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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 176

176 Crushed Zenan


"Ah, waitasec. Nature's call, gotta go."

Just as Zenan drew his sword vigorously, I nonchalantly said that.
Now that I'm full after meal, the urge came rushing in.

(This guy's definitely gonna make this longer than needed, gotta do my business now when I still have chance.)

===  ===  ===

I was regretting getting too worked up over this insignificant man.
He dared to leave right after I drew my sword and said 'Come at me!'
And that's not all. He left his sword in its sheath when he came back.
This guy's making fool of me. I must not stand to this.

"Bastard... What are you plotting..."

I blasted my full bloodlust at him. An ordinary human would have fainted bathed in it.
Yet this guy is acting normally as if 'Something like bloodlust does not exist'.

"Losing your cool over a trifling matter, guess that's what you amount to."

That almost made me fly into a rage. But it had the opposite effect, calming me instead.

(This man must be attempting to rile me up in order to make an opening... Cunning indeed.)

Even though elves have far a superior physical strength than humans, a technique-honed hit could still prove fatal to us.
I shan't let him land a single blow on me. Otherwise, it will without a doubt get to this man's head.
A moment of carelessness could mean life or death in battlefields.
I must keep my guard up and avoid any hit at all cost. Thus I remind myself.

"Hmph! Your cheap provocation is fruitless. You shan't see me leave the slightest bit of opening."

"Ah? Sure you can say that after dropping your sword?"

After hearing those words, I felt something off. 'Thud', I heard the sound of a heavy object falling on the grass below.


My sword has fallen off my hand without me realizing. It cannot be. I have been focusing on this guy all this time. I should be fully on alert, mind and body.

(Wha! What? How and when did I drop my sword!? Wait! This slight numbness on my hand...?)

It simply cannot be. This numbness feels familiar. But how do you explain that happening again now.

"Oh, looks like I'm getting the hang on controlling my strength. Alright. Pick up your sword. Or what, you wanna go bare handed?"

"What manner of trickery have you done? You must be using one. Truly fitting thing to do by a coward such as you."

I never let my eyes off the man while I picked my sword.
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"The hell you're going on about. You didn't even notice me knocking your sword. It was a head-on action y'know? There ain't no trickery anywhere. And besides, if it were really one, you failing to see through that only shows your ineptitude."

He got a painful point, but there will be no next time. I take a stance with my sword, facing him straight. This should let me deal with anything.
An instant later, my sword fell off my hands. Numbed again.

(How!? How is this possible?! That guy hasn't moved a bit! And I should have perceived when he knocked my sword!)

"Now then, you should realize the gap between us, would be great if you stop making trouble for me in the future. What do you say?"

"Bastard... What did you how..."

"You think I'm gonna tell you? Just kidding. I just did and you forgot already, are you going senile, man. I walked up to you and knocked it down, all frontally. Didn't you see me doing that?"

"Cease your insult at once. There was nary a moment you as much as hit my sword. In fact, you never moved from where you are standing...?"

Something feels off. I have just admitted that I did not sense him hitting my sword. The same as admitting my defeat.
But that's not what's important. Why did I say that he didn't move?
Elves live with nature. We possess eyes that can track down prey we are hunting.
My eyes are urging me to look at what's off on the ground.
I focus there and realize what. Footprints. Man's footprints.
They're walking paced steps coming from his direction and then back.

"I-it cannot be... Unbelievable... Inconceivable..."

I felt terror at this fact. A phenomenon my eyes cannot perceive has just been proven by what's left on the ground.
I do not know why my eyes cannot catch the act. But the truth is on this earth.

"Alrighty, I'm gonna try to make the next one visible. You ready?"

Surprised by that, I quickly readied myself. Waist lowered, and legs relaxed ready to move out anytime. I point my sword tip at him.
I fully focus my eyes on him with sharpened nerves as to not miss a single movement. My mind won't overlook the quietest sound coming off this guy.

"What the heck is this..."

He suddenly showed up right before me with his sword lowered. All my concentration only brought me that.
The sword in my hand fell for the third time. No, it was dropped too when I clashed with Serena. This is the fourth time.
I wasn't focused on this guy back then? No that's not it. I am incapable of even perceiving him moving. That is the answer.

"How does one attain such power...? A mere human like you... Besting elves... No, I understand. I shall interject no more on whatever you do... Do as you wish."

===  ===  ===

Zenan uttered his defeat quicker than I anticipated. With a really bitter look on his face.

"Thought you were gonna hold out longer. That'd have taken us longer to get back to the elven village though, so I'm fine with you retiring early."

I'm feeling a bit dissatisfied since I was just about to grasp the knack on controlling Accelerated state, but considering the discussion I'm gonna have later, I consider this a win.

Ah, of course I put Chimera down and handed it to Serena when I did my business. No telling what's gonna happen if it's still there when I enter Accelerated state. Scary, scary.
Don't wanna see a splatter on my shoulder.




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