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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 34

Chaptert 34 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Encounter Arc


Today I'm also standing in front of the adventurer guild's quest board after training. Hello! Here's Nobusada.

Once you've turned into Rank D, there's more quests that involve subjugation and transporting things outside the city, a huge difference to when you're still a rookie. Umm, I can't choose, wonder if there's any quest that tickles my fancy.

And there's this quest among others.

《Urgent Recruit: Seeking Companion》
Seeking an adventurer that can at least protect themselves as a traveling companion. Quest details will be explained at the destination, Pezun Village two days away to the south of Gramada.

Client: Kagura
Reward: 1500 Mani + materials and Soul Stones obtained from monsters during the quest
Contact Address: 『Dog of Flame』

What an obscure quest this is, Kagura-san. Is there even anyone who's going to take it?

...There is one, me.

I got Two-handed Spear skill from her in a way, have to repay her somehow and I also want to talk to her along the way. I have a feeling that she must know many things about eastern countries judging from her outfits. I might even get info about katana and stuff. I'd like to wield a katana as a Japanese man. This sword isn't too bad itself, but I just can't give up on the dream.
Besides, traveling with a beautiful oni girl, I couldn't ask for more. I mean, I originally was a beansprout type in Japan.

Thus, I took the quest tag and lined up at the counter. Of course, at Eleanor-san's. Since the quest will take me afar, I've got to tell her that I'm going to take some days off on training.

Looks like the client, Kagura-san is staying at Dog of Flame inn. That's the same inn as Mitama and Futsuno-san. Still, Eleanor-san seemed a bit displeased somehow when she handled the quest, was she jealous I wonder? That would mean that she's conscious of me, that makes me happy. But well, for now gotta focus on the quest.

"Long time no see, Storm-san."

"Oh, is that you Nobusada. Been awhile huh. Looks like you've gotten quite used to being an adventurer. Your atmosphere feels different than before."

"Do I really? That'd be nice if true. I'm here for a quest today, is Kagura-san in?"

I explained to Storm-san while showing him the quest tag.

"Aa? Yeah, she should be in her room, didn't say anything 'bout going out or anything. It's room 206. And I've got to go with you, sorry bout that, that's the rule here."

"No no, don't worry about it. Oh right, I haven't tried your cooking yet. Maybe I should rent a room here and hold a party with Kagura-san, Mitama and Futsuno-san once I'm done with this quest."

"Oh you will huh. Then, you'd better earn big out there, hahaha."

We arrived in front of Kagura-san's room as we chatted. Looks like each room in Dog of Flame is spacious, unlike Solomon's Pavilion. That inn's room is like a capsule hotel's big after all.

I knock on the door and call Kagura-san inside.

"Kagura-san, are you inside? I'm here for your quest."

After a bit while, a sound like something falling could be heard from the room. Did she trip over something in a hurry?

"I'm sorry to make you wait. I give you my thanks for accepting my ques... Oh? Aren't you... Nobusada, was it?"

"Yes, I am. It's been a while."

"Mumu? I should have asked for rank D in the quest description, was there a mistake somewhere?"

"There is none. I've been promoted to rank D."

Kagura-san is dumbfounded with her mouth wide open. Storm-san has this 'you must be kidding' face. Muu, is it really that unbelievable, then eat this!
I take the guild card hanging on my neck and show it to the two. If this were a mistake, that'd be like blaming the guild. Now, check it out all you want.

"Y-Your rank is really D indeed. You, did you deceive me when you told me that you were a beginner a month ago?"

"No, I was really rank F at that time. This is the result of working hard on my training and quests."

Yup, I worked really hard especially in these last two weeks. I did two to three quests every single day after all. Particularly when I got rushed or nominated quests, I had to stay in the dungeon until late at night with Tama-chan. Well, even though there was nothing dramatic, I really worked myself to the bone.

"Fumu, I do not think the staff members there can do anything illegal. It's a bit hard to believe since it took me half a year to reach rank D. My apologies for doubting you."

"Please don't worry about it. I mean, I would likely do the same if I were you. I think it's only natural for those who are prudent."

"Well then, let us talk about the quest inside."

"I'm gonna take my leave here. Don't forget about the party once yer' done with the quest, Nobusada. Imma show you my skills."

"Hou, that's something to look forward to."

"Yes, thank you very much, Storm-san."
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I went into the room as urged by Kagura-san. There was no particular decorations inside, it was plain. But stuff like spear and breastplate are shoved aside in the corner of the room, probably from earlier.
Not good. I ended up looking around in bad manners. I'm not used to girl's room.

"As for the quest, there's a village called Pezun two days to the south of here. Our destination is a cave near that village. There's a certain mechanism inside that won't let you proceed deeper if you're alone, you see. Usually, I would have asked help from one of the few friends I have, but they're unfortunately not present due to a long term quest they took. Hence, I placed this quest in haste."

"I see."

"I myself am ready to go this instance, how about your side?"

"I can go right away after procuring foodstuff just in case."

"Then, could you meet me at the southern gate in one hour?"

"Got it. By the way, does Kagura-san have preferences in regard to food?"

"Hm? Me? I'm fine with anything that goes well with sake. I don't like beans, I guess."

"Aye aye sir. I'll be sure to take note when I'm buying the ingredients."

"Mumu, it sounds like you're going to prepare my shares too from where this is going...."

"But I do? We're in a party, even a temporary one. Might as well make something good for us two, right."

"You really are an odd one. Maybe even too kind for your own good."

"People often told me that. Then, see you at the south gate."


I carefully selected the ingredients at Yao Eight after parting with Kagura-san. Buying vegetables, fish, cheese and flavoring. Sure would love to get my hand on a magic rucksack exclusively for foodstuff. I should ask Sefi-san the way to make one next time.

Kagura-san was already waiting when I arrived at the south gate.
She's carrying a two-handed spear on her back and a rucksack in one hand. That's probably a magic rucksack as she has nothing else on her. She's armed with a forehead protector, breastplate, and gauntlets with leggings under under her hakama-like trousers. Similar to me, she's wearing minimum equipment as to not obstruct her movement. I think she's the type that slaughter her enemy with the two-handed spear while not letting them get close.

This is her current status I peeked.

Name: Kagura Kagami - Gender: Female - Age: 20 - Race: Onifolk (Disguised as General Human)
Class: War Oni Lv21 (Disguised as Fighter Lv17)
Title: 【Bloody War Maiden】
Two-Handed Staff Lv4 - Two-Handed Spear Lv4 - Martial Art Lv3 - Evasion Lv1 - Physical Strength Lv2 - Concealment Lv2 - Disguise Lv2

She's grown a bit compared to before.
If this is the growth rate of an average person, then mine is indeed extraordinary, partly because of the noGoddess's blessing.
Let's offer her something once I get back.

By the way, my equipment has also changed a bit. I'm wearing a belt that holds stuff which look like test tubes. This test tube-like things are made from stone, filled with many kind of potions. Corks are sold normally here, thus I use that to distinguish the content by colors. I made this after trials-and-errors so I could quickly get potions I need, learning from my mistakes in my fight with D Lostshroom. All of the four potion types are peach flavored, consisting of normal Potion, Cure Potion (antidote), Magic Potion (mana recovery), and Para Potion (anti paralyze). I made them all myself.

I'll be using a one-handed sword for this journey. I've been fighting a lot with bare hands lately, my skills could get rusty if I don't use other weapons.

"Thank you for waiting. Well then, let's go."

"Oh, you're here. Then let us depart."

It's Nobusada's first going outside the city quest. Now then, just what kind of incident-filled journey would we have.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 169

Chapter 169 Strongest Sage, Returns to the Royal Capital


"...Ok then, let's obtain the king's cooperation."

"The king?"

"Yea. Going to another country after acquiring info and cooperation from the country will definitely make things go smoother than going without any information whatsoever."

However, asking for an audience with the king would take too much time.
He'd come for sure, but dealing with procedures and stuff is annoying.

"But we'll be using a back door."

"Back door?"

"Yea, the principal. If we bring the horn of the demon we beat earlier to him, things should proceed the quickest."

The principal knows the king personally after all.
I mean he went and brought me to the king quite easily back then, we should be able to get the king's help while bypassing annoying procedures.

We're not in that much of a hurry since the magic stone mana won't stabilize for a while... But going abroad feels like it's going to get troublesome. I'd like to have some free time with us if possible.

"I see, the principal huh.... Principal Edward is quite a mystery himself..."

"You're right, apparently he's friends with the king... I feel like my common sense is paralyzed with Mathi-kun around."

Well, whether we're meeting the principal or the king, we've got to go to the royal capital anyway.

"Let's return to the royal capital for now."

"I got it! ...Should I fly?"
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"No, let's just run. Looking for a place to land that won't cause uproar around the royal capital is too much work. Just running is safe and fast."

Besides, Iris's body seems to still have damages left on it, transforming back to her dragon form would put a large burden on her.
Her wings and magic circuit are recovering little by little, but it should take time until they go back to normal.

Even if she had no choice but to transform back, surely there will be a better time for it than just for returning to the capital.

"True, we'll be back in no time by running if it's just to the royal capital!"

"Now that you mention it, it does feel close by!"

"...Nearly 100 kilometer away shouldn't have been called 'close'... But it does feel like it's not that far."

The girls seem eager to run too.
Of course, that means we'll be passing through Cikirisbia forest, but no one is objecting unlike the time we departed.
Thus, we quickly got ready and began to run toward the capital.

"Cikirisbia forest has this scary image to it, but it's just a normal forest when you take a better look."

"It is, it might be a bit dark... But you can cover your vision with 『Passive Detection』."

