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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.10


Thinking again, the last time the three of them fought together was on month three.

And both Julius and Eda are in their growth period.

Their equipment has changed too.

(Gotta check how's our teamwork looking now.)

As he was thinking that, Town of Rotor came into view.

Entering the town, they found out Dungeon Rotor had been reawakened. This dungeon's dormant period is 40 days. No one, not the workers nor the officials ever expected that this dungeon would be conquered, thus they never prepared for that moment. It turned into a huge chaos at the time due to that. Things have only begun to settle down now. And since there's no guarantee the dungeon won't be conquered again in the future, they also have made preparations to deal with that.

Lecan entered the dungeon with a nonchalant look on his face and warped straight to floor 80.

(Group battles starts on floor 80 in Dungeon Palcimo.)

(Then this dungeon's floor 80 should be a good spot for some warm-up.)

Lecan's train of thought is simply weird. To start with, difficulty of a particular floor can't be compared between different dungeons. And a dungeon boss is a magic beast that stands above the rest.

Yet on the other hand, if these three can manage to beat the enemy on Dungeon Rotor's last floor, they should be more than capable enough to handle Dungeon Palcimo's floor 80s.

"Oh yeah, Julius."

"Yes, master."

"Did you get to learn new moves at your village."

"Yes, that was how it was supposed to be originally."


"But once father saw me swinging my sword, he said to me that I should not attempt to learn new moves for the time being."

"Hmm? What's the reason."

"I was going to ask that as well, but as father had business to attend to outside the village, he left before I got the opportunity to."

"What? Wasn't Arios like the village's acting chief right now, how'd he just leave?"

"Forgive me. I am prohibited from disclosing our village's customs."

"Really. Well, fine. Now then Eda, Julius."



"We're gonna take on the dungeon boss. You know from out last encounter, it's a Petitfire Dragon. I'll act as a vanguard, parrying the magic beast's attacks and hindering its moves with my sword. But I won't be the one defeating it. You two will."



"The enemy attacks with its fangs, foreleg claws, tail swipes and fireballs. It stops moving and swells up its throat when it's about to shoot fireballs. You can stop this attack by striking its throat. Ah, and apparently its roars have paralyzing and fear effects on its opponents."

Eda and Julius nodded. Of course they knew about it already during their last conquest. But it's a proper practice to do a reconfirmation.

Lecan and Julius have Petitfire Dragon's armor on, Eda's Queen Spider.

Lecan drew his sword. He's using <Sword of Rusk> this time around.

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<Shield of Wolkan> emerged on his left hand. A too familiar feeling by now.

Lecan charged in the boss room. Julius and Eda followed.

Floor 80 is a rocky area with little variances in elevations. The Petitfire Dragon is right before them.

But that's an optical illusion, it's actually 50 steps away. It only feels like it's close due to the dragon's gigantic size.

As Lecan was rushing ahead, magic arrows flew past above his head. Shot by Eda's <Bow of Yelvitz>.

Five light arrows landed near the Petitfire Dragon's face, and exploded. It shrieked out loud. The sound was so tremendous that inexperienced adventurers would definitely lose their footings here.

Lecan swiftly arrived next to the Petitfire Dragon's legs and flicked at its right leg with his shield. Receiving Lecan's full frontal charge, the dragon slightly lose its balance.

Lecan followed with a horizontal slash at the dragon's right leg.

The dragon stomped at Lecan with its right foreleg, but Lecan calmly parried it away with his shield and took some distance to its left.

Julius sliced and diced at both the dragon's forelegs with his <Gale Sword>. The sword shaved down the tough dragon's scale and wounded the legs. But it's too shallow.

As the dragon showed hints of going for Julius's with its left foreleg, Lecan slashed at its right leg with his sword.

Three continuous barrages of arrows shot by Eda hit the dragon's face. It likely has lots its sight.

The three coordinated well. If someone attacked the enemy and attracted its attention, the other members of the party would proceed to attack the enemy and lured it away, it's the basic of group battle. You throw the enemy into disarray, and bar it from focusing on one target so it can't launch an effectual offensive.

The fight continued for a while, the dragon's legs, face and chest had wounds all over. It's lost a lot of blood as well. However, dragons have immense life force. There's just no way to tell how much it's actually been weakened.

The enraged dragon began to mindlessly swing its entire body. A full on tail swipe.

Lecan lightly leaped backward to dodge the attack. Julius did the same, but it was a bit of a close call with him.

Julius's current physical strength is around Arios's level when they first met, or perhaps even above him. However, the Arios back then is still orders of magnitude above current Julius in overall strength.

Looking at Julius as he's growing, Lecan notices how all his skills and strength are below Arios. Which is only right considering his age, yet on the other hand, Lecan got a feeling that there's something that only Julius can do. This conflicting sense is what makes it vexing.

(Can't go on like this.)

"Get some distance away from the dragon! Let it shoot out fireballs to exhaust its mana!"

Lecan got away from the dragon's left side as he gave the command.

Julius got away to the right.





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