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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 183

183 Ready, Go


"Oh it seems they're done with the preps, let's get ready."

The preps here refer to sending elves under the goal tree. We are to go and touch the tree and then come back here as the finish line.
Thus, to prevent cheating, two elves have been dispatched there.
One is an elf from the village, the other is Serena. Two from both sides to prevent unfairness.

"Well, elves cannot lie due to our racial trait, so this is pretty much done for your sake."

"Racial trait? What's that? ...Ah, it's starting already?"

That sounds important but seems I've gotta postpone asking.

"Both of you, on your mark... Start!"

Shurin nicely dashed off while I saw him off. The elves watching us from the watchtowers started gossiping, 'That guy isn't moving', 'Must have given up', 'He's no match to Shurin.'
Just as Shurin disappeared into the forest, I accelerated.

(Now then, how do I make the biggest impact to elves?)

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I yawned as I waited. For who? Shurin of course.
I'm standing under the goal tree. The elf standing watch couldn't hide his surprise and started interrogating me.

"You bastard! When did you get here!? How?! ...What's happened to Shurin! Hey you!"

"Milord, that was uncharacteristically slow of you. And is there a reason to wait for Shurin here?"

"Ah, if I were to vanish and show up at that gate, the elves there wouldn't stop asking nor accept it. It's better if they hear the news from the person in question."

Otherwise the elves would definitely accuse me of cheating.
They would make a fuss out of it even though they don't even have a concrete picture of what this cheating is.
Ranting incoherently because they won't admit defeat because they can't understand. Folks like that exist everywhere.
In order to prevent wasting time on that, I'm waiting here.

"That Shurin guy seems pretty reasonable after all. If they don't hear the 'fact' from the man himself, they're all gonna look at me like I'm a cheater, exactly like that guy over there."

I pointed at the elf standing watch. Serena coldly glares at the elf.
"Hiii!", the elf shook and took a step back.
That was when Shurin showed up out of the forest. But something's not right.

"You two run away! I ran into something bad! Forgive me. I'll be a decoy, you go on ahead and... Eh?"

Shurin couldn't process why I was here for a moment there, but he pulled himself together and continued with his warning.

"It's Frenzied Bees!", the elf turned dead pale when he heard that and immediately ran off.
While Serena asked me with a calm voice.

"What would you like to do, milord."

"Uh, I mean I don't even know what those Frenzied Bees are."

Shurin got closer as we chatted nonchalantly.
A swarm of around 50 giant bees, each the size of an adult, followed behind him.





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