"I don't recommend relying only on Passive Detection since monsters may sometimes be attracted to it. ...You can use this time to practice investigating which monsters get attracted to Passive Detection and those that can't be detected by it."


Passive Detection isn't almighty.
In order to avoid an ambush from opponents where Passive Detection doesn't work on, you need to secure your vision and perceive their presence.

...Well, there's no particularly strong monsters in this route, there's no need to worry about that now.

We smoothly advance toward the royal capital while practicing as such.
And, in the evening.


"Feels like it went by far quicker than when we left!"

We arrived at the capital.
And immediately went to the site where the second academy was located.
But what await us there was...

"...Huh? This was where the Second Academy was, right?"

"No mistake about it, it should be here. I can sense the barrier's core."

"It looks like they're constructing something...."

It's a construction site where a huge building is seemingly being built.
Just what the heck happened in the short while we were not in the capital.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-28

16-28. Garleon Union


Satou here. I wonder when did wars begin to mainly turn into information wars?
I guess it's only natural, there's no point in amassing weapons without a battlefield, and using a weapon that has a good compatibility against your enemy is the practically same as having forces many times over.

『--Do you mean for me to betray Garleon Union?』
『Hahaha, not at all. The thought of tempting your majesty to violate the union charter never even crossed our mind.』

Some quite a timely conversation reached my ear.

On my way back from the mermaid village, I discovered one place that was holding this scene while I was using space magic [Clairvoyance] and [Clairhears] to investigate if there was any discord in Garleon Union.
Though maybe it's only obvious since I chose a place with the most suspicious individuals around.

A highly nervous gentleman overflowing with small fry aura and an avaricious-looking nobleman continued their talk in the spectacle shown by my [Clairvoyance].
The nobleman is the second rank of Garleon Union, Gaboz king who's supposed to be wanting to take the leader position.

『King of Gaboz, it has always been on our mind, a kingdom ought to be ruled by a king.』
『In other words, you want to return Garleok City that was once turned into a democracy by the hero? Pusan Garleok?』

I see, the nervous gentleman, Pusan-shi is a descendant of the former Garleok royalty huh.
Looks like he's also an underling of the [Skeleton Archduke].

Map information is hell of a cheat as always.

『It's nothing like that at all... We only want to return to our rightful position. And then with the guidance of the strong king of the union, your majesty Gaboz, the country will go toward an unprecedented future.』

How do I say it, it truly is a depraved noble-like persuasion, all talk with no substance.

『I get what you proposed.』
『Then! You'd be our supporter, wouldn't you!』

In contrast to the all-smiles Pusan-shi, Gaboz king had a cold expression on his face.

『I have no idea what you're talking about. Heiz, he's a traitor of the union. Arrest and deliver him to Garleok City congress.』
『Should we send only his head?』
『No need to waste our salt. Let the guys over there deal with his head.』
『P-please wait, Gaboz king! With you as our leader--』

The guards took away Pusan-shi who was still trying to convince the king.

『Fool who wasn't even worth a clown wasting my time--give me the report.』
『Yes. The spy that we sent to Skeleton Archduke has fallen on their hands.』

The king snorted displeasedly to hear the head page's report.

『However, the [Pigeon of Blessing] the spy carried has brought back news.』
『Hou, just what you would expect from a [Sage Tower]-made magic tool.』

--Oh, those terms sure tickle one's heart.

If I'm not mistaken, Sage Tower is another name for the city where the great temple of God Karion resides.
I'm looking forward to visiting it already.

『And, what does it say?』
『Yes, the Skeleton Archduke is just a puppet of demons, and the demons intend to attack Garleok City as well as Garleon Main Temple to obtain the [Golden Wheel].』
『Hmmph, the demons' goal is the [God's Ship] huh...』

The [Golden Wheel] that showed up in their conversation is in my Storage, there's no chance of it getting stolen.

『You mentioned puppet of demons. So are they the Wing of Liberty bunch?』
『No, they don't seem to be demon lord believers.』
『Fumu, then we can safely assume that those guys won't play a part in this, can't we?』

The head page slowly shook his head before continuing on.

『We still do not know for sure, but there is a high chance that they have slipped in among the mercenaries hired as escort fleets.』
『Then, the escort fleets might raise a revolt right when the pirates come attacking huh...』
『It pains me to admit.』

That might be a bit bad.
Since two third of Garleok Union marine forces consist of the mercenary escort fleet.

--Well, I can think up a way to deal with them now that I know though.

『Our country will take a wait-and-see stance.』
『Understood. What should we do about the escort fleets?』
『We cannot possibly turn all of them into union forces. Guard merchant fleets of high importance with our own national escort vessels.』

The head page who has received the king's decree runs out to deliver the messages to other pages.

And then, the king looks up at me.

『That's the gist of it. We'll leave the rest to you, break a leg.』

Looks like he noticed that I was peeking through space magic.
Well, he's still a king who rules over a City Core regardless of how petty.

He apparently thought that a magician of Garleok city was the one doing the peeking, not me though.

"What's the matter?"
"It seems like Gaboz King isn't plotting to raise a rebellion."

I replied to the asking princess Sistina.

It might have just been an act because he noticed me looking though.
Afterward, I tried investigating other cities too, but all of them were just being gray, none plotted to betray the union by making use of pirates.
I personally thought that there would be at least one traitor among them, it was a bit unexpected.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

『Your excellency archduke~ your acting earlier was splendid nano.』

A female pirate with heavy make-up talked to a lanky nobleman-looking pirate.
The latter is the Skeleton Archduke, a male human with a skeleton-like face--no, with a skeleton mask worn on his face.

『Now the pirate union has been successfully formed, and Garleok City will be destroyed just like your excellency's wish nano.』
『U-un. But, was that really okay?』

The voluptuous female pirate clings on the timid young man.
Since it doesn't only apply to her chest, but her entire body, I'm not really envious.

『It's perfect nano.』
『O-oh good... Hey, how long should I keep doing this?』
『Until the real Skeleton Archduke comes back nano.』

I see, this young man is a fake huh.
I thought he's the real thing since he has Skeleton Archduke title.

However, there's no other Skeleton Archduke within the known Map.

『It's okay nano. You can definitely do it nano.』
『B-but, crashing an island of ice into Garleok City and then sinking it with swarms of monster during the confusion, is that really possible?』

I see, that mid-demon-laced iceberg I retrieved back then was brought here for that purpose huh.

『No worries nano. The real Skeleton Archduke can control even demons nano. Merely puncturing a hole on the bottom of a warship is--』

In the middle of her words, the female pirate looked up and glared at me then she threw a dagger here.

『--Seems there's a peeping tom here nano.』

Looks like the female pirate noticed me.
I canceled the space magic and returned my consciousness here.

"It appears that the pirates are going to band together and attack Garleok City."
"That's terrible desuwa!"
"Nn, danger."

Lady Karina and Mia were enraged.

"So it will really turn into naval battle?"
"About that--"

I told them about the information I got from space magic.
The pirates, or rather, the demons manipulating the pirates are probably going to control monsters to do destructive acts.

"Don't tell me, the woman manipulating the fake Skeleton Archduke is?"
"Yes, she's possessed by a demon."

I found no trace of demons when I was checking things back then, but they were suddenly there before I knew it, just like the stuff with iceberg.
Good grief, you really can't let your guard down.

"For now, I'll bring along the temple knight commander to go meet the mayor."
"Should we wait here?"
"No, some pirates that are on their way to congregate at Garleok city are using the opportunity to attack small merchant fleets, I'd like you girls to rescue them."

I told that to princess Sistina.

"Not extermination?"
"Yup, try to only drive away the pirates if you can."

I gave an affirmative to Mia's question.
If we cull out too many pirates, the fight would be over before I could show off [Group Valor] after all.

"The pirates have formed a union and they're going to attack Garleok City?"

I'm meeting face to face with the mayor using the temple's connection.
I could have done so as an earl of Shiga Kingdom if I wanted to, but it apparently would go faster through the temple, so I asked for an intermediation.

"Yes, I caught sight of multiple fleets of pirates cruising together when I was sending a lost mermaid back home."
"And you know they're heading to Garleok City just from that?"
"I have no positive proof. But every one of those fleets was heading toward Garleok City. I think it would be best to be vigilant about it, no?"

The mayor frowns after hearing what I said.
The cost of preparing for war must be high, it's not like I don't understand why he doesn't want to do it indiscreetly.


The temple knight commander who had been keeping silent up until now opened his mouth.

"Multiple pirates coming here is the truth. Temple Knights will abide by the master of the 『Golden Wheel』 and deploy our ships."
"『Golden Wheel』 you say? Was he recognized as its master?"
"God Garleon himself has granted his permission to have it lent."
"--It can't be, the 『God's Trial』."

The temple knight commander solemnly nodded.

After looking shocked for a while, the mayor folded his arm and went lost in thought.
After a while, the mayor looks at me and opens his mouth.

"I'll have you know however, we cannot allow you to take over the right to command Garleok City fleet."

Even though it's the home turf of God Garleon, the union isn't exactly a religious nation, so I also think it's only natural.
And not like I wanted to take over the command anyway.

"However, you are allowed to board the flagship as an observer."
"Of course, temple knight fleet can go with our fleet too."
"--Our gratitude."

It was settled before I could say anything somehow.
Well, it all worked out just like I wanted so I'm gonna ride on it.

"Hold it right there, noble youngling!"

The day after, I was stopped by a bearded admiral when I was going to board the flagship.

"Like hell I'm gonna let a noble command my fleet! Seems you've cajoled the mayor, but I'M the admiral of this fleet!"

