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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 178

178 Unexpected


My image of elves is that of 'Calm', 'Pastoral', 'Harmony with nature', 'Archers', and 'Intellectual'.
And yet everything is going in the wrong direction.
Heck, it's like I'm in a battle manga, I've no idea what's what anymore.

(What is this world if not survival of the fittest. Or so that full body bandaged samurai said...)

Despite insisting that they shouldn't mingle with the 'Black Clad', the elven elder is still willing to listen to me if I demonstrate my power because they have no idea how to deal with the dungeon core.
Only those with strength are worth listening to, or something. Hubris of the elves who put strength above all else. But they're not wrong. They're far stronger than humans after all.

I guess this comes with the territory since the resident elves in this village have never seen me fighting.
All of this only happens because of my decision not to flaunt my power.
Enormous power like this attracts attentions of people wanting to make use of it, for both good and bad deeds, it's best to keep a low profile.

"Ah, crap, I want to escape this reality. What a pain in the butt... I just wanna go and leave everything behind..."

"Milord, we beseech you to save us with your mighty power. I have tried my utmost to persuade the elder, but he will not budge. However, us elves will succumb before the existence of raw strength. I believe showing off your power is the best method."

"I just want to negotiate. Yet they're not even willing to lend an ear. I'm not even demanding anything outrageous..."

The word succumb is way overboard. But the six elves I saved did succumb on their own volition.
There wasn't even a 'Negotiation' as they unconditionally agree to everything I say. Just goes to show that this is the best method, I guess.

(But I don't want to add more obligations! I've calculated everything so far just to get them off my shoulder! What if it piles up instead?)

I've left the dungeon core in a far away spot. Chimera is housekeeping the thing.
It seems to understand my words seeing as it 'Meow'-ed back.
According to Serena, the core absorbs and emits a huge amount of mana.
That seems to be akin to breathing to Chimera, it was in a good mood when I told it to watch over the core.
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I looked up at the sky and muttered.

"I just wanted to live a life of someone below mob... Limiting my contact with other people to absolute minimum..."

The gate opened up and one man came out. Short spiky hair looking like a refreshing handsome guy. But his body is that of a beefy muscular elf who introduces himself loudly.

"The name's Gadd! I bear the strongest muscle powers among all warriors! Imma make a crumple out of a scrawny human like ya!"

(...Macho? My image of elves is fast crumbling down...)

This Gadd guy started doing a one man bodybuilding show. He's taken off his coat, half naked now.

"Aniki! I'm losing it!" "Your bursting body is too dazzling!" "The carving of your life on your back looks so somber!"

Apparently there are some fans of Gadd in the watchtowers. It's like I'm watching a real bodybuilding show from earth.

'Front Double Biceps' 'Side Chest' 'Most Muscular' 'Back Lat Spread'.

I'm getting a headache at all these poses he showed off in succession.
Adding to that is Serena's commentary from the sideline.

"Gadd is said to possess the highest physical prowess of any warrior in history. But his strength is nothing in comparison to milord's might."

Honestly, I'm not happy with that praise.

(Hm? Wait? I can use this to test that out.)

I recalled one thing I'd like to try with this chance, lessening the headache a bit.

"Alright, let's go with a test of strength then. I don't care if I lose."





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