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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.12

This time around, they spent most nights camping out on their way to Palcimo.

All in order to test out the <Genesiac Grace Gear>. Can't let anyone witness them deploying those even by chance. Hence, they tested it out in openings inside uninhabited forests.

When Eda cast <Talisman of Darkness Demon> after Lecan took some distance away, Julius got bound. Then Lecan drew near. As the talisman only affects those within its range during its moment of activation, Lecan could still move around. Then Lecan activated <Ring of Undying King>. After which both the talisman and the ring's effects gone.

When he's within the talisman's range from the onset, he can't recite the ring's activation spell due to being bound by the talisman.

They also tested out Lecan activating the ring's effect once half the talisman's duration had lapsed. In that case, the ring still wouldn't activate even after the talisman lost its effect.

They tested letting Eda activate the ring and then attempt to remove the ring. It wouldn't come off. Apparently once activated, <Genesiac Grace Gear> cannot change its user until its effect has expired.

What's interesting is how Eda's body doesn't look dull white from Lecan's perspective even when she's under the ring's effect. In other word, only the user sees the color change on their body.

Additionally, when you cast the talisman, those under its effect look bluish but only to the user, not to everybody else.

In other word, users of <Genesiac Grace Gear> are able to tell when the Graces are affecting their targets.

When the ring was activated first before the talisman, both still canceled out each other's effects.

At first Lecan was disappointed when he found out about the cancellation effects between <Genesiac Grace Gear>, but thinking again, this is an incredibly advantageous information to have.

It'll be his ace up sleeve whenever he's up against other users of <Genesiac Grace Gear>. These Grace Gear bestow near absolute dominance to their users in a one-or-one or close battle. Those who possess such powerful Grace Gear will naturally believe that they can never lose against anyone, no matter who.

But that's a mistake. Lecan possesses the mean to overturn that advantage.

In that sense, the ring and the talisman aren't less for being such, in fact, they've given Lecan the best possible path toward becoming the strongest.

What's still a mystery is what's gonna happen when three or more Genesiac Grace Gear are activated at the same time. Activating the second after the first will cancel out both. But what happens if the third one is activated then.

You can only find out the answer to that by testing it on field. Lecan will eventually get his hands on <Diadem of Divine Rotwood>. That will be the time for another test.

The counterbalancing phenomenon between Graces might also only apply to the ring and the talisman, in that sense, obtaining the third one is a necessity.

From the way Shira talked about it, there's probably no one who's ever owned multiple <Genesiac Grace Gear> in their possession. As such, no one has likely ever tested out how these Graces react to one another or is even aware of it.

(Getting two of these thing was really lucky of me.)

Lecan thanked Zoltan in his mind.

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"T-this is!"

Lecan's group stayed a night at the inn in Palcimo before going to the dungeon receptionist the following morning.

Lecan and Julius are wearing Petitfire Dragon's armor, while Eda's Queen Spider.

The receptionist looked awfully shocked when Lecan showed her Jiza's letter of recommendation.

"W-what a surprise. Are you Lecan-dono then?"


"And this person here must be Julius-dono?"

"Yeah, he is."

"According to chief minister Jiza, Lecan-dono possess both the magical and physical capabilities to fight on floors below 100. I have never seen a letter of recommendation like this in my life before."


"As only longtime veterans explore floors below 80 in this dungeon, there has never been any need for a letter of recommendation. So this letter is simply unthinkable."

"I see."

"As for Julius-dono, it is said that he has the physical prowess to fight below floor 50."


"And that's not all. This letter also guarantees Lecan-dono and Julius-dono's personality. That you two are not those who will act in defiance of moral code, and Jiza Morfes herself will take responsibility for any problem you two caused. This is unprecedented."

It seems like Jiza has quite a high opinion of Lecan.

"By the way, Julius and I already got to floor 30 back then, but this Eda here's new to the dungeon. So, we'd like to reach floor 30 in three days first of all. Can you look for a suitable party."

"Eh? No well, there's no party that can progress through floor 1 to floor 30 in three days."

"It's a request. We will pay two gold coins to the whole party for every floor conquered. And everything acquired during the expedition are theirs to take. But there will be no material carvings. Would take too long."

"You will have to pay six big gold coins by the time you reach floor 30 with such terms."


"Then I'm sure some party will take your quest. Lecan-dono is physical and magical type while Julius-dono specializes in physical, correct?"

"Yeah. Eda fights with magic arrows. She can cast <Recovery> too."

"Oho! As it's still early in the morning, we might find you a party today if everything goes well. Do you mind waiting at the rest area for now?"

"Got it."





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