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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.9


The following day, leather craftsmen came by to make adjustments for their Dragon Leather armor.

Their armor would be done in four days time, thus they decided to stay in Wazrof Mansion for those four days.

During dinner that day.

"This town's temple head wants to see Eda?"

"To tell you the truth, they had been asking for an audience with Eda-dono many times before, I made the initiative to decline them. This would be the second time the head of Yuminos Temple personally requested an audience. The first time, I used Eda-dono being busy as a pretext to refuse them. However, the temple head is aware that you will be staying here at our mansion for the next four days this time. It was likely leaked by the craftsmen. As such I could not refuse them outright before asking you."

"Hmph. Are you gonna lose your face if we refuse here?"

"I'm merely an intermediary that will convey your reply to the temple head. Whether you accept or refuse is up to you."

"What do they want anyway."

"Rumors about Vouka's temple head receiving Eda-dono's blessing have spread in this town as well. They might be wanting the same thing."

"Eda, what do you think?"

"What do you think I should do, Lecan?"

"Manfrey. Three-four days aren't gonna be enough to do what was done at Vouka. We're leaving for Palcimo once our armor's done."

"Perhaps they would like to get at least your commitment. No, perhaps not. Frankly, I am unable to fathom the temple's head intention either."

"We're gonna refuse this time."

"Understood. Still, news of you getting engaged to Eda-dono I read in Norma's letter initially came as a shock to me, but I see now it is an appropriate course of action. As her fiance, you have the right to decline people requesting to see Eda-dono."

"Is that how it works."

"That is how it works."

"I see. Manfrey."

"Hm? What will it be."

"Can you investigate what's this town's temple head's scheming."

"Understood. Still, announcing to the world that you are a <Descender> is truly a bold move."

"Are there not a lot of people who did that?"

"I believe it is pretty much nil."
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"Guessing you know a lot about <Descenders> then?"

"Our household has done its research on many subjects. Knowledge is part of power to nobles."

"So you know what kind of <Descenders> there were and what they did?"

"To a degree, we do. We have a fairly big list of individuals suspected to be <Descenders> but only a few are certain."

"Can you tell me."

"Very well. I shall send someone knowledgeable in the subject tomorrow."

"Thanks. Is Yacklubend fellow a <Descender> then."

"There were periods of time when people thought of that."

"Not anymore huh."

"Their entire existence is so overwhelming that no one pays any heed as to whether or not they are truly a <Descender> by now. No one doubts they are a Longlifer however."

"I see. By the way, you usually let Eda cast <Purification> on you whenever we stopped by, but it seems you've been declining them lately. Why."

"Fumu. Some members of Wazrof have indicated their desire for Eda-dono's <Purification>. I rejected their demands."

"First I've heard of that."

"Because I never brought it up. Those people have picked up reports of me receiving Eda-dono's <Purification>."

"I see. Got it."

Seeing a user of <Purification> known as <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> seemingly establishing a healthy relationship and making frequent visits to Wazrof, it's only natural for some people to mistake that they could likely negotiate for sessions of <Purification>.

However, Manfrey rejected every single one of those demands.

Yet that would hold no persuasive power if the head of the family alone would receive the grace of <Purification>.

"Members of Wazrof who treated Korona-dono like a disposable medicine jar had mostly died off by now. It is nigh time for our house to let itself be freed of <Purification>."

The next day, a priest, messenger of the temple head, paid a visit to ask an audience with Lecan.

Lecan went to see that messenger. Accompanied by the House Aide of Wazrof, Fujisur.

The priest wished to see Eda in person, but Lecan wouldn't allow it.

The priest congratulated Lecan's engagement with Eda and handed over a gift. A pedestal made of silver in the shape of the holy tree adorned with God Yuminos's holy seal with a jewel on top, which the priest referred as God Yuminos's Holy Orb.

The priest incessantly encouraged for Eda to pay the temple a visit.

However, Lecan told the messenger that they have no interest in Yuminos Temple so they won't make a visitation, and they won't go see the temple head unless the temple head enumerates what they want from Eda.

Lecan also spoke that they were currently pressed for time, and cut the session short.

The priest seemed to have given up trying to see Eda in person and asked Lecan to come visit the temple head at the temple if they have time before leaving.

Their armor was done in four days time as scheduled, fit surprisingly snugly when Lecan and Julius gave a try. They were also surprised at how swiftly it could be put on so long as they follow the procedure. Mashajain's craftsmen are truly on a whole other level.

But Eda wasn't fond of the dragon leather armor. She said because it was heavy, but Lecan surmised that it's probably an issue with its looks. Queen Spider's armor has this gorgeous vivid blue luster. Contrary to that, the Petitfire Dragon's armor is dark brown-colored with a somber feel to it, which isn't to Eda's fancy.

"Well, you're free to keep your old armor on. But there will come times when you need to put on the dragon leather armor."

"Un. I know."

They have neither the Queen Spider armor nor the Petitfire Dragon armor on them when they're traveling to begin with. It's only equipped when they're in a dungeon.

Lecan got to listen to all kinds of anecdotes from an individual who's been researching <Descenders>.

Lecan thought that the Founder King of Zaka Kingdom might have been a <Descender>, but since both the Founder King's father and mother are related to Wazrof House, his lineage is crystal clear. He can't possibly be a <Descender>.

He laughed when he found out one of the individuals suspected to be a <Descender> was Mazara Wedepasha. Zoltan's name didn't come up. Among the still living adventurers, three of them are suspected to be <Descenders>. As one of them is active at Egis, they might eventually meet.

The researcher threw a lot of questions at Lecan.

Lecan wasn't gonna give any answer to questions pertaining his abilities.

"Never attempt to pry on adventurer's abilities and equipment. That is a matter of life and death to me."

Thus he gave a warning. He would readily replied to questions about all other subjects though. Things like how the people there live their lives, how the countries work and such.

On the 25th of month six, Lecan, Eda and Julius left Mashajain.

They were planning to head straight to Palcimo at first.

But they had a change of plan along the way.






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