The admiral rattled on while scattering his saliva around.

"Yes of course. I've been allowed to get on board in order to closely watch the commanding prowess of the best admiral in Garleon Union."
"Hmph, seems you're good with words huuh? But, just so ya know! I ain't the best admiral in the union, but on the entire continent!"

He's got some pride it seems.

"Also, ain't no place for women on board! Let 'em ride on the temple knight ship."

Lady Karina and Mia who are together with me look displeased, but I reply to him with a smile before they could snap back.

"Very well. They will be riding on my personal ship."
"Mia and Lady Karina, I'm entrusting you two to patrol the sky on the airship."

I told the guy that Mia and Lady Karina would follow along on an airship, and then I follow after the captain who went on the ramp with perked-up shoulders and boarded the iron flagship.

"Ya whippersnappers! Pull the anchor!"
"Pull the anchoor."

He roared at the crew like a pirate, rather than an admiral.
In modern times, apparently there's many cases where an admiral differs from a captain, but it seems admiral and captain hold the same position at Garleon Union.

"Raise the sail!"
"Raise the sailll"

An officer transmit the captain's order to the crew.

"Magicians, winds."
"But we have the magic furnace--"
"Quit yer' yappin'! Magic core fuel ain't gonna pay itself! Save the magic furnace till the battlefield."

Wind and water magicians had a sour look on their faces when they heard the captain, but they obeyed him regardless and used their magic.
From what I gathered with Attentive Ears skill, these magicians are using a magic to gather wind and another to reduce friction on the hull.

The fleet depart at a speed that surpasses an ordinary ship.

That said, it's still way slower compared to an airship.
I should go do something to kill time until we meet the pirate group at their rally point....

I'm feeling the sea breeze on my body while thinking about that.

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Or it might be delayed to 1/7. I'll do my best where possible~.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Nobu-san's Current Status Report


It has been a month since I moved to this city.

My goal, that is leveling all my Classes to level 10, has been mostly completed. I said mostly because I got more Classes again from derivations and skill acquisitions, I still haven't got to them yet.

Those new Classes are Alchemist, Illusionist, Slave Trader, Carpenter and Mason.

Alchemist was a matter of course, while I unknowingly got Conjurer after showing some tricks to amuse children who were hanging around Bell. Carpenter was after I repaired leaked roof on Bell's place, and Mason was from making the jam's jars. Looking again, I got most of them from things related to Levellit Temple. Is this due to Levellit-sama's guidance? No, I don't think that noGoddess is capable of that.

I learned class skills at level 10 of classes that are not magic-focused.
Here are those skills

Fist Fighter 『Chakra』
Stimulate inner healing power by focusing your mind, heal HP. By increasing proficiency and reaching Veteran level, it's possible to recover from paralyze and poison.

Beast Tamer 『Treatment』
Heal your tamed monsters by placing your hand on them. The logic behind it is not known. Effect rises with deeper bond.

Hunter 『Hawk Eye』
Temporarily raise hit rate like a hawk eying its prey.

And here's my current status. Even though I'm not sure why I would want to level up Illusionist, my laborious mind forged in simulation compels me to do it.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Age: 15 - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Alchemist Lv1 - Illusionist Lv1
State: Healthy
Title: 【True Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 334/334 - MP: 2,183/2,183

Otherworlder Lv10 - Fighter Lv10 - Fist Fighter Lv10 (up!) - Monk Lv10 (up!) - Magician Lv10 (up!) - Conjurer Lv10 (up!) - Illusionist Lv1 (new!) - Alchemist Lv1 (new!) - Thief Lv 10 - Hunter Lv10 (up!) - Beast Tamer Lv10 (up!) - Merchant Lv10 (up!) - Slave Trader Lv1 (new!) - Farmer Lv10 (up!) - Househusband Lv10 (up!) - Carpenter Lv1 (new!) - Mason Lv1 (new!)

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv2 - Magic Modification Lv2 - Composite Magic Lv2 (up!) - Housework Lv5 - Farming Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Grappling Lv3 (up!) - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv2 - Body Reinforcement Lv2 (new!) - Mana Clad Lv2 - Evasion Lv3 (up!) - Parry Lv2 (new!) - Sacred Magic Lv3 (up!) - Dark Magic Lv1 - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv4 (up!) - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2 - Alchemy Lv2 (new!) - Processing Techniques (Wood - Stone) (new!)

【Class Skill】
Provocation - Treasure Hunter - Chakra - Treatment - Hawk Eye

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv4 - Levellit Blessing (Small)

【Tamed Monster】

【Elemental Magic Aptitude】
Fire: Fire Javelin - Shoot out a huge javelin of fire at a high speed
Water: Bubble Bomb - Produce bubbles that explode on touch
Wind: Thunder - Launch electric shock toward target
Earth: Stone Skin - Endow layer of stone that protects you from damage to a certain extent

【Sacred Magic】
High Heal - Heal with great recovery effect
Protection - Increase target's physical defense for a limited time
Mana Shield - Increase target's magical defense for a limited time

Name: Tama-chan - Gender: Female - Race: Moss Ball
Class: S Moss Ball Lv14 - State: Healthy
Title: 【Moss Ball of Possibility】 - Bond: Deep Affection
HP: 81/81 - MP: 24/24
(Status is improved by the effect of master's title)

Divided Body Generation - Sacred Magic Lv1 - Evasion Lv1 (new!) - Camouflage Lv1 (new!)

【Moss Ball of Possibility】
Having the potential to go toward the future, surpassing its current power, Moss Ball who has awakened to its inner strength.

The title is too abstract, I don't know if it has any effect in itself. But Tama-chan has endless potential. That's a good thing.
Camouflage is a skill that makes you blend to the surroundings like a chameleon, finding Tama-chan when she uses the skill is next to impossible if I don't have Differing Soul Telepathy.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

After the matter with Bell, I regularly dropped off the jam at Levellit Temple to have it sold there, my connection grew with it. Housewives who live near the temple, visiting adventurers and shopping district folks including Zahat-san. Especially the people of the shopping district, they regularly ask me personally to take their quests, like gathering ingredients.
As the result of rapidly completing those quests, my adventurer rank is now 『D』.

Eh? Why did it go up by two ranks?

There's many reasons, but the biggest one is because I got satisfying evaluations from the clients in most of the quests I took. Most of the quests weren't about battle but gathering stuff, but thanks to my Magic Rucksack, the item' state didn't decline, I split the requested items by their types, and delivered them before the scheduled time, you know, stuff that's just normal to do in Japan. The rowdy bunch in this world is quite reckless at this, so the quest clients were quite happy with me. The Japanese corporate slave spirit works its magic here.
I think soon I'll be able to do the same quests Mitama and Futsuno-san are taking.

I'm still staying at Solomon's Pavilion even after having ranked up. The food cost and inn fee should have gone back to normal rate since my rank went up, but Donur-san said that there's no need for that. It's apparently for my shares from the sales of stuff I taught him like deep-fried breads that are popular as lunch take-out among adventurers. That feat amounts to an incredible number.
The reward may seem minuscule, but simply having stable food supply and more dish variety are more than good enough for me. Donur-san and his cohorts have created various filling for the bread, there's a lot to choose now. I also occasionally ask for his help. I'm very thankful that I'm allowed to freely use most of the kitchen now.

My alchemy training at Sefi-san's place is also progressing well. That said, I can't exactly fix walls by putting my palms together nor can I create flame by snapping my fingers.
But it's probably at a level where I can do mixing works in an atelier somewhere.

I've improved potion that was famous for its bad taste and successfully produced it in peach flavor, specialty of this city. It seems to have gotten quite popular among the adventurers, sales are soaring high.

With the modified version of dry spell, 『Freeze-Dry』, I instantly freeze herbs and peach and dry them into powder. Even though I don't know how the real freeze-dry work, I just made it so the magic causes similar phenomenon to happen, it's all ok in the end.
With it as the raw materials, I manage to create potion that's not bitter or foul tasting. In fact, as long as you can make this powder, you can make these peach flavored potions even with crude ingredients. Since production time, storage space, and quality are all way better than traditional recipes, Sefi-san was dancing in joy. And since I've put my mana into the powder during its production, the Enclosed Mana of the resultant potion will increase regardless of who makes it. By the way, Sefi-san also tried putting her mana during the production, but the quality didn't go up. It seems to be a special perk only for me.

I've got a share on the sales of this peach flavored potion, and the 『Shut-in Lamia』 has turned into a semi joint management. I firmly refused it at first, but Sefi-san's eyes looked like a bird of prey that wouldn't let go of her prey, and I ended up raising the white flag.

My training with master and Eleanor-san is also going smoothly.
I was able to keep up with Eleanor-san's 50% speed which I couldn't see at all before. I think my body is catching up with the level up. Her speed is gradually escalating like usual, but she regains her composure whenever she gets excited if I make a gesture like I'm trying to hug her. Apparently, that makes her recall the time I unintentionally grabbed her breast.

My technique research is going relatively well as well. I managed to reduce mana consumption and created more variations by reforming the way I put the mana. I also experimented with magic modification along with it, but since master's ideas were all interesting, we always ended up getting scolded up by his subordinates and Eleanor-san. I think we've managed to create several that are usable in real combat.

As for Bell, since he was originally the type that stimulates one's protective instinct, he had gotten popular amongst the housewives and managed to earn regular income from the temple's sick ward. He's greatly enjoying the days where he can eat meals every day. What a simple guy. Well, that's exactly why people lined up to help him. However, whether that gave birth to a stalker from a certain temple or not.... Bell, make sure to guard your ass at night.
And this one is related to me, there was one time where I stood side by side with Bell in the temple and met with very lukewarm gazes from part of the housewives. I don't want to think what this means, but I just wanna say, homo is no no! Tell me they're not gonna spread it on some thin books or something, are they!?

