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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.6


Lecan went out to collect Shiarigi Sprouts. They must be processed right after collection. And you can't gather that many from one spot. As such he ended up going in and out of Vouka for 15 days straight.

Something bothersome happened in the meantime.

Ceres Temple asked for Eda's presence.

They had been repeatedly requesting Goncourt Household for her, but Norma always managed to decline them, using Eda's absence and busy schedules as excuses. However, it's currently known that Eda isn't taking on any quest at the Adventurer's Association and is staying at Goncourt Mansion.

According to Norma, it's not a good idea to keep refusing them if she plans to keep living in this town.

And since she's no longer without a backing, and that backing being the Herb Saint, the temple likely won't attempt anything crazy. Eda has become far too famous to get locked up.

"What does the temple want from Eda?"

"It's to make her pray at Ceres Temple and to do a demonstration of <Purification>, Lecan."

"Hmph? What's the point in doing those?"

"To Ceres Temple of Vouka, having <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> pay a visit and offer a prayer to Ceres Temple carries a significant meaning. Toward the townspeople, and toward temples in other towns."

"Ah. Well, guess I could see that."

"And the act of <Purification> being shown at Ceres Temple, in public to boot, is ground-breaking. <Purification> never gets shown to common folks besides during special occasions like coronation ceremonies or blessings. It's due to temples who have <Purification> users in their protection keeping it to themselves. Vouka's Ceres Temple would see a huge boost in their clout by having Eda show off her <Purification>."

"That won't make Eda belong to Vouka's Ceres Temple, will it."

"It doesn't matter what kind of proclamations Ceres Temple make. They have no power over Eda no matter what they claim. As long as you and me are around that is."

"What? Ah, I see. Ceres Temple is aware that you're a lady of Wazrof Household."

"The temples have their own information network, and I've been purposely let the information loose through the townlord, you see."

"I see. I suppose they're gonna pay Eda."

"The fee would have been one large gold coin. But we shouldn't demand it this time and offer Eda's service as a form of donation. That will make them owe us."

"Hmph? I don't get it, but if you think that's what we should do, do it."

"Yes that should be good enough this time. But I have one proposal to you for future's sake."

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"How about getting you and Eda engaged."


"To Ceres Temple of Vouka town, the pretext of Eda being close with me, a lady of Wazrof, and even works as my personal adventurer is good enough to disincentive them. Her being in the same party as yours is also quite effective. They know very well how terrifying you could be after all."


"Yet, that may not be enough to temples and influential individuals in other towns. However, being your fiancee should work as a powerful deterrent."

"Oh, really?"

"Just being in the same party is not enough to signify how much you care for her. But a fiancee is another thing. It would be made clear that snatching Eda is akin to antagonizing the rowdy adventurer who conquered Tsubolt. The surroundings will definitely act more cautious. And they will investigate you. Putting to light just how merciless you were to those who angered you, and your unparalleled strength. They will have to abandon the idea of trying to take Eda by force."

"I see. I got no issue with it. But are you fine with annulling our engagement."

"No, I'm not fine."

"I don't really get this stuff, am I allowed to have two fiancees?"

"By becoming my husband, you are effectively a noble of Goncourt house who can have multiple wives. But that does not apply to fiancees."

"No good then."

"No, it'd be fine, Lecan. After all, you are royalty in your original world."


Lecan was adopted by a king of a certain country in his previous world. Hence, standing-wise, he is technically a royalty. He talked about it once to this town's lord, but he can't seem to recall ever mentioning that to Norma.

"I heard about it from the townlord, see. He let it slip because he thought I would naturally know about it. The rest was history."

"Will that even work? I got no proof or anything."

"No one can prove that it's not the truth either."

"Well yeah, I guess. But won't that make my identity as a <Descender> be public?"

"Have you even been trying to conceal that lately?"

"Right, now that you mention it. But I heard many of those belonging to the temples think that <Descenders> are the devils to be eradicated."

"Well you will be the fiance of <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> and <Northern Saintess>. I'm sure it'll be fine."

"Oy oy. Quite haphazard coming from you."

"Your tale as a <Descender> is a widespread knowledge in Tsubolt now. There's simply no way to keep that down anymore. Then you might as well openly embrace it."

What Norma said makes sense. At any rate, Norma is much smarter than Lecan. And she must be thinking the best possible route for Lecan's sake. Hence Lecan decided to follow Norma's advice here.

The following day, they brought up the engagement to Eda.

Eda leaped in joy after freezing up for a bit.

She's scheduled to visit Ceres Temple at the start of month six.

The temple asked for more time to prepare, but Lecan wouldn't yield on this as they're pressed on time to meet up with Julius.

On the 31st of month five, Lecan, Norma and Eda held an engagement ceremony at Goncourt Mansion.

Eda in dress looked beautiful. Norma also transformed into a breathtaking beauty.

Lecan got dressed up in full attire noble just for this occasion.

Eda who was supposed to be a lower commoner conducted herself well during the banquet for some reason. As if she was a noblewoman.

"Where'd you learn all that etiquette anyway."

"It's a secret. I mean you're amazing yourself, Lecan. You look so imposing. Kinda odd custom but it's cool. Ehehe."





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