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Okami wa Nemuranai 45.10


Tucked in a corner of first floor dining room, neatly sits a short elderly lady. Many employees are standing by around her. Their faces are vividly awash with awes.

Jiza is likely seen as a hero to the townspeople here. Especially those who work in dungeon-related fields. It's due to Jiza's achievements, as well as her mother's and grandmother's, showing how much Morfes Household means to this town.

"Obaba. Been a while. You were a big help back then."

Jiza smiled with her wrinkly face.

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. I'm so glad we could meet again, Lecan-chan. And congratulations on getting to floor 80."


As Lecan grabbed a chair to the opposite of Jiza, she spoke.

"Let's head outside."

Lecan stopped short.


(Guess it's a topic she doesn't want others overhear.)

"Got it."

Jiza stood up, grabbed her leaned cane and walked up to the entrance.

Lecan followed behind her.

The inn staff also followed.

Several staff members were going to keep following them even after Jiza had left the inn.

"Oh don't worry yourself over us."

The employees stopped walking, bowed deeply at Jiza and saw Lecan and Jiza off.

Jiza got inside a nearby forest.

Once they arrived in a spot where the inn building was completely out of sight, Jiza stopped and turned around.


Right after she recited that indecipherable word, a magical barrier surrounded both Lecan and Jiza.

(An Ancient Word Magic spell.)

(Doesn't seem to be a defensive barrier.)

(Probably soundproof barrier.)

"So Lecan-chan. I heard the adventurer party you were working with up to floor 80 has no plan to go lower."

Lecan wondered how she knew about that for a moment there but then he recalled how Jiza is someone with a very high standing in this dungeon city. She could simply order the staff of Dungeon Receptionists to give her the latest reports on Lecan's situation and get it right away.


"Yet you still want to go further down."


"Have you got all members accounted for?"

"Just Eda and Julius for now. I plan to explore with these two, so we're short of three members at least. I plan to put up a request to find them."

"Would you take me with you."

"Aren't you barred from getting to floor below 80."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo. So you found out. That may be so, but it's not like those folks at the board can order Guides around. It's nothing more than a request. However, were I go against this request, I would be prohibited from using my room at the Magic Research Institute and be banished from this town, or so how the terms were put forward to the townlord."

"Isn't that bad?"

"Be it banishment or whatnot, I do not care losing everything I have if it meant I could conquer Floor 151 of Dungeon Palcimo."

Lecan stared at Jiza's eyes.
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Jiza returned with a hardy gaze.

"It is as you said. I have never once given up on my dream to conquer this dungeon. I have been sharpening my claws in the town all while anticipating for that dream to come true every single day. Waiting for a mighty adventurer fit to accompany me in the conquest."

"And you think I could help you achieve that dream?"

"I believe so. You are my last hope."

Aging impairs one's body and mind. Even if she's been sharpening her claws, the current Jiza should still be weaker than during her prime. Nevertheless, there's no doubt this elderly lady is a mage with powers beyond many.

(Hold it.)

(Obaba's an acquaintance of Tolda.)

You could say they're comrades even, seeing as they worked on <Magic Arrow Pipes> together. And Jiza being the inventor of the pipes, Tolda must look up to her as a pioneer as well as his benefactor. Jiza also gave a <Free Box> to Tolda as a favor. It would come as no surprise if it turned out Tolda had been feeding Jiza information about Lecan. Meaning, Jiza is probably aware how Lecan has been going into shafts alone and easily defeating all Magic Wolves up to floor 80. Information she used to measure Lecan's physical and magical strength.

(When you think about it, how we managed to work together with Tolda's party.)

(And Zoir's party.)

(Was likely thanks to Obaba's maneuvers behind the scenes.)

"We still lack people even with you on board."

"Oh yes, that we do. We are going to need at least five people if we want to explore this dungeon. But you know, Lecan-chan. All five needs not possess matchless prowess. Just you and me can take care of the last floor's boss. The other members are ultimately extras."

"Hahaha. How confident of you, Obaba."

"I could even jump straight into the dungeon right away if you just asked."

"Me, you, Eda and Julius. Three shafts are taken care of. What about the other two."

"I have got some folks in mind. Three mages, and three physical types, I'll take them along."


"So how about it, Lecan-chan."

"I'm in."





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