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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 201

201 Where To Go


"So yeah. You're gonna keep your word right?"

I pressed Maden to keep his verbal promise.

"Ah, that applies to you too animal trainer guy. Ah, also, the assassins you sent didn't deliver my message, so I'll say it here. You know about Damo of Commercial City I take it?"

Maden replied powerlessly seemingly thinking it was a random question.

"...What about it?"

"Ah, guess the news haven't reached these parts huh? I've crushed his syndicate and remade it anew."

I only did the crushing. The remaking is Eltros's job, but I left that part here for insurance.
Maden muttered while looking dubiously at me.

"...Could it be? But there's no way..."

I left the bewildered Maiden with parting words, 'Go check it out yourself.'

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The town is bustling with morning life.
Excess energy from having a huge amount of magic beast materials circulating in the market.

"So the plan's to go the kingdom. But the issue now is how do I get there."

I had no choice but to leg it when I left my village. It was supposed to just be light jog and yet it ended with me encountering Aryl getting attacked.
Then, from the commercial city to the empire, I had elves as traveling companions so it was another on foot trip.
We came across so many flags along the way, far and away from 'Ordinary'.

"My goal is 'Ordinary'. Finally feel like I've got the guidebook open."

I've reached this conclusion to aim for 'ordinary'.
Up until this point, everything was just too much. For now let's ignore the question of what even is 'ordinary'. It won't go anywhere. So from there.

"People who travel around are mostly those without strength baring exceptions. That's common. Therefore, I should follow their lead too. Now then."

Merchants would hire mercenaries to keep them safe. Naturally that takes money. A lot of money.
But what about people who can't afford that? Weak organisms have a way to increase their survival rate when they take a journey.
Yep, they gather together in a group and pool up money to hire mercenaries. Stagecoaches.
You can ensure your safety without having to pay much, and since there will be other weak people in the group, your chance of finding yourself in danger or perhaps even fleeing increases.
I just need to get in that group. Foolishly legging it out to the Kingdom alone is gonna get me in another mess for sure considering the patterns thus far.

"Alright. That must be the gate in the Kingdom's direction."

I walked there while asking people along the way where the wagon gate is. If you don't know something, you should ask people who do know.
There's nothing to be ashamed about. I am a country bumpkin after all. I unleashed the full power of my 'I'm a bumpkin' aura as I asked people for directions.
Would be lying if I said I wasn't worried, but in the end, nothing happened. A cause for celebration. Nobody pressed on my black hair and black eyes either. Only an endless repeats of 'That's unusual' and that's it.

(Was sure I'd set up flags somewhere, but thankfully they were all kind people. It's healing my mind that's been getting twisted from all the recent events...)

I believe the effect of looking for ordinary is already showing here. Why couldn't it be like this since the beginning. No point in mulling over that though, let's just look forward for the future.

As I arrived at the gate, I joined a group of people heading for the Kingdom.

"Err, lemme see. Departing the Empire, headed for the Kingdom, three silver coins. Ask the gatekeeper for detail."

That's the gist of what's written on a notice board. I went to look for the gatekeeper after reading that.
I don't know anything about this world. That amount of money might be appropriate. Thus I should avoid being confrontational about it.
I'd naturally get to know about this world better if I'm looking to be ordinary here after all.

"Excuse me. Can you tell me more about taking a stagecoach?"

"Hm? Ya by yourself lad? Sure don't got much on you eh? Didja run away from home?"

"No I didn't. I'm just planning to move out to the Kingdom."

"Then ya can pay this fella here. Ya got time till departure. Still got stuff to do, see."

A refined looking elderly man is standing next to the gatekeeper. He's well tanned under his hood.

"Our hired mercenaries have not come yet. Please wait a moment until their arrival."

After paying the elderly man, I asked the gatekeeper where the toilet is and went to do my business.
The reason the bulletin board tells people to ask the gatekeepers is because they're in charge of monitoring wagons leaving the empire. I showed him the card Eltros gave me which prompted him to keep looking back and forth between the card and my face with a look of surprise.

"Wonder if this is like a long distance bus service? Ah wait, I never rode on one either."

As I never went on a business trip in my past life, I never rode on Shinkansen or a long distance bus. I sure lived in a small world back then too.

Our mercenaries arrived as I was lost in thought.

Some of them were familiar faces.

(...This looks like a set up for another flag... And just when I thought things were going well, ugh...)

Dark cloud suddenly hangs over this wagon journey I was looking forward to.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 200

200 Engraved Trauma


The animal trainer took a whip out of his mantle. He lashed it at the Chimera all of a sudden.

(Oy! You're overlapping with that Daria elf! That said, I guess a whip is the way to go for animal trainers even in this world huh.)

A scene of performers whipping circus animals flashed in my mind.
Must be what he's doing now.
However, Chimera dodged that whip lash. Gracefully leaping and landing.
But then, the second lash immediately whipped out. It got dodged again, and the third hit followed.
That too got dodged, Chimera kept leaping here and there as the lashes continued.

The whip never landed a hit even after 20, 30 strikes, the animal trainer showed his irritation.

"Damn you! Get hit already! You dregs of an existence dares to make a fool out of me! Just one hit and!"

Chimera stopped moving after those words and the whip hit it as its back was turned at the trainer.

"Ha! Finally given up huh! I've filled this whip with mana that takes control of the mind! Just one hit and you're mine! How dare a mere beast like you annoyed me. I'll keep on lashing until you're completely under my control!"

(Hm? Keep lashing? So a hit doesn't get the job done huh... It's going to get dangerous if this keeps up though? For this trainer's well being that is.)

Afterward, the animal trainer caught his breathing before attempting to lash his whip again but what he saw was Chimera turning gigantic in the blink of an eye.
Chimera turned around to unveil its tiger body, bat wings and snake tail. Its eyes are glowing golden aimed at the trainer.
Its height far outstrips the trainer's. The animal trainer wouldn't move a muscle like time had stopped for him, you could see a mix of terror and shock on his face.

Maden who was watching from a distance popped his eyes wide open and stopped moving as well.
The trainer remained in his position with his hand brandishing his whip aloft.
Chimera slowly lifted its foreleg and swung it down toward the trainer.
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"N-no! Stooop!"

The trainer tried to 'order' Chimera, but it had no effect.
BOOM, the swing was powerful enough to cause a tremor as the paw hit the ground ahead of the trainer.
It didn't hit. However, the claws protruding from the paw had torn the animal trainer's barrier asunder.

"M-m-m-m-m-m-my b-b-b-b-barrier...."

Looks like he was quite confident with that barrier. He's completely lost mind. And it looks like he just experienced terror beyond belief.
However, Chimera isn't done yet.
It raised its forepaw once again and swung it down at the trainer's head.

"Hiaaaaaaaaa~~~!" as he screamed pitifully Chimera's paw stopped dead right above his head.

(Had Chimera been serious about it, this guy would have been long dead after that first strike.)

I was gonna stop it if I didn't saw Chimera yawning as it swung its paw down.
The goal here was never killing. I was ready to intervene if Chimera mood soured so much it went in for the kill, but that fear ended up unfounded.

That said, this was far from over. Chimera slowly approached Maden.

"S-stop! G-get away from me!"

The sight must have looked dreadful to Maden even from afar.
He fell into panic and then down on his butt.
As for the trainer, he's on his knees with his face raised upward, keeping absolutely still.

Chimera stopped ahead of Maden and slowly opened its mouth before spewing a flame breath.
The flame never actually touched Maden, but the heat still reached him to the point he came under illusion of getting hit as he started rolling around on the ground.

That didn't last long as he got up while breathing roughly.

"T, that's enough... T-take that thing away and disappear from my sight..."

The two seemed to have been traumatized to the point of no return, while Chimera itself had turned back into its kitten mode, 'Meow'.

(Why was it 'Tiger'? Not 'Lion'? Is there some sort of 'Rule' or something?)

As my mind wondered about the reason why Chimera assumed a tiger form instead of lion in its titanized form, I walked up to Maden and spoke to him.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 199

199 Dangerous Being


In a spacious courtyard stood me, Maden and a black hooded man.
The place has been cleared of people to make a show on the attempt at taming Chimera.

"This man is a professional animal trainer. What is about to take place is his bread and butter. No animal has ever escaped his exquisite taming technique."

"Oh you're exaggerating Maden-san. It's true that I have never failed at taming livestock even once however."

I could feel some dark disturbing implication behind their exchange but I disregarded it and warned them.

"Magic beasts are highly dangerous beings. Do you get that?"

I have a reason for showing Chimera to these guys.
To make them rethink the idea of taming magic beasts.

"Oh please, making this little one roll over is but a simple matter to me."

"It may be a magic beast, but something this small should be manageable."

The animal trainer had full confidence in his ability, Maden judged the book by its cover.

