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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 181

181 Nothing to It If It Doesn't Hit


Since I was planning to run away, I barely managed to dodge that first strike.
The whip was heading straight at me moving on its own even though Daria herself wasn't budging.
I narrowly got into 'Accelerated' state and saw that the tip of the whip was right before my nose, sending a chill down my spine.

(Ugh, no pain please... especially not to please this genuine pervert.)

Everything within my cognizance can be dealt with. But I can't dodge attacks from outside my perception.
I may have this 'power' but I'm just still a common man. Though I've been managing thanks to my love of fighting games in my past life and good enough reflexes.
However, the tip of 'Whip' can exceed speed of sound. It's too late by the time you see it.
Had that strike hit, the battle would turn one sided on Daria's favor.
Not even me could endure attacks that exceed perceptions.
I'd probably fail to focus after that first hit from the pain.

(Now then... Serena mentioned about her using wind spirit magic to freely control the whip... then she should have another trick up her sleeve. Wind is 'Formless' after all.)

I braced myself now that I missed the chance to escape. Instead of 'Whatever', it's now 'Whatever happens, happens'.

===  ≠===  ====

"Why won't my whip hit even once!? What's going on here!"

Hundreds of whip marks are left in the surrounding area.

"Just who is this guy!? Dammit! Get hit already! It's just irritating now!"

I kept dodging Daria's whip by a hair's breadth despite her yelling.

"Aah, geez! I'm gonna use my special move and turn you into mince meat! Blame yourself for making me do this! Repent!"

There's a whip moving around all over the place helped by wind spirit magic, and then now a black stripe is shot out of Daria's fingertip.
A ghastly whip that tears through everything it touches.
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Are you familiar with water jet cutter?
Pressurized water shot out of a small hole that cuts things up. The water is mixed with abrasive material and can cut even hard metal. Or perhaps shaving it down is a more correct term.
This pressurized water slices with high speed, dense and super compressed energy.

This wind magic isn't quite that powerful and yet close enough.
The inside of this black stripe is full of trash, sand, rock particles, spinning at high speed to shave down most things.
I have no idea how fast it's spinning. But it should be capable of cutting up metal armor made in this world with its terrifying power.
Naturally anything softer would meet an even more gruesome fate against this.

And Daria is controlling this. She doesn't care if I die as long as it soothes her vexation. However.

"But how! How come I can't even graze him with this!?"

Daria whose blood rushed to her head out of irritation shot out the densest looking whip thus far.
She's obviously way over her limit as the firepower gets lowered every time she shoots.

"Hit! Hit! Hit dammit! This can't be happening! This shouldn't be happening!"

Her confident attitude gradually lost its luster alongside her wind magic whip that gradually stopped moving.
The black stripe, 'Gust of Wind' magic also dispersed.
Daria was breathing roughly with her shoulders going up and down before long.
She slumped down the ground and admitted defeat.

"...It's my... Lost."

Then she stood up and staggeringly walked back to the gate. Her back looked awfully small.
A lone man came out of the gate as she passed.

"Heya, Daria. He sure got you good huh? I've never seen a human capable of dodging attacks like that. That prowess far surpasses any of us, none of the remainder elves would be a match surely."

Apparently the elder still insists on having the rest of the elven warriors fight me even though they have recognized my strength now.




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