In addition, the Applevel Jam is also selling well. Just as planned, there are some curious folks who aim to complete the whole set. By the way, the secret rare one is designed after Tama-chan. I've only produced two of it so far. Fufufu, don't think you can get a hold on Tama-chan that easily.

Income and expenditure until today - capital 319, 020 + 9,750 (jam sales excluding sundry expenses like Bell's wage and offerings) + 32,000 (potion sales) + 63,400 (quests reward + Soul Stone and material sales) - 11,680 (inn and misc. cost)= 419, 490 mani

Looking at it again, it doesn't look like a month's earning of a beginner at all. I look plain though!

Now that I've gotten some nice footings, it might be a good time to start taking subjugation quests on and go deeper into the dungeon. I fondly gaze at Tama-chan while still having my mind on the still unseen enemy and dungeon's treasures.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Strongest Sage, Plans Campaign


A few minutes after the demon cut off the transmission.
We've safely left the dungeon and come back to the inn.

The city was still in uproar because of the monster raid earlier, but it seems like inns have resumed their operations.
Well, the damage is almost nil after all, it's probably more peaceful compared to when that city ruler was still in power.

"So... How do we look for those demons?"

"With this."

I took out a small magic stone as I replied Alma.

"...Magic stone?"

"It kinda feel like the demon's mana..."

Just as I thought, Ruli would notice.

"Yeah. This is that demon's mana transmitted through the comm magic.... It needs time to stabilize though, so it's still not complete yet. We'll use this to detect the demon."

It's true that you can camouflage the actual location of the transmission by using relay magic.
However, even with relay, your mana will always be transmitted through the magic no matter what.

It would be a different story if the demon had used a special comm method, but then there would have been a delay in the transmission.
To begin with, searching a wide area by using mana as the basis wasn't widely known even before the decline back then, normally one doesn't prepare for it.

"Detecting mana, you mean... with Passive Detection?"

"No, Passive Detection can't cover that wide of an area. It's true that you can widen its search area... but there's no way Passive Detection can find our enemy unless they're very close."

Considering our enemy took precautions for our detection, they must be quite far from us.
Trying to detect them with the assumption that they're close by is a waste of time and labor.

"Which means, there's other methods? Like through Dragon Vein, maybe...?"

"You almost got it right. We're gonna use Dragon Vein indeed... But just that won't be enough. We'll use existing facilities."

Searching a wide area through mana is unusual even before the decline.
Of course, it's not simple to do... however, it can be made easier this time.


"Yea. There are large-scale magic devices that can search things by using enemy mana. We'll be using that."

That's right.
The facilities I made in my past life still remain today.
By the way, they're facilities I employed to destroy demons, thus it's possible to thoroughly detect them all in times.

"I never heard of such facilities though...."

"I'm not surprised you didn't know. Those magic devices were created 3000 years ago at the very least, and no one would know how to use it even if they found one."

"But, Mathi-kun knows their locations and how to use it?"

"That's right. As for the reason why... well, it's a long story."

I can't exactly tell them that my past life created the devices, I've got to make some excuses.
Well, Iris seems like she noticed the reason, she's looking at me with a meaningful glance.

"Well, Mathi-kun's weird knowledge is just like the usual anyway... And so, where are those magic devices at?"

"The nearest one is... Here."

I unrolled a map on the desk and pointed my finger at a spot 100 kilometer away from here.
Seeing that... Alma shouts out loud.

"So far!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"...But it's only about 100 kilo, isn't it? Shouldn't take long if we run."

"No well, I agree that we can run there, distance-wise... But that's in another country you know?"



Another country huh....
That'd make it hard to move around.

The magic device in question will produce considerably loud noise in the surroundings from the mana shockwave when used.
Thus, we can't exactly slip in and use it in secret either.

"How about this place?"

I pointed at a place on another direction, about 130 kilo away.
From the sensation I got touching the Dragon Vein, there are three facilities in question that are still usable today.
It'll make things easier if even one is located within Eis Kingdom...

"That's a foreign country."

"Then, how about here."

"Also a foreign country."

Looks like the magic devices are all in foreign countries.
Well, since there's only three of them in the entire world, the fact that we can reach them on foot is still a good thing though.

"...It'll take quite a while before this mana stone stabilizes to a practical level. We need to go to another country in the meantime."

It's turning into something bigger than I originally thought.
...For now, we should secure the king's cooperation.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-27

16-27. Garleon Union (3)


Satou here. Speaking of aquarium, you may believe that dolphins are the star of the show, but I don't think you could dismiss the seals that can move in high speeds underwater contrary to their looks, and the cute penguins and their behavior.
That reminds me, I think my childhood friend who went with me said that they wanted to eat fried prawns when they saw spiny lobsters inside the water tank.

"『Command an army, and demonstrate your power』, is it--"

On our way back from Garleon Temple, I told what the trial was about to Mia, Lady Karina and princess Sistina who came with me.

"This looks to be my turn."

Princess Sistina's glasses sparkled for an instant there.
Come to think of it, feels like it's been a while since I saw her wearing glasses.

"Mwu, sea."

Mia pointed out that fact to princess Sistina while pointing her finger at the sea.

"Oh right... My golems can't float on water, can they."
"But they can help defending the coasts. I can also prepare wooden golems for you if we're going to let them on board a ship."

Wooden golem is generally not suited for combat-use, but since its fighting prowess far surpasses your average soldier, it should work fine against pirates.

"I also want to take part in it desuwa!"

Mia nodded to reply Lady Karina.
Unlike princess Sistina, Lady Karina who specializes in close-quarter combat and Mia who controls individually high-powered artificial spirits aren't the type that can lead an army by themselves.

"Then, I'll be asking Karina-sama to cut through the front lines as a vanguard unit."
"Yes, bring it on desuwa!"

Soldiers' morale should go up with her looks.

"Can I ask Mia to command water spirits and bring advantages in naval battles?"
"Nn, will work hard."

I pat Mia who puffs out her chest while snorting, and we go to board the airship.

First of all, let's get a grasp of the situation.

"Satou-sama, no ships or people found in the airspace and sea surface around us."
"Thank you."

I jump out of the airship who has risen to high altitude.

"I'm going out for a bit. Stay in the air for a while."

After telling that to the saluting brownie, I'm headed outside the Map using Flash Drive.
I went around Garleon Union's countries and the surrounding ones one by one and used [All Map Exploration] magic to collect information.

"There's a lot more pirates than I thought..."

There are more than 100 ships of various sizes, and each has 10 to 100 pirates on board.
I guess a group of a several thousands pirates is enough to fight a country.

However, many of the pirate ships are acting alone, only a few of them act in a group of three or more.

Their levels are split in two groups, 15-30 and 3-7, the former is 30% and the latter is 70%.
The strongest looking pirate is level 43, even Lady Karina can win if they act alone.

The pirates mostly consist of humans and beastkins.
The sea beastkins are mostly of gillmen, and not a lot of mermaids.

Most of the pirates are either sailing around the oceans in a fleet of ships, or staying at independent towns and settlements located in groups of islands or areas of oceans with lots of reefs to make shaking off pursuers easier.

"And the Skeleton Archduke is--there it is."

The one who has that title is a ship captain of the flagship of a fleet of small warships, his level is surprisingly low at 24.
He's probably the type that commands people well, his individual strength itself is low.
I mean, even the ships he's commanding look more like an armed force of a country than that of pirates.

Though considering his skills; Deception, Negotiation, Persuasion, Threat, Coercion et all, he doesn't seem like an able commander....

"Fumu, am I just imagining things?"

About 30% of the pirate ships are heading toward the port where the Skeleton Archduke's ship is anchored.
Have they really joined forces, and do they really intend to attack Garleon Union?

"As for Garleon Union military forces--"

They have a lot of merchant ships, but not a whole lot of pure battle ships.
After leaving out the small ships used for protecting the coasts and discovering smuggling activities, there's only around 60 medium and large ships equipped with mana furnaces and mana cannons. Garleok City itself only has nine of those.
There are some excellent soldiers and commanders whose levels exceed 30, but they're few and far between, most of the fighting personnels are weak soldiers with single digit level.

As for mercenaries hired with money to guard merchant ships, more than half of them are criminals and former pirates who are shouldering offense, and there are even ships with active pirates working part-time as mercenaries.
These guard ships are mostly galley boats and galley ships, only a few are equipped with mana furnace.
There are around 90 of these guard ships in total in the Garleon Union.

The mercenary guards' levels are higher than the pirate's on average, but even the best one is only level 31, so you can say that their individual strength is lower.

If they bring the whole army together, they should be able to easily win against the pirates.
As long as they don't split with mercenaries or there is no city or country that secedes from the union, they should be able to win unless their commander is extremely incompetent.

Well, bringing the entire army together is the difficult part though.

"Now then--"

I went out to the open sea and checked out the depth dwelling monsters while I was at it.
The dangerous looking ones are only level 50-70 large monsters called [Those that Lurk in the Abyss], the other monsters aren't much different from any other oceans.

The Sea Orcs I saw at Garleok City port were also there, but it was just a swarm of barely 100 orcs, no real need to subjugate them.

"Next, the hometown of the mermaid we saved back at the port--found it."

The Map north of the Garleok City are dotted with mermaid villages, and one of them appears to be the mermaid little girl's home.

After gathering all the info I need, I return to the airship's deck with Unit Arrangement.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Welcome back."
"I'm back, Mia."

