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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 184

184 Commander


We got quickly surrounded by the bees as we stood still under the tree.

"Ugeh! What the hell... scary! Gross! Stripes of black and yellow! What are they, a beverage brand?"

I could still joke around in this situation, unlike Shurin.

"Why are you two still here!? It's too late now! These things won't stop coming until they're all exterminated!"

"Milord, the biggest hurdle with Frenzied Bees is the fact that wind spirit magic does not work on them."

"Eh? It doesn't?" I spoke back in reflex which Shurin replied to.

"It's more that they dodge every single hit. Precisely at that. Their swiftness enables them to accomplish such a feat. That's the most problematic thing about these bees."

"So, how do you deal with them?" The bees weirdly waited as we chatted around.

"These things are very cautious, they're observing us to decide how to kill us best. They will send a few at us initially to act as scouts. We must kill those scouts otherwise it'll be our end."

"These bees are pretty dang organized for something named Frenzied..."

While I was admiring them, around ten of the bees came attacking at once.

===  ===  ===

I sigh at that.

(Could anyone even predict it'd come to this?)

First of all, I slapped one of the nearby bees' head. That sent a disgusting feel down my spine.

(Nobody likes to touch insects directly. Ewww...)

I walk around and punched the bee behind on the abdomen.

(Uu... The feedback feels so weird, yuck...)

I took a random branch on the ground and hit three bees with it.

(Ugeee? These bees get split like butter just with a branch, no resistance at all...)

The branch just sunk into the heads down to their stingers, splitting them in half.

The fourth one was up in the air so I threw it a rock.
Same with the fifth, sixth and seventh bees. It's not because it feels gross to touch them directly. I mean, yes partly.

I split the eighth, ninth and tenth bees with the branch but it wasn't yet over.

I threw another rock at the most suspicious looking bee inside the swarm.

(That must be the commander no doubt... Organisms that work with coordination like this always have that kinda individuals in the team.)

The classic development came out here. I grasped it easily after all the templates thus far.

(Wonder if my personality is getting darker now? Feels like my real one is wearing thin~.)

===  ===  ===
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As I undid accelerated, I averted my eyes from the tragedy before me. A grotesque scene lies there.
Bodies of dead bees still twitching on the ground makes it all the more revolting.

(What's it about insects, ganglion or something? I don't wanna get any closer...)

"How did you kill all those bees...? No, more importantly... The rest aren't attacking...?"

Shurin inquired while putting his guard at max, while Serena praised me.

"As expected of milord. Mere Frenzied Bees are akin to garbage before your might."

The remaining bees are hovering on their place without doing anything for a while now.

"Wait, something's not right about them...? What did you do?"

"Eh? I just threw a rock at the bee that looked like their commander."

I used it as a training and didn't put any strength into my throw.
Yet, it still flew far while creating a loud boom. Shurin getting surprised yet quickly got back on his guard from that noise when I undid Acceleration proved his worth as one of the strongest warriors.
And that must be why. He connected that noise to what I said about throwing a rock.

"No way... I mean, no way..."

His eyes popped wide when he saw a bee on the ground far away.
Serena cast flame spirit magic a moment later. A flame so big and wide it swallowed up the rest of the bees, turning them into charred remains.
The heat is unbelievable. Instantaneously neutralizing all the bees. The surrounding temperature is gradually rising from it.

"That afforded such a smooth clean up. All of this is possible due to milord's power."

The wind carried the heat away, cooling down the surrounding temperature. This must be thanks to Serena's wind spirit magic.
So I thought as I witnessed it. Forget about me, Serena is honestly the 'OP' one here.




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