"It's still a magic beast despite its looks. It could get aggressive if its moods worsens. I can't guarantee your safety when it comes down to that, is that clear with you?"

I tried mixing in threatening words to my warning, but it fell on deaf ears.

"I want you to give up on any further attempt at winning over magic beasts when this fails. No more from there on. Can you agree to that?"

I asked them to promise me that.
With this promise, Maden won't mess with me anymore.
He said that he wouldn't cross me but he never mentioned Chimera.
Thus, there's a high chance he's going to keep trying to get his hands on Chimera.
So I took the initiative here and set this all up.
Well, Chimera looks like a kitten right now, but its real form is that of a titanic magic beast. I can't even imagine it getting captured.
That's precisely why I'm confident in suggesting this.

"Hahaha. That's simply unthinkable. Any and all creatures will prostrate themselves before me."

"My plan may have gone haywire but that thing is as good as mine now. Sure I agree."
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This plan of his must be about assassinating me and taking Chimera. A bit of murderous impulse welled up remembering that but I bore with it.

(These guys sure are simple though. Their lines all sound familiar too.)

"Please be sure to keep your words. Well then, have at it."

I took some distance away from the Chimera near my feet. Once I stopped moving, Maden also left the animal trainer's side.

The animal trainer took a vial with blue liquid inside and drew a circle on the ground around him with it.
Then he chanted some sort of spell, manifesting a thin wall of blue light surrounding him.

"This is a barrier. This barrier protects me from my target. With this, no danger shall befall me."

I'm thankful for the commentary. I've learned another new thing that exists in this world.

"And now, I shall engrave upon my target, just who stands at 'top' here."

The man stared hard at Chimera as he said that.

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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 198

198 Business


I'm presently waiting for someone while sipping my tea. Sinking down further in a high class sofa.
This is the place the men who raided me led me to. The room of a company president who hired them.
Of course I only needed one of them to get me here so I crushed the rest. No killing. Only knocked them out.
On the way here, the man tried to escape so many times, but I kept going ahead and blocking his way until he turned obedient. Instilling how it was impossible to run.
Having them all dead wouldn't be weird after everything they did, but I'm scared of getting used to killing.
I've opted to let the assassination attempt slide since it made for a good experience. I must have really stained by this world letting something like that slide.

The wait went on for quite some time before the person in question finally showed up.

"Pardon me for making you wait. I'm Maden, I work as a president of this company. My pleasure to make your acquaintance."

This neat middle aged man and his rich goatee is acting dumb despite knowing how I turned the table on the assassins he sent at me. He even greeted politely.

"The pleasure's mine, Maden-san."

I greeted back while still sitting down. Maden smiled at my rude attitude as he sat down on the sofa opposite of me.

"As I am told, you have something important to discuss with me? I'm quite a busy man, you see. It would be great if you could make this quick."

I told my guide to tell Maden to 'Secure enough time' before coming to meet me. Also, that 'I would wait as long as necessary'.
I'm having this talk under the assumption that my message reached him. So I have no obligation to go along with this demand.
But I too would love to make this quick, so I'm not going to contest that.

"I beat down the men you sent for my life. That's the first one."
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Maden remained silent while still being all smile. I resumed after checking that.

"Secondly, I want you to stop sending assassins my way."

"Oh dear me, I do not believe we are on the same page here. What good is it telling me all that?"

Looks like Maden intends to maintain his facade as he put up a 'I do not understand' face.

"Thirdly, I'm here to correct your misunderstandings."

"Misunderstandings? Correct? Just what is this about?"

"I specifically had your men bring me to their employer. Could you please drop the poor act already? Trying to feign ignorance now of all time is just asinine."

"...I suppose that was pushing it. They were the best mercenaries I have under me, and not only did you come out unscathed, you even strongarmed them to lead you here... It is my lost. I shall refrain from crossing you again."

Maden shifted from all smile to a serious expression and declared his defeat with both his arms up.

"Now then, let's get back to my third point. You overheard my conversation that time, didn't you? There I said, 'Tamed Beast', but that's not actually quite the right term."

"...What would telling me that entail now?"

"Just hear me out for now. I'm neither contracted to this guy, nor have I tamed it."

"I do not follow. What is it that you want from me?"

Right after he said that, Chimera showed itself up on the table ahead of our sofas.
Maden looked startled before he started glaring hard at Chimera while frowning.

"This guy here isn't anyone's property. It just followed me on its own. I have no idea why myself. As such."

"You don't mind... me taking this magic beast?"

"I mean, weren't you planning to take it as 'yours' anyway?"

Maden fell silent. All the while Chimera, the center of this whole conversation, groomed itself and yawned without a care in the world.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 197

197 Looking Back


My plan has seen a drastic shift after coming here, I'm even considering altering my end goal.

(How many times would this be after I left my village? Also, haven't I been sticking my neck into all these trouble just because I have this power?)

Some bad men showed up looking for trouble, I turned the table on them and then the mess just grew larger and larger. So many repeats of such pattern.
I would have reached my goal had I gone straight into a forest and started living there when I first left home.
I was rejected in my village as a burden. Yet nobody minds me at the town.
Wasn't that the reason I came to entertain the idea of living in the society?
I never put this power of mine into consideration. To begin with, living in society means earning money.
Ordinarily, this power has no place in a normal day to day job. Yes, 'normal'.

My situation now could be traced back to me saving Aryl. That wasn't normal. In game term, saving her led me astray from the 'normal route'.
Had I been a weakling who did not even have the option to 'save' her, I would have likely found a job in the commercial city, and worked hard there until the end of my life.
All while shouldering the regret of not saving her.

But I have this power. And the mindset that lets me choose to save.
I've gotta change this if I want to avoid getting dragged into more trouble in the future. 'What' do I need to change.
I can't just pretend that I'm powerless. And no way I could just up and alter my mindset at the flick of fingers.

(I've gotta sort this out. I don't want to change my end goal. Then perhaps I could at least make it a long term goal? Where's the best place to settle down? How much do I need to save up for a house? How long should I work to earn that?)
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Going at it little by little. Standing out when the goal is a life of recluse would definitely not go well, I'd keep getting dragged into mess. And that's a pain.
Therefore, flashy jobs are out of question. I don't want to get famous. I must be an idiot to only start planning about this now.

(No standing out, then how about going into hiding...? Like being the man behind the scene... maybe with a proxy? And if I get found out, I'd control the flow of information and turn it into an urban legend or unsubstantiated rumor?)

Despite my brain getting that far, the matter with Eltros completely slipped my mind.
It's really dumb of me. Relying on Eltros here would have solved all my problems and yet I thought I'd do it all on my own.

(For now, let's deal with the issue at hand. Focus on that first.)

After gaining this tremendous 'power' in this world, I've turned into an easygoing muscle brain idiot before I knew it.
Believing that I could deal with anything as long as I have power.

The cross scar man frothing at mouth I knocked out with a one-armed shoulder throw is proof of that.

"Mind taking me to your employer? Got something to discuss with them."

Despite saying that, I'm fully intending to settle this matter through brute force.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 196

196 Prank


This started last night. If only I had quickly left the empire, this wouldn't happen.
But twice in a row is just too much, I'm getting fed up.

(Having to thoroughly crush people who just don't get it is a pain in the rear. Didn't they get the message? Or is this the work of another ringleader?)

"Can you make it quick? What do you want?"

Looking at the six again, I spotted a man with a bandaged arm. He must be one of my assailants last night.

"So y'see mister, we're just errand boys. Here to fetch your tamed beast."

An unkempt haired man with a cross shaped scar said that to me.

"Hand it over and nobody's gonna get hurt, yeah? Whaddya say?"

These six men are wearing leather armor. Worn out over long years of usage. It's clear that they're not well maintained.
Every single one of them looks dirty, clearly been drinking this early in the morning.

"Where'd this tamed beast anyway? I ain't seen one."

I disregarded the man and threw a question.

"Oy, you. Yeah you with a bandaged arm. Didn't you deliver my message to your employer? Is this how you're gonna play?"

I asked the man holding his arm. But he didn't reply and ground his teeth with a frustrated look instead, which made it clear to me.

"What, revenge huh. Boring. You were fully ready to kill me, getting killed yourself in self defense would have been justified. Don't you know you're only still alive now because of a whim? I don't need your thanks but at least realize how lucky you are."

"Oy, quit ignoring me! I hate peeps who make a fool outta me! That attitude gonna cost ya yer' life!"

The cross scar man is apparently their leader, talking must go through him it seems.

"...Acting arrogant with nothing to back up, what a sorry sight."

"...Our boss don't care if yer' dead or alive. Get what that means if ya keep running yer' mouth?"

"I only need to check on one thing, did you deliver my message to your employer after last night's failed assassination attempt? That's it."

"Oy oy oy! My stock's gonna nosedive if our boys' blunder got spread around. Like hell we're gonna report that!"

