormous presences of magic. An aggregation of massive amount of mana that even sends the chill to Lecan's spine. There's just no way to go up against that even if there were two, or three Lecan.

The group got into the dungeon with Ui leading the way.

"Alright. This spot should do. All of you, join hands together!"

With Ui's instruction, everybody joined hands. Ui took Jiza's hand, Jiza took Julius's, Julius took Lecan's, Lecan took Eda's and Eda took Arios's.

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Just when that got blurted out, Ui recited <Floor> and <Warp> spells.

They arrived on floor 1.

"Phew. Now that we're here, our pursuers won't get us. I see that gentleman over there hasn't been to Dungeon Palcimo yet. I could only pick floor 1."

This gentleman being Arios.

In this dungeon, Palcimo, people in different parties can't run into each other. Neither will you ever come across traces of battle or leftover items from previous party on any floor. Thus it's been hypothesized that the dungeon would generate a new room whenever a party warps in. Once they're inside the dungeon, the pursuers can never catch up.

"Arios was only here to see us off. He wasn't going into the dungeon."

"Oh, I see. That explains his luggage. Then he should leave here. I don't think our pursuers will arrest those unrelated to the matter. Though they might interrogate him about his circumstances for a bit."

"That's fine, but does that mean we only got me, Obaba, Ui, Eda and Julius? Eda and Julius must stay in a group, we're short of one person."

"I'll leave Boruk-chan to Eda-chan. Can't Julius-boya shoot magic? Seem s he's got enough mana at least."


"It's an Artificial Wrinkle Man, you see. I've got it stored inside my <Free Box>."

"Hmm? Before that, can you explain the situation."

"Ah, right right. I sure am perched though. Let's have some tea with it, shall we."

They all sat down and took it easy in that spot. After drinking tea she brought out of her <Free Box>, Jiza explained their circumstances.

According to her, the board of directors turned out to be much more vigilant of Jiza than she originally thought. They have been monitoring her whereabouts all this time. They had put the three mages and three physical types Jiza was planning to bring into the dungeon under heavy surveillance, one of the mages and one physical type among them were even covert agents planted by the board of directors.

As such, the board of directors were quickly made aware of the dungeon diving plan she had been making behind the scene. And they decided on a drastic measure of confining Jiza.

The group arresting her consisted of 100 mages including Guide-class mages and five Magic Knights. They attempted to wrench down Jiza's magic through sheer number, capture her with Magic Knights' physical prowess and neutralize her with powerful magic tools.

Jiza fled into a room inside her laboratory and successfully stopped anyone from entering, but neither could she escape. That was when Ui was allowed inside to negotiate.

Ui put forward an unexpected proposal. That she would ally herself with Jiza if Jiza allowed her to accompany Jiza in the dungeon conquest.

Jiza took up on her offer.

Ui left the room with a nonchalant look and told the board of directors that it would be best to give Jiza some time before she continued her persuasion, then she left the Research Facility, prepared herself for dungeon diving, and brought a White Necked Dragon from the dragon tamer before proceeding with their plan and going back into Jiza's room while pretending to resume her persuasion.

Then the two broke through the siege with their powers and came to the dungeon.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.13


"Master Lecan. I am glad to see you well."

"Arios. What's the matter."

"I had some business to attend to in the south for a bit, thus I dropped by to see how you all are doing on my way back."

"Weren't you unable to leave the village cause your dad, the chief is not doing well?"

"It is difficult for me to leave yes, but the matter this time necessitated my presence in person. And my father's condition has stabilized as well."

"I see. So he's still alive."

"He is still alive."

"Well then, this is for you."

Lecan took a small pouch out of <Storage>.

"And this is?"

"A <God Cure>."

"Eh. But I have vowed to never get surprised by whatever you do, Lecan-dono."

"I've heard that already."

"You sound just like Eda-neesan, Father."

"Lecan-dono. Thank you very much. I gratefully accept your kindness."

Arios stood up and bowed deeply.

"The thing just happened to fall on my lap. Realized later that I should have given it to Julius when he was going home back then."

The temptation to use it could get too great if he had it on hands, thus Lecan decided to let go of the <God Cure>. No one is more deserved for it than Arios. Lecan is deeply grateful to have been given the chance to meet this master swordsman. As a person, Arios himself is one of the very few individuals Lecan truly trusts in this world.

"I'm surprised you knew we were here though."

"Yes, well. I have heard from Julius about how you are in the middle of conquering Dungeon Palcimo and this inn."

"Oh yeah, makes sense. By the way, what's this business of yours anyway?"

"We received a request from a certain noble house via another noble house we have long been acquainted with."


"I promptly declined the request once I was informed of the details, but as that noble house holds quite the influence, refusing without me speaking it directly to them could potentially spell trouble for our noble acquaintance, as such here I am."

"I see."

"These kinds would crop up every once in a while. Requests based on misunderstandings like this."

"What misunderstandings?"

"Mistaking our clan as assassins by trade."
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"Is that a misunderstanding?"

"It is. We may offer our expertise in swordsmanship, but we do not undertake murders. There have been times where we fought in order to protect our clients, but that's merely the natural outcome of things, we generally do not even accept escort requests. We do not offer the act of fighting itself."

"So the request this time was an assassination."

"According to their side, a nefarious adventurer had injured their house's knight, on top of that he even went and plundered their family heirloom."

"Hou. That's one bad adventurer."

"The request was for me to formally challenge that adventurer, killing him and taking back their family heirloom in the process."

"Sounds reasonable."

"After some investigation, I found out that that adventurer won the duel fair and square, and he took an item belonging to the opponent as per an agreement both sides agreed upon to before the duel. Getting an adventurer killed to take back the item just because they can't accept that result cannot be anything but an assassination no matter how much they try to embellish it."

"So you declined them."

"Yes. Although the weird part is, the other side rescinded their request on their own just as I arrived there."

"Shoulda just take it, could turn out interesting."

"Surely you jest."

Of course, that nefarious adventurer is none other than Lecan. Arios went out of his way to visit them in order to tell Lecan not to worry about assassins anymore.

(Guy's one damn duty-bound man.)

Lecan likes Arios. But he wants <Void Cutter> still. Had Arios undertaken that request, they would have a reason to engage in a deathmatch. Winning that would net him Arios's <Void Cutter>. That was his chance, but now that Arios had declined it, nothing could be done about it.

"But, your timing's perfect. Arios."


"Come with us into the dungeon."

"That sounds like it will be quite a learning experience, but as I have something to check up on, and the need to deliver <God Cure> as soon as possible, I will have to decline this time."

"Yeah? Where's this village of yours anyway."

"That's a confidential matter."

They talked a lot that day since it's been some time since the last. All the more since it seems like it's gonna get tougher to see Arios in the future. That said, tomorrow is dungeon diving time. Onto floor 80 and beyond to boot. Can't let it go on too late at night, so they went to bed before then.

The following day, they had breakfast and headed to the dungeon's entrance. That's where Jiza should be waiting.

Arios accompanied them since he wanted to see the group off as they go in the dungeon. He's shouldering a big <Box> with two smaller <Boxes> hanging on his waist. All of them bought in Tsubolt.

As they had a chat in front of the dungeon, that happened.

"What the."

"What's up, Lecan?"

"Someone's firing off offensive spells in the town's direction."

"You could sense it from this far, Master?"

"Those are some gigantic magic explosions. Hmu?"

A black smoke went up in the town.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan made use of <Gust> to climb up a tall tree and looked in the direction of the town from atop. As the dungeon's entrance is situated in the mountain side of Mt. Suringa, you could see Town of Palcimo from atop a tree.

The black smoke was rising from the Magic Research Institute.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.12


"That one got quite the mana capacity, as well as multitudes of exceptional functions I added in, it was one of my best work to date, but I sold it off for a special price to Kagaru, <Jaira>'s leader when he begged for it. I felt sorry for that mage girl, Veta, you see."

"Veta should be back at her hometown by now. Got her enough money to live off along with her mother. That was one of the terms I put to forgive Kagaru and co."

"Did you, really. Thanks for that, Lecan-chan."

"I thought this necklace was a dungeon item."

"The necklace itself is a dungeon item. That's what should be shown when Appraised either. But by combining it with another Grace Gear and magic tools I specially made, I made it possible for mages without <Absorption> to use its mana storage, and adjusted it so <Recovery> and <Purification> don't get repelled."

"That's true. But does that mean you've been researching on <Purification>'s property."

"Where do you think you're standing at? Here is the holy land of mages, Palcimo. We have research being done on <Purification> at the institute. Oh but keep that a secret."

"I see. Makes sense. Hold it. Are you saying you've got more <Necklaces of Intuador>."

"Of course I do."

"Won't you sell me two of them. I'd like to equip Eda and Julius."

"Oh that's fine. I'll bring them with me when we start our expedition."


Lecan had been going into all kinds of stores in Palcimo, hoping to find something interesting, but he had no luck thus far.

To begin with, he's given up on magic tools that boost offense. He's got no plan to use the great many Grace Swords he obtained in Tsubolt except for a few ones either. Because it's a pain to engage in a fight while accommodating for a sword's particular quirks. He's decided to master his use of <Sword of Rusk> and <Comet Cutter> in most fights, and to only deploy type-effective Grace Swords on specific enemy types.

