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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 182

182 Mental Attack


(Ah, finally... Wonder how long did that took?)

In accelerated state, I experience the world hundreds, even thousands times slower. Or maybe even more.
As for why I didn't just attack her and be done with it.

(These types of people tend to be annoyingly persistent until you make them voluntarily admit defeat.)

It'd be a problem if she came pestering me later on. 'I hadn't gone all out yet' or something, a pain in the ass. Can't you imagine the template?
And thus I opted to keep dodging her attacks even if it meant experiencing the slowed down world.

And that was worth it as Daria admitted defeat on her own.
Among the elves who cheered for her, some shouted.

The female elves were all, 'I can't believe my ears, Daria-sama said that herself?!'
Or the perverted male elves were, 'Must be bliss to get whipped on that much...'

(One side is hysterical, while the other is nonsensical, how thoroughly they're gonna break my image of elves...)

As I started to wonder if the elder is using a mental attack strategy on me, the next challenger showed up.
Supporting that idea all the more.

"Heya. Nice to meet you. Even I would have to give up after witnessing that. Someone like me cannot hope to win against you. I do not think this contest of strength has any merit now, but the elder insists we keep this up until the end. I'm the weakest among the five warriors, you see."

You could tell this person is an upright one. But the problem lies on his head. Literally.
It's shiny and completely smooth. Not a single hair in sight. Elves have lustrous silver hair, both men and women. And this guy is a literal skinhead missing every single strand. Nevertheless, elves all have beautiful faces.
The balance looks way off, I'm at a loss for word.
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"Huh? Oh are you surprised by my looks? I personally like this shaved head of mine though."

Light reflected off his head as he said that, the intensity rivaling even that of Krill*n-san's Solar Flare.

(Keep it together me... Stop getting befuddled by these elves.)

I move the conversation forward to end this quick.

"So how do we do this match?"

"Let's go with a race. See that conspicuously big tree way over yonder? We go all the way there and back here. That's it. Simple isn't it?"

I stared at him dumbfounded at this unexpected suggestion.

"Oh my name is Shurin. I'm confident in my legwork you see. I won't lose to anyone especially in this forest. It's like my backyard."

"You said you couldn't win and yet suggested a match you're confident in winning huh. I see, so this is 'Pride'. Well, I'll be."

I realize this is the scene where the opponent goes through with the challenge despite knowing it's hopeless.

(Template... oh template. Why are you so eminent... is there no way to avoid you...?)

And thus I'm now participating in a race, something I haven't done since elementary school days.





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