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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 188

188 Below the Surface is Important


It's not like I did all this without a plan.
They say elves submit to pure 'strength' but I'm well aware it's not that simple.
Even if they look obedient on the surface, there will always be a subset who can't help but act on emotions.
Doesn't matter if they call it instincts, law or rule, that kind of people will always exist.
And that's got nothing to do with races or clans, it's an individual thing.
People like that will definitely try to butt in later. They're gonna tear up what has been agreed on and then we're back to square one.
A huge pain in the rear, so my goal here is to haul up all of them in one go.
By pre-establishing the 'fact' here, I'm gonna shut them up for good.

"Oy! You elves over at the gate, you done already? Or are you just random onlookers who want to see me get beaten up? What about stepping up yourself? Oh what, are you too scared to? Giant wuss, the lot of you."

I provoked them even more here. Because I just know there are still some who don't agree to this.
By crushing them all here, I'm saving myself the trouble later. No backing down. Even if it means making the elves have the worst impression of me.
I want to get this all done before night time. The situation here has progressed to the point that living a recluse life in this forest unfeasible.
This is where I end up at after endlessly getting swept over. Even if this one in particular is due to my own action.
I don't even get the point of this whole thing when I just wanted to have a discussion. The elder could just come out himself and talk with me, that's it, how'd it end up with me strongarming the entire clan.

(Ah, crap... I'm seriously fed up...)

Around ten more elves came out as my thought process got to the usual dangerous tendency.
They looked furious from getting called wuss.

"You frail human! Quit looking down on elves!"
"I'll make you regret your words!"
"Damn youuuuu! Dieeeeeee!"
"Bear witness to our coordinated attack. Take this!"
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Those casting magic, those attacking head on, those who run around behind me.
All of them got blown away in the blink of an eye just like the previous elves.

(The people watching probably didn't see the actual process. From their point of view, these elves must look like they got blown away on their own.)

The process starts with them running at me, me in accelerated state pricking their shoulders and me undoing the state resulting in them getting sent flying.

It's a full process from where I stand.
To begin with, everything besides me turns either stand still or in super slow motion.
Thus, it must be like I'm moving at super high speed relative to other people, of course there's almost no way to perceive it.
Right now, these elves are surely highly bewildered at the mystery of me not doing anything yet clearly did.

"Okay, anyone else? If not, call the elder here. I want to talk."

The elves on the other side of the gate fell into silent. Seems like nobody is up for more.
After a bit, the elder showed up and slowly walked up to me.

"You have shown us your strength indeed. What is it do you wish to talk about? I shall accept anything."

"Still with that nasty attitude of yours even now huh. How about moving somewhere more appropriate first. Also I'm parched, get me tea."

We can finally have a talk but how pointlessly long it took to get here really gets me.




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