He hasn't found any defensive gear that surpass what he has on hands either. He bought several stuff that can undo curses and poisons, but he doesn't think he'd ever use any on himself. He's been looking for equipment to give Eda and Julius, yet he was unsuccessful in his quest to find one.

But <Necklaces of Intuador> are another matter. It'd be a huge relief if he could get Eda and Julius equip them.

"Fuee, fuee. The dungeon'll finally see another conquest after 62 long years. My blood's boiling already."

"Oh yeah, it was 62 years ago when Era Morfes last conquered Dungeon Palcimo."

"Yep indeed."

"If I recall right, Mazara Wedepasha made Era her pupil 120 years ago. Just how old was Era when she conquered the dungeon?"

"That'll be 74."

"So she entered apprenticeship with Mazara when she was 16. Still, 74 huh, quite an advanced age to dungeon diving."

"Young, way young. She was ten year younger than the me now."
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"What. Are you 84?"

"Manners now, haven't you been taught not to ask a lady's age."

Lecan made a rough calculation in his head.

If Era was 16 120 years ago, say she birthed a daughter on her 26 and that daughter birthed Jiza on her 26. That would match with Jiza's age, 84, now.

But he never imagined her to be that old.

(Should I really bring this elderly woman into a dungeon?)

But when you think about it, the Magic Research Institute houses <Purification> users. And the board of directors must be scrambling to keep Jiza live longer. Which means Jiza likely has been getting <Purification> on a regular basis. Not only Jiza, but her mother and grandmother too. You receive the effect of rejuvenation if you keep getting <Purification> cast on you.

(Meaning a Crystallization might have started occurring on her already.)

(Gotta get her Eda's <Purification> later.)

He parted ways with Jiza and headed back to the inn's diner, there Eda and Julius were enjoying tea.

"Today's a break day. Dungeon diving starts tomorrow."

Lecan went out to town by himself.

As he roamed around the town, he eventually found himself near the hill.

Awfully solid buildings lining up on top of the hill. It's the Magic Research Institute and Direct Order Store. Housing a few mages with amounts of mana beyond belief and many more mages with respectable amounts of mana. It's got layers upon layers of some extremely intricate magic barrier-like things. It's a place Lecan absolutely doesn't want to get in.

He's got a feeling that he's probably gonna find lots of things he seeks at the direct order store. But there's a high chance there will be something hindering him in battle there. And not even Lecan could deal with it if the numerous mages present there jump on him all at once.

As he was having dinner in the diner Tolda recommended them, Chubby walked in, plopped down on a chair to his opposite and started ordering food. Chubby lifted his cup inviting for a toast, but Lecan ignored him.

"Oh you're so cold. Chief, chief. I've got good news."


"Marquis of Smarc had hired at least three assassins in an attempt to murder you, chief."

"What's good news about that."

"But all of them canceled their contracts."


"According to my investigation, apparently Marlia Fotos barged in Smarc Mansion in the capital and persistently pestered him for three days straight."

"Sounds rough."

"To whom? Anyway, Marquis of Smarc has been apparently made to vow before gods at Ceres Temple, to never mess with you again, chief. Looks like Priestess Marlia met chief early on month six, huh."

"Good intel you got."

Lecan didn't sense Chubby at Vouka. Though this spy has always this shifty presence around him, it's virtually impossible to detect him sneaking around unless he's gotten extremely close by.

"And now you'll never need to worry about Marquis of Smarc messing with you. At least for now. So what do you think. Good news wasn't it."

"I see, good news indeed. Thanks for your trouble, Chubby."

"It's Gwislan."

Lecan finished dinner and went back to his inn.


He's hearing some familiar sounding voices from the first floor dining room.

It's Eda's. Julius's. And lastly, Arios's.






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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.11


"Hyo hyo. I see I see. But you're aware that you might be barred from ever setting foot in Palcimo if you go with me."

"I got no more business with this town and dungeon once we conquered it."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. Excellent."

Lecan grinned as well.

Then he recalled something.

"Oh yeah, I heard having you along will fill the role of one and a half people."

Jiza fell silent for a while. Then she asked with an oddly low voice.

"What does that mean. You, what do you know."

"Era Morfes supposedly received two gifts from Mazara Wedepasha. One is a wand, and the other is a masterwork made with the help of Yacklubend. I wasn't told what it is."

"Who did you hear that from."

"My magic teacher."

"What's their name."

Lecan paused.

This elderly mage would likely go seek out Shira if he spoke her name. She'd definitely find out how Shira is an apothecary that lived in town of Vouka who was also said to be the Herb Saint's master. Knowing that alone isn't really a big deal, but it'd be obvious to Jiza that Shira is closely related to Mazara Wedepasha. Which could turn into a clue that leads to the fact that Shira is a detested undead.

"I'm not sure if I can disclose it."

"How is this master of yours related to Mazara-sama?"

Can't exactly tell her they're the same person.

"Right, my master told me. I'm to tell you that I've been initiated in <Rush Flare (Gailvey)>."

"What'd you say!"

Jiza looked surprised for once.

"Lecan-chan, did you learn <Rush Flare> from this master of yours?"


"You can use <Rush Flare> then, Lecan-chan?"

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"Oh my goodness."

"What about it."

"Era Morfes-sama was bestowed the art of Ancient Word Magic by Mazara-sama."

"She did huh."

"Era was unable to wield Modern Word Magic passed down in Morfes Household well despite the enormous mana she possessed, but once she learned Ancient Word Magic, she gained enormous power. Era would then completely immerse herself in the world of Ancient Word Magic."

"I see."

"One day, thus spoke Mazara-sama. 'Don't get too crazy on it. Yes it's true that many spells of Ancient Word Magic are powerful, but Modern Word Magic also has a lot of handy spells. It's all about how you put them into practice. Don't narrow your world view now, you hear me?'"


"Era talked back. 'But there is no Modern Word Magic spells that can surpass Ancient Word Magic in term of firepower.' And Mazara-sama said to her, 'That's the narrow mindset I'm talking about', and demonstrated an example of powerful Modern Word Magic in the form of <Rush Flare>. As Era had been fighting dungeon monsters all her life, she never entertained the idea of going up against an army. Era was awfully fascinated by <Rush Flare> and entreated Mazara-sama to teach her the spell. But she was unable to learn it."

"What? That's weird."

"No matter how much she practiced, the most she could cast was only 200 <Fire Arrows> at once. According to Mazara-sama, it could not pass as <Rush Flare> unless she could cast thousands if not tens of thousands <Fire Arrows> at once."

"Didn't seem like she was lacking mana or something."

"Apparently not. According to Mazara-sama, it was because Era was the type who used logic and reason to cast magic, whereas <Rush Flare> requires its user to cast magic instinctively and with extremely precise mana control."

"Ah. Yeah, sounds right."

"And now you are saying you have learned to cast <Rush Flare>?"

"Got a passing mark at least."

"Would you show it to me once."

"Fine by me. Here and now?"

"You plan to burn down this whole forest? The townlord's soldiers are going to arrest you and you can forget about dungeon diving. No, let's save it for another occasion."

"Got it."

Jiza must head back to her lab and make preparations. She needs to inform their to-be companions too. But the board of directors might notice what Jiza is plotting if they don't move fast here. Hence they would go inside the dungeon in one day time.

"Okay then, I'll walk around the town instead of diving in today."

"Yes, do that. Ah, right, Lecan-chan. There's one thing that's been bugging me. Is the necklace hanging around your neck perhaps a <Necklace of Intuador>. And a specially made one at that. Could you let me have a quick look on it?"

Lecan took off the necklace and handed it to Jiza.

"I knew it. Lecan-chan. Would you tell me how this comes to be in your possession?"

"We were ambushed by Jaira, an adventurer party, at Dungeon Ninae, they almost got us, but we won in the end. That was when a retired adventurer by name Jade entered the scene, their lives were spared thanks to him. The following day, they sent six platinum coins and this necklace as an apology."

"They went and did all that, huh. You see, this necklace was my creation."






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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.10


Tucked in a corner of first floor dining room, neatly sits a short elderly lady. Many employees are standing by around her. Their faces are vividly awash with awes.

Jiza is likely seen as a hero to the townspeople here. Especially those who work in dungeon-related fields. It's due to Jiza's achievements, as well as her mother's and grandmother's, showing how much Morfes Household means to this town.

"Obaba. Been a while. You were a big help back then."

Jiza smiled with her wrinkly face.

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. I'm so glad we could meet again, Lecan-chan. And congratulations on getting to floor 80."


As Lecan grabbed a chair to the opposite of Jiza, she spoke.

"Let's head outside."

Lecan stopped short.


(Guess it's a topic she doesn't want others overhear.)

"Got it."

Jiza stood up, grabbed her leaned cane and walked up to the entrance.

Lecan followed behind her.

The inn staff also followed.

Several staff members were going to keep following them even after Jiza had left the inn.

"Oh don't worry yourself over us."

The employees stopped walking, bowed deeply at Jiza and saw Lecan and Jiza off.

Jiza got inside a nearby forest.

Once they arrived in a spot where the inn building was completely out of sight, Jiza stopped and turned around.


Right after she recited that indecipherable word, a magical barrier surrounded both Lecan and Jiza.

(An Ancient Word Magic spell.)

