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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.9


They had an off day on the sixth.

They got to floor 46 on the seventh day, and floor 50 on the eighth.

Lecan's group hadn't broken through floors below 43, but they faced no issue going through them.

They took a break on the ninth day.

On the 10th, they reached floor 54. Zoir's group hadn't got to this floor before either. But since they had made proper preparations beforehand, the expedition progressed without any issue.

A maximum of four Magic Wolves could spawn starting from floor 51. Magic Wolves that are relatively resistant to physical attacks also start appearing around this part. As a result the first timer mages in the expedition had a hard time despite winning the combat, and needed to take a long rest to restore their mana.

They reached floor 58 on the 11th day. 60 on the 12th.

They took a three day break here.

Starting on the 16th day, they would aim to break through two floors a day with a break day inbetween, then on the 22th day of their joint expedition, day 26 of month seven, they arrived at floor 70.

They went to report to the receptionist before going to town to throw a party.

"Lecan. Reaching floor 70 was our objective in this expedition. Thought it's gonna take two months. Once we got there, we planned to repeat taking on two shafts for a month straight."

Meaning ten people against five Magic Wolves. That's a safe and steady way to earn income.

Had they been exploring while taking occasional breaks to heal their wounds and fatigue, it would take around two months indeed, proving Lecan's impression of Zoir being a solid adventurer.

"But the luck was on us, and we got to meet you guys, thanks to it, we reached floor 70 in just 22 days. Without losing anyone, or even getting an injury. Cheers to Eda!"

All of them toasted for Eda.

"So here's the thing, you guys plan to keep going, don't you?"

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"You're not gonna say to beyond floor 100, are you?"


Zoir sank into his chair while sighing deeply

"I was overwhelmed by Eda's <Purification> at first. In fact, I thought half of the reason we got to this point this fast was thanks to Eda. But no, in reality, you're even more incredible, Lecan."

Lecan kept staring at Zoir's face in silence.

"You've been going into those shafts by yourself all this time. Without suffering any injury and coming out of the fight shortly after."

It's not like Lecan was completely unharmed all throughout, he simply healed his wounds with <Recovery>, however Lecan has no intention to tell Zoir about his <Recovery>.

"No wonder you're a conqueror of Tsubolt. Truly awe-inspiring. And after drinking a few times with you, I feel that you're someone I can trust. Now then, guys."

Zoir looked at his party members' faces.

"I propose for us to keep exploring together with Lecan's party up to floor 80, what do you guys think?"

"I'm in agreement."

"Me, as well. Not gonna get a chance like this again."

"Yep, me too. Who would have thought having a <Purification> user around would be this reassuring. I'd like to keep going till my limit."

"That's fine, but Zoir. We'd better call it off if we think it's too much even a bit."

"Yeah, of course."

Everyone agreed.

"Lecan. You heard them. Will you let us keep going with you a little bit further. The terms are the same. However, as we have not taken into account of combats below floor 70, we'd like to stop the joint expedition if we find a floor too tough."

"Sure. I couldn't ask for more."

They drank too much that night they found themselves in a state unfit for dungeon diving the day after.

On the morning of day 28 of month seven, they renewed their agreement with the dungeon receptionist as a witness and resumed their expedition.

And then, on the 39th of month seven, 35 days after the start of their joint expedition, <Willard> and Zoir's party arrived at floor 80 of Dungeon Palcimo.

They threw a huge party in the town that night.

During their joint expedition, Lecan learned about elemental magic stones from Zoir.

After doing appraisal himself, Lecan found out that he was actually in possession of several elemental magic stones already.

However, this elemental property is only effective when the magic stone directly unloads its mana out. And one needs to put them in wands or magic tools to achieve that. Trying it out himself, Lecan found that the mana he absorbed from those magic stones was no different from ordinary magic stones, same with emitted mana.

In other word, there's no difference between elemental and ordinary magic stones for Lecan's usage.

(The thought of appraising magic stones never crossed my mind.)

(There might have been elemental magic stones.)

(Among those I got and used before.)

Lecan, Eda and Julius obtained quite a lot of Grace Gear besides magic stones over the course of their joint expedition.

Most were novel stuff, but none was something Lecan would like to claim for himself. He tried to use a wand with a Power Boost Grace, and the wand popped open when he poured a whole lot of mana into it.

It's probably going to take Grace Gear dropped on deeper floors to be usable to Lecan.

At any rate, the meeting with Zoir's party was a windfall.

Lecan took it easy the next day after drinking so much till late at night before, but an inn employee woke him up.

"Lecan-san. Pardon me. Are you awake?"

"You need something?"

"You have a guest. She's waiting downstairs."

"A guest?"

"Great Guide Jiza Morfes-sama is here to see you."




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