===  ===  ===
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I focused before the man could finish. He's gonna absolutely attack me regardless if I comply or resist anyway.
Thus I entered Accelerated state.
The cross scar man brandishing his sword aloft has stopped moving. Not even a twitch.
This all due to the sheer difference of speed in the 'World' I move in and his.
I still have no clue what's the mechanic behind this.
Even the term 'Acceleration' may actually be a misnomer and it works on an entirely different 'Rule'.
I don't know but I can use it. Nothing to be scared about. Later on, I might find out about its demerit that ruins me.
But not using this power due to that fear is dumb in itself.
At the end of the day, I have no way of knowing if 'that time' will even come, worrying about that is a waste of time.

I observed the man coming at me.
Pretending to start negotiation despite how short his fuse is, this guy must be a 'useless peon'. A disposable piece.
Otherwise, they would have never attempted doing something like this in front of an inn with so many witnesses nearby.

Just blowing them away here would be too light of a punishment. I was a bit fed up at this point and came up with a little prank.

===  ===  ===

The man who was about to slash me had lost his sword. The remaining five men had also lost the swords hanging on their waists.
Of course. I took them up after all.

"!? ...Where the heck! What the heck's happening?!"

The cross scar man was perplexed to find his sword missing.
The rest had only noticed theirs after a bit.

"Oy! Where's my sword!?" "What's going on! Just when did it disappear?!"
"W-where is it! I coughed up a lot for that!"

"Aa, it must be you!"

One of them noticed me and raged on. That was the impetus for a chorus.

"Give it back dammit!" "Quit messing around!" "Wipe that smirk off yer face!"

I threw cold words back at these angry men.

"Oy, did anyone here notice me taking their swords?"

It took them a bit to understand that.
I executed the next prank.

"Wha!?" all the men glaring at me opened their eyes wide.
Of course. They never caught the instance.
Six swords got buried deep in the ground leaving only the grips out.

"Still up for it?"

The five men couldn't move from the fear of the unknown.
But the cross scar man drew a knife and lunged at me.

"Who gives a crap about yer lil' trick! Die!"

"Yeah, I loathe guys like you too."

I wasn't in accelerated state as I caught the lunging man's arm and threw him down the ground.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 195

195 A Problem of Stance


I recalled last night incident. How did I manage to remain so calm in such a distressing situation.
I believe I was just a common man. But a common man wouldn't act like that.
They'd lose their cool, yell out loud and fell into panic. That's how a common man normally acts in that kind of situation.

(Was it because I learned martial arts in my past life? ...No that's not it. This world has stained me in its color.)

Also partly because of my personality I guess?
Right after departing my village, I've kept getting involved in trouble with bad men. All of that must have tempered me inwardly.
You don't normally find yourself in danger living your life on earth.
But this world brings out so many opportunities to run into bandits, robbers, thugs, magic beasts, all kinda stuff that can easily reap your life.
And my encounter rate with them is abnormally high. In conclusion, I've gotten used to it.

(Let's do it. Let's get out of this country and reset it all. I don't care. Time to run.)

As I was deep in thought, something was tapping the window, Chimera.

"Ah, you're back huh. Hang on. I'll open the window."

Chimera quickly slid in the window gap and brushed its head on me, 'Meow', healing me so I rewarded it by petting it back whole.

"Where'd you run off to? Had no idea you could vanish like that. Give me some sort of signal next time you're going out, okay. Anyway, thanks a lot for last night."

I only survived thanks to Chimera. My life savior.
And after experiencing being on the saved side, I get it now. The weight of life. It's quite important. This indescribable feeling.

(Ah, I was really blissfully unaware of this feeling of paying back... I can see myself getting overboard.)

A life that should have ended, and this strong desire to offer everything you gain afterward to your savior.
You just can't get it until you're on the receiving side. You just can't sympathize.
Your life continues on because of your savior. The joy of surviving.
You often hear the phrase can never thank you enough. But that rings the loudest when the stake is your life, when the terror of death escapes you.

I pet Chimera as I relish on my survival. But this can't go on forever.

"Welp, it's breakfast time, let's get ready."

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~~~  ~~~

Somebody has secured my seat at the inn's dining room.

"Good morning. I hope you had a restful night."

It didn't seem like Tagdes got attacked, in fact there was no sign of this inn even realizing there were intruders.

"Haha, my fatigue melted away in the bath. I slept like a log afterward."

I didn't lie, nor did I tell everything. There's no point in divulging that assassination attempt here.
Gotta keep it from him, can't let Tagdes get dragged into my mess.

"Oh that's good to hear! Ah, our meal is here. Come now, let's eat."

I told him I'd leave in the morning, so this would be my last meal in the empire. I probably won't get back here for a while after departing.

"Ah, waiter. I'd like to order an extra portion."

I handed over one silver coin. It's for Chimera. It's money we took from those mercenary guys, no expense to my wallet.

(Man, I'm quite a brute myself huh...)

I realized my hypocrisy here. The waiter brought another serving with a smile on his face.

"Ah, you should have told me, I'd have paid for you!"

"Don't worry about it, it's something I gotta do."

Chimera chomped on the meal.
Tagdes looked at it in amazement.
Must be shocking to see it suddenly showing up on the table after undoing its optical camouflage.

"What an astonishing sight indeed. I can't turn my eyes away from the sheer weight of its presence..."

Chimera paid us no mind as it guzzled down steak, soup, salad and even fruit.
'Meow', it yawned and sprawled on the table. As it started licking its paws and face, I can't see it as anything than a cat. A really cute kitten. As long as you forget the bat wings and snake tail that is.
I must be very tired to get healed just from watching it. Mentally speaking.

"Well then, as much as I loathe to, I must excuse myself here for my job today. I haven't done nearly enough to pay you back. Hence, please make sure to visit me whenever you drop by the Empire. It's a promise!"

Tagdes left the inn after I said my goodbye.
I drank a cupful of water and stood up.

"Alright... Next is... Guess the Kingdom?"

I checked out of the inn and went outside while randomly deciding.
The dazzling sunlight felt nice I stretched. A lot of merchants were already running around here and there, opening their business. I pepped myself up for my new destination as I watched them.
But considering the pattern thus far, surely enough a life of smooth sailing isn't on the menu for me, six burly men ambush me in front of the inn.

"Hey mister, come 'ere for a bit. Don't worry, it ain't gonna take long."

(...What is this? Why does it feel like the timing was deliberate to drowse me in cold water...)

Despite my mood worsening, I obediently followed them.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 194

194 Fight 'Crisis' Strike!


It's dark outside already. I'm staying in a nice room.
It's got a bath too, being able to relax for once after two long days was refreshing.
Yep, this here is a high class inn. This would be my second time in one, the last one wasn't too long ago.

"Aand Chimera's gone again... Oh well. I'll just let the window open a bit, it's gonna be back on its own I'm sure."

Thus I let a gap on the window. I got in my bed and fell asleep.

But I was too naive. I lack wariness.
At this point, there was no way for me to know that one of the glances from the restaurant had sent assassins my way, yet that doesn't mean I should make light of a flag I raised myself.
I really didn't understand anything. What danger truly means in this world. The inn was so relaxing I slept like a log.

'GAO!', that roar shocked me awake. A knife stabbed my bed as I jumped off it. A chill ran down my spine when I saw it was going for my heart.

I looked around the room and found two people in black attires. With knives in their hands.
But there's another unfamiliar beast as well. No. The form is familiar to me but not the size.
It's Chimera. In the size of a big 'Tiger'. Apparently it can freely shift both its shape and size.
Its roar was what saved my life.

"Thanks! I'm gonna treat you to lotsa good food later."

I couldn't calm down. But I managed to compose myself a bit.
Chimera glaring at the assassins afforded me time to be mentally prepared.
These assassins seem to be as shocked at Chimera suddenly appearing, they're not moving at all.

(So this is the terror of death... I don't want to relive it ever!)

When I'm wide awake, it's just impossible for me to lose to these guys with my 'Power'.
But this experience of nearly dying for the first time emboldens me to be more alert next time.
Also, I've got to ask something.

"Who sent you two?"

They're not responding. Silence treatment.

(Now that I'm calm, stupid thought crossed my mind again... What a template this is...)

I let the light on as I went to bed, so now I could see my assailants clearly.
Had I didn't, I might got up unaware of their presence, an opportunity they'd likely use to attack me.
It's probably safe to assume even one hit will be fatal. My intuition is telling me these guys are professional.
I had experience dealing with actual 'pro' in the trade in my past life, and these guys have the same aura.
Meaning there's a high chance their knives are coated with poison. A graze could be fatal. Way scary.

(Should I kill them? Or should I let them go and tail them? Arrest... none seems like a good option.)