(Doesn't seem to be a defensive barrier.)

(Probably soundproof barrier.)

"So Lecan-chan. I heard the adventurer party you were working with up to floor 80 has no plan to go lower."

Lecan wondered how she knew about that for a moment there but then he recalled how Jiza is someone with a very high standing in this dungeon city. She could simply order the staff of Dungeon Receptionists to give her the latest reports on Lecan's situation and get it right away.


"Yet you still want to go further down."


"Have you got all members accounted for?"

"Just Eda and Julius for now. I plan to explore with these two, so we're short of three members at least. I plan to put up a request to find them."

"Would you take me with you."

"Aren't you barred from getting to floor below 80."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo. So you found out. That may be so, but it's not like those folks at the board can order Guides around. It's nothing more than a request. However, were I go against this request, I would be prohibited from using my room at the Magic Research Institute and be banished from this town, or so how the terms were put forward to the townlord."

"Isn't that bad?"

"Be it banishment or whatnot, I do not care losing everything I have if it meant I could conquer Floor 151 of Dungeon Palcimo."

Lecan stared at Jiza's eyes.
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Jiza returned with a hardy gaze.

"It is as you said. I have never once given up on my dream to conquer this dungeon. I have been sharpening my claws in the town all while anticipating for that dream to come true every single day. Waiting for a mighty adventurer fit to accompany me in the conquest."

"And you think I could help you achieve that dream?"

"I believe so. You are my last hope."

Aging impairs one's body and mind. Even if she's been sharpening her claws, the current Jiza should still be weaker than during her prime. Nevertheless, there's no doubt this elderly lady is a mage with powers beyond many.

(Hold it.)

(Obaba's an acquaintance of Tolda.)

You could say they're comrades even, seeing as they worked on <Magic Arrow Pipes> together. And Jiza being the inventor of the pipes, Tolda must look up to her as a pioneer as well as his benefactor. Jiza also gave a <Free Box> to Tolda as a favor. It would come as no surprise if it turned out Tolda had been feeding Jiza information about Lecan. Meaning, Jiza is probably aware how Lecan has been going into shafts alone and easily defeating all Magic Wolves up to floor 80. Information she used to measure Lecan's physical and magical strength.

(When you think about it, how we managed to work together with Tolda's party.)

(And Zoir's party.)

(Was likely thanks to Obaba's maneuvers behind the scenes.)

"We still lack people even with you on board."

"Oh yes, that we do. We are going to need at least five people if we want to explore this dungeon. But you know, Lecan-chan. All five needs not possess matchless prowess. Just you and me can take care of the last floor's boss. The other members are ultimately extras."

"Hahaha. How confident of you, Obaba."

"I could even jump straight into the dungeon right away if you just asked."

"Me, you, Eda and Julius. Three shafts are taken care of. What about the other two."

"I have got some folks in mind. Three mages, and three physical types, I'll take them along."


"So how about it, Lecan-chan."

"I'm in."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.9


They had an off day on the sixth.

They got to floor 46 on the seventh day, and floor 50 on the eighth.

Lecan's group hadn't broken through floors below 43, but they faced no issue going through them.

They took a break on the ninth day.

On the 10th, they reached floor 54. Zoir's group hadn't got to this floor before either. But since they had made proper preparations beforehand, the expedition progressed without any issue.

A maximum of four Magic Wolves could spawn starting from floor 51. Magic Wolves that are relatively resistant to physical attacks also start appearing around this part. As a result the first timer mages in the expedition had a hard time despite winning the combat, and needed to take a long rest to restore their mana.

They reached floor 58 on the 11th day. 60 on the 12th.

They took a three day break here.

Starting on the 16th day, they would aim to break through two floors a day with a break day inbetween, then on the 22th day of their joint expedition, day 26 of month seven, they arrived at floor 70.

They went to report to the receptionist before going to town to throw a party.

"Lecan. Reaching floor 70 was our objective in this expedition. Thought it's gonna take two months. Once we got there, we planned to repeat taking on two shafts for a month straight."

Meaning ten people against five Magic Wolves. That's a safe and steady way to earn income.

Had they been exploring while taking occasional breaks to heal their wounds and fatigue, it would take around two months indeed, proving Lecan's impression of Zoir being a solid adventurer.

"But the luck was on us, and we got to meet you guys, thanks to it, we reached floor 70 in just 22 days. Without losing anyone, or even getting an injury. Cheers to Eda!"

All of them toasted for Eda.

"So here's the thing, you guys plan to keep going, don't you?"

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"You're not gonna say to beyond floor 100, are you?"


Zoir sank into his chair while sighing deeply

"I was overwhelmed by Eda's <Purification> at first. In fact, I thought half of the reason we got to this point this fast was thanks to Eda. But no, in reality, you're even more incredible, Lecan."

Lecan kept staring at Zoir's face in silence.

"You've been going into those shafts by yourself all this time. Without suffering any injury and coming out of the fight shortly after."

It's not like Lecan was completely unharmed all throughout, he simply healed his wounds with <Recovery>, however Lecan has no intention to tell Zoir about his <Recovery>.

"No wonder you're a conqueror of Tsubolt. Truly awe-inspiring. And after drinking a few times with you, I feel that you're someone I can trust. Now then, guys."

Zoir looked at his party members' faces.

"I propose for us to keep exploring together with Lecan's party up to floor 80, what do you guys think?"

"I'm in agreement."

"Me, as well. Not gonna get a chance like this again."

"Yep, me too. Who would have thought having a <Purification> user around would be this reassuring. I'd like to keep going till my limit."

"That's fine, but Zoir. We'd better call it off if we think it's too much even a bit."

"Yeah, of course."

Everyone agreed.

"Lecan. You heard them. Will you let us keep going with you a little bit further. The terms are the same. However, as we have not taken into account of combats below floor 70, we'd like to stop the joint expedition if we find a floor too tough."

"Sure. I couldn't ask for more."

They drank too much that night they found themselves in a state unfit for dungeon diving the day after.

On the morning of day 28 of month seven, they renewed their agreement with the dungeon receptionist as a witness and resumed their expedition.

And then, on the 39th of month seven, 35 days after the start of their joint expedition, <Willard> and Zoir's party arrived at floor 80 of Dungeon Palcimo.

They threw a huge party in the town that night.

During their joint expedition, Lecan learned about elemental magic stones from Zoir.

After doing appraisal himself, Lecan found out that he was actually in possession of several elemental magic stones already.

However, this elemental property is only effective when the magic stone directly unloads its mana out. And one needs to put them in wands or magic tools to achieve that. Trying it out himself, Lecan found that the mana he absorbed from those magic stones was no different from ordinary magic stones, same with emitted mana.

In other word, there's no difference between elemental and ordinary magic stones for Lecan's usage.

(The thought of appraising magic stones never crossed my mind.)

(There might have been elemental magic stones.)

(Among those I got and used before.)

Lecan, Eda and Julius obtained quite a lot of Grace Gear besides magic stones over the course of their joint expedition.

Most were novel stuff, but none was something Lecan would like to claim for himself. He tried to use a wand with a Power Boost Grace, and the wand popped open when he poured a whole lot of mana into it.

It's probably going to take Grace Gear dropped on deeper floors to be usable to Lecan.

At any rate, the meeting with Zoir's party was a windfall.

Lecan took it easy the next day after drinking so much till late at night before, but an inn employee woke him up.

"Lecan-san. Pardon me. Are you awake?"

"You need something?"

"You have a guest. She's waiting downstairs."

"A guest?"

"Great Guide Jiza Morfes-sama is here to see you."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.8


Zoir was a muscular swordsman with a stout frame. Somewhat similar to Lecan.

Zoir was wary of Lecan at first.

That's only natural. They're having a joint expedition with unfamiliar adventurers inside a dungeon. His party could potentially meet their end in the dungeon if they ended up going against each other.

That said, the chance of having a powerful swordsman and a <Purification> user as companions in dungeon diving was too good to pass up, thus both parties decided to see how it would go through a few floors before deciding and renewing their terms and conditions in front of the dungeon receptionist.

"Zoir. I'll take care of a shaft alone. Eda and Julius will deal with the second. Your party is in charge of the remaining three shafts."

"Sure that okay with you? Shouldn't our side cover more?"

"Nah, it's fine. Also another suggestion."

"Let's hear it."

"You guys want to gather magic stones and wolf hide, I take it."

"'Course. Fangs and claws as well."

"Eda and I got extra large <Free Boxes> on us."


"If you bring the whole wolf bodies outside without skinning them, you can leave them to me and Eda and we'll bring them to the trade facility."

"Oy oy. Either strip the mats or take the magic stone out, you can't get 'em both outside. No, wait. Or are you saying you can bring both out of the shafts in this dungeon?"

"No. The hide won't disappear if you gouge out the magic stone along with the meat and entrails around it. Only those meat and entrails part disappear once you take the magic stone out afterward."

"What the. Is that for real?"

"Go and give it a try. Gouge out a large portion of the meat."

"We'll do just that. We'll put marks on the Magic Wolves our party beat."

Zoir appeared to trust Lecan after two floors down, thus they went back to the dungeon receptionist and decided on the terms and conditions of their joint expedition.

Which is quite lax.

