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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.5


The morning after, they dropped by the dungeon receptionist again but no party had taken Lecan's quest yet.

Lecan went to the equipment store Tolda showed them yesterday. Eda and Julius had gone on their separate way to stroll around the town.

This store mainly deals in rings and necklaces. They also sell charms, bracelets and leg rings. All the items shown were Grace Gear.

They had rings with a magical defensive property for sale. <Ring of Ranti>, by consuming its wearer mana, it can protect them against offensive spells, and although its wearer will still suffer damage, the ring can prevent instant death even when its wearer gets shot by a strong offensive spell. However, these rings are disposable as they break upon use.

One ring fetches for one gold coin.

(This is good.)

(I'll have Eda and Julius wear them.)

"Get me ten of this."

"Eh. Sir. This store only stocks five of this ring currently."

"Five then."

"Of course, sir. Thanks for your patronage."

There were many other interesting stuff as well but none was that desirable.

After lunch, Lecan paid Tolda's shop a visit.

"Ah, Lecan. Welcome."
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"Thanks for the treat yesterday."

"That's my line, I even got extra in the end."

Tolda paid for their meal as thanks for his earning, and Lecan handed him another lump of dragon's meat for the trouble.

"Got something to ask you."

"Hm? Ah, sure thing, why don't we head inside then."

A considerate man Tolda is, he noticed the topic Lecan wanted to talk about was not something for public's ears, thus he brought Lecan to a room in the back and cleared other people out.

"Now then, what is it you want to ask?"

"About the magic used in the wand store yesterday. Jiraad, if I'm not wrong. What does that word mean. And why is it bad to ask about it."

"Ah, you mean that."

Tolda sunk in his chair and closed his eyes for a while. Then he opened them.

"It's an Ancient Word Magic spell. I'm not really sure myself but Jiraad probably means <Release>, I believe."

"Ancient Word Magic? What's that?"

"It's a magic of age past presently only known to Guide Jiza. Well, it's not like I'm an expert on the topic either, but the more well networked inhabitants of this town all have an idea about it."

"Only Guide Jiza and that shopkeeper can use them huh."

"Ah, no, that's not it. Only Guide Jiza has a certain degree of understanding and mastery in several Ancient Word Magic spells, but there's been quite a few people who have learned specific fragmentary spells of the magic."

As it was outside Tolda's expertise, he only knows piecemeal of it himself, yet he would explain what he knew to Lecan.

Once upon a time, only Ancient Word Magic existed. It was very powerful and in most case, it didn't require preliminary casting to exhibit those powerful effects. However, learning the magic was an extraordinarily tall order. Possessing a certain amount of mana is unusual already, and there's even fewer among those who have the aptitude to learn Ancient Word Magic. As the users kept dwindling from oral teachings of the magic, one day, what became known as Modern Word Magic was developed. The one who compiled all of it was a great mage by the name Mazara Wedepasha, it was said that this individual was a Longlifer.

Compared to Ancient Word Magic, Modern Word Magic has relatively low power and much stricter use, but almost everybody with the aptitudes could learn them, revitalizing interest in magic.

All today's magic can be traced back to this Modern Word Magic, the preliminary casting and activation spells are also in modern language. Ancient Word Magic died out, and the fact that it even existed was erased in history of most places besides here in this city of magic.

Guide Jiza is the sole practitioner of Ancient Word Magic in this country. Both Guide Jiza's mother and grandmother were also practitioners of Ancient Word Magic, in fact her grandmother, Era Morfes, was the founder and the first generation Guide of the Magic Research Institute.

Jiza, her mother and grandmother taught their pupils Modern Word Magic, but never Ancient Word Magic. The board of directors at the magic research institute has been demanding them to teach Ancient Word Magic for close to 100 years now, but none of them ever agreed to it.

Though there's another facet to the rumor. That they all have been searching for someone who has the aptitude to learn Ancient Word Magic all this time, but that someone has never turned up.

In fact, there are people who have been taught fragmentary Ancient Word Magic from them. However, it was in exceedingly simple forms, even those who were taught could only use one or two magic that differ from the norm. Magic of unparalleled power is the whole point of Ancient Word Magic, yet no one was taught offensive spells.

Magic Research Institute has been making all kinds of maneuvers themselves. One of them is an effort to reproduce ancient language. Understanding those ancient words as a language will definitely lead to the revival of Ancient Word Magic. However, restoring the long lost language of the ancients proved immensely difficult. Even Guide Jiza herself hasn't fully mastered the ancient words, and there's a rumor about her being uncooperative in the matter.

"Those who have learned fragmentary Ancient Word Magic must report to the board of directors at the Magic Research Institute, and they are obliged to teach that magic to at least one senior researcher there."

"Can that even be taught."

"I hear yes in a very rare case."

"Same with Modern Word Magic, can't learn it if you don't have the right aptitude."

"That's right. But with Ancient Word Magic, those who have the aptitude are said to be extremely rare."




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