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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 186

186 Grudge Can Be Let Go or Erupt


I thought I had managed to control my power. Yet all the elves' swords I struck broke in the middle.

"Gua!" groaned them. All the five attacking elves held their hands in pain.

"But I held back... Why? I didn't put enough strength to break the blades...?"

I grasped the control during my fight with Zenan. It should have been the same, and yet this was the result.

(It's like the rule just keeps changing... I even exerted less strength this time around...)

Of course my sword is still in its sheath. I struck without the blade part. And yet.

"Sorry about that. Didn't mean to break them. Was sure I held back. But that didn't go as planned, huh."

"W-what did you bastard do!? Damn! Use magic! Cut him into pieces!"

(What the hell is this development... How many times have I seen this now...)

Anime, manga, novels, games. I've seen these lines from all kind of genres.
And it's being done with me in the center.
Is there anyone out there who can predict this is how their life will get to be? No, no way.

(What does this world even want from a common man like me... So tiring. Please make this the last time.)

Mentally drained, I ran off. It's clear as day that there'd be no end to this if I deal with them here.
I call out to Serena.

"Serena, we're leaving at full speed. Lead me to the gate. I can't get there on my own thanks to the barrier."

Serena nodded and ran off.

"Dammit! You coward! After them!"

The elves were caught off guard and late to react.
But they were really slow. They frantically ran as they tried to catch up to Serena, but the gap only grew wider overtime.
Naturally, I'm following her just fine. In fact, Serena's full speed even feels slow to me.

(Serena, feels slow inside a forest? This can't be put into word anymore.)

My monstrosity is finally getting to me.
This 'Power' has grown stronger compared to the time we were running on the highway to Empire.
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(Losing this 'Power' now would be a problem but that doesn't mean I need it. I never asked for it...)

I did think the possibility that this body may keep getting stronger without limit as it's trained, and I see how real that is now. To that.

"What does one even hope to accomplish with this kind of 'Power'... There's no outlet for this..."

As I sighed, the goal came into sight. They marked the starting line, crossing that would mean victory. Or so it should be. But Shurin already declared his defeat, and now we got some unnecessary extras hot on our tail.
I don't know how to deal with all this neatly. It's something the elves, the elder should take care of, not me.

That's why I said this. I was at my limit. All this stuff drove me up the wall.

"Oy! Shitty geezer! Come on out you! I'm done with your crap! Quit it with all this pettifogging and face me squarely! Those who wanna get beat up by me, show your mugs here! I'm gonna beat the snot outta you all! Dammit!"

I don't regret shouting all that. Cause I was just letting it all out.
But this was seen as a declaration of war to the elves. A huge commotion broke out on the other side of the gate.





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