Magic beasts beaten by Zoir's party belong to them, while <Willard>-beat ones belong to <Willard>. Each side isn't required to disclose what they've obtained. If Zoir party members request for it, Eda will cast <Recovery> or <Purification> for a fee of one silver coin. The expedition period is generally from morning till evening. The decision to keep going down to the next floor or not is discussed between Lecan and Zoir. So are when they're deciding off days.

Such were the agreement. At first Lecan told them they don't need to pay for <Recovery> or <Purification>, but Zoir insisted, 'This may be a joint expedition, but we're all going our separate ways into different shafts, and we don't got nothing to offer you back. Let us pay you one silver coin at least.'

A staff member of the dungeon desk was present to witness the agreement. Were it violated, the violating party may not utilize the trade facility and there might be bad rumors spread. It's not a good idea to anger the administrative side if they want to keep exploring this dungeon.

As it turns out, this joint expedition was a boon.

They got to floor 8 in one day. Floor 20 in the second, and floor 30 in the third. As five people would beat up one small Magic Wolf, this pace isn't really a surprise.

They got to floor 36 on the fourth day and floor 40 on the fifth day.

As they exited floor 31 shafts, Zoir party members started asking for <Recovery>.
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Eda cast it.

"Ooh! This is awesome. I've got <Recovery> cast on me in a temple before, but this is simply way better. One silver coin is a steal for this."

As he watched it, Lecan spoke to Zoir.

"Zoir. We'll make <Recovery> free."


"Not everybody got through this far uninjured. None used a Red Potion nor asked for <Recovery>. Their wounds may not be serious enough to hinder them in battle, but as those small wounds and fatigue pile up, our diving pace would suffer and might even cause unforeseen accidents."

"Well, yeah."

One small red potion is priced one big silver coin on the market, one silver coin is a tenth of that. However, adventurers are fundamentally stingy. They won't shell out money for wounds that's gonna heal on their own. And both commoners and adventurers generally see <Treatment> as a luxury.

"Zoir. You all will now get <Purification> cast on you. Free of charge."


Zoir didn't seem to understand Lecan, he looked awfully doubtful. Lecan ignored that and signaled Eda.


"Un. I got it."

Eda took her thin wand and went around casting <Purification> on all of Zoir's party members.


The entire ensemble were at a loss for word. Of course they would. No one could have imagined such high level special magic like <Purification> would be cast in rapid succession like this. And no one has ever witnessed a barrage of 20 straight magic cast in person, even if she minimized the mana used per cast.

"S-so niiiice."

"My goodness. It's like I've been reborn."

"So this is, <Purification>."

You simply can't imagine how good <Purification> feels before you experience it for yourself. It's nothing like having your wounds healed or your fatigue and cramps eased, it literally feels like you've been reborn anew.

"From here on out, we will arbitrarily cast <Recovery> or <Purification> on those who are wounded or fatigued. And of course, you can also ask yourself. There's no fee. Progressing faster and safer is beneficial for us too."

"Okay, you win, Lecan. We'll take you up on your kindness. But we're still gonna pay the <Recovery> earlier. That was the agreement we made after all."

Lecan could sense how the mood of the whole group improved significantly at this point.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.7


"How many of these Guides and directors stuff are there?"

"I believe there are five Guides. As for directors, I think there's about a bit more than ten. Guides can become directors, but none would come forward to. Guide-class mages are all the types of people who detest using their times on anything but their research projects after all. As such, I don't think any of them hold both posts concurrently."

"They must be strong."

"You mean in combat? Not necessarily. Same can be said with the senior researchers. Some of them don't even go into the dungeon while immersing themselves in their projects. That said, I don't think there's many senior researchers or directors who haven't been to floor 80 at least."

"That's plenty strong already by common standard. By the way, what the heck are Magic Knights."

"They may be called Knights, but you don't actually see them acting together. They're formed for the sake of assisting dungeon explorations, they're only under the Knights on administrative papers."

"Assisting dungeon explorations?"

"During Era Morfes's days, only mages dived into dungeon Palcimo's depths. But as the number of powerful mages dwindled, people would start having a hard time when they encountered the highly magic resistant Magic Wolves there. So then, those who have mana but not the magic aptitude to become mages yet possessing exceptional physical strength and agility are given Knights' training regime and the position of Magic Knights. Magic Knights were formed for the sole sake of exploring Dungeon Palcimo. Outside that, they can simply dispatch ordinary knights and mages together."

Just when Lecan thought 'isn't that the same inside dungeons', he recalled how only those who possess mana can enter Dungeon Palcimo.

"Many residents in this town are blessed with mana. You could enter an apprenticeship under a mage if you want to learn magic, but if you want the best education, you need to aim for the Magic Research Institute. If during the entrance exam, you're deemed to be more fit as a magic knight, you will be assigned the role regardless of your will."

"No going back?"

"Well, they take that entrance exam out of their own free will after all. Can't really complain which post they assign you to. Although well, some do resign afterward, but not a lot. Magic Knights are well respected and looked up to, to begin with."

As mages who wish to explore dungeon depths need those magic knights' assistance, they understandably won't try to antagonize them.

"It's just, y'know. There have been cases of people who entered the institute dreaming of doing magic research ended up never getting used to their life as a magic knights."


(Ui is one of these cases.)

"That wand store's shopkeeper managed to quit the institute then. Did he succeed imparting the magic to someone else?"

"He must have. Otherwise, they wouldn't have let him quit. By the way, he's prohibited from mentioning the existence of Ancient Word Magic. Officially, the magic doesn't exist."


"They might have an issue with outsiders taking interest in it when not even Palcimo mages manage to learn it right."

"I see. I suppose I get their angle."

"Once you're out of the institute, you're forbidden to deploy Ancient Word Magic outside the institute's wall. Or at least that's the official stance, the board of directors are aware how some former researchers keep using Ancient Word Magic in their homes or businesses. They know yet they look the other way. They might be anticipating new users of Ancient Word Magic being discovered by doing thus."

After asking all that he needed to ask, Lecan thanked Tolda and left.

He walked around aimlessly before stumbling to a tavern to have lunch and went back to his inn.

Eda and Julius were already back. There was no message from the dungeon receptionist.

The following day, he went around all kinds of stores in the town.

As he got back in the evening, there was a message for him.

The morning after, they went to the dungeon receptionist and found out about an application from a party.

The applicant is a swordsman by the name Zoir, the party's leader, they're adventurers who hail from outside town.

This would be the third time Zoir's party challenge Dungeon Palcimo, they plan to break through floor 70 with ten physical types and ten mages members.

They came up with this formation after the experience in their two previous expeditions. With 20 people on their side, each shaft will be dealt by four. From floor 61 to 70, each shaft can spawn five Magic Wolves at most. Zoir judged that they would need at least four people to deal with five Magic Wolves.

Fourteen of their members including Zoir have dived in Dungeon Palcimo up to floor 51 before, but the remaining six have yet to. Thus they'd need to start from floor 1.

The receptionist called out to Zoir and informed him of <Willard>'s joint expedition quest. Zoir had experience diving in Dungeon Tsubolt, hence he was very interested in the conqueror of all 150 floors of Tsubolt, Lecan. Having a <Purification> user around would be most reassuring as well.

If <Willard> agreed to joining hands with Zoir's party, they would need to start over from floor 1. As such, Zoir didn't take Lecan's quest, instead he offered a joint expedition with his party on equal standing.

"Fumu. I've got no issue with that. But first, gotta see them. We'll go from there."

"Yes. We shall call them right away."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.6


As the topic got to this point, suddenly it hit Lecan.

(That's it!)

(The magic that time. Must've been Ancient Word Magic.)

He recalled the time Shira undid her magic to reveal her aged figure to Lecan. She recited a spell foreign to Lecan back then.

Of course, it's not like Lecan has a complete mastery of this world's language, there must be numerous words he doesn't know out there. And yet, the spell back then was simply alien. And yet it sounded familiar to him somehow. Thinking again, it feels somewhat similar to the activation spells of <Ring of Undying King> and <Talisman of Darkness Demon>. And Shira most likely can speak the language used in <Genesiac Grace Gear> activation spells.

To begin with, who was it that taught Jiza's grandmother, Era Morfes, Ancient Word Magic. Of course, it's Shira. None other.

Shira was the wordkeeper of Ancient Word Magic.

Looking back, the spell Shira used to conceal Yurika's monstrosity must have been Ancient Word Magic. Many other occasions also ring a bell.

What a thing.

Lecan is well aware that Shira is a magic practitioner of superlative powers, capable of casting magic beyond Lecan like <Dehydrate> and <Exchange>. And yet, he believed that his ability should be close to her in an actual combat.

But no, that was never the case. Hidden behind the visible layers of modern magic, Shira is keeping her ace up sleeve in the form of Ancient Word Magic of unknown quality under wrap.


"What's up?"

"Can Guide Jiza cast offensive spells of Ancient Word Magic?"

"Yea. No doubt about it. Those who have gone into the dungeon with her testified so. We have activation spells on record too. Guide Era Morfes was a practitioner of a grand flame magic that burns everything down, which netted her the epithet <Crimson Witch>. Guide Jiza's mother and Guide Jiza herself succeeded that epithet."

"Hou. I see. And yet not one of them ever taught someone that powerful offensive magic."

