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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 194

194 Fight 'Crisis' Strike!


It's dark outside already. I'm staying in a nice room.
It's got a bath too, being able to relax for once after two long days was refreshing.
Yep, this here is a high class inn. This would be my second time in one, the last one wasn't too long ago.

"Aand Chimera's gone again... Oh well. I'll just let the window open a bit, it's gonna be back on its own I'm sure."

Thus I let a gap on the window. I got in my bed and fell asleep.

But I was too naive. I lack wariness.
At this point, there was no way for me to know that one of the glances from the restaurant had sent assassins my way, yet that doesn't mean I should make light of a flag I raised myself.
I really didn't understand anything. What danger truly means in this world. The inn was so relaxing I slept like a log.

'GAO!', that roar shocked me awake. A knife stabbed my bed as I jumped off it. A chill ran down my spine when I saw it was going for my heart.

I looked around the room and found two people in black attires. With knives in their hands.
But there's another unfamiliar beast as well. No. The form is familiar to me but not the size.
It's Chimera. In the size of a big 'Tiger'. Apparently it can freely shift both its shape and size.
Its roar was what saved my life.

"Thanks! I'm gonna treat you to lotsa good food later."

I couldn't calm down. But I managed to compose myself a bit.
Chimera glaring at the assassins afforded me time to be mentally prepared.
These assassins seem to be as shocked at Chimera suddenly appearing, they're not moving at all.

(So this is the terror of death... I don't want to relive it ever!)

When I'm wide awake, it's just impossible for me to lose to these guys with my 'Power'.
But this experience of nearly dying for the first time emboldens me to be more alert next time.
Also, I've got to ask something.

"Who sent you two?"

They're not responding. Silence treatment.

(Now that I'm calm, stupid thought crossed my mind again... What a template this is...)

I let the light on as I went to bed, so now I could see my assailants clearly.
Had I didn't, I might got up unaware of their presence, an opportunity they'd likely use to attack me.
It's probably safe to assume even one hit will be fatal. My intuition is telling me these guys are professional.
I had experience dealing with actual 'pro' in the trade in my past life, and these guys have the same aura.
Meaning there's a high chance their knives are coated with poison. A graze could be fatal. Way scary.

(Should I kill them? Or should I let them go and tail them? Arrest... none seems like a good option.)

The longer we let this standstill be, the more precarious these assassins' situation becomes.
One of them seemed aware of that and lunged at me.
I immediately went into Accelerated state as a precaution.

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(How do I even deal with this... Taking them to the guard station is probably gonna get them released right away with their backing. Or they could get muzzled? Suicide isn't out of question too...)

I think up of the possibility as my opponents move in slow motion.
How I deal with them depends on their employer.
If they're quick to give up, killing these guys here would be the end of it.
But the opposite would be a pain. They would definitely keep sending assassins my way. Unless I cut it off at the root.
I honestly would like to reenact what happened to Damo syndicate.
That may sounds extreme, but I really don't want to experience that life or death crisis ever again.
Thus, I decided to go with wait and see approach here.

(Let's do this here and then...)

I touch the pointed knife hand of the assassin with my own hand.
I lightly touch thigh of the assassin being glared by Chimera with my foot.

That should be enough to neutralize them. I'm still scared of these men though.
They could have killed me after all. It's the end when you're dead. That's just it. This 'power' won't help me at all when it's time for me to die.
I can't deny having gotten carried away recently. I never even considered the possibility of me dying even though it's that kind of world.
I undid acceleration while reflecting back on that.

===  ===  ===

"Gwugaa!" "Gyaa!" as the screams echoed in the room, I told the assassins.

"I'd love nothing more than offing you two here. I mean you were gonna off me yourselves, no? But I need you deliver a message to your employer."

The two are glaring at me with pale faces. But my mind is occupied with another thing.

(How come I managed to control my strength right this time? It would have failed for sure in any other case...)

I'm convinced controlling this power is impossible now.

"Another attempt at my life and I will erase your entire organization without a speck left. Go ahead and find out what happened to Damo."

I opened the window fully. A signal to tell them to leave. The two assassins slowly walked to the window while being wary of me.
The scenery over the terrace is that of a neatly trimmed green lawn. As you'd expect from a high class inn.
One ran out fast while the other with an injured leg slowly went to the opposite direction.

'Meow', Chimera who had turned back to its tabby cat mode gradually disappeared into the surroundings before my eyes.
Optical camouflage. I didn't know it could even do that.

"Well dang... So that's how you always vanished so suddenly..."

This ability is the reason Zenan and Tagdes asked about Chimera at a weird time.
But some mystery still remains about Chimera. Why was it a 'Lion' during its first showing, a 'Tiger' when it changed size and then a 'Tabby cat'.

(Ah, I shouldn't delve deeper... It's one of those things you just shouldn't...)

That should be the end of assassination attempt tonight, so I dived in my bed and forced my now completely awake self to sleep.





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