The longer we let this standstill be, the more precarious these assassins' situation becomes.
One of them seemed aware of that and lunged at me.
I immediately went into Accelerated state as a precaution.

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(How do I even deal with this... Taking them to the guard station is probably gonna get them released right away with their backing. Or they could get muzzled? Suicide isn't out of question too...)

I think up of the possibility as my opponents move in slow motion.
How I deal with them depends on their employer.
If they're quick to give up, killing these guys here would be the end of it.
But the opposite would be a pain. They would definitely keep sending assassins my way. Unless I cut it off at the root.
I honestly would like to reenact what happened to Damo syndicate.
That may sounds extreme, but I really don't want to experience that life or death crisis ever again.
Thus, I decided to go with wait and see approach here.

(Let's do this here and then...)

I touch the pointed knife hand of the assassin with my own hand.
I lightly touch thigh of the assassin being glared by Chimera with my foot.

That should be enough to neutralize them. I'm still scared of these men though.
They could have killed me after all. It's the end when you're dead. That's just it. This 'power' won't help me at all when it's time for me to die.
I can't deny having gotten carried away recently. I never even considered the possibility of me dying even though it's that kind of world.
I undid acceleration while reflecting back on that.

===  ===  ===

"Gwugaa!" "Gyaa!" as the screams echoed in the room, I told the assassins.

"I'd love nothing more than offing you two here. I mean you were gonna off me yourselves, no? But I need you deliver a message to your employer."

The two are glaring at me with pale faces. But my mind is occupied with another thing.

(How come I managed to control my strength right this time? It would have failed for sure in any other case...)

I'm convinced controlling this power is impossible now.

"Another attempt at my life and I will erase your entire organization without a speck left. Go ahead and find out what happened to Damo."

I opened the window fully. A signal to tell them to leave. The two assassins slowly walked to the window while being wary of me.
The scenery over the terrace is that of a neatly trimmed green lawn. As you'd expect from a high class inn.
One ran out fast while the other with an injured leg slowly went to the opposite direction.

'Meow', Chimera who had turned back to its tabby cat mode gradually disappeared into the surroundings before my eyes.
Optical camouflage. I didn't know it could even do that.

"Well dang... So that's how you always vanished so suddenly..."

This ability is the reason Zenan and Tagdes asked about Chimera at a weird time.
But some mystery still remains about Chimera. Why was it a 'Lion' during its first showing, a 'Tiger' when it changed size and then a 'Tabby cat'.

(Ah, I shouldn't delve deeper... It's one of those things you just shouldn't...)

That should be the end of assassination attempt tonight, so I dived in my bed and forced my now completely awake self to sleep.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 193

193 'Mistake' and a New Journey


'Meow', I looked at the meowing Chimera on my shoulder enviously.

"Man, it's so nice to be so carefree huh... And here I am with nothing but worry for the future."

Can I go in with a magic beast here? I was sure they wouldn't allow animals inside a restaurant, yet they let me in without a fuss.
There's no end to things weighing my mind. A 'normal' life shouldn't get me here.
I'm going to have a meal together with Tagdes, an up and coming merchant who achieved success in his young age, famous in the trade.

I sit on the chair in front of him. This restaurant he's brought me to must be a high class one. I'm sure of it. The decorations and the atmosphere inside are all similar to such restaurants in earth. There's no other explanation.

He started narrating his life story. In order to have me understand just what kind of man Tagdes is.
I was suspicious of this being a fraudulent scheme but it didn't seem so. Since another merchant who had the aura of a successful businessman called out, 'Tagdes-kun' and greeted him.
Doing such a dangerous act of asking for help in the middle of nowhere for the sake of a devious scheme is too out there I suppose. You'd run the risk of getting the table turned on you instead. No crooks would resort to something that stupid.
Apparently I was mentally drained from my run with the elves, that stupid thought crossed my mind.
This guy is a true blue successful man. He's also an unwaveringly straitlaced man.

"As you can see if not for you saving me at that time of need, I would have been knee deep in debts by now. Come to think of it, I recall you were with several other people at the time. Are they not with you presently?"

Guy was so excited he only noticed that now. I scratched my head at that.

"It was my job to escort those girls to a certain place, you see. They're not with me anymore."

"Is that right, that's quite a shame. Ah, I don't believe I have caught your name yet. May I have the pleasure?"

I have never named myself so far. I could but doing that now would definitely set up a flag for more trouble in the future.
Besides, I don't plan to be involved with this guy any more than this. There's only really one possible choice here.
My mind is gradually getting occupied with paranoia.

"I must refrain from naming myself. I'm someone in a unique position. It would only bring you trouble."

I told a mix of lie and truth again. 'Unique position' is true while 'causing him trouble' probably wouldn't happen ordinarily.
I'm just paranoid of getting into more mess.
I must look like a suspicious adult now.
Or not really. I've done a lot of this tactic during negotiations in my previous life.

"Mumumu... so you are. That's a shame. But please allow me to pay you back still. That's a separate matter after all."

He seemed to have assumed some thing on his own, still wouldn't relent on the reward though.
Our meal was carried in. A tasty looking stew. With some kind of meat inside, looking like beef stew.
I can't tell what kind of meat is it since this is a fantasy world.
But my intuition is screaming that this cuisine must be very extravagant.

(Eei, I just gotta gulp it down! I mean it's a treat. No point in inching back now.)

"If I may ask... uh, what is that animal on your shoulder?"

Tagdes threw me a question just as I was about to chow down. Timidly at that.
An entirely different tension from before. And his timing is odd.

(I never thought how to answer that... Mwuu... I guess that's my only choice, it's a fantasy anyway...)

"Would you get it if I say it's a tamed beast? This guy here seems intent on following me around after a certain run in."
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"Wh-! Tamed beast!? Ah, please pardon me. But this is the first time I've seen one. I thought that was just a legend, to think I would witness one in reality..."

(Huh? Whoa! Oh crap! Was sure he'd get tamed beast part, but did he just say 'legend'!? I didn't misheard it right! Tell me he's joking?!)

That was a keyword I should have never uttered. A flag I raised myself.
I must have been mentally fatigued. I couldn't think straight.
I should have been able to anticipate that after what happened so far. And yet I still took light of it. I was too careless.
This world is not just a 'royal road' fantasy, I have tasted it all myself. And yet I never thought about it seriously.
But I couldn't come up with a good excuse right now. Nor was there a choice.
Telling him that it's a pet likely won't work, insisting would make it worse. Asking him not to probe further likely would have worked, but really who could have imagined that 'tamed beast' is a stuff of legend.

(Shouldn't beast tamers or the likes be normal in this world!? Or something like mage familiars maybe!? And his surprise made this story spread in this restaurant... dammit! This will definitely invite trouble!)

Not anticipating a classic in fantasy, tamed beast being such a huge deal is a my blunder.
Tagdes was being so loud other guests must have overheard him.
I suppose this one seed is something I sowed myself huh? As someone who never learned how society worked in this world, my half-baked common sense is the cause.
This mistake stemmed from my inability to obtain information.
I mean I guess it's an inevitability. That knowledge is simply beyond the reach of a youngster who just came of age and left his village.

(...I can only deal with issues that crop up before my eyes. Let's not dwell on things beyond me.)

I don't have a quick wit. Neither am I clever. I'm just not someone who can think multiple steps ahead and put up preventative measures.

(Rumor will spread by tomorrow... damn! My plan of living a quiet life in the forest recess has come crashing down...)

I was planning to settle down somewhere deep in the forest and make a living out of woods I chop, but not anymore, I gotta get outta this country now.

"Is there anywhere you would like to go after this? It would be my delight to host you in my house. I will have room prepared for you."

"By house, you mean your own is it Tagdes-san? ...I wouldn't want to impose on you so much. Also, I'm planning to leave the empire tomorrow morning. Your sentiment alone is enough for my bulging stomach."

I joked a bit after having my fill on the meal served here.
The stew was so good the aftertaste remained in my mouth.
I tried to see the positive in this situation from having this delicious meal and securing an impossible room in an inn.

"Oh is that so. It's quite regretful that we have to part ways so soon but I understand you have your reasoning. Please feel free to consult me if you need my help. You can count on me!"

I don't get why do the people in this world go so far to 'repay debt'.
I tried counting how many people I saved after leaving my village.
The number is positively 'abnormal'. What am I, a protagonist of a game, a great detective whose destinations are always rift with incidents?
My life must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. That realization despaired me a bit

(Course correcting should still be within grasp... it's too soon to give up. Next time for sure!)

I stand up to cheer myself up in this new journey in search of a land of repose.

"Let me lead you to the inn. Let's go."

I overlooked the glances directed at me as I left the restaurant.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 192

192 'Flee' but Your Retreat Path is Cut!


(Meeting this guy here of all place... What's the chance of that... Is it even a chance?)