"Well, how would I know that. However, I did hear that Guide Jiza apparently refused the board of directors when they appealed to her to hold a course on Ancient Word Magic, she also rejected their idea to organize and transcribe the ancient words used in the magic. Yet on the other hand, there are rumors about her attempting to teach  several of her pupils offensive spells."

"Yet none managed to learn it."

"There hasn't been a peep of anyone other than Guide Jiza deploying Ancient Word Magic offensive spells. There were people reciting the activation spells after learning them from watching, but not a soul managed to cast it, so I heard."

"That board of directors thing must be quite influential huh."

"Well yeah. They might even stand above the townlord in a way. The townlord will go to those ladies to consult about things, and despite never giving them an order, he would never dismiss their demands. Those ladies are completely unconcerned about running the town though."

"Ladies? Are all of them women?"

"There's some men too, but the majority are women."

"Fumu. So Jiza has been refusing that board of directors' demands all this time."

"Well, they can't ignore all the great undertakings by three generations from House of Morfes, and all members of the board were once pupils of Guide Jiza to a varying level of tutelage. They can't get too hard on her."

"I see."

"But there's one thing the board of directors has imposed on Guide Jiza irrespective of her will."

"Hou. What's that."
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"Floors below 80 in Dungeon Palcimo are off-limit to Guide Jiza."


"It'd be really bad if Guide Jiza died after all."

(I see.)

(Can't have her dying before handing down the secret art huh.)

(Jiza is quite old, keeping her safe is a just cause.)

(It's a form of protection.)

(What the person in question thinks about it is a different matter altogether though.)

"This ban is imposed on the guide herself, but all personnel of Magic Research Institute also have a duty to monitor and keep Guide Jiza from going to floor below 80."

"How'd they gonna monitor her if she join up with outsiders."

"The institute's members are prohibited from joining outsiders in exploring the dungeon."

"What? But I got into the dungeon with Jiza, some officials and some magic knights."

"Yes I've heard of that. When outsiders with complicated standings intend to go into the dungeon, they get assigned observers that will judge their ability and personality, see. It's an insurance to prevent future trouble. That turned into a formal request from the townlord and worked as an exception to the ban."

This explanation made sense to Lecan. Yet something bugged him. Exploring the identity of this something, it's about how he found the townlord's decision odd.

Lecan is a known conqueror of Dungeon Tsubolt. Wouldn't introducing an adventurer of such caliber fan the flame in Guide Jiza's ambition to conquer Dungeon Palcimo.

Or perhaps, due to Palcimo residents' tendency to make light of other dungeons, they believed that just because Lecan conquered Tsubolt, doesn't mean he could Palcimo, or at least it would take a long time.

Or maybe, the townlord's side was unaware that Guide Jiza is still as ambitious as ever in her quest to conquer Dungeon Palcimo even today.

At any rate, there's too few information to come to a conclusion. And besides, it doesn't seem like this is going to involve Lecan anyway. He decided to forget about it.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.5


The morning after, they dropped by the dungeon receptionist again but no party had taken Lecan's quest yet.

Lecan went to the equipment store Tolda showed them yesterday. Eda and Julius had gone on their separate way to stroll around the town.

This store mainly deals in rings and necklaces. They also sell charms, bracelets and leg rings. All the items shown were Grace Gear.

They had rings with a magical defensive property for sale. <Ring of Ranti>, by consuming its wearer mana, it can protect them against offensive spells, and although its wearer will still suffer damage, the ring can prevent instant death even when its wearer gets shot by a strong offensive spell. However, these rings are disposable as they break upon use.

One ring fetches for one gold coin.

(This is good.)

(I'll have Eda and Julius wear them.)

"Get me ten of this."

"Eh. Sir. This store only stocks five of this ring currently."

"Five then."

"Of course, sir. Thanks for your patronage."

There were many other interesting stuff as well but none was that desirable.

After lunch, Lecan paid Tolda's shop a visit.

"Ah, Lecan. Welcome."
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"Thanks for the treat yesterday."

"That's my line, I even got extra in the end."

Tolda paid for their meal as thanks for his earning, and Lecan handed him another lump of dragon's meat for the trouble.

"Got something to ask you."

"Hm? Ah, sure thing, why don't we head inside then."

A considerate man Tolda is, he noticed the topic Lecan wanted to talk about was not something for public's ears, thus he brought Lecan to a room in the back and cleared other people out.

"Now then, what is it you want to ask?"

"About the magic used in the wand store yesterday. Jiraad, if I'm not wrong. What does that word mean. And why is it bad to ask about it."

"Ah, you mean that."

Tolda sunk in his chair and closed his eyes for a while. Then he opened them.

"It's an Ancient Word Magic spell. I'm not really sure myself but Jiraad probably means <Release>, I believe."

"Ancient Word Magic? What's that?"

"It's a magic of age past presently only known to Guide Jiza. Well, it's not like I'm an expert on the topic either, but the more well networked inhabitants of this town all have an idea about it."

"Only Guide Jiza and that shopkeeper can use them huh."

"Ah, no, that's not it. Only Guide Jiza has a certain degree of understanding and mastery in several Ancient Word Magic spells, but there's been quite a few people who have learned specific fragmentary spells of the magic."

As it was outside Tolda's expertise, he only knows piecemeal of it himself, yet he would explain what he knew to Lecan.

Once upon a time, only Ancient Word Magic existed. It was very powerful and in most case, it didn't require preliminary casting to exhibit those powerful effects. However, learning the magic was an extraordinarily tall order. Possessing a certain amount of mana is unusual already, and there's even fewer among those who have the aptitude to learn Ancient Word Magic. As the users kept dwindling from oral teachings of the magic, one day, what became known as Modern Word Magic was developed. The one who compiled all of it was a great mage by the name Mazara Wedepasha, it was said that this individual was a Longlifer.

Compared to Ancient Word Magic, Modern Word Magic has relatively low power and much stricter use, but almost everybody with the aptitudes could learn them, revitalizing interest in magic.

All today's magic can be traced back to this Modern Word Magic, the preliminary casting and activation spells are also in modern language. Ancient Word Magic died out, and the fact that it even existed was erased in history of most places besides here in this city of magic.

Guide Jiza is the sole practitioner of Ancient Word Magic in this country. Both Guide Jiza's mother and grandmother were also practitioners of Ancient Word Magic, in fact her grandmother, Era Morfes, was the founder and the first generation Guide of the Magic Research Institute.

Jiza, her mother and grandmother taught their pupils Modern Word Magic, but never Ancient Word Magic. The board of directors at the magic research institute has been demanding them to teach Ancient Word Magic for close to 100 years now, but none of them ever agreed to it.

Though there's another facet to the rumor. That they all have been searching for someone who has the aptitude to learn Ancient Word Magic all this time, but that someone has never turned up.

In fact, there are people who have been taught fragmentary Ancient Word Magic from them. However, it was in exceedingly simple forms, even those who were taught could only use one or two magic that differ from the norm. Magic of unparalleled power is the whole point of Ancient Word Magic, yet no one was taught offensive spells.

Magic Research Institute has been making all kinds of maneuvers themselves. One of them is an effort to reproduce ancient language. Understanding those ancient words as a language will definitely lead to the revival of Ancient Word Magic. However, restoring the long lost language of the ancients proved immensely difficult. Even Guide Jiza herself hasn't fully mastered the ancient words, and there's a rumor about her being uncooperative in the matter.

"Those who have learned fragmentary Ancient Word Magic must report to the board of directors at the Magic Research Institute, and they are obliged to teach that magic to at least one senior researcher there."

"Can that even be taught."

"I hear yes in a very rare case."

"Same with Modern Word Magic, can't learn it if you don't have the right aptitude."

"That's right. But with Ancient Word Magic, those who have the aptitude are said to be extremely rare."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.4


"So, how'd you like it. It may be an open establishment. But the food here's pretty good. With cheap booze to boot. And now, a toast. Jo Jood."

"Jo Jood."

"Jo Jood."

"Jo Jood."

Lecan left all the ordering to Tolda and enjoyed whatever came his way.

"Ooh, this is really yummy."

"It is tasty. The flavor is very thick and yet there is no aftertaste."

Eda and Julius seemed to fancy the store too.

"Tolda. I didn't see a lot of Grace Gear in the wand store we visited today."

"That particular store sells the shopkeeper's handmade wands. Some stores do sell Grace Gear Wands, but the really good ones all get bought by the Magic Research Institute, so the Grace Gear you can buy in some random stores here are not really of high level ones."

"What's this Magic Research Institute gonna do buying all the Grace Gear Wands?"

"They research on them. And once they're done, they sell those back. A lot even sell modified ones. They're researching on all kind of Grace Gear, not just wands."

"Modified? Is it even possible to modify Grace Gear?"

"No, I don't think they fiddle with the inner working of Grace Gear. That would erase the Graces. That's not it, they combine multiple Grace Gear to add ancillary functions."

"Ancillary functions?"

"Yeap. One example of this is <Necklace of Intuador>. It's a Grace Gear that automatically puts up an anti magic barrier, they combine it with a jewel that can relay mana from a magic stone into the necklace then sell the finished products. Without that, it'll take too long to restore mana."

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In fact, a <Necklace of Intuador> is hanging on Lecan's neck right about now but it's not visible to Tolda.

"Now that you mention it, heard from a certain mage that it's odd how <Necklace of Intuador> could block offensive magic but not <Recovery>."

