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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.5


"I'll trade you this for that."

"Hmn. There's still something I'd like to investigate with that, see."

After thinking thing a bit, Shira made a suggestion with a slightly troubled look.

"Mind if we postpone the exchange a bit? And I might have to ask you let me see it from time to time afterward."

Lecan agreed to it after a moment of deliberation.

"All right. Fine by me."

Lecan took a giant magic stone out of his <Storage>.

"This is Barifoa's magic stone."

"Ooh this is incredible. Beyond my expectations. This should do it, I'm sure of it. If even this is no good, then nothing is. I got it, Lecan. Put that away now."

"No. You can have it now."

"I told you I still need to investigate some things."

"You can hand over the <Genesiac Grace Gear> later on once you're done with it. This magic stone has no use for me either way. I've got nothing to lose handing this now."

The contract would be established if he handed over the magic stone now. No worries of Shira changing her mind later, and declining the exchange. If she takes the magic stone, she will definitely hand over the <Genesiac Grace Gear> to Lecan. Hence, Lecan's eagerness to transfer over the magic stone.

"Oh really now. Sorry about it. Well then, I shall make good use of it."


Shira received the giant magic stone and put it on the table.



"I'm of age after all. There's no telling if I would one day keel over just like that."


"If it comes to that, my messenger will deliver you the item you want in my stead."

"Your messenger? You mean Jericho?"

"No, not like that. It's a person by name Inos."

<Inos> is a word that means <First>, <No. 1>, <The Starter>. A bit weird for a person's name. Must be some sort of nickname.

"Is that an associate of yours?"

"I guess you could say that. Well the person in question will likely refer themselves as my subordinate, servant or a helper."


"I don't really know what's the truth though."

"What the heck. Still, I didn't expect you to have someone like that."

Lecan never perceived that kind of existence even once here. Which means that Inos must be staying in another hideout in some distant faraway town.

"Well of course, good women always keep one or two secrets on them."

"I see."
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"I'm sorry I can't be of help with Palcimo."

"No. I came across many dungeons I couldn't conquer cause I couldn't get good company in my previous world as well. I'll manage somehow."

"Really. If only the <Crimson Witch> were still alive today, you'd get one and a half worth of members right away."

"<Crimson Witch>?"

"Yeah. She went by name Era Morfes. She was a daughter borne to a distinguished family in Palcimo, but she was ostracized by her family for her lack of talent in magic."


"But in reality she was an owner of exceptional talent. Morfes clan's method of teaching simply could not make Era's talent blossom."

"Is she not around anymore?"

"I taught Era magic around 120 years ago. She's probably not of this world anymore."

"A pupil of yours huh."

"If only Era were still around, she'd respond to my request for sure."

"Wonder if Jiza Morfes is a descendant of Era Morfes."

"Hee? Who's that again?"

"She's supposedly a magic guide at Palcimo's magic research institute. An elderly mage. She tagged along with me when I explored the dungeon before and wrote us a letter of recommendation."

"Do you have that letter on you now?"


"Show me."

Shira took the letter from Lecan, and held her thin wand over the letter to check it.

"Hmm. She's probably related to Era. Or more like, a descendant for sure."

"You can tell?"

"Sure can. Lecan. Go ask that Jiza Morfes. 'Do you know Mazara Wedepasha'."

Mazara Wedepasha is one of numerous aliases Shira has. Apparently she used that name during her active magic theory crafting days.

"Suppose she said yes, what then? I can't exactly tell her I'm Mazara's pupil."

Mazara being alive is something that shouldn't be disclosed.

"Gloss that topic over and just tell her that you've been initiated in <Rush Flare (Gailvey)>."

"Then, what."

"She'll most likely lend her help if you ask."

"Hmph? Got it. I'll keep that in mind. But that elderly mage's probably gonna cooperate with me even without that. Jiza holds an intense desire to conquer Palcimo. No doubt about it. And once I've begun the expedition in earnest, she'll probably take the initiative to get in touch with me herself."

"Ah, I see now. Sounds plausible. Well, go for it."

"What do you mean by having one and a half members if <Crimson Witch> was still alive?"

"I have imparted two gifts to Era Morfes. One is <Seven-headed Blue Wand>. And the other is quite a fun one. A masterpiece jointly developed by me and Yacklubend together, you see."

"Enough. Forget I asked. I don't want to hear it."

"Oh right, Yacklubend's been wanting to see you."

"I don't. By the way, it's the <Diadem of Divine Rotwood> that you got yeah?"

"That's right."

"The Grace, <Emptiness>, was it. How'd it work."

"It lowers physical and magical defense of targets within a certain range to absolute limit for a certain duration."

"Lowers defense to absolute limit? What does that mean."

"Hmmm. I suppose it's hard to picture unless you see it in practice. In essence, it makes your physical and magical attacks deal amusingly high damage on targets affected by that Grace."


He still doesn't really get it, but that sounds quite handy.

However, it felt like Shira had a somewhat lonesome expression on her face.





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