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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 179

179 Contest of Strength


How strong I am usually?
Though I don't know how heavy they were, I did carry those magic beasts here without even feeling the weight.
I'm able to control my strength when I'm not in 'Accelerated' state. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to lead a normal life.
But I've never gone all out. I mean you don't usually need to if you live normally.
I have an ideal opponent to test that out here. Nothing to lose from giving it a go.

(But if I ended winning against this Gadd guy, wouldn't that mean I well truly am a 'Monster'? That's just deflating...)

It's frankly tough to admit that I'm no longer just an ordinary man, but I prop myself up as it's important to know my limit. Bit too late for that anyway.
It's pretty clear I'm way out of ordinary after everything thus far.

"Alright! Let's have a lil' go then!"

Gadd opened his right palm and offered it to me. He's probably asking for a grip match. A pure contest of strength.

"Please take it easy on me. I'm not really into tightly grasping man's hand though."

As our hands interlocked, Gadd gradually increased his grip strength. But.

"I haven't started yet! Tell me if ya can't take it anymore, yeah? Imma let go right away. But try to keep at it till the end ya hear? Ya gotta entertain me."

Gadd kept increasing his grip strength as he said that, but I feel nothing at all.

(I can't feel a thing... This body's just way too crazy...)

Seeing me unfazed, Gadd raised his power the blood vessels on his forehead popped.

"Oy! Yer' pretty dang good aren't ya! Let's go with two hands then!"

Since he offered, I took it up.
With both our hands interlocked, Gadd looked towering over me.
The difference in statures is so huge it looks like I'm being attacked by a bear.
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"To think you could stand against my power, interesting! Gonna go all out now! Imma power myself up with mana, make sure yer' ready or else yer' gonna get crushed, ya hear me?"

This Gadd elf seems quite gentle. Considering how he kept warning me to be careful, guy must be an attentive older guy you can rely on.

(And here I am completely unaffected by this aniki going all out... Just how high is this body's specs...)

Even outside 'Accelerated' state, this 'Normal' state body is abnormal. Honestly, I don't think a being like that should exist in this world. And that being being me, I really don't think anyone needs this much power just to live.

"Can't believe ya could withstand this! But simply enduring my power ain't gonna do! You come at me too!"

"Well sure, I'll go at it a bit then. Slowly."

I'm able to control my strength when I'm not in Accelerated state.
I put more strength in my hand little by little. Also a bit on my wrist to counter attack.

"Guh! Guuuuuuuh! Uoooooooooo!?"

Gadd loudly groaned in surprise. The elves who are cheering for aniki on the towers also all commented, 'Aniki, but how!?'

The table has been turned. Gadd got cornered so much he fell down to his knees.
I relaxed my strength and undid my grip. The match is already over.

"Are you for real... Why'd anyone need strength this excessive... Normal is just fine..."

I couldn't hide my surprise at this discrepancy. Elves are stronger than humans. Gadd whose pure physical strength stands on top among elves, and me who easily subdued him like a baby.
I'm not complaining at winning. But this makes for another new reason to hit this world's god.

(Why am I not 'Normal'? Damn it...)

"Well dang! Ya got me good! I admit defeat! Heck, you never went all out, did ya? There really is always someone better out there eh! Well that makes tempering this body all the more worth! Gahahaha!"

Gadd turned around and went back while looking jovial, 'Got a new top to aim for, heck yeah!'
His broad back makes any feeling of bitterness vanish.

(Well, what's done is done, no point in lamenting over it, gotta stay positive. Guess I gotta try reverse my line of thinking...)

As I was thinking that, my next opponent came out in Gadd's place.





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