"Eh? You mean <Recovery> doesn't get blocked? No that can't be right. No magic can get past if you put that on."

"Hou. I was told that the necklace also has a function that lets its wearer supply mana to it."

"No no, that's not true at all. Maybe they're confusing it with another Grace Gear? Even just having <Necklace of Intuador> equipped makes it easier for its user to run out of mana. Most people don't have that large of mana pool after all. Getting its wearer to supply mana to it is like putting the cart before the horse."

(Yeah, somethings' off.)

(Perhaps the necklace I got.)

(Is a special one.)

"Can you buy <Necklaces of Intuador> at the equipment store you showed us earlier."

"No. You can only find those at the direct order store. By the way, Lecan. Mind if I ask you some questions myself?"

"Go ahead."

"Yours and Eda's <Free Box> seem to have unusually large capacities, where did you get them? Even the low capacity <Free Boxes> are only sold at the direct order store. And such large capacity boxes could only be bought by senior researchers of Magic Research Institute. It's been bugging me, you see."

"Hm? So you can buy those low capacity <Free Box> even if you're not some senior researcher thing then?"

"You can. However those low capacity boxes don't get called <Free Box>. Hence it's become common knowledge that only senior researchers can buy <Free Box>."

"I see. Some sort of open secret huh. Eda's <Free Box> was a belonging of a noble by name Solusgia Indole. I beat the guy in a duel and made the box my property as the reward."

"Indole? Sounds kind of familiar."

"He's the eldest son of Marquis of Gido."

"Ah, I see now. Marquis of Gido could likely buy one. They've been making business deals with that region after all. Hold it. You can't be telling me that eldest son fought in the duel himself."

"In the flesh."

"You really do the unbelievable, don't you. And you must have gone and beat the living out of the poor chap."

"Well, yeah close enough. By the way, your <Free Box> seems quite large itself. Are you a senior researcher at the institute?"

<Kwantor> members would go and gather magic wolves fur during their expedition. As it doesn't protect against physical attacks, it's good as raw material for anti-magic protectors, so it can be sold at high price. But as Lecan hurried them up, they couldn't skin the wolves whole, they would instead carve the part around the magic stone and took it whole along with the flesh. Doing so allowed them to get both fur, and magic stone. Those magic stone and flesh-attached fur portions were all handed to Tolda. That wouldn't be possible without a large box.

"No, not me. The shopkeeper at that wand store is a former senior researcher. I was given my <Free Box> by Guide Jiza."


"There was this one time when Guide Jiza came up with a project to improve <Magic Arrow Pipes>. She requested my assistance then. And as a reward, I got this <Free Box>."

<Magic Arrow Pipes> were invented by Guide Jiza in her younger days. She must have thought up points of improvements later in her life. But considering how there are supposed to be many other <Magic Arrow Pipe> stores around, Guide Jiza picking Tolda must be a testament to Tolda's status as the best craftsman in this town.

"Can anyone enter this direct order store and buy stuff there?"

"No. You can't get in that area without a pass. But I'm sure you can get one from Guide Jiza if you just ask her."

Lecan is interested in that direct order store thing, but not enough to get himself inside a place with such a stringent magical defensive system.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.3



Realizing how he just spoke while still holding the wand, Lecan put it down on the counter.

The shopkeeper spoke.

"It's full already. Ain't got no capacity left for mana."

"What? I haven't even put one <Flame Spear> worth of mana in."

"What kinda crazy <Flame Spear> needs that much mana! Anyway, that's far enough. Too much in fact. Could be dangerous like this, gotta take the mana out."

"Want me to do that?"

"What'd you say. You saying you could take the filled mana out on yer' own?"


"Intriguing. Go ahead."

Lecan grabbed the medium wand, absorbed the mana inside and put it down again.

The shopkeeper re-examined the wand.

"The mana's came off. <Absorption> is it? No, didn't hear no casting. Ain't no way <Absorption> can be done without spellcasting. Who the heck are ya?"

Lecan's <Mana Absorption> has always been a skill, not a magic. Same with <Storage>, <Mana Detection>, <Life Detection>, <3D Perceptions>, <Mana Absorption>, and <Mana Bestowal>, none needed spellcasting in his original world. Thinking again, even just that fact alone gives him the edge over the mages in this world.

However, explaining that would necessitate disclosing his identity as a Descender as well as his abilities. Lecan doesn't really care about keeping his Descender status a secret anymore, but not his abilities. Hence, he didn't answer that question.

Afterward, the shopkeeper showed them all kinds of wands.

As a result, one thing is clear.

First of all, wands that boost particular attributes like firepower, casting speed, or accuracy will have reduced mana capacity and the user will have a hard time performing beyond that particular wand's capability.

In short, a user with a higher casting speed than a wand that boosts casting speed will end up casting slower with the wand equipped.

As such, you usually start with a wand that raises the attribute you wish to temper and then continuously switch to a better wand as you grow.

Besides offensive wands, the store also had wands that could boost support-type magic, so they took a look. They tried a wand that could only help <Recovery>. When Lecan gave it a try, he cast <Recovery> faster, yet the opposite happened to Eda which got slower instead. Same with <Purification>.

"Well dang. Never seen a <Purification> in real life before."

"So, I see these wands you showed could boost specific magic, but is there one that can boost casting speed and firepower of multiple magic like <Recovery>, <Flame Spear>, and <Lightning> altogether."

"Yeah sure we do have those, but their performance ain't that different from these wands here. Those kinds of all-purpose wands don't got elemental magic stones embedded, they rely on the maker's skill. You'd only find those wands in the direct order store. There's also, Grace Wands. Like <Wands of Cordishie>."

"What's a direct order store."
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"It's a store managed directly under the Magic Research Institute. The one on top of the hill."

Lecan knew about that place. It's a section of the town guarded by extremely rigid magical defense system. Layers upon layers of magic barriers have been put up there. It's also teeming with owners of monstrous mana pools. Lecan has no intention to ever step his foot there.

He also got wands for <Appraisal> shown, but they were of no use. The shopkeeper and Tolda were dumbfounded when they found out Lecan could also cast <Appraisal>. Lecan showed the wand he got from Shira and asked the shopkeeper if he got anything better.

The shopkeeper examined that wand for a while before letting out a sigh like he was overwhelmed by emotions.

"This wand is simply superb. Very utilitarian-made. It got not eyecatching functions, yet at the same time it doesn't bind the user in the slightest. Those who know, know how this is the best wand. I dunno if even the direct order store got any that coulda one up this wand of this type. If there is, it'd be wands made by the guides themselves for their own personal use."

"I see. By the way, are all the wands shown so far your creations then."


"Don't you have a Grace Gear wand."

"We got <Wands of Cordishie> if ya want Grace Gear."

<Wands of Cordishie> are Grace Gear that can stock magic spells in them after which you only need to recite the activation spells to shoot them.

"I've seen those in Tsubolt. So they get dropped in this dungeon too huh."

"Yea. They get dropped anywhere from floor 30 to 90. Don't think I ever heard news of any getting dropped in Tsubolt. Those probably came from here."

"Now that you mentioned it, heard they were sold at Tsubolt's stores, but not a thing about them being dropped there. Apparently the good quality ones can hold many shots of magic."

"Whaddya mean?"

"The <Wand of Cordishie> I saw could stock up five shots of magic. The higher quality ones must hold more than that."

"Ha, ya got a stupid amount of mana and usable magic, yet yer' mindset's that of an amateur."


"What's the most effective use of <Wand of Cordishie>, ya think?"

"Well, depends on the individual."

"Then what's the use of <Wands of Cordishie> to a mage of a certain caliber that can't be replicated by other magic tools?"

"No clue."

"You use 'em as finishers."


"Damn right. Use 'em to shoot the finishing blow. Listen now. Ain't no need for a <Wand of Cordishie> if yer' just shooting some piddling spells, just cast them on yer' own. Or with some sorta magic tools. That ain't it, what you wanna stock up in a <Wand of Cordishie> is a spell that requires enormous concentration, preliminary casting and lotsa mana. The more spells you can put in a wand, the lesser each of those spells' firepower be. So the best <Wand of Cordishie> is one that can only hold one, two or at most three spells yet got a bigger overall capacity."

He's exactly correct. Lecan was amazed. Afterward, he learned about all kinds of stuff regarding wands from the shopkeeper.

It was night already by the time they left the store. Tolda guided them to his recommended equipment store, introduced them to the shopkeeper and then treated Lecan's group to dinner.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.2


Lecan has come across a few other mages that give off similar feelings before. Jiza was one, the chief mage of Tsubolt was another.

Lecan is capable of discerning those who know their ways around swords with a glance. How they walk, their presence and their reactions toward their surroundings can be used as a reference for that particular individual's strength.

And now that he's gone through his magic training regime as well as honing his mana perceptions, he's also able to discern mages to a degree.

This old man's doesn't have that large of a mana pool, but the mana clad around him is that of a very well honed one.

(Reminds me of Elder Termin.)

Their builds are the complete opposite. Termin is skinny and tall, while the man before him got a short and stout stature. His frame is well defined. You'd believe it if someone told you he's a shield warrior. And yet something about them just feels alike.

"What the. What's with the crowd."

"I'm telling you they're customers."