Mia who immediately found me, trotted and jumped to hug me.
She's rubbing her forehead on my chest.

"Don't tell me, you're done with the investigation already?"
"Yes, I haven't analyzed it yet, but I'm done with the information gathering."

I gave an affirmation to princess Sistina who said that half-jokingly.

"Y-you really were?"
"As expected of my... desuwa!"
"Nn, good boy."

Surprised princess Sistina, Lady Karina who's boasting like she did it herself, and Mia who's standing on her tiptoes trying to pat me.
Got three different kind of reactions.

In addition, my Attentive Ears skill picked up the ... part Lady Karina was hiding, which was [Satou].

"Feels like we can conquer the world with Satou here."
"I'm not going to do that."

I negated Princess Sistina's joke with a smile.
Just conquering the world doesn't sound like a hard work, but I want absolutely nothing to do with the masochist game waiting at the end of the line, called reign.

"Next, are you going to check the rumors we heard at the port?"
"Yes, that's right."

Next, I need to investigate if there is a discord within the union and whether that Skeleton Archduke guy is really rallying pirates.

I caught a sight of a brownie in maid uniform coming into the room right when I was about to say that.

"Satou-sama, the mermaid girl has come to~"

Looks like I've got to postpone the investigation for now.


>[Finfolk Language] Skill Acquired.

"Calm down, it's all right."

The brownie in maid uniform is soothing the panicking mermaid little girl.

『You're safe here, calm yourself, okay.』

I talk to the mermaid little girl while using [Translate] magic.
I thought of allocating skill points like I did at Sania Kingdom back then, but since it didn't seem to be related to the trial this time, I used force magic [Translate] instead.

『...Language of Nifu. Spoken by human? Where is this?』

The translation being rough at first seems to be a quirk of this magic.

『This place is near the port where you got washed ashore.』
『Human town?』
『Are you familiar with Garleon Union and Garleok City?』

The mermaid little girl shook her head to reply my question.

『I don't mind sending you back to your hometown if you're lost, how about it?』
『Nyua is not lost!』

The mermaid little girl got mad when I said that.
Nyua seems to be her name.

『Then, what did you come here for?』
『...Nyua is looking for hero.』

After hesitating a bit, the mermaid little girl spoke.

『Hero? You mean Saga Empire's hero?』
『There are many kinds?』

I apologize to the little girl who's tilting her head in confusion and continue on.

『And what will you do after finding a hero?』
『Nyua will ask them to beat the ice devil.』

According to the mermaid little girl, the ice devil--apparently a derogatory term for demon--brought an island of ice in the middle of the night, freezing the sea where her hometown was located.
Fearing the ice devil, apparently the mermaids were forced to move their homes to the sea near Garleon Union.

--Maybe demons are acting behind the scene here?

I tried checking the mermaid hometown on the map, but even though I found a huge iceberg, I didn't see a demon.

『Got it. I know a hero that can help you, I'll ask him to do something about it okay.』
『Yes, really.』

I exchanged promised with the mermaid little girl while also teaching her how to make a promise by linking little fingers.

"Turn the airship to the northwest. I'll forward the map to the steering monitor."

I left the cabin and told the brownie in flight uniform and the girls that I was going to send the mermaid little girl back to her home.

"I'll be going to clean up the iceberg for a bit."
"--Wait a moment!"

Princess Sistina stopped me who had transformed into Hero Nanashi.

"What's the matter?"
"I want to see the iceberg!"
"I'd like to see it to desuwa!"

I thought it was surprising of them at first, but when I think about it, an iceberg is something that can only be seen in a book in a world without television like this.
That said, I never saw one when I was on earth myself though.

"Well then, let's go see the iceberg once we send that girl back."


Tama, you mixed up 'spectacle' and the finishing move of the alien from the Land of Light.

"Seeing it with your own eyes feel amazing indeed."
"You only see it on news about global warming or special programs after all."

Arisa and Hikaru who have memories about Japan seem to have a similar impression with me.

"Nn, grand view."
"Indeed, Mia-sama. This spectacle is quite mystical."

Mia and princess Sistina were fascinated.

"Ah! Over there! The ice peeled off and fell to the sea!"
"Calm down, Lulu."
"I see strange creatures on top of the ice over there, so I report. Suggesting to capture it--"

Lulu and Nana are being noisy.
Even Liza looks high spirited even though she rebuked Lulu.

On the other hand, Pochi and Lady Karina are flabbergasted with their mouths open as they stare at the iceberg.
I thought they were being quiet, apparently they're captivated by the spectacle.

"...Great, nanodesu."
"...What, a, huge, ice, desuwane."

Let's not fuss over their disconnected speech.

We came here to tour the iceberg after sending the mermaid little girl to the temporary mermaid settlement.
Just as you could have guessed from the girls' reaction, I'm really pleased with the spectacle that was beyond all expectations.

"--Did you have your fun, everyone?"

Even though I feel a bit reluctant, leaving it alone would make the sea temperature around here drop, so I should get rid of it quick.

I extend the force magic [Magic Hand] toward the iceberg and store it into my Storage.
I collect the falling penguins and seals and send them into the sub-dimension, I plan to deliver them back to their original habitat later.

I've heard that seals are tasty, might be a good idea to cook some of them.

"Master, that's!"

Nana and Liza point at the place where the iceberg was.

"Crystal of ice?"
"What is that I wonder?"

A gray magic circle appeared on the ice crystal-like thing, and something came out of it.
It has a glittering ice body, leaving a mystical impression to it.

"Looks to be a mid one."

Just as the girls perceived, the thing that came out of the ice magic circle is a level 47 mid demon.
I thought the iceberg was drifting from some far away land, but apparently a demon was really behind it just like the mermaid little girl said.

『HYOOOOOOO, my magical island of ice has disappeared hyou.』


That ending word ruins its mystical looks.


I nod to Liza who asked me.
Liza points her spear toward the demon, and quietly shoots out a highly compressed magic edge cannon.


Liza's magic edge cannon pierced through the mid demon's chest in an instant, and then the magic edge cannons unleashed by Tama and Pochi right after finished it.

"Doesn't seem like I need this."

Lulu put back the acceleration cannon she took out of her space warehouse.
Mia who needs time for her chant and Lady Karina who doesn't have a mean for long-range attacks look disappointed.

The mid demon disappeared into black mist before our eyes.
In the end, we didn't find out the reason that demon brought the iceberg here, but it's all good since it resulted in destroying one of the demon's scheme.
Right now, my top priority is the trials rather than exterminating demons.

Just in case, I use fire and space magic to restore the seawater temperature back to its former state.

『--You killed the demon, and got rid of the iceberg?』
『Un, that's right.』

I visited the mermaid little girl's settlemenet as Hero Nanashi after getting rid of the iceberg and the demon.

『And I've warmed up the sea temp too, you can go back to your hometown soon~』

Maybe because it's been awhile since I turned into Hero Nanashi, I talked in Nanashi cheerful version and ended up keeping the tone up.

Once the elder told the news to the entire villagers, they happily jumped about over the sea surface.
After enjoying the villagers' dance who somehow look similar to dolphins', I'll be participating in the party the elder sponsored.

The dishes served in the party can't be said to be luxurious by any standard, however, it's undoubtedly a feast for the mermaids who have been living in distress, so I'm grateful to it.


『Hero-sama, how about some sea grape sake.』
『You're so strong, hero-sama.』

--I'm not complaining with the skinship these glamorous mermaids are giving.

『Hero-sama, please take this--』

I received a tamatebako-like present when I was about to leave. <TLN: from Urashima Tarou legend.>
Of course, there's no smoke that makes you grow old inside, it's a [Mermaid Drop] that enables you to breathe underwater.

I can easily do that already using water magic, but since it looks like it'll be useful for the trial this time, I gratefully accept it.

Now then, I've got to check if there is any discord within the union and whether that Skeleton Archduke dude is really trying to rally pirates together.
I should also procure war forces I could command in the meantime, maybe?

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Interlude 3

Interlude 3 A Moment at Levellit Temple-thing Shack Later Part


I'm running an open stall at the site of Levellit Temple. Of course, I've already prepared a paper fan and a fake megaphone already.

"Welcome, welcome, we've got a very nice jam endorsed by Levellit-sama, [Applevel Jam] with us here. The pretty ma'am walking over there, your beautiful skin is guaranteed to get even smoother if you eat this jam. And for the lovely adventurer lady over there. This jam amazingly has an effect to recover mana ever so slightly. Giving flavors to your dull meals in your adventuring while also recovering your mana, what an incredible value. And you can get all that for just 50 mani. Come in, we've prepared samples for you to have a taste here!"

I began selling the jam after giving that speech. The reaction was lukewarm, I guess. I've sold 20 jars already. The female adventurer seemed to be attracted by the mana recovery talk, and after seeing that, drawn by that, the housewives began to taste the samples. I was thinking that it would go well if this kept up.

However, not everything will always go the way you want.

"Oy, oy, ain't no way stuff that can recover mana be this cheap. You shouldn't tell lies, brat."

"Right, right, you damn faker."

Five people that wouldn't look out of place were they called the Thug Series have surrounded me. Noo, the housewives that had come here all went away. The hell you're doing, damn you.

"I'm not telling any lie. It does recover mana, and is good for your health. Who are you guys to have the gall to claim such even though you never even tried it? I happened to catch sight of you coming from Ares Temple, perhaps you guys are related to the temple?"

Yes, my Nobusada Eyes (estimated at 4.0 visual acuity) clearly saw that. Thought it may not apply to the entire temple, I should consider a part of Ares Temple to be in cahoots.