The chance of running into someone you know in this huge crowd should be astronomically low.
It's still reasonable if two are in the same field or something, but there's no particular common point between me and this guy.
I just saved him once. And we would have never met again unless I proactively looked for him.
In fact, I had already forgotten about the man. I don't know how to react now.

"Ah, hello there."

I kinda hate the idea of pretending to not know and ignore him, so I replied with a brusque greeting to avoid further conversation. I don't have any business with him.

"Meeting you again here must be a sign from god! I've been meaning to thank you again!"

I personally wished he didn't bring up god here. After all, I got wish list of one strike lined up.

"Err, well, you see, I didn't do it for rewards. Go ahead and do your business here. Please don't mind me."

Feeling another flag here, I politely tried to leave but the man cut off my retreat path.

"Oh I've already finished stocking up, I'm on my way to my inn. I will never forgive myself if I let this chance to express my gratitude go! Please, if you would be willing to go along with my selfish request. Look, didn't you agree for a tea when we parted that time?"

I only said that as a lip service, never thought it would be used against me here.

"I haven't had meal yet..."
"Let me treat you! I haven't eaten myself in this busy hour, let's go together!"

"I'm still looking for an inn..."
"I'll get you a room in my inn! Of course, I'll pay for it too!"
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He kept cornering me yet I persisted.

"Why would you go so far just because of that little incident? I don't think I've done anything worthy of this treatment. I never asked for compensation in the first place."

"That time I was truly in a dire predicament, unable to go back nor forward.... You're the reason I am able to stay in business like this. The words you said that day truly resounded in me. You are my savior."

This Tagdes merchant doesn't seem to be willing to let me go.

"And besides, your refusal for rewards came as a huge shock to me. Ordinarily, anyone, no matter how benevolent would have asked for rewards after making such a laborious work. In fact, it would have been justified for them to ask for extra reward considering the situation back then. Most people would have ignored me even. And thus, I would like to repay your kindness in kind."

Looks like this world has a shortage of 'empathy'. I recalled how Aryl would do many stuff that could be seen as rewards to me even though I declined her.
How could I have guessed that I should have turned away from the 'Good you do to others is good you do to yourself' mentality back then?
I only saved them for my own sake, just because I didn't want to have it weigh on my mind later. I really don't think my action warrants rewards.
But to them, me doing nothing would have spelled their doom, thus whatever I say now probably would just bounce off. Even if repaying their debt would mean their life.
The 'weight' of 'life' and their 'take' on it are nothing like me. Sense of value I have from my previous life, and the inhabitants' of this world.
After realizing that, I relented as resistance is futile.

"I get it. I'll take you up on your offer if you insist. I'll be in your care."

And of course, I'm stepping on yet another flag here.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 191

191 Flag Retrieval


I dashed past the forest at high speed. Chimera was clinging tightly on my shoulder. The empire's gate came into view before it got dark. It went by so fast, can't even begin to imagine my speed.
A crowd of people who must have just gone back from magic beast hunting are gathered in front of the gate.

(Oh yeah, a rampaging group of magic beasts came close to the empire didn't they?)

I turned around and looked back. The path I ran through is a straight line to this gate.

(Ah, that must be why I got here quick. I guess they're processing the aftermath here huh?)

Looking around, there's a lot of wounded people and traces of blood on the ground.
Also, soldiers and knights are running around.

Not to mention flustered merchants. They're negotiating and book keeping here and there. The fervor is amazing.
Mats stripping as well as people joining in are still being carried out.

(With that amount of magic beast, the effect this will have on the economy must be quite huge.)

As I walked up to the gate, I surmised that the magic beast extermination had taken quite a toll on time, manpower and casualty.
It's easy to guess the battle raged on until just now seeing wounded people still being carried away on stretchers.

(Still, wasn't the rampage yesterday, wait the day before? And it only just ended huh. Was it a hard battle or perhaps some unforeseen trouble cropped up.)

I asked the guards near the gate if I could pass through.
I'm thankful I even got a reply in all this hubbub.

"Aah? Just go! We're busy here! Aren't you a polite one? Where'd you come from anyway?"

"Ah no, I entered the forest just the other day and came back to this scene, can't help getting curious you see."

It's a mix of lie and truth. Telling the truth would only cause issue, not like he'd believe it anyway. Heck, it could make the guards suspect and arrest me.

"I'm amazed you survived... Is it luck or something else? Fine, here's a rundown. Magic beasts showed up. We dealt with them. And now we're busy with the clean up. Ya got that? Go along now."
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After getting shooed away, I went through the gate.
The open space before the gate is lit with many bonfires. A grand festivity. Food stalls everywhere. Also merchants buying and selling magic beasts' mats. The clatter is aggravating to the ears.

(Well dang, what a bad timing to be back here. Leaving or finding an inn both would be a struggle.)

Slipping past this dense crowd would be quite a task. Booking an inn when it's almost nightfall is probably out of question.
With so many people concentrated here, I could see all the inns nearby fully booked on.

"Can't be helped. Guess I just gotta camp out."

I've taken one magic bag with me. The rest were for the elves. A present for them, or not really. One is plenty for this solo journey of mine, so I used that chance to dump them.
My bag has all the traveling tools we used during the journey so camping out is not a problem.
As I left the place and started looking for a good spot to do just that, someone called out to me.

"Ah! You're that man from the other day!"

I turned at the owner of the voice to spot Tagdes, a young merchant man we saved on our way to the empire.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 190

190 Parting


"Err, I am hereby giving you an order of the utmost importance."

Six elves I saved from Damo are kneeling before me. We called them here after I was done discussing with elder and Serena.
I've had my next words prepared since the very beginning.

"You all are to keep the dungeon core safe from now on. Aside from that, you're to live in this village like you did previously."

Five of the elves lifted up their surprised faces. Serena was the sole calm one.

"Your wish is our command, milord."

The dungeon core has already been placed atop a giant tree stump located inside a vast hidden room under the elder's house. These six elves accompanied the transport process.
The glances from other village elves were really stinging as I moved that core. Since I'm currently the only person who can move it around, that duty fell on me.
The glares were far more painful than the time I walked to the elder house initially. I bore with it, thinking it would be the last time anyway.

The existence of this spacious room under the elven village came as a shock but what's even more shocking is how every single thing I imagined up turned out true. Being convenient should have its limit.
But well, once this stuff is over and done with, I'll be relieved of all responsibility. Parting with these six elves is part of that process.

"I now recognize you all as my subordinates. That's reason enough to follow my order, no? Don't go off on your own to go after me later, you hear. I don't need anyone to take care of me either."

"Milord, what will you do now?"

"Ah, settling down in some nice corner of this forest to live freely on my own would be cool."

"Then perhaps milord could settle down in this village..."

I interrupted Kardia.

"Out of question. I mean it's pretty dang obvious nobody here thinks well of me. You've noticed too right?"
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The five elves looked dejected as I said that. Serena is the only one with an unchanging expression.

"So yeah, this is my last 'order' to you. You get it don't you? I've been declining your request to become my attendant. I'm gonna relent here for the last time and give that order. I get that it's heartless of me to do this as a parting gift though."

I know this is quite a weak parting, but I've never considered having these elves around forever in my plan to begin with. That may sound dry, but I can't help it, that's my true feeling.

"Discuss the rest with the elder. Apparently this whole thing is a secret. But seeing as we got so many spectators, it's probably just a matter of time. Well, just consider this and the forest management as part of the job description, do your best."

I walk toward the front door to leave. The elder spoke to me along the way.

"We shall mingle with you no more. You are to never get anywhere near this village forevermore. Have I made myself clear?"

"Man, still with that confrontational attitude till the end huh? No need for a reminder, not like I can get past the barrier anyway. Buh bye."

It's already evening outside.
That was when 'meow', Chimera plopped on my shoulder.

"Ah, forgot about you... Oh well."

I patted Chimera who responded by purring with closed eyes.
I walk out of the gate. I could hear it closing loudly behind me.

"Finally, a huge load off my shoulders... Haaa. Wait no, Chimera's there."

I muttered and joked to myself.
I plan to go back to the empire hence I'm treading the path opened up by the magic beast rampage, which still hasn't completely closed.

"My image of elves is completely and utterly ruined to the very end, no repair..."

I've started running so I could arrive at the empire before it's dark out while grumbling.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 189

189 Goal


"Let's see, how should I start... Oh yeah, can you answer my inquiries."

We're currently in what appears to be the elder's living room, in a big cottage-like building.
I'm sitting in a huge sofa after getting served a tea with a uniquely bitter after taste.
Serena had tested if for poison beforehand. I was gonna drink it without caring but Serena stopped me.

(Assassinating me with this method would be a piece of cake huh...)

It would be a complete joke if I died from poisoning after coming this far.
I don't plan to proactively get myself involved in this world, but that doesn't mean I'm going to pick death in every chance.
I spun my words after course correcting my thought.

