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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 199

199 Dangerous Being


In a spacious courtyard stood me, Maden and a black hooded man.
The place has been cleared of people to make a show on the attempt at taming Chimera.

"This man is a professional animal trainer. What is about to take place is his bread and butter. No animal has ever escaped his exquisite taming technique."

"Oh you're exaggerating Maden-san. It's true that I have never failed at taming livestock even once however."

I could feel some dark disturbing implication behind their exchange but I disregarded it and warned them.

"Magic beasts are highly dangerous beings. Do you get that?"

I have a reason for showing Chimera to these guys.
To make them rethink the idea of taming magic beasts.

"Oh please, making this little one roll over is but a simple matter to me."

"It may be a magic beast, but something this small should be manageable."

The animal trainer had full confidence in his ability, Maden judged the book by its cover.

"It's still a magic beast despite its looks. It could get aggressive if its moods worsens. I can't guarantee your safety when it comes down to that, is that clear with you?"

I tried mixing in threatening words to my warning, but it fell on deaf ears.

"I want you to give up on any further attempt at winning over magic beasts when this fails. No more from there on. Can you agree to that?"

I asked them to promise me that.
With this promise, Maden won't mess with me anymore.
He said that he wouldn't cross me but he never mentioned Chimera.
Thus, there's a high chance he's going to keep trying to get his hands on Chimera.
So I took the initiative here and set this all up.
Well, Chimera looks like a kitten right now, but its real form is that of a titanic magic beast. I can't even imagine it getting captured.
That's precisely why I'm confident in suggesting this.

"Hahaha. That's simply unthinkable. Any and all creatures will prostrate themselves before me."

"My plan may have gone haywire but that thing is as good as mine now. Sure I agree."
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This plan of his must be about assassinating me and taking Chimera. A bit of murderous impulse welled up remembering that but I bore with it.

(These guys sure are simple though. Their lines all sound familiar too.)

"Please be sure to keep your words. Well then, have at it."

I took some distance away from the Chimera near my feet. Once I stopped moving, Maden also left the animal trainer's side.

The animal trainer took a vial with blue liquid inside and drew a circle on the ground around him with it.
Then he chanted some sort of spell, manifesting a thin wall of blue light surrounding him.

"This is a barrier. This barrier protects me from my target. With this, no danger shall befall me."

I'm thankful for the commentary. I've learned another new thing that exists in this world.

"And now, I shall engrave upon my target, just who stands at 'top' here."

The man stared hard at Chimera as he said that.

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