The shopkeeper turned his sight at Lecan while complaining. He must have sensed something.

"This big man is Lecan. He's a skilled swordsman who's also a user of amazingly powerful <Flame Spear>."

"Magic swordsman?"

The shopkeeper's face distorted loathsomely. He might have a prejudice on magic swordsmen.

"Do you have a wand that boosts magic firepower."

"Hmph. Just sit tight there."
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The shopkeeper went in the back.

Lecan stared at the counter. It has some sort of magic imbued on it. Several wands have been placed behind the counter invisible to customers, each of which has been imbued with magic.

Lecan can't tell what kind of effects they have, but he marvels at the way they're all interconnected. Transparently beautiful without a hint of distortion. The shopkeeper's quite an expert of magic.

(Now I can't wait for the wands.)

The shopkeeper came out after a little while.

"Here ya go. Let's start with these."

Three wands got put on the counter. All of them have a fist-sized head and an adult arm-long medium-sized body. They have three magic stones embedded on them.

"All three of these boost your flame magic firepower. The rightmost for power, middle for speed and leftmost for accuracy."

"What? They only boost flame magic?"

"Tolda. Yer' sure this big thing don't got some screws missing?"

"Lecan. It's because they have fire elemental magic stones on them."

"What's fire elemental magic stones."

"Now this is surprising. Haven't you seen one yet? See here, magic beasts in this dungeon drop elemental magic stones. Some boost flame elemental magic power, some lightning elemental magic, some move type magic."

"That kind of stuff exists huh. I had no idea."

"Well, those elemental magic stones are no different than ordinary magic stones in their raw forms. But the craftsmen in this town make use of them in all kinds of stuff such as wands, rings, and necklaces. Even armor with embedded magic stones that can lower magic effects."


He'll ask for more details later, and deal with the wands before him first. Lecan took the rightmost wand in his hand. It's the power-focused wand.

It got this weird feel to it. There's some sort of mana veil around the wand, which feels like it's repulsing Lecan as he grabs the wand.

"Are you allowed to do a trial run."

"Ya daft or somethin'? Like hell any wand stores gonna allow trial runs. Besides direct order ones that is. I'll get the seal undone if ya wanna try putting mana in 'em."


"Put that wand on the counter."

Lecan put the medium wand on the counter, then the shopkeeper took out a thin wand and converged his mana on the tip of that wand directed at the medium wand.


Then the veil disappeared.

"What was that spell?"


Tolda spoke out in a sharp tone, Lecan looked at him. Tolda shook his head.

"That's a no go. You can't ask that."

Looks like he's touched on some sort of custom in this town.

"So it is. My bad."

The shopkeeper said nothing while maintaining a sour look.

Lecan grabbed the unsealed medium wand. It feels familiar in his hand. Or more like, to his mana.

(I see. The seal earlier was there to isolate mana.)

"Lecan. Just a friendly warning. When you wish to pour mana into the wand, first put the wand down and ask for the shopkeeper's permission. By doing so, you will be given the permission to in most cases. Absolutely don't try to recite a spell. No matter if it's preliminary casting or activation spell. Or rather, saying any word when you're holding an unsealed wand is a breach of etiquette. Got it?"

Lecan nodded and put the wand on the counter.

"Shopkeeper. Mind if I try pouring mana into this wand."

"Yea. How else yer' gonna find out if a wand is for ya."

Lecan grabbed the medium wand and poured his mana into it.

Where the user's mana gets into the wand and the route it takes seems to be pre-established, Lecan's mana rushes into it. But the response feels a bit sluggish. Then it soon became difficult to put more mana in. Lecan quizzically stared at the wand and the mana inside before raising his mana output and rate even further.

The shopkeeper who had been observing Lecan with his thin wand held up raised his voice to stop him.

"H-hold it. That's enough."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.1


After exiting the dungeon, Lecan took Eda and Julius to the dungeon receptionist. Along with <Kwantor>.

"You're on floor 42 already?"

"We're annulling our contract with <Kwantor>. So now we're looking for new people. They're to get us through at least five floors starting from floor 43. The reward is two gold coins per floor conquered. Us three can deal with two shafts, so they only need to handle three shafts."

"Very well. Where can we contact you?"

"We'll be staying in this inn presently. Might be out in town during free days in daytime, but we should be back at night."

"Then we will leave the message at the inn."

"Yes please."

Afterward, <Kwantor>'s leader, Tolda informed the male receptionist that Eda is a <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> as well as a powerful magic archer and a dungeon conqueror.

"So she is. That's incredible. As Guide Jiza's letter did not mention Eda-san, we were actually a bit worried about it, but this should make looking for a potential party easier now."


Lecan noticed a poster on the wall. It's for recruiting parties. Their target is conquering floor 60 to 63. On the fifth of month eight. Looking for 25 people.

"Hou. Something like this got put up too huh."

"Yes. You see them often. They usually get filled up right away however."

"One month recruitment period huh, quite lax."

"It's because everybody has their day job. This kind of quest spreads by words of mouth. Though often time they have all the member accounted already before the poster is up."

"I don't see any reward."

"There is no reward. It's not a Quest after all. Getting to deeper floors is the reward in itself."

"Ah, I see. Make sense."

Lecan could have traversed the dungeon without wasting money if he just put up these posters. But that'd take too long. He'd rather pay money to get down faster.

They walked around in town with <Kwantor> that day and had a slightly late lunch together. Lecan was going to pay but <Kwantor> insisted it to be their treat.

Afterward, Lecan's group went to visit Tolda's shop.

It's quite a big shop with three clerks tending, the walls are full of <Magic Arrow Pipes> of various sizes on display.

There are also trial <Magic Arrow Pipes> one can test out by paying for the magic stones used. Lecan and Eda played around with them. Julius was unable to shoot <Magic Arrow Pipes>. Simply having mana isn't enough to shoot them.

"You only really needs to know how to cast <Ignition> to use them though. Julius's mana pool is more than enough, you could just learn <Ignition>."

So Tolda spoke, Lecan asked Julius.

"Julius. Want me to teach you <Ignition>?"

"No, master. I have been told not to attempt learning magic for now."

"Hou? Hold on, if I recall right, Arios's grandmother was a mage."

He forgot the name, but Arios's grandmother was supposedly a pupil of Mazara Wedepasha, aka Shira. Which naturally means a pupil in magic study.

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"So neither you nor Arios studied under her."

"Yes. I expressed my intention to learn once but I was told no."

"Wait, didn't you say for now?"

"I will eventually be imparted with ways to wield magic swords once father has granted his permission. Whether I am to learn magic or not will be decided then."

"Got it."

Dunno why that's the rule. But there must be a reason that makes Arios forbid Julius to learn magic. Lecan can't just ignore that and teach him magic.

Magic swords are usable by non-mages, but one must know how to control mana. Though it's only a matter of pouring your mana into the sword, so learning it shouldn't be difficult at all, but it appears magic swords are out of question to Julius for the time being.

<Magic Arrow Pipes> were interesting. But Lecan quickly grew tired of them.

There's only a slight lag before it shoots out the arrow after reciting the required spell, but from Lecan's point of view, the thing is just irritatingly sluggish. The arrow speed is also slower than his expectations. Low firepower too. He's told that the more expensive models would have bigger firepower and faster projectile speed than the cheap trial ones, but he didn't feel like trying them out.

Afterward, Tolda guided them to a wand store.

It was a surprisingly small store.

"The products in this store are all pretty great. It's got lots of hidden treasures too. The trick to find the right wand for you is to be particular with your requests."

"Hou. Sounds fun."

"Agreed, I can't wait!"

"I've never been to a store like this before."

"Let's go then."

Opening the hinged front door revealed a counter across the door inside the store. As they got in and closed the door, the four of them occupied most of the store's space already.

"Old man. You have guests."

Nondescript groans could be heard from the back of the store, then a small elderly man with a moody expression on his face came out.

He's not your ordinary old man. Lecan looked at him as he squinted his right eye.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.15


The morning after, <Kwantor> and <Willard> renewed their contract at the dungeon receptionist. That is for them to continue helping beyond floor 30 as their schedule allows. The term is the same, one gold coin for every floor conquered.

Lecan actually suggested this during their dinner the day before, which <Kwantor> members agreed to. He was originally going to increase their pay to three gold coins per floor after floor 30, but they instead said this, 'The pay can stay the same, but we'd like to have dragon's meat during lunch if you could.' Of course Lecan agreed to that.

"Lecan. You'd better off not disclosing this additional term to the dungeon receptionist. It's just gonna make untoward people flock to you."

"That's fine by me if you're fine with it."

They broke through floor 30 early on the third day and had lunch on floor 33. As Lecan's Mana Restorative pills have an astonishing effective duration, <Kwantor> members took them as soon as they started. Hence, they were doing well.

"Ah, Tolda-san. Looks like you're hurt there."

"Hm? Ah. It's just a scratch. Using up a red potion for this would be a waste."

"Mind if I heal it with magic?"

"Oh right, you could use <Recovery>, Eda. If it's all right with you, go ahead."

"Yes. <Purification>."




"It can't be."

"That blue-tinted mana light."

Eda produced a big light of <Purification> on the tip of her finger without a wand. That big ball of blue light poured down Tolda over his head. It slowly soaked up Tolda's whole body.