"This forest is abnormally abundant with life force, right? I'm thinking there's a source for that. Guessing it's a world tree, like yggdrasil or something, am I right? Nevermind the term, what's important is there's that source thingy here in this forest."

The elder's face stiffened up, his alert level at max. Heck he's glaring hard at me.

"You... How is it you are aware of that? Choose your words carefully as I might not let you get out of this forest."

I ignored his warning and carried on. Besides, elves have no power over me. We've already gone through the test of strength. The result was 'powerless'.

"And yet something that 'should have been there' is nowhere to be seen. I mean something that grand should have been super obvious."

Only me, Serena and elder are here. She's accompanying me to be the judge of elder's words since I can't trust him.

The elder quieted down as his wrinkled face frowned harder.

"If my guess is correct, that thing was lost, no? Happened way back in the past at that."

I love to read and imagine about world settings and character backgrounds in games.

"And the 'remnant' of that thing is diffusing mana everywhere. Leaking out without a stopper."

Elder stood up and pointed his palm at me, warning me to stop.

"Cease speaking at once. Or else, I must have you die here."

"Oh is this a taboo topic? Or maybe you're feeling a sense of crisis hearing this from a human that showed up out of nowhere? But I'm gonna have you listen till the end. Can't make my 'suggestion' before that."

It's honestly scary how my completely baseless story I imagined up is a total bullseye.

(Isn't this all way too convenient? No, I mean this is fantasy... yeah that doesn't explain everything...)

Even if I have no sense of reality, I live in this world, I mustn't let everything be summed up as fantasy.

"Milord, when did you think of all that possibility?"

"Was during our way back from the goblin cave."
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I sipped my tea before resuming.

"You use this leaking mana to maintain the barrier don't you? Gotta be since you need a lot of mana to keep such a large scale barrier. And the center of that barrier is here, no?"

Elder shot out a fireball at me.
It clashed with a water ball shot from the side, erasing both. Serena's spell.

"Elder! What are you doing!? I don't care if you're our elder, your action is inexcusable!"

"Do not get in the way, Serena. We mustn't let that man live!"

I could have easily dodged that even without Serena's help. I didn't simply because I knew Serena would make her move. Also, dodging that would set the floor ablaze.

"Also, that 'Tree' spirit I heard from Serena handed down to elders through generations or something? Am I right to assume that's part of the World Tree?"

I kept putting my imagination into words. Doesn't matter even if it's wrong.
Because my ultimate goal is to 'Get the elves to manage the dungeon core.'

"That fact is known only to elders, isn't it? In order to keep this species known as elves persist."

"...How come you possess that knowledge...? You cannot be kept alive!"

The elder was going to shoot another spell but Serena instantly zeroed in on him and swung her sword at his neck.
He managed to escape death by swiftly backstepping, while I prattled on without minding the hubbub.
I'm done with prolonging this entire thing.

"I dunno why that world tree was lost. And here's a suggestion. Why don't you control the flow of mana using a dungeon core?"

The elder looked surprised at my suggestion.

"Apparently you guys run around this vast forest to smash dungeon cores when they're still small, aren't those cores appearing in spots where mana gets stagnant in the first place?"

"Indeed they are, the places with signs of cores manifesting were all places with stagnated mana."

Serena added to my conjecture while keeping an eye on elder.

"Then just control those places like you're directing river streams. That only happens since you let it leak out without supervision. Use this chance for a do over. I mean that should be doable with a core that big no?"

Tension still runs high between Serena and elder.
I continued talking after giving that a sidelong glance.

"You use a magic tool in the center of the dungeon core. I mean this one here."

I produced a magic tool. The one we took from that mercenary group.
This tool is capable of mitigating and tampering with barriers.

"Should be usable if you just make some adjustments to it, no? If you know elves proficient in magic tools that is."

Yep, I'm leaving the rest to the elves to take care of. All the subsequent twists and turns, as well as hardships are theirs to deal with.
I hand over the magic tool to Serena. I have no use for it, in fact it's better this way.

"You guys are in charge of the detail. I'm not an expert on that kinda stuff."

And with that said, this stuff is now completely off my hands.
Elder asked me while still glaring hard.

"What... is it that you wish from us? Why would you go so far for our sake?"



"Yep. It's not like I'm doing all this to get something. Nor do I want to butt in."

"Then why?"

"...It's to settle things I guess. I'm not gonna say you owe me or anything like that, don't worry."

(And now I'm getting worried with how smooth things have been up to this point... Still, gotta do the finale right.)

I've got one last important thing left to say. There's been so many extras to get to this point.
Now that I'm nearing the finish line, my throat dried up out of relief.
I sipped my tea and put on my serious look as I give out my 'very last order'.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 188

188 Below the Surface is Important


It's not like I did all this without a plan.
They say elves submit to pure 'strength' but I'm well aware it's not that simple.
Even if they look obedient on the surface, there will always be a subset who can't help but act on emotions.
Doesn't matter if they call it instincts, law or rule, that kind of people will always exist.
And that's got nothing to do with races or clans, it's an individual thing.
People like that will definitely try to butt in later. They're gonna tear up what has been agreed on and then we're back to square one.
A huge pain in the rear, so my goal here is to haul up all of them in one go.
By pre-establishing the 'fact' here, I'm gonna shut them up for good.

"Oy! You elves over at the gate, you done already? Or are you just random onlookers who want to see me get beaten up? What about stepping up yourself? Oh what, are you too scared to? Giant wuss, the lot of you."

I provoked them even more here. Because I just know there are still some who don't agree to this.
By crushing them all here, I'm saving myself the trouble later. No backing down. Even if it means making the elves have the worst impression of me.
I want to get this all done before night time. The situation here has progressed to the point that living a recluse life in this forest unfeasible.
This is where I end up at after endlessly getting swept over. Even if this one in particular is due to my own action.
I don't even get the point of this whole thing when I just wanted to have a discussion. The elder could just come out himself and talk with me, that's it, how'd it end up with me strongarming the entire clan.

(Ah, crap... I'm seriously fed up...)

Around ten more elves came out as my thought process got to the usual dangerous tendency.
They looked furious from getting called wuss.

"You frail human! Quit looking down on elves!"
"I'll make you regret your words!"
"Damn youuuuu! Dieeeeeee!"
"Bear witness to our coordinated attack. Take this!"
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Those casting magic, those attacking head on, those who run around behind me.
All of them got blown away in the blink of an eye just like the previous elves.

(The people watching probably didn't see the actual process. From their point of view, these elves must look like they got blown away on their own.)

The process starts with them running at me, me in accelerated state pricking their shoulders and me undoing the state resulting in them getting sent flying.

It's a full process from where I stand.
To begin with, everything besides me turns either stand still or in super slow motion.
Thus, it must be like I'm moving at super high speed relative to other people, of course there's almost no way to perceive it.
Right now, these elves are surely highly bewildered at the mystery of me not doing anything yet clearly did.

"Okay, anyone else? If not, call the elder here. I want to talk."

The elves on the other side of the gate fell into silent. Seems like nobody is up for more.
After a bit, the elder showed up and slowly walked up to me.

"You have shown us your strength indeed. What is it do you wish to talk about? I shall accept anything."

"Still with that nasty attitude of yours even now huh. How about moving somewhere more appropriate first. Also I'm parched, get me tea."

We can finally have a talk but how pointlessly long it took to get here really gets me.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 187

187 Use Dependent


Jeers and booing swirled inside the elf village.
It eventually quieted down as someone seemingly took the lead.
Then around 30 elves came out of the gate with all kinds of weapons in hands.

"This has nothing to do with the elder! We're going to beat the living out of you and turn you into forest compost!"

The other group of elves caught up from behind, surrounding me from both sides.
That was when Shurin interrupted.

"I declare my defeat! Please stop with this meaningless fight. I'll be your opponent if you insist on taking him on."

Thus Shurin came to my rescue, which I declined.

"No uh, you stay out of this. Heck, don't butt in. They're gonna use you as an excuse when they lose."

"You won't run that mouth off for long! Men! Get him!"

I've heard that same classic line so many times already in this world. I never laughed at it, but this was an exception for once.

"Bahaha! Man, hearing that in real life sure is surreal. It's all so laughable. How'd you expect me to retort to that."

Mad at me laughing at them, the elves drew their swords and rushed at me.

But how many times would this make? I feel dumb for taking these people seriously.
Nevertheless, that doesn't mean I should wield my power carelessly and send these elves to the afterlife.
Doing that in retaliation is not exactly a mistake, but that would bring the elves' impression on me to the lowest.
Which is fine by me since I don't plan to interact with these people any more after this, but I think it's a good idea to avoid gaining enmity needlessly.
Thus, after entering 'Acceleration', I'm being careful as not to hit their vital points.