"Y-y-you're wrong. We're just ordinary men who don't approve of this trickery."

"T-t-t-t-t-hat's right, right. I'mma knock over these fakes."

They're obviously shaken. What a honest to goodness reaction. Moreover, Thug B tried to knock over my selling stand while saying that. Someone caught his hand as he reached over to the stand. And then, Thug B soundlessly fell down. What was that aikido-like move just now.

"Geez, what a rowdy bunch. When did this city's public order fall so low, I wonder."

The one holding that hand is a crossdressing beautiful woman who wears a mask that cover the area around her eyes.
...Eh!? Is she a member of a certain opera group or something!?
What are you doing? I was ready to shoot out stones here. But since someone took the stage from the blindside, I've decided to take a wait-and-see approach.

"Y-you bastard, the hell you're doing. This ain't your business."

"Fufu, as a resident of this city, I can't overlook people who give false accusations and trouble others. Besides, these goods are undoubtedly effective. I say this as a bearer of Appraisal skill."


The beauty's testimony rustled the surrounding people. One might have thought that this was staged, but it's a completely unforeseen event for me. Or rather, how should I go coping with this now.
When I was wondering what I should do since I ended up turningg into a sort of onlooker, I caught sight of the guards coming here. Someone probably informed them. Good job, unknown someone.

"Ok, stop right there. Everyone causing the commotion, stay where you are. We'll knock you out if you get violent."

While saying some private policemen-like line, the private policemen, I mean the guards arrest the thugs. Huh? Why are they coming here?

"You seem to be the cause of this commotion. I'll listen to what you have to say at the station."

Eh, wait, why me too!? I'm not involved in the quarrel, I'm the victim here no matter how you look at it y'know.

"Aah, he's a victim in this uproar, he doesn't have anything to do with it. I guarantee it."

"No well, you're also going to..."

The higher-up looking guardsman stopped moving when he saw the beauty. The beauty showed him a crest adorned on the dagger she had on her waist. Wonder whose crest is that.

"No, we will not pursue this matter further as you have spoken so. Please excuse me."

"Sorry about this. It'd be nice if you could investigate who's behind these men too."

"Yes, understood!"

The higher-up who is now acting like an long-serving underling take the thugs they arrested away. Umu, this is just like Komon-sama's tribunal now. Now then, what'd happen to me. I should give my thanks at least.

"Thank you for saving me. You're a lifesaver."

"Please don't worry about it. And I'm sure you'd be able to easily deal with those guys. I just lent a hand as a fellow Levellit believer."

What!? Not sure if it's that uncommon, but this is the first I've met someone as quirky as me.

Name: Shani Azbel - (Real Name: Casca Tycoon)
Gender: Female - Age: 16 - Race: General Human
Class: Princess Knight Lv19 - State: Healthy
Title: 【Knight of Levellit】

Rapier Lv4 - One-handed Sword Lv4 - Self-defense Lv3 - Small Shield Lv3 - Water Magic Lv3 - Life Magic - Appraisal Lv2 - Etiquette Lv4 - Charisma

【Class Skill】

Knight Commonness 『Sentinel』
Cut down physical damage to a degree for a period of time. Ineffective against magic.

Bwoah, I alsmost blurted out.
This girl is the daughter of duke-sama huh. But her real name is the real dangerous one here. This country is Tycoon Dukedom <TLN: Tled as Taikun before>. With that on her name, she must be a royalty. This smells like trouble. Nevertheless, she sure got a lot of skills. Wonder if it has something to do with the noGoddess's blessings.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Tettere~♪ Disguise leveled up

Looks like she used Appraisal too. Disguise-kun leveled up.

"How did you know I was a Levellit believer?"

"Well, Bell is a friend of mine you see. He was really happy when he told me that there was a new believer, a black haired boy he said, it piqued my interest."

Beeeeellllll. Well, no point crying over spilt milk. He said that I was the first person he did baptism, he must have been frolic. This girl doesn't seem like a bad person anyway, should be no problem. No well, there's a huuge problem with her position though. I hope it doesn't turn into anything big.

"Is that right. Well, I did all this in an effort to help Bell too. I thought that the temple management would have it easier if this Applevel Jam could become its specialty product."

"I see. I think that's a good thing. Let me purchase some too. Truthfully, I couldn't get this flavor out of my mind after trying the sample earlier, hahaha."

And then the wild masked young lady bought five jars of jam.
The onlookers who were surprised begun to form a line. A testimony from a user of Appraisal skill must have been quite effective. 200 jars of Applevel Jam were completely sold out in a blink of an eye. Haahaahaa, this is a fortunate miscalculation. Of course my merchant spirit didn't forget to announce that Levellit Temple would be selling Applevel Jam from tomorrow on.

Afterward, I cleaned up the place and went back to the temple in a hurry. I think it's about 3 PM now.  I never thought that it would be sold out this fast. I thought there would be leftovers even. I've got to make more since the ones I planned to sell tomorrow are all gone. Oh right, gotta order more apples at Kumahat-san on my way back. Wonder if he'd undertake it if I offer to buy it at a higher price.

I overheard people having a pleasant chat of some kind when I was walking toward Bell's room to report.

"Ooy, Bell. You sure you can get up already?"

"Ah, Nobusada-san. I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm fine now. I can go help the treatment all day from tomorrow on!"

Miss Shania was in the room. Is it not a problem for a young lady to visit a boy's room alone? Well, I don't think Bell is capable of the act though. The two of us frowned at Bell who was confidently getting his priority backward.

"Bell, don't you think that's no good as a priest of Levellit Temple."

"That's right, you've got something else I need you to do tomorrow."

"Something I need to do?"

"Ummu. I made and sold a jam I called Applevel Jam at my own discretion. You should promote your healing to housewives and adventurers who buy this jam as the temple's specialty. I'll be the one making the jam, but you'll be responsible selling them, Bell. You'll be paid wages and offerings from the portion of the sales, so please accept it. As long as you promote it well, people will know that they can get treatment here at this temple, and if you get along with them while you're selling the jam, they should come here regularly. When that happens, you won't pass out starving like you did in the morning ever again."


Bell got confused to see me talking rapidly. He's got a very idiotic look on his face, but I guess that's only natural. I mean, things were moving along while he was sleeping. A complete bolt from the blue.

"And, here's half of the sales today. I'm leaving this here as an alm, use it to get proper food and make sure not to faint again. I'm going to make more jam now, I'm borrowing the kitchen, okay."

Bell nodded. He's been swept in the flow now. I'm being forceful, but if I don't push his back like this, the folks at Ares Temple would take advantage of him.

I felt a presence behind me while I was making jam in the kitchen.
Since it feels sharper than Bell, it's probably the wild young lady.
She speaks as I turn around.

"You're quite a good guy, aren't you."

"Really? I mean, many people have been helping me too. I just couldn't overlook Bell getting taken advantage of."

"Well, many who became Levellit-sama's believers are good guys like you. Come to think of it, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Shania. It'd be nice if you can get along with me like with Bell."

"Pleasure to meet you, I'm Nobusada. I'm just a humble rookie adventurer. Happy to be acquainted with you, good guy-sama who went and saved an unfamiliar jam seller."

I gave my gratitude exaggeratedly while smiling. Seeing that, Miss Shania looks like she's about to burst out laughing.

"Fufufu, nice retort there. Well then, I should be going now. It feels like we're bound by some kind of fate. I'll be looking forward to that."

Miss Shania left while saying some cryptic stuff. She seems like a good person, but please don't let it be troublesome fate if possible. But that kind of type is probably going to get the surrounding swept in. I resume simmering the jam while feeling unease for the future.

Ah, I completely forgot to offer the steamed buns.

Later on, I put steamed buns along with the jam in front of the goddess statue after remembering that.
The stuff I offered vanished instantly.

She's watching! She's watchiiiiiing! She's watching what's going on heeere.

And then something flutters down. A strip of paper falls on the floor.
With a word.


Written there.
Please give back the jar.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter Interlude 2

Interlude 2 A Moment at Levellit Temple-thing Shack First Part


Today I took the day off since I got tired of always questing and leveling up after training. But now that I think about it, there's really nothing I wanna do.
While I was wandering around aimlessly I caught sight of the shack from before.
Come to think of it, I never went there again after that one time. That noGoddess would probably sulk if I don't get her some offerings.
Oh right, I've got some leftover steamed buns in my rucksacks. Let's use them as offerings.

I swing my foot toward the empty looking shack. The door is open, for it's a temple for once.

And what came to my sight was....

A passed out Bell.

I hurriedly get to him and hold him. His chest is going up and down, looks like he's alive. There's breathing too. Just what on earth happened.

"Nn... Kuh, a."

"Are you alright!? What happened?"



"I'm starving... I haven't eaten anything for the past several days."


A reserved stomach sound that's just like him resounds.
I see, I see... Gimme back my worry!

That said, leaving him after seeing this would leave a bad taste. I have steamed buns with me, but since he hasn't eaten for several days, that's not good for his stomach. I'll grate some apples and spoon it to him.

"Here you go, this should go down nicely. Eat slowly."

I feed him with a spoon, leaving out honorifics altogether. At first he was chewing slowly, after a while he began to eat with great relish. How do I say it, kinda feels like a parent bird feeding their youngling.
After cleaning the plate, he seemingly came to himself and realized that I was supporting him.

"Sososososorry. You're Nobusada-san, right. Thank you very much for saving me. I suddenly lost consciousness, I thought I was done for..."

"Whoa there, calm down. However, why didn't you eat for several days?"

