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Okami wa Nemuranai 44.15


The morning after, <Kwantor> and <Willard> renewed their contract at the dungeon receptionist. That is for them to continue helping beyond floor 30 as their schedule allows. The term is the same, one gold coin for every floor conquered.

Lecan actually suggested this during their dinner the day before, which <Kwantor> members agreed to. He was originally going to increase their pay to three gold coins per floor after floor 30, but they instead said this, 'The pay can stay the same, but we'd like to have dragon's meat during lunch if you could.' Of course Lecan agreed to that.

"Lecan. You'd better off not disclosing this additional term to the dungeon receptionist. It's just gonna make untoward people flock to you."

"That's fine by me if you're fine with it."

They broke through floor 30 early on the third day and had lunch on floor 33. As Lecan's Mana Restorative pills have an astonishing effective duration, <Kwantor> members took them as soon as they started. Hence, they were doing well.

"Ah, Tolda-san. Looks like you're hurt there."

"Hm? Ah. It's just a scratch. Using up a red potion for this would be a waste."

"Mind if I heal it with magic?"

"Oh right, you could use <Recovery>, Eda. If it's all right with you, go ahead."

"Yes. <Purification>."




"It can't be."

"That blue-tinted mana light."

Eda produced a big light of <Purification> on the tip of her finger without a wand. That big ball of blue light poured down Tolda over his head. It slowly soaked up Tolda's whole body.

"Aah. This feels... so pleasant."

Everybody watched this miracle in silent for a while.

"No way. Such a big ball of light."

"W-without the help of a wand."

"That color is definitely <Purification>."

"First I've seen a <Purification> in person."

Tolda looked content with eyes closed, but then they suddenly opened up like he was taken aback.

"I got this dull muscular pain in my abdomen for years, and it's completely gone now. My wound healed, but that's not all, my entire being feels like it's been reborn. So this is <Purification>. I see, it's truly unlike <Recovery> that's for sure."

During their stay at Vouka, Lecan and Norma had a discussion and decided that Eda would use <Purification> without hiding from public eye from then on.

To begin with, there's simply no way to hide the fact of Eda being a <Purification> user anymore. Then might as well announce to the world that Eda is also a depth-walking dungeon adventurers on top of that, to deter people from messing with her.

And besides, Eda has been frequently using <Purification> on Lecan and Julius when they're conquering dungeons together. Since <Purification> and <Recovery> both consume the same amount of mana, might as well use the more effective one. Of course, she's been casting <Purification> on Lecan twice before bedtime as well. Thanks to that, Eda's mastery in <Purification> is steadily making a large stride.

Though from Lecan's point of view, the level of her <Purification> is not quite there yet. If Skalabel's <Purification> is advanced level, then Eda's is still around intermediate level.

"Wait, could it be, Eda-san, you're the <Healing Hand of Herb Saint>?"

Eda only laughed 'ehehehe' to reply Fina's question.
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"Eh? No way."

"Right, now that you mention it, <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> is called Eda too."

"That can't be, she's the real one?"

"No no, that's impossible. Why'd someone like that dive into a dungeon?"

"Fumu. Eda did cast <Purification> on Guide Skalabel and helped improve his condition."

"I knew it, it's true then! But I can't believe a <Purification> user would dive into dungeons."

"It's the opposite, she was a dungeon-delving adventurer who awakened to her <Purification> potential. Eda has conquered Dungeon Ninae, Dungeon Kozuin, Dungeon Rakash and Dungeon Rotor."


"You can't be serious. She's conquered four dungeons?"

"S-she's actually an ace adventurer with that cute face of hers?"

"That's not all. She's gone to Dungeon Tsubolt's floor 120."

"Tsubolt! Oh, I get it now! Lecan, I've heard your name before. You must be the Lecan who conquered Dungeon Tsubolt, made it known that it wasn't actually a <Sleepless Dungeon> and got his hands on a <Comet Cutter>."

Everybody looked at Lecan in shock. <Kwantor> members don't have that much interest in other dungeons, but even they know about the major event of Dungeon Tsubolt going dormant. After knowing that Lecan is the person in question, they look at him with awe and respect.

(Good, go on and spread rumors about us.)

(That'll make it easier to get people later.)

They got to floor 39 that day.

They reached floor 40 on the third day, but starting from the floor, the Magic Wolves spawn in a group of three. This appears to be beyond <Kwantor>'s capability. The five of them took on three shafts like always, but it took them quite some time before they came to the exit on floor 40.

Floor 41's conquest took even longer and they suffered more wounds.

As they got to floor 42, Lecan spoke.

"Tolda. Let's end the quest here."

"Yeah I think that's for the best. Sorry about it, Lecan. I thought we could keep going a little bit more, but we really underestimated these floors."

"Nah. Considering the enemy's numbers, it's understandable. We owe you guys."

Lecan paid them the agreed upon gold coins and a huge lump of meat wrapped in a preservative cloth.

"It's Petitfire Dragon's meat. Share it with everyone."

"All this?! No. This is too much Lecan."

"To tell you the truth, we conquered Dungeon Rotor twice."


"I shared half of the dragon's meat with my acquaintances, but I've still got lots remaining. And that's not accounting another entire dragon's worth of meat from the second conquest."

"Man, you're really such a. Heck, you might just conquer this dungeon even."

"That's the plan. With any luck that is."

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