===  ===  ===
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I very lightly prick the shoulder of all the elves coming at me. That's it.
Even the slightest touch to vital points could end up in death when I'm in this state.

(This is no power control, but a discretion.)

I've given up on controlling this power during this state.
Instead, I am being very careful where to hit in order to minimize the end result.
In this case, I merely 'touch' the shoulders and nothing more.

(And now I just gotta observe how they end up like after undoing this state.)

So far, the results always betrayed my expectations or went beyond my imagination.
This is an important touchstone for the future.
Thus I undid Acceleration.

===  ===  ===

An interesting spectacle came into my view. And that would be.

All the elves coming at me got blown away all together in a figure skate pose.
This magnificent scene that would turn even a figure skating medalist pale put a smile on my face.

(Alright! All blown away in harmony. Let's go with this strat from now on.)

They crashed down the ground and nobody attempted to stand up.
Convulsing and twitching. Seeing they only passed out, I was gonna strike a triumphant pose but went against it.
That would just pour more oil into fire.

"Oy! Anybody else got a complaint for me? I'll take on anyone! Come on out!"

The gate opened and a crowd of spectators formed to watch the elves I beat up.
But all of them looked dead pale.
Seeing more than 50 elves got done in instantly came as quite a shock it seems.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 186

186 Grudge Can Be Let Go or Erupt


I thought I had managed to control my power. Yet all the elves' swords I struck broke in the middle.

"Gua!" groaned them. All the five attacking elves held their hands in pain.

"But I held back... Why? I didn't put enough strength to break the blades...?"

I grasped the control during my fight with Zenan. It should have been the same, and yet this was the result.

(It's like the rule just keeps changing... I even exerted less strength this time around...)

Of course my sword is still in its sheath. I struck without the blade part. And yet.

"Sorry about that. Didn't mean to break them. Was sure I held back. But that didn't go as planned, huh."

"W-what did you bastard do!? Damn! Use magic! Cut him into pieces!"

(What the hell is this development... How many times have I seen this now...)

Anime, manga, novels, games. I've seen these lines from all kind of genres.
And it's being done with me in the center.
Is there anyone out there who can predict this is how their life will get to be? No, no way.

(What does this world even want from a common man like me... So tiring. Please make this the last time.)

Mentally drained, I ran off. It's clear as day that there'd be no end to this if I deal with them here.
I call out to Serena.

"Serena, we're leaving at full speed. Lead me to the gate. I can't get there on my own thanks to the barrier."

Serena nodded and ran off.

"Dammit! You coward! After them!"

The elves were caught off guard and late to react.
But they were really slow. They frantically ran as they tried to catch up to Serena, but the gap only grew wider overtime.
Naturally, I'm following her just fine. In fact, Serena's full speed even feels slow to me.

(Serena, feels slow inside a forest? This can't be put into word anymore.)

My monstrosity is finally getting to me.
This 'Power' has grown stronger compared to the time we were running on the highway to Empire.
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(Losing this 'Power' now would be a problem but that doesn't mean I need it. I never asked for it...)

I did think the possibility that this body may keep getting stronger without limit as it's trained, and I see how real that is now. To that.

"What does one even hope to accomplish with this kind of 'Power'... There's no outlet for this..."

As I sighed, the goal came into sight. They marked the starting line, crossing that would mean victory. Or so it should be. But Shurin already declared his defeat, and now we got some unnecessary extras hot on our tail.
I don't know how to deal with all this neatly. It's something the elves, the elder should take care of, not me.

That's why I said this. I was at my limit. All this stuff drove me up the wall.

"Oy! Shitty geezer! Come on out you! I'm done with your crap! Quit it with all this pettifogging and face me squarely! Those who wanna get beat up by me, show your mugs here! I'm gonna beat the snot outta you all! Dammit!"

I don't regret shouting all that. Cause I was just letting it all out.
But this was seen as a declaration of war to the elves. A huge commotion broke out on the other side of the gate.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 185

185 Whereabouts of Victory and Defeat


Come to think of it, couldn't they just like conjure up a tornado? I almost blurted that out loud.

(Seeing as that managed to overwhelm those goblins, wouldn't that work with these bees too?)

No point in asking now, and they did said that those bees could dodge all, so it must not work too.
I can read the room. It's better not to dwell on the past.

"What do now? Should we continue now that the issue is gone?"

Our race hit a snag but thanks to Serena's magic, we can resume right away.
However, Shurin gave a negative.

"No, I don't think there's any point anymore. I admit defeat. Or rather, it'd be weirder if I didn't after shown that."

Shurin readily said that. All while giggling at my nonchalant attitude.
With that we should leave this place, but then Serena asked for permission to strip the mats.

"We could make good spears out of these many Frenzied Bees. Their paralyzing toxin can also be used for traps and such. Milord, would you give your permission?"

"Ah, let me help. We'll get this done quickly. Thanks to him, the crisis turned into an unexpected boon instead. Thank you."

I was struck dumbfounded at Shurin's unexpected gratitude.
I gave the permission to Serena.

"How'd it get to this..."

I only said that as a grumble, but Shurin took that as me asking how the bees got here.

"Due to the magic beast rampage the other day, Frenzied Bees' territory saw a huge shift. And I got caught in one. I'm truly sorry. It was naive of me. I really still have got much to learn. I'm ashamed to be called one of the Strongest Five."
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I thought that title itself was embarrassing, like a chuunibyou, but opted to keep that to myself. We're in a different world, they won't get what 'Chuunibyou' means.
It'd be annoying if they asked back instead, 'Eh, is that a sickness?'

Once they were done with the stripping and putting the mats in the magic bag Serena brought with her, we hurried on back.
It'd be light out if we don't get back soon. And if it gets to that, they'd likely postpone the match till tomorrow. I want to be done with this mess by today.
Serena took the lead with me and Shurin following. We could have sent one ahead to inform the village, but the elf that ran off earlier might bring reinforcement. Thus, to prevent us missing each other, we're going back together.

We guessed right as around 15 elves came from ahead and checked our well beings.

"Are you two alright!? Any injury? You're not bringing those Frenzied Bees with you, are you?"

Yes, these elves only asked two. They don't care about me.
That's just how wide the trench between elves and humans is.

(Welp, they probably still won't listen even after I beat the five. Heck, even if they do, it would likely be a fruitless endeavor.)

"Milord, let us go on. There is no use wasting our time here."

Serena read my thought and proposed us to go ahead. We're still inside the forest. I'm confident I'd get lost. No, I definitely will by myself, it's as sure as burping after drinking cola.

(I managed earlier thanks to the tall tree being my landmark. I was lucky. But there's nothing like that on the way back, it's even got a barrier.)

The elven village is protected by a barrier that keeps humans away. Even if the path to the village is a straight road, it will feel like a maze that gets you lost.
Thus, I'll never get close to it unless I'm together with an elf from the village.
In essence, I would have lost in this match regardless of anything.

(I mean, it's clear as day this discussion won't work either way. Gadd, and Daria was it? The guys who were cheering for them must not think well of me.)

I did consider losing on purpose. Naturally. I will for sure get lost on my way back. But Shurin has admitted his defeat.
I could naturally lose with the excuse, 'I couldn't get back to the village thanks to the barrier' and ran away.

"Oy, hold it you bastard. You end here. Die!"

That word became a signal as the 15 elves enclosed me.
Their action proved my guess. Remove outsiders. This cinches it.
At the end of the day, people like this will never accept it unless I beat them all or even all the elves. No, these types will never accept it even after I did that as they function on emotions alone.
In short, people you just can't reason with exist everywhere.

"How dare you toward milord, do you not listen to elder's decision!"

"Did the elder order this? Or did he not?"

Serena was enraged, while Shurin tried to confirm things as his bald head shone.

"Hmph! Who cares about five warriors. Losing to this feeble human? You're all a disgrace. Forget about that and just make a mince meat out of him with sheer number in this wood. Elder? Who's gonna listen to that decrepit fool?"

"Don't you feel a hint of gratitude to him for saving Serena's group? I do, and being a human is no reason to look down on him."

I was dazzled by Shurin's nature. And no, I don't mean the sunray reflected by his head.

"Gratitude? Ha! It was their fault they got caught. They reap what they sow."

Wonder if they know about the magic tool. Even putting that aside, these guys don't seem to have any empathy toward their own kind.

"I take it you are all doing this on your own then? Let me be your opponent here."

"Your sheer impertinence toward milord... shall be paid with thousand deaths!"

Serena's loyalty is skyrocketing so high, I feel like it's at 'too far to go back' level now.

(...Thousand deaths' just way too much okay? Let's take it easy here okay?)

"Ah, let's not get hasty here, killing your own is bad, don'tcha think? Besides, doing that is just gonna turn this into an even bigger mess. Serena, stand back. You too Shurin, come on now."

Once the two backed down, I grabbed a sword myself.

