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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 197

197 Looking Back


My plan has seen a drastic shift after coming here, I'm even considering altering my end goal.

(How many times would this be after I left my village? Also, haven't I been sticking my neck into all these trouble just because I have this power?)

Some bad men showed up looking for trouble, I turned the table on them and then the mess just grew larger and larger. So many repeats of such pattern.
I would have reached my goal had I gone straight into a forest and started living there when I first left home.
I was rejected in my village as a burden. Yet nobody minds me at the town.
Wasn't that the reason I came to entertain the idea of living in the society?
I never put this power of mine into consideration. To begin with, living in society means earning money.
Ordinarily, this power has no place in a normal day to day job. Yes, 'normal'.

My situation now could be traced back to me saving Aryl. That wasn't normal. In game term, saving her led me astray from the 'normal route'.
Had I been a weakling who did not even have the option to 'save' her, I would have likely found a job in the commercial city, and worked hard there until the end of my life.
All while shouldering the regret of not saving her.

But I have this power. And the mindset that lets me choose to save.
I've gotta change this if I want to avoid getting dragged into more trouble in the future. 'What' do I need to change.
I can't just pretend that I'm powerless. And no way I could just up and alter my mindset at the flick of fingers.

(I've gotta sort this out. I don't want to change my end goal. Then perhaps I could at least make it a long term goal? Where's the best place to settle down? How much do I need to save up for a house? How long should I work to earn that?)
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Going at it little by little. Standing out when the goal is a life of recluse would definitely not go well, I'd keep getting dragged into mess. And that's a pain.
Therefore, flashy jobs are out of question. I don't want to get famous. I must be an idiot to only start planning about this now.

(No standing out, then how about going into hiding...? Like being the man behind the scene... maybe with a proxy? And if I get found out, I'd control the flow of information and turn it into an urban legend or unsubstantiated rumor?)

Despite my brain getting that far, the matter with Eltros completely slipped my mind.
It's really dumb of me. Relying on Eltros here would have solved all my problems and yet I thought I'd do it all on my own.

(For now, let's deal with the issue at hand. Focus on that first.)

After gaining this tremendous 'power' in this world, I've turned into an easygoing muscle brain idiot before I knew it.
Believing that I could deal with anything as long as I have power.

The cross scar man frothing at mouth I knocked out with a one-armed shoulder throw is proof of that.

"Mind taking me to your employer? Got something to discuss with them."

Despite saying that, I'm fully intending to settle this matter through brute force.




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