"I'm ashamed to tell you, but just the other day, I wasn't feeling well and couldn't go out to work at other temples, which is helping with healing at the sick ward. Did you know that you could get stuff like vegetables and free lunch if you went to help at the sick ward."

Afterward, Bell had a fervent speech about the wonderfulness of helping at sick ward. But I thought something while I listened to him. That means this temple has no point then...
But I couldn't say it. I mean, it's too pitiful. Let's drop by here from times to times. Otherwise, I'd worry the day Bell died from starvation.

"Does this temple not get enough offerings to the point that you have to do that?"

"Gunyuu... Yes. There was no more offerings since Nobusada-san's baptism. As for healing service, other temples get the priority to have the patients transported there...."

Fumu, that's a serious problem. But why would this temple get to be the outcast. It's just too much.

"H-however, Head Priest of Ares Temple has been treating me food if I go help at the sick ward. And um, we go out to have meals together sometimes too."

Isn't that just the head priest trying to get close to you? I might be reading too much into it, but maybe that's related to this temple getting left out?

"Head Priest-sama? He's a man at the prime of his life."

Is this a homo thing? I'm not good with that stuff. Umu, I'm a temp apostle for once after all, perhaps I should come up with a way for Bell to earn his keep before he step into a dubious path?
But I wonder if there's something that can be done.

The site of this Levellit Temple (Shack) isn't that bad in itself. There are residential buildings around the temple, there's shops and guard station not too far away. You'd have thought that he should get enough offerings with this, but there's an Ares Temple's sick ward nearby. In modern analogy, it's like choosing between going to a town doctor or a major hospital. And since there's no patient, the town doctor went to help at the major hospital. Since he's always absent, the people around start to not recognize him as a doctor.
What a negative spiral.

If we focus only on Bell's healing ability and personality, then having him paying a visit to the elderly on the neighborhood is a good idea. Feel like they'll pamper him like he's their own grandchild. Or he could win over children and fish out their parents. In order for that to happen, we need an impetus. Hmm, wonder if there's anything good for that.

"I can't come up with anything good, I'm gonna think about it while walking around in the town, you should get some rest Bell. I'll leave this for you."

I take out leftover fruits and breads from the rucksack.

"I'm very thankful for this, but are you sure? Please don't force yourself."

"I'm a believer for once after all. And I can't just let one of the few acquaintances I have here be in trouble."


After putting the still weak Bell to his bed, I wander around in the town. Unlike before, I have a goal now.

Hmm. Hmmmmmmm.
I'm stumped.

For now, let's think up something that our target would likely want.
They're not adventurers, so it's not like they're going on an adventure somewhere, and they can't just readily buy something expensive either. Something with a high consumption rate and frequent buying cycle would be nice. Which means, it naturally has to be foodstuff.

I head to a grocery store.
The grocery store I'm heading to stocks up ingredients from both the dungeons and farms at 50:50 ratio, even Solomon Pavilion buy their stuff there. I bought the honey back then from the place too.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Welcome, welcome. We're having a sale on celery and onion today. We recommend dungeonborne sea bream and flounder. Ooh I almost bust a groove there."

"Hi, Kumahat-san. You've got some nice stuff today."

"Oh, s'that you Nobu. Yer' still so thin, you gotta eat more if you want to stay on yer' adventurer line of work."

This person is the storekeeper of this [YaoEight] store, Kumahat-san. His hearty laugh is famous around here. The origin of the store name is unknown. He gave me some not so nice nickname like Leek Kid when we first met, but after I helped him make up with his wife after a huge fight, he stopped doing it. The store is managed only by him and his wife, but since it has a wide variety of line up with good quality, I've been getting stuff here often.

Various vegetables and fruits are put on shelves inside the store. Fish and meat are stored inside magic rucksack with preservation function, taken out when you buy it. Looks to be the last resort since there's no refrigerator. However, this store is famous for offering fresh stuff. The fact that most of the goods have been sold out just before the store closes is a testament to its popularity.

I look around the store and find a huge mound in one corner. Looking closer, it's a pile of small apples.

"Kumahat-san, what's with these apples?"

"Ah, those are from a farm I know, y'see. They're small and sour, no one's buying so I ended up taking them. I thought I could sell them for cheap at least, but that sourness is a hard one it seems y'see. This one's a miss in my judgment."

Since it's not selling at all, there's a note with 100 mani written on the heap. Fumu, I'm hit with an idea. This will do, won't it!?

"Kumahat-san, I'm buying all of this. Also some sugar and lemon too."

"You serious!? Yer really a lifesaver. I'll lower the sugar and lemon price a bit for ya."

Thus, I hurried back to Levellit Temple after buying (a pile of) small apples, lemon and sugar for 50 mani. Bell was sleeping when I got there. Least close the door will ya, it's wide open.

I immediately start cooking in the shabby kitchen.
I single mindedly peeled off half of the huge amount of apples. Then I diced
them all into small pieces. I add lemon juice and sugar on it, and mix them together. It's tiring on the hands coz of the amount.
After I've mixed them well, I have a taste. Umu, it's a bit too sour, but this should be just right after simmering.
I put a certain amount in a pot and simmer it while taking out the broth.
Once the apple turns half-transparent and the broth is gone, it's complete.
I was pouring mana into it during the process. When I was making deep fried bread and stuff, I tried pouring mana into it as a magic practice, and the result was higher enclosed mana and better tasting bread. I don't know the logic behind it, but there's no harm in better tasting food... I think.

And here's the result. It's just an apple jam, but I'd better add a brand name on it as a proof this temple sells it. Apple, apple, hmm, let's just call it Applevel. Kinda sound melodic methink.

Applevel Jam <TLN: or alternatively Leveringo, ringo= apple.>
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 10/10
Expiration Date: Best Before Two Weeks
Good quality apple jam supplied with mana during its production. It's perishable, so please consume as soon as possible. Has a slight mana recovery effect, and plentiful of dietary fiber, very effective for missus with constipation problem.

Ooh, it came out better than expected. The taste doesn't fall behind the one I ate in Japan too.
This will sell well as long as we market it well, won't it?
Ah, Discerning-sensei, you don't have to display expiration date unless I specifically ask for it.

As for its container, I made a small jar made from stone by putting Rock Hand Smash to practical use. Unlike when I'm materializing it out of nothing, I call out pure stone from the ground to form the jar.
It's only as big as a teacup and comes in a set with a lid also made from stone, I'll be mass producing them. This cost nothing, so the final cost ends up cheap. I'll engrave a picture of flowers, an amiable-looking bear, a bipedal cat and stuff on them to make it popular with the children. It might also serve to fire up collector spirit on some people, prompting them to complete the whole set.

Now then, half of the apples I have make for, whoa, 200 jars of Applevel Jam.
Now we just need to sell it here. That said, simply selling doesn't have enough impact. I should try doing that by referring to a certain thing.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-26

16-26. Garleon Union (2)


Satou here. Apparently, those who excel at crossdressing can look more woman than a real woman. And since they've been getting the help of image processing on top of make-up, finding a natural beauty is getting harder these days.

"It seems she's still alive."
"We've got to save her quick!"

I stretch out [Magic Hand] to pull the dying mermaid girl out of the water.
But before I managed to do that, a water splash erupted and blond ringlets were spread on the surface of the sea.
Apparently, Lady Karina beat me to it and made a dive into the sea.

Mia and Princess Sistina looked surprised to see that.

Lady Karina lifts the mermaid up to pass it to us, but of course, doing that means she'd sink into the sea herself.
It might be a good idea to let her play at the Isolated Island's beach more.

I lift up Lady Karina to the surface of the sea with [Magic Hand], take the mermaid girl, and pull Lady Karina by the wrist to the pier.
Her wet chest has turned into something incredible, physically speaking, but staring too much isn't good here, so I cover it with some cloth and use life magic to dry her.

"Extreme fatigue."

According to Mia sensei's diagnosis, the mermaid girl--or rather, mermaid little girl seems to have fainted due to fatigue.
There's no clansmen of hers around here on the Map, so she probably either drifted from afar, or she was caught by pirates and managed to escape.

"Okay, doesn't seem like she's hurt anywhere."

There were some scratches and peeled-off scales here and there on her body, I sprinkled magic potion on her to heal them just in case.

Since mermaids--finfolks breath through lungs, I'm thinking of leaving her treatment to the brownies on the airship and ask about her situations later.
I'll send her back to her home later as long as she wasn't getting cruelly treated there or something.

"Looking up close like this, it's quite an elaborate temple."
"Yes, those are some splendid-looking sculptures."
"Nn, gorgeous."

From a distance, Garleon Temple looked like a plain gray temple, but when we've gotten closer, it's clearly adorned with unique sculptures, it wouldn't be strange if it were registered as a World Heritage site.
Upon further inspections, the building isn't entirely gray, there's also colors of silver and unusual metal called black steel as its ornaments.

As one might expect from a central temple, there's a lot of wealthy looking merchant on pilgrimage, and priests serving the temple busily coming and going.


A priest who was looking at the surrounding people like glaring looked surprised and ran into the temple when he saw me.
That priest had Appraisal skill, he probably found my title [One Who Challenges God's Trials] and went inside to report it.

They'll probably come for us if we just wait here, so we're just gonna take it easy and gaze upon Garleon Temple sculptures.

And then--.


Mia pointed to the entrance of the temple.

Girls wearing miko outfits are standing there.
No, apparently the beauty standing in the center is a boy.
According to AR readings, he carries the titles, [Shaman] and [Medium]. I did notice some male miko during Aze-san's oblation dance, but this might be the first time I've seen one outside the elf hometown.
From what I heard at my cousin's shrine, [Shaman (Fugeki)] is apparently the general term, and [Medium (Kannagi)] is a term for male miko, but it appears that [Shaman] in this world is used to refer males with Oracle skill.
As a matter of fact, none of the miko with [Oracle] I know has [Shaman] title.