"Sheesh, I guess trash exists no matter the race huh. Doesn't matter if it's elves, or humans, this is a wake up call for me. There are good and bad people everywhere. It's all the same. The only difference is an insignificant one in outward looks. The insides are identical."

"You inferior breed! Don't you dare getting cocky! Die!"

Two of them came attacking.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 184

184 Commander


We got quickly surrounded by the bees as we stood still under the tree.

"Ugeh! What the hell... scary! Gross! Stripes of black and yellow! What are they, a beverage brand?"

I could still joke around in this situation, unlike Shurin.

"Why are you two still here!? It's too late now! These things won't stop coming until they're all exterminated!"

"Milord, the biggest hurdle with Frenzied Bees is the fact that wind spirit magic does not work on them."

"Eh? It doesn't?" I spoke back in reflex which Shurin replied to.

"It's more that they dodge every single hit. Precisely at that. Their swiftness enables them to accomplish such a feat. That's the most problematic thing about these bees."

"So, how do you deal with them?" The bees weirdly waited as we chatted around.

"These things are very cautious, they're observing us to decide how to kill us best. They will send a few at us initially to act as scouts. We must kill those scouts otherwise it'll be our end."

"These bees are pretty dang organized for something named Frenzied..."

While I was admiring them, around ten of the bees came attacking at once.

===  ===  ===

I sigh at that.

(Could anyone even predict it'd come to this?)

First of all, I slapped one of the nearby bees' head. That sent a disgusting feel down my spine.

(Nobody likes to touch insects directly. Ewww...)

I walk around and punched the bee behind on the abdomen.

(Uu... The feedback feels so weird, yuck...)

I took a random branch on the ground and hit three bees with it.

(Ugeee? These bees get split like butter just with a branch, no resistance at all...)

The branch just sunk into the heads down to their stingers, splitting them in half.

The fourth one was up in the air so I threw it a rock.
Same with the fifth, sixth and seventh bees. It's not because it feels gross to touch them directly. I mean, yes partly.

I split the eighth, ninth and tenth bees with the branch but it wasn't yet over.

I threw another rock at the most suspicious looking bee inside the swarm.

(That must be the commander no doubt... Organisms that work with coordination like this always have that kinda individuals in the team.)

The classic development came out here. I grasped it easily after all the templates thus far.

(Wonder if my personality is getting darker now? Feels like my real one is wearing thin~.)

===  ===  ===
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As I undid accelerated, I averted my eyes from the tragedy before me. A grotesque scene lies there.
Bodies of dead bees still twitching on the ground makes it all the more revolting.

(What's it about insects, ganglion or something? I don't wanna get any closer...)

"How did you kill all those bees...? No, more importantly... The rest aren't attacking...?"

Shurin inquired while putting his guard at max, while Serena praised me.

"As expected of milord. Mere Frenzied Bees are akin to garbage before your might."

The remaining bees are hovering on their place without doing anything for a while now.

"Wait, something's not right about them...? What did you do?"

"Eh? I just threw a rock at the bee that looked like their commander."

I used it as a training and didn't put any strength into my throw.
Yet, it still flew far while creating a loud boom. Shurin getting surprised yet quickly got back on his guard from that noise when I undid Acceleration proved his worth as one of the strongest warriors.
And that must be why. He connected that noise to what I said about throwing a rock.

"No way... I mean, no way..."

His eyes popped wide when he saw a bee on the ground far away.
Serena cast flame spirit magic a moment later. A flame so big and wide it swallowed up the rest of the bees, turning them into charred remains.
The heat is unbelievable. Instantaneously neutralizing all the bees. The surrounding temperature is gradually rising from it.

"That afforded such a smooth clean up. All of this is possible due to milord's power."

The wind carried the heat away, cooling down the surrounding temperature. This must be thanks to Serena's wind spirit magic.
So I thought as I witnessed it. Forget about me, Serena is honestly the 'OP' one here.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 183

183 Ready, Go


"Oh it seems they're done with the preps, let's get ready."

The preps here refer to sending elves under the goal tree. We are to go and touch the tree and then come back here as the finish line.
Thus, to prevent cheating, two elves have been dispatched there.
One is an elf from the village, the other is Serena. Two from both sides to prevent unfairness.

"Well, elves cannot lie due to our racial trait, so this is pretty much done for your sake."

"Racial trait? What's that? ...Ah, it's starting already?"

That sounds important but seems I've gotta postpone asking.

"Both of you, on your mark... Start!"

Shurin nicely dashed off while I saw him off. The elves watching us from the watchtowers started gossiping, 'That guy isn't moving', 'Must have given up', 'He's no match to Shurin.'
Just as Shurin disappeared into the forest, I accelerated.

(Now then, how do I make the biggest impact to elves?)

====  ≠====  =====
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I yawned as I waited. For who? Shurin of course.
I'm standing under the goal tree. The elf standing watch couldn't hide his surprise and started interrogating me.

"You bastard! When did you get here!? How?! ...What's happened to Shurin! Hey you!"

"Milord, that was uncharacteristically slow of you. And is there a reason to wait for Shurin here?"

"Ah, if I were to vanish and show up at that gate, the elves there wouldn't stop asking nor accept it. It's better if they hear the news from the person in question."

Otherwise the elves would definitely accuse me of cheating.
They would make a fuss out of it even though they don't even have a concrete picture of what this cheating is.
Ranting incoherently because they won't admit defeat because they can't understand. Folks like that exist everywhere.
In order to prevent wasting time on that, I'm waiting here.

"That Shurin guy seems pretty reasonable after all. If they don't hear the 'fact' from the man himself, they're all gonna look at me like I'm a cheater, exactly like that guy over there."

I pointed at the elf standing watch. Serena coldly glares at the elf.
"Hiii!", the elf shook and took a step back.
That was when Shurin showed up out of the forest. But something's not right.

"You two run away! I ran into something bad! Forgive me. I'll be a decoy, you go on ahead and... Eh?"

Shurin couldn't process why I was here for a moment there, but he pulled himself together and continued with his warning.

"It's Frenzied Bees!", the elf turned dead pale when he heard that and immediately ran off.
While Serena asked me with a calm voice.

"What would you like to do, milord."

"Uh, I mean I don't even know what those Frenzied Bees are."

Shurin got closer as we chatted nonchalantly.
A swarm of around 50 giant bees, each the size of an adult, followed behind him.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 182

182 Mental Attack


(Ah, finally... Wonder how long did that took?)

In accelerated state, I experience the world hundreds, even thousands times slower. Or maybe even more.
As for why I didn't just attack her and be done with it.

(These types of people tend to be annoyingly persistent until you make them voluntarily admit defeat.)

It'd be a problem if she came pestering me later on. 'I hadn't gone all out yet' or something, a pain in the ass. Can't you imagine the template?
And thus I opted to keep dodging her attacks even if it meant experiencing the slowed down world.

And that was worth it as Daria admitted defeat on her own.
Among the elves who cheered for her, some shouted.

The female elves were all, 'I can't believe my ears, Daria-sama said that herself?!'
Or the perverted male elves were, 'Must be bliss to get whipped on that much...'

(One side is hysterical, while the other is nonsensical, how thoroughly they're gonna break my image of elves...)

As I started to wonder if the elder is using a mental attack strategy on me, the next challenger showed up.
Supporting that idea all the more.

"Heya. Nice to meet you. Even I would have to give up after witnessing that. Someone like me cannot hope to win against you. I do not think this contest of strength has any merit now, but the elder insists we keep this up until the end. I'm the weakest among the five warriors, you see."

You could tell this person is an upright one. But the problem lies on his head. Literally.
It's shiny and completely smooth. Not a single hair in sight. Elves have lustrous silver hair, both men and women. And this guy is a literal skinhead missing every single strand. Nevertheless, elves all have beautiful faces.
The balance looks way off, I'm at a loss for word.
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"Huh? Oh are you surprised by my looks? I personally like this shaved head of mine though."

Light reflected off his head as he said that, the intensity rivaling even that of Krill*n-san's Solar Flare.

(Keep it together me... Stop getting befuddled by these elves.)

I move the conversation forward to end this quick.

"So how do we do this match?"

"Let's go with a race. See that conspicuously big tree way over yonder? We go all the way there and back here. That's it. Simple isn't it?"

I stared at him dumbfounded at this unexpected suggestion.

"Oh my name is Shurin. I'm confident in my legwork you see. I won't lose to anyone especially in this forest. It's like my backyard."

"You said you couldn't win and yet suggested a match you're confident in winning huh. I see, so this is 'Pride'. Well, I'll be."

I realize this is the scene where the opponent goes through with the challenge despite knowing it's hopeless.

(Template... oh template. Why are you so eminent... is there no way to avoid you...?)

And thus I'm now participating in a race, something I haven't done since elementary school days.





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