"Aah. This feels... so pleasant."

Everybody watched this miracle in silent for a while.

"No way. Such a big ball of light."

"W-without the help of a wand."

"That color is definitely <Purification>."

"First I've seen a <Purification> in person."

Tolda looked content with eyes closed, but then they suddenly opened up like he was taken aback.

"I got this dull muscular pain in my abdomen for years, and it's completely gone now. My wound healed, but that's not all, my entire being feels like it's been reborn. So this is <Purification>. I see, it's truly unlike <Recovery> that's for sure."

During their stay at Vouka, Lecan and Norma had a discussion and decided that Eda would use <Purification> without hiding from public eye from then on.

To begin with, there's simply no way to hide the fact of Eda being a <Purification> user anymore. Then might as well announce to the world that Eda is also a depth-walking dungeon adventurers on top of that, to deter people from messing with her.

And besides, Eda has been frequently using <Purification> on Lecan and Julius when they're conquering dungeons together. Since <Purification> and <Recovery> both consume the same amount of mana, might as well use the more effective one. Of course, she's been casting <Purification> on Lecan twice before bedtime as well. Thanks to that, Eda's mastery in <Purification> is steadily making a large stride.

Though from Lecan's point of view, the level of her <Purification> is not quite there yet. If Skalabel's <Purification> is advanced level, then Eda's is still around intermediate level.

"Wait, could it be, Eda-san, you're the <Healing Hand of Herb Saint>?"

Eda only laughed 'ehehehe' to reply Fina's question.
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"Eh? No way."

"Right, now that you mention it, <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> is called Eda too."

"That can't be, she's the real one?"

"No no, that's impossible. Why'd someone like that dive into a dungeon?"

"Fumu. Eda did cast <Purification> on Guide Skalabel and helped improve his condition."

"I knew it, it's true then! But I can't believe a <Purification> user would dive into dungeons."

"It's the opposite, she was a dungeon-delving adventurer who awakened to her <Purification> potential. Eda has conquered Dungeon Ninae, Dungeon Kozuin, Dungeon Rakash and Dungeon Rotor."


"You can't be serious. She's conquered four dungeons?"

"S-she's actually an ace adventurer with that cute face of hers?"

"That's not all. She's gone to Dungeon Tsubolt's floor 120."

"Tsubolt! Oh, I get it now! Lecan, I've heard your name before. You must be the Lecan who conquered Dungeon Tsubolt, made it known that it wasn't actually a <Sleepless Dungeon> and got his hands on a <Comet Cutter>."

Everybody looked at Lecan in shock. <Kwantor> members don't have that much interest in other dungeons, but even they know about the major event of Dungeon Tsubolt going dormant. After knowing that Lecan is the person in question, they look at him with awe and respect.

(Good, go on and spread rumors about us.)

(That'll make it easier to get people later.)

They got to floor 39 that day.

They reached floor 40 on the third day, but starting from the floor, the Magic Wolves spawn in a group of three. This appears to be beyond <Kwantor>'s capability. The five of them took on three shafts like always, but it took them quite some time before they came to the exit on floor 40.

Floor 41's conquest took even longer and they suffered more wounds.

As they got to floor 42, Lecan spoke.

"Tolda. Let's end the quest here."

"Yeah I think that's for the best. Sorry about it, Lecan. I thought we could keep going a little bit more, but we really underestimated these floors."

"Nah. Considering the enemy's numbers, it's understandable. We owe you guys."

Lecan paid them the agreed upon gold coins and a huge lump of meat wrapped in a preservative cloth.

"It's Petitfire Dragon's meat. Share it with everyone."

"All this?! No. This is too much Lecan."

"To tell you the truth, we conquered Dungeon Rotor twice."


"I shared half of the dragon's meat with my acquaintances, but I've still got lots remaining. And that's not accounting another entire dragon's worth of meat from the second conquest."

"Man, you're really such a. Heck, you might just conquer this dungeon even."

"That's the plan. With any luck that is."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.14


At the end of the day, they managed to reach floor 12. Lecan paid Tolda two big gold coins and four gold coins.

During their expedition, Lecan asked Tolda this.

"You're all mages, huh."

"Yep, that's right."

"What are you gonna do when you run into near white Magic Wolves? Or are shallower floors doable with just magic?"

"You can manage with just magic up to floor 30 here, sure. But you're just gonna waste mana trying to defeat near white Magic Wolves with magic. So you attack them with physical attacks."

"You got bows or something stashed away?"

"Bows were the norm back in the days. But mages who lacked strength couldn't shoot arrows with enough power even equipped with a bow. There were explorers who specialized in bow, but hiring them fetched a huge sum. Thus, many mages opted to learn <Water Blade> and <Steel Ball>."

"What's this <Steel Ball> magic."

"It's just a magic that shoots out a steel ball. It can't cover that much range, but it's got some nice firepower if you do it right."

"I see."

"But then, one day, the Magic Research Institute invented <Magic Arrow Pipes>."

"<Magic Arrow Pipes>?"

"This one's here."

Tolda took out a three-step long thin pipe out of his <Free Box>.

"You put in a specific arrow in this then a small magic stone in the base part. Then by reciting a spell, the magic stone will explode and shoot the arrow out. Today, most mages going into this dungeon carry <Magic Arrow Pipes> with them."

"Hou, I see."

(That's it.)

(I couldn't come up with a way to fight Dungeon Tsubolt's boss with magic.)

(But <Water Blade> and <Steel Ball> might just work.)

"These <Magic Arrow Pipes> were invented by Guide Jiza, y'see. She's also responsible for many more accomplishments. All explorers in Palcimo look up to her."

"Hou. Am I allowed to purchase this <Magic Arrow Pipe>?"

"I'm running a <Magic Arrow Pipe> shop. Feel free to buy them when we're open."

"Does any small magic stone work."

"No. That won't do. The types of arrows differ by the types of pipes, so the magic stones and mana used have to be adjusted right otherwise it poses a risk. Hence, you must only use magic stones you buy from the store."

Meaning one must stay at Palcimo if they wish to keep using <Magic Arrow Pipes>. Lecan lost interest in the weapon.

"There are <Magic Arrow Pipes> using bigger magic stones that shoot out bigger arrows. They're pretty powerful weapon once you master them."

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On the second day, <Kwantor> and <Willard> bought packed lunch at the food stall before going in the dungeon.

On the entrance to floor 13's shafts, Lecan produced five Mana Restorative pills.

"I'm giving one of these to each of you."

"Don't tell me, those are Mana Restorative?"


"Well I'll be."

"You're familiar with them huh."

"Well yeah, a direct pupil of Herb Saint lives in Town of Palcimo where they open a store that sells Mana Restorative. I've bought and used one before myself."


"We can't accept such valuable items."

"I made them myself."


"Giving you guys five pills of Mana Restorative today and tomorrow cost me little. Yet, having our expedition progress better would be a huge boon to me. So do take these."

The five received the pills in the end. And Tolda alone drank it.

At the exit of floor 13, Tolda reported excitedly.

"This Mana Restorative is real amazing stuff alright. It's even better than Panta's in terms of immediate effect and restored amount."

Panta is the apothecary that runs the medicine store in Palcimo who claims to be a direct pupil of Herb Saint.

"It feels like my mana just keep surging up. No really, this is incredible. Guys, you should take them after lunch too."

They decided to have lunch on the exit of floor 18.

Lecan lit up firewood, grilled meat and Eda made a soup.

"Lecan. We brought packed lunch with us, you didn't have to grill our share too. But that sure is a nice smell. What meat is that?"

"Well, just give it a bite."

After eating the meat, <Kwantor> members were all taken aback with the taste.

"Lecan. You can't be telling me, this meat's."

"Petitfire Dragon's."

"Petitfire Dragon! Dungeon-borne?"

"Yeah. Dungeon Rotor."

"Petitfire Dragon in Dungeon Rotor? Ain't that the boss!"

"It is."

"And it's been bugging me since yesterday, those armor of yours and Julius, could it be."

"Made from the dragon's mats."

"I knew it! You're just full of surprises. To think we could have a taste of floor 80's Fire Dragon's meat. This alone would be more than enough reward."

"Worth it if that gets you guys motivated."

"Taking this quest was a huge win, really."

After lunch, the other four took the Mana Restorative pills as well.

After which their expedition progressed extremely well, they reached floor 28 on the second day.

Tolda offered to treat them dinner in the town that day.

He spoke of many interesting things.

Tolda runs a store that deals in <Magic Arrow Pipes>, his store also sells physical bows, and Tolda himself is capable of using one.

All other members of <Kwantor> are either shopkeepers or employees of stores in the town as well, they usually go into the dungeon to gather materials required for their job.

One thing became clear to Lecan that night. He was wondering how would <Kwantor>'s team composition even conquer a new floor, turned out they don't. They would get additional members whenever they want to break through a new floor.

Tolda himself could get to floor 61. Meaning he could get to any floor up to 61. As their main goal is usually not breaking a new floor, they don't have to go into all five shafts. The five members will go in one or two shafts together until they reach the exit, then they go back to the surface before challenging the same floor again. They gather materials by repeating this pattern.

Thinking again, most parties Lecan caught sight above ground had five or six members with all of them being mages. Yet he would occasionally see a party with 20 or more members. That explains those.




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