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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.13


They didn't have to wait long before they got called again.

"This party here is <Cowards (Kwantor)>. They usually explore around floor 50s, and they'd like to hear more about this quest from <Rainbow Pebbles (Willard)>."

Five explorers stand there.

Two of them are men, wearing light armor.

All of them are mages. With respectable amounts of mana.

The light armored men look like physical type at a glance, but it's obvious to Lecan that they're not. They don't have the presence of someones who know their ways around swords or spears.

As a matter of fact, the majority of explorer parties in this dungeon have a similar composition. Lecan couldn't help but wonder if they could even really fight like that. In addition, it's odd how the women dressed in mage attires have wands, yet the men don't seem to visibly carry any weapon.

One of the men spoke to Lecan.

"Are you Lecan?"


"I'm Tolda, an explorer. I'm the leader of this party, <Kwantor>. We originally planned to have a five day long expedition but changed our mind when we found out about your quest. Guide Jiza's letter also came as a surprise."


"The look on your face says it all. And those incredible equipment. You're a magic swordsman to boot, aren't you?"


"H-h-hold on, Tolda."

"Hm? What's wrong, Fina."

"This Lecan man's got a real huge pool of mana. It's pretty much Guides-sama's level even."

"What'd you say? Hoo, that's impressive."

"I'll introduce our members. This is Eda. She employs a magic bow. She can cast <Recovery> also. Her mana pool's pretty large."

"Hello, I'm Eda. Nice to meet you."

"Well well, aren't you a sweety. Eda-san. Good to know you."

"This is Julius. A swordsman."

"I'm Julius."

"Hi there. All right then, Lecan. For now why don't we give the first floor a go. So in short, we're taking your quest for one floor. We'll decide what to do next afterward. What do you think?"

"That's fine."

"Nice, then Lecan and I will enter a shaft together. Eda, and Julius, please stay in one group."

"Got it."

The group went to the dungeon, warped to the first floor and entered the shafts.

Lecan eradicated the enemy with a <Flame Spear> right off the bat.

Once everyone met up at the end of the shafts, Tolda spoke to the members of <Kwantor>.

"Lecan was just monstrous. He shot out a <Flame Spear> without preliminary casting right after we got inside and erased the magic beast. That <Flame Spear> had a blue color, thicker than my arm and flew at speed my eyes couldn't follow."

"Eh? He shot near the entrance and the magic wolf didn't dodge it? Or rather, could a <Flame Spear> even reach it from that distance?"

"Fina. Nothing can dodge that thing. You'll know when you see it."


They continued on to floor 2. Tolda went in the same shaft as Eda.

Then onto floor 3. Tolda went with Julius.

"All three of you are definitely up to the task. <Kwantor> will formally accept the quest to carry <Willard> to floor 30. As for the team composition, Lecan you go alone, Eda is with Julius, while us five will take on three shafts, is that fine with you?"

"That's fine."

"We can only explore for five days. Please regard the quest is over by the floor we reach on the fifth day."

"Got it."

"Well then, let's do our best for these five days."


Once they all met up at the end of floor 5, Tolda spoke.

"Well then, time to get out for now."

"Out? What do you need outside."

"Lunch of course. We're having a meal at the rest area."

"Ah, I see. Guess that's how it goes for you guys usually. I have a suggestion. What about taking the meal in the dungeon today?"

"Well, we hadn't bought food here."

"No worries. We'll take care of everything."

"Y-yeah. Are you guys all right with that?"

<Kwantor> members agreed to it despite looking puzzled.

Lecan took out firewood from <Storage>, and swiftly lit them up before proceeding to grill meat and vegetables over the fire.

Eda also took a pot from <Free Box>, then vegetables even Lecan is unfamiliar with, and dexterously went to make a soup. It's a big pot new to Lecan. Looks like she bought it without him knowing. She even brought enough bowls for everyone.

(Ain't she prepared.)

"Come now. Have a bite."

"Y-yeah. Well I'll be. Is this how everyone does things in other dungeons?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"Lecan, don't lie now. Tolda-san, don't take him seriously."

They all take a spoon.

"So good!"


"This is superb!"

"What a nice flavor."

The soup Eda made was really good.


"What is it, Lecan."

"Where'd you learn to make this soup."

"Ehehe. At the capital."

Which means she must have learned from Rainzats's cooks. Eda likely anticipated this kind of camping situations and learned to make quick yet tasty dishes.

(I see now.)

(Heles wanted to instruct Eda on those kinds of stuff.)

(She must have taught her speech and mannerism too.)

(But what good are those for anyway.)

(Learning to cook is good though.)

Tolda spoke to Lecan as he chewed on the grilled meat.

"Still, the way you lit up the firewood earlier was truly well done."


"I've done that before myself, and it's easy to cast too strong an <Ignition> and burn down the outer part of the firewood. Yet you managed to light up lots of firewood at once. It was truly an exquisite show of mana control."


"By the way, us five can't fight over a long period. We'll probably hit our limit on floor 7 today."

"Fumu. Can you go farther if you have Blue Potions?"

"Well, we do carry some Blue Potions on us, but they're for emergency. Can't earn much if we use those things regularly."

"Well then, these are for you."

Lecan presented five Medium Blue Potions

"Oy, you serious?"

"Of course. Will you take them."

"Medium potions are too much. Small ones will do."

"Sold all those off, small ones don't do me any good."

"...I've finally gotten a good picture of just the kind of adventurer you are. These Blue Potions are free of charge yeah?"

"Of course."

"We're not gonna go over our limit just because we take them, just you know."

"Naturally. Our expedition will end when you think it's over for today. I won't complain even if that happens on floor 7. I trust your judgment."

"Is that okay with you guys?"

After confirming his companions' nods, Tolda took the five Medium Blue Potions and gave them to the mage members. They put them away without drinking. They would likely drink the small potions they have on hands when the need arises.





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