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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.8


They stopped by Chaney Company's branch office at Vantaroy on their way to Mashajain.


"Been awhile huh."

Chaney looked very much aged. But judging from the lights in his eyes, it's clear this man hasn't lost his mojo yet.

"I have been hearing much about your exploits."

"You've been keeping busy yourself it seems."

"Hahaha. We had some tough clients in our latest dealings. This old bone ended up having to meddle in."

Lecan had no idea, but due to Norma's action, an influential noble house at Vantaroy, House of Boldrin transferred the rights to several of their businesses to House of Goncourt. Chaney Company was then appointed to manage those businesses.

But then, the clients of those businesses, making light of Goncourt for being a backwater noble, began acting gratuitously.

That's where the company's boss, Chaney stepped in to handle negotiating with them. Vantaroy merchants fancied the much talked about Chaney and his mercantile tenacity.

"Though well, it's pretty much done by this point. I will finally retire for real once this is over. It's all thanks to Lecan-sama I could enjoy a comfortable retirement with my company at its peak. I have secured my abode to retire at as well."

"We conquered Dungeon Rakash and Dungeon Rotor."


"I'm selling all Red and Blue potions we got to you."


"Got a lot of mats from Dungeon Rotor too."

"Rotor.... Isn't that a large 80 floor dungeon?"

"Got all the mats from floor 50 down. Excluding the boss's mats, used them to make our armor."

"You, conquered, Dungeon Rotor."

"That's what I said."

"No, I mean. It's just you know, when you're talking about conquering a dungeon twice as big as Dungeon Ninae like you've just taken a nice stroll in the neighborhood."

"It's only half as big as Dungeon Tsubolt."

"If I recall right, Dungeon Rotor's depths are ill suited for group battles yet the enemies there are gigantic and powerful, thus not many explorers dare to step on those floors. And the boss of that dungeon should be."

"A Petitfire Dragon."

"A flame dragon!"

"It was nothing special."

"There's no way! Right. I remember now. Dungeon Rotor's boss is infamous for its extraordinary toughness, ones must unleash an unceasing barrage of attacks if they hope to defeat it, as such you cannot fetch usable materials out of its dead body despite the risk, and it has been decades since the last time it was defeated."

"Felled the thing's neck with a single strike."

"There's no wayyy."

As Chaney stood dumbfounded, Lecan urged him to go to the warehouse where Lecan dropped heaps upon heaps of materials.


Chaney was acting strange, but Lecan paid it no heed.

In the end, the materials Lecan took out of his <Storage> filled up three warehouses full. You can't really tell the true worth of an armor without a proper appraisal, but with materials, any merchant worth their salt can tell in a glance.

With bloodshot eyes, Vantaroy branch head of Chaney Company, Orst loudly gave commands to his subordinates.

"Gather up all the guards at once! Hurry! You, go to the Adventurer's Association. You and you, to the bar. Hire all adventurers you find there, no matter if they're Special, Gold, Silver, or Copper ranks. But only adventurers who have had undertaken at least one escort quest from our company. Are we clear! Get to it quick before thieves and ruffians crowd to this place!"

Chaney inspected the dragon's materials with sparkling eyes.

His face looks like he's gotten 10, no, 20 years younger.

"All right then, you can deal with them. I'll get my payment later."

"Y-yes. Lecan-sama. We will have the receipt ready soon."

"No need."

"Ah, please wait a minute. We will book an inn for you tonight."

"We're leaving right away."


"The guard noticed Eda when we passed through the gate even though we paid with cash and not showing our adventurer's badges. The townlord's messenger's probably on their way here as we speak. We're gonna leave before that."

"My word, truly what a flurried life you are leading. The same as ever, I see."


"Not at all."

Chaney grinned and laughed.

Lecan too.

"My retirement is a distant thing now, thanks to you Lecan-sama."

"Good to hear that. Ah, I'm selling this too."

He handed over <Shield of Latto>.

"And this is?"

"It's <Shield of Latto>. Dungeon Rakash's boss dropped it. Thing got this <Magic Reflect> Grace."

"<Magic Reflect>!"

"Ah, and this one's a personal gift from me."

"And this is?"

"Petitfire Dragon's meat. It's tasty stuff."

Chaney's eyes looked like they'd pop out of their sockets.

"We'll be going now. Take care."

"You too Lecan-sama. and Eda-sama. May you stay safe and sound."

Lecan raised his right hand high before running off with Eda.

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On the 19th of month six, Lecan and Eda arrived at Wazrof Mansion in Mashajain.

Julius was already there.

They weren't apart for long, yet Julius's growth shocked even Lecan.

"Julius-kun. You went and shot past my height."

"Forgive me. Eda-neesan."

"And you kinda lost that child-like speech of yours too."

"I'm sorry."

It's been one year since Julius was entrusted to Lecan.

He was 13 back then but now he should be 15 in a few months. He's coming of age. Pretty much a young man now.

He's grown taller, and his voice has gotten deeper as well.

His frame well built, and his muscles solidified.

He must have been growing steadily even when they were together. Thus the time apart made it even more obvious.

(If you think about it, the period between 13 to 15.)

(Is the period where humans have their biggest growth spurt and learning opportunity.)

(Arios entrusted his son to me during such an important period.)

That fact signifies how much trust and expectations Arios has placed on Lecan.

Yet at the same time, Lecan found it odd.

Arios is a master of systematic style of swordsmanship, and naturally he should also know how to systematically and functionally teach such swordsmanship. Why would then he purposely let Julius to his own devices during his growth spurt instead of teaching him himself.

The answer to that will become clear to Lecan soon.





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