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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 177

177 Discussion and Gambling


I had Serena go on ahead to inform the village of our coming.
They're gonna turn me down at the gate if I don't make an appointment.
They already did once though.

(Wonder if I could smoothly present this thing? They've gotta be willing to hear me out first... So I guess not?)

If what I have in mind is right on the mark, it should go well.
I don't want to rely on it but I've experienced just how deeply fantasy-like this world is.
Doesn't that mean my wild imagination is actually spot on? I have a rough plot thought up in my head.
And now I can only hope the dice rolls on my favor.
Like gambling, betting everything on luck. But keeping around this mana crystallization, a Dungeon Core of unprecedented size would be suicidal of me.
Gotta win this bet. The biggest barrier is convincing the elven elder with eloquent words.
Nothing more suitable than elves to push this huge matter on. If I can't get them to supervise this massive burden, it's definitely gonna develop into an even bigger problem in the future.

(Now then, looks like we've arrived at the gate. Will he be there to welcome us.)

I told Serena to tell the elder about what happened in the cave and that I have an important matter to discuss with him.
If he thinks this Dungeon Core is an issue for them too, it won't be weird for him to wait at the gate.
But if he kept his attitude from yesterday and insisted that the core has nothing to do with them, I'd have lost my bet.
Aside from all that, if he feels the slightest bit of gratitude to me who solved their problem, he should at least turn up.

However, none of my guesses was correct. Since Serena was the only person waiting at the gate.

(Ah man. Back at first step huh. Well, guess that's that. What now?)

As if waiting for me to feel down, a hoarse voice called out.

"You there, Black Clad, halt! We can establish a conversation from where you stand."

The voice came from a tower. By an old wrinkled elf.

"Milord, that is our elder. He is willing to listen but not let milord in, as such he has opted to wait at that tower."
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"Ah, nice to meet you mr. elder. I am grateful you could spare your time."

"...I wish to ascertain your strength. I may hear you out once that is done. According to Serena, the ones who defeated Goblin King were none other than us elves."

"Elder! What are you saying now? Without milord and his wisdom, we couldn't have possibly defeated that Goblin King so swiftly! And that's not all...!"

"I get it, Serena. That's precisely why. He must prove his strength. A human who should be below us solved the crisis and even saved you lot. However, I have yet to witness this human's unshakable 'Strength'. Elves are one with nature. Therefore one must first demonstrate their strength before words."

"I wanna end this quick though? What do you want me do?"

"It's quite simple. You are to fight against five of our strongest warriors."

Okay, this is really going in the what a pain 'Whatever' direction.

(Why does this template development keep ambushing me anyway...?)

I could feel my face gradually turning expressionless as things developed on their own.




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