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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.3



Realizing how he just spoke while still holding the wand, Lecan put it down on the counter.

The shopkeeper spoke.

"It's full already. Ain't got no capacity left for mana."

"What? I haven't even put one <Flame Spear> worth of mana in."

"What kinda crazy <Flame Spear> needs that much mana! Anyway, that's far enough. Too much in fact. Could be dangerous like this, gotta take the mana out."

"Want me to do that?"

"What'd you say. You saying you could take the filled mana out on yer' own?"


"Intriguing. Go ahead."

Lecan grabbed the medium wand, absorbed the mana inside and put it down again.

The shopkeeper re-examined the wand.

"The mana's came off. <Absorption> is it? No, didn't hear no casting. Ain't no way <Absorption> can be done without spellcasting. Who the heck are ya?"

Lecan's <Mana Absorption> has always been a skill, not a magic. Same with <Storage>, <Mana Detection>, <Life Detection>, <3D Perceptions>, <Mana Absorption>, and <Mana Bestowal>, none needed spellcasting in his original world. Thinking again, even just that fact alone gives him the edge over the mages in this world.

However, explaining that would necessitate disclosing his identity as a Descender as well as his abilities. Lecan doesn't really care about keeping his Descender status a secret anymore, but not his abilities. Hence, he didn't answer that question.

Afterward, the shopkeeper showed them all kinds of wands.

As a result, one thing is clear.

First of all, wands that boost particular attributes like firepower, casting speed, or accuracy will have reduced mana capacity and the user will have a hard time performing beyond that particular wand's capability.

In short, a user with a higher casting speed than a wand that boosts casting speed will end up casting slower with the wand equipped.

As such, you usually start with a wand that raises the attribute you wish to temper and then continuously switch to a better wand as you grow.

Besides offensive wands, the store also had wands that could boost support-type magic, so they took a look. They tried a wand that could only help <Recovery>. When Lecan gave it a try, he cast <Recovery> faster, yet the opposite happened to Eda which got slower instead. Same with <Purification>.

"Well dang. Never seen a <Purification> in real life before."

"So, I see these wands you showed could boost specific magic, but is there one that can boost casting speed and firepower of multiple magic like <Recovery>, <Flame Spear>, and <Lightning> altogether."

"Yeah sure we do have those, but their performance ain't that different from these wands here. Those kinds of all-purpose wands don't got elemental magic stones embedded, they rely on the maker's skill. You'd only find those wands in the direct order store. There's also, Grace Wands. Like <Wands of Cordishie>."

"What's a direct order store."
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"It's a store managed directly under the Magic Research Institute. The one on top of the hill."

Lecan knew about that place. It's a section of the town guarded by extremely rigid magical defense system. Layers upon layers of magic barriers have been put up there. It's also teeming with owners of monstrous mana pools. Lecan has no intention to ever step his foot there.

He also got wands for <Appraisal> shown, but they were of no use. The shopkeeper and Tolda were dumbfounded when they found out Lecan could also cast <Appraisal>. Lecan showed the wand he got from Shira and asked the shopkeeper if he got anything better.

The shopkeeper examined that wand for a while before letting out a sigh like he was overwhelmed by emotions.

"This wand is simply superb. Very utilitarian-made. It got not eyecatching functions, yet at the same time it doesn't bind the user in the slightest. Those who know, know how this is the best wand. I dunno if even the direct order store got any that coulda one up this wand of this type. If there is, it'd be wands made by the guides themselves for their own personal use."

"I see. By the way, are all the wands shown so far your creations then."


"Don't you have a Grace Gear wand."

"We got <Wands of Cordishie> if ya want Grace Gear."

<Wands of Cordishie> are Grace Gear that can stock magic spells in them after which you only need to recite the activation spells to shoot them.

"I've seen those in Tsubolt. So they get dropped in this dungeon too huh."

"Yea. They get dropped anywhere from floor 30 to 90. Don't think I ever heard news of any getting dropped in Tsubolt. Those probably came from here."

"Now that you mentioned it, heard they were sold at Tsubolt's stores, but not a thing about them being dropped there. Apparently the good quality ones can hold many shots of magic."

"Whaddya mean?"

"The <Wand of Cordishie> I saw could stock up five shots of magic. The higher quality ones must hold more than that."

"Ha, ya got a stupid amount of mana and usable magic, yet yer' mindset's that of an amateur."


"What's the most effective use of <Wand of Cordishie>, ya think?"

"Well, depends on the individual."

"Then what's the use of <Wands of Cordishie> to a mage of a certain caliber that can't be replicated by other magic tools?"

"No clue."

"You use 'em as finishers."


"Damn right. Use 'em to shoot the finishing blow. Listen now. Ain't no need for a <Wand of Cordishie> if yer' just shooting some piddling spells, just cast them on yer' own. Or with some sorta magic tools. That ain't it, what you wanna stock up in a <Wand of Cordishie> is a spell that requires enormous concentration, preliminary casting and lotsa mana. The more spells you can put in a wand, the lesser each of those spells' firepower be. So the best <Wand of Cordishie> is one that can only hold one, two or at most three spells yet got a bigger overall capacity."

He's exactly correct. Lecan was amazed. Afterward, he learned about all kinds of stuff regarding wands from the shopkeeper.

It was night already by the time they left the store. Tolda guided them to his recommended equipment store, introduced them to the shopkeeper and then treated Lecan's group to dinner.





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