The miko(s) are staring right at me while ignoring the pilgrims who have begun to pray around them.
There's no point feigning ignorance here, so I walk to them.

"Welcome to Garleon Temple--o one who challenges the Trial of God."

The shaman boy who was standing in the center greeted me.
The surrounding pilgrims who heard him were surprised and turned their gazes at me.

According to AR readings, the boy is called Sauani, he's this Garleon City mayor's son.

"Nice to meet you, Shaman-dono of Garleon Temple. I'm Earl Satou Pendragon of Shiga Kingdom. I have come to take on the trial of God Garleon."

Even while feeling uncomfortable with the attentions, I greeted him back.
The boy and the miko around him looked surprised when they heard me.

They probably never thought that I would find out his gender right away.

Urged by an elderly miko, we were led to a guest room in the temple.

"This is the first anyone found out about my gender in in a glance. Do you have Dragon eyes or Spirit Eyes?"

For some reason, Sauani boy is getting all touchy, weirdly a bit too much, with me.

It seems Mia can't decide if she can [Guilty] me, her eyebrows roll around, she looks confused.
Lady Karina is munching on the snacks and tea while looking unamused, Princess Sistina is pondering who's the 'attacker' and the 'receiver' in a low voice. It seems like she's really been thoroughly educated by the former demon lord Shizuka.

"No I don't, it's just an observation I had. I know it from your build, you see."

I replied with something random yet convincing with the help of Deception skill.
Of course, I didn't forget to peel off Sauani boy in the meantime.

"The more contact we have the better for the oracle, you know?"
"There is no need to worry about that. By using the secret art of Heraruon Temple, we can perform the oracle simply with joining hands."

For some reason, Sauani boy looked dejected when I told him that.

--Why do you look so down.

Retorting with that would be my undoing, I'll take the [Silence is Golden] proverb to heart and ignore him here.

"I'd like to inquire God Garleon regarding the trial, what do you suppose I should do?"
"The temple has prepared for it."

The elderly miko answered my question in the dejected miko's place.

"By the Star of Fate, if your excellency miss today, you'd have to wait for another 10 days, what would your excellency do?"
"I'm ready anytime."

I powerfully nodded to the elderly miko.
After learning about the [Star of Fate] stuff at Heraruon Temple, I had Sera lectured me about it at the Solitary Island Palace, and knew that today was the best time for it.

"I'm sorry for being so sudden, but do you mind if we do it today."
"No, of course we don't."

The elderly miko smiled, and began to give orders to the other priests around.
Mainly for Sauani boy's preparation.

It went more smoothly than with Heraruon Temple and the ceremony began a few hours later.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The flow of ceremony is basically the same as with Tenion and Heraruon Temple.

I expressly chant mind magic [Mind Connection], and connect my mind with Shaman Sauani's.
I also use Telephaty skill to attune our minds.

『Ah, Satou-dono is entering me.』

I heard Shaman Sauani's inner voice.
Spare me from your barefaced lust please.

『Sauani, please call out to God Garleon.』

I urged Sauani boy who was indulging on his lust and neglected the ceremony, then it finally began.
I miss the earnest Heraruon Miko Surya already.

『--O God. Our revered mighty God.』

Looks like each temple has their own way to call their God.

Responding to Sauani boy's appeal, a bright light falls down from heavens.
Even though it has this cool blue color, the light is hot like you're getting roasted in an oven. I can feel phantom pain prickling my skin.

The expression on the ecstatic Sauani boy loosened off.
Looks like he's entered the trance state.

『Reckless one who dares to challenge my trial.』

A gallant male voice that felt wild echoed inside my head.
Looks like this is God Garleon's voice.

『Command an army, and demonstrate your power.』


That one's outside my area of expertise.
I have a feeling that gaining an overwhelming victory over troops battle with the girls would not let me clear the trial.

『Use my servants to protect the country and eliminate the invaders.』

A golden ship's wheel adorned with jewels comes up in my mind.
Just like with God Heraruon's golden sword, this wheel is probably a proof to be recognized as God Garleon's representative.

『I shall give thee my mark when the people revere my name far and wide.』

This one feels similar to what God Heraruon said.

『God Garleon, who are this invaders?』

I tried asking him that, but God Garleon cut off the connection without a word.
Just like God Heraruon, looks like he doesn't like playing catch with words.

"『Command an army, and demonstrate your power』, is it?"
"Yes, that's right."

After the ceremony was over, I told the elderly miko and the priests about the trial and if they knew about the enemy I had to fight.
Shaman Sauani is currently downed.

"Those who have gained enmity of Garleon Union, I think it must be pirates."

I reflexively asked since I couldn't imagine pirates waging war against an entire country upfront.

"Yes, a group of people who call themselves the successor of an ancient great pirate has been attacking seafaring ships coming to Garleon City, the situations have been rapidly worsening. Not only Garleon City troops, but even the union troops had been dispatched, but they were led around by the nose by the elusive pirates and always came back empty handed...."

Come to think of it, the rumor I heard at the port was about how this pirate called 『Skeleton Archduke』 rounding up pirates around the nearby ocean into one united power or something.

"Is there no need to worry about neighboring countries invading here?"

I tried asking since invaders might mean foreign country aggression.
Garleon Union together with other neighboring countries had invaded the Holy State Parion after all last year, it wouldn't be surprising if they attacked back in retaliation.

"There was one before, but--"

According to a priest, surrounding countries are currently in the state of exhaustion because of monster stampedes from the Divine Punishment, they don't have the resources to invade another country at all.
Furthermore, apparently a hero dispatched by Saga Kingdom is patrolling the national borders on airships with 'monster cleaning' as a pretext, so even if a country attempts to attack another country, the watchdog hero will rout the army and make use of the remnants in the monster cleaning.

Since the hero Meiko I know likely can't do such things, the hero summoned after her must have a unique skill suited against army, or a charm/domination type unique skill.

Leaving that aside--.

"What about damages Garleon Union suffered from the divine punishment?"
"There is none, our country is under divine protection of God Garleon."

I see, right when I thought that, I noticed something.

"Did the neighboring Holy State Parion suffer any damage?"
"Yes, that appears to be the case."

The priest didn't clearly state it, but judging from what he said earlier, God Parion seemingly didn't protect Holy State Parion.
I mean the top brass of the temple were demon lords, and they even put [God's Fragment] into people, God Parion probably deserted them.

Well, God Parion central temple is the last stop anyway, no need to worry about it now.

"The conversation wandered off a bit. If Garleon Union does not suffer any damage, won't cities within Garleon Union attack other cities within the union?"

It doesn't seem like they're monolithic after all, thus there's a possibility of other cities going on a war to take the leadership position.
As for other possibility, neighboring countries might cause domestic problems inside Garleon Union to prevent the union from invading them.

"Is your excellency aware of Gaboz Kingdom?"

The elderly miko spoke of the name of a small country that's trying to take the leadership position of Garleon Union I heard in the rumor.

"No, not in particular."
"Countries within the union cannot attack each other with their army."

The elderly miko declared that.

"It's not about ethics nor is it a wishful thinking. Countries within Garleon Union cannot break the pact they have signed under God Garleon's name."

The elderly miko interrupted me and gave an explanation.
The pact is far more powerful than even slave contract, even kings and city mayors who rule over City Core cannot undo it.
If they broke the pact, all of their populace will be given the unpardonable sin of [Betrayal].

Looks like exchanging some weird promises with Gods could get messy.
I should be careful.

"Well then, with current situations, the highest possibility is naval battles with the pirates then."
"Yes, that's right. If your excellency is going to lead the army, Garleon Temple will be happy to lend our Temple Knights."
"Is that fine?"
"Yes, it would be an honor for the Temple Knights if they can take part even a little in the God's Trial."

I see.

Yet the Heraruon Temple knights were not cooperative at all.
Well, that one was [Individual Strength], so their help would have been pointless anyway.

I've decided to leave the temple after figuring out an idea.

--Oh right, before that.

"God Garleon revealed something that looked like a golden ship's wheel to me, do you have an idea?"
"Yes, of course."

Guided by the elderly miko, I went to the central temple chapel.


Mia who was touring the chapel quickly caught me when I got there, she trotted here, jumped and hugged me.
Lady Karina and princess Sistina followed after her.

"Were you and the girls here to look at that?"
"Nn, wheel."

Mia turned her head and looked up at the [Golden Wheel] adorned on the chapel wall.

"There's a legend told since the age of old in the temple, 『Master of the wheel, calls forth the Ship of God and soars through heavens』."

The elderly miko told us the story of the [Golden Wheel].

"Satou! The wheel!"

Lady Karina notified me about the unusual phenomenon happening on the wheel.

The wheel is wrapped in a mix of deep blue and golden lights.
The light brightens and turns dazzling.


I'm struck with tremendous mana and feeling of awe from the wheel.

The next instant--.

The light suddenly disappears and silence rules the place.

"Th-the wheel is!"

The wheel that was hung on the wall disappeared along with the light, the elderly miko and other priests who noticed that shouted out loud.

However, there is no need to panic.

Because the vanished wheel is floating right in front of me.


I grip the wheel that's floating in front of me while calling the elderly miko.
I felt like the wheel wished for that for some reason.

The moment I touched the wheel, it got smaller into the size that's just right on my hands.

"Now, then--"

Gotta negotiate with them to let me borrow the wheel until the trial is over.

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