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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Interlude 3

Interlude 3 A Moment at Levellit Temple-thing Shack Later Part


I'm running an open stall at the site of Levellit Temple. Of course, I've already prepared a paper fan and a fake megaphone already.

"Welcome, welcome, we've got a very nice jam endorsed by Levellit-sama, [Applevel Jam] with us here. The pretty ma'am walking over there, your beautiful skin is guaranteed to get even smoother if you eat this jam. And for the lovely adventurer lady over there. This jam amazingly has an effect to recover mana ever so slightly. Giving flavors to your dull meals in your adventuring while also recovering your mana, what an incredible value. And you can get all that for just 50 mani. Come in, we've prepared samples for you to have a taste here!"

I began selling the jam after giving that speech. The reaction was lukewarm, I guess. I've sold 20 jars already. The female adventurer seemed to be attracted by the mana recovery talk, and after seeing that, drawn by that, the housewives began to taste the samples. I was thinking that it would go well if this kept up.

However, not everything will always go the way you want.

"Oy, oy, ain't no way stuff that can recover mana be this cheap. You shouldn't tell lies, brat."

"Right, right, you damn faker."

Five people that wouldn't look out of place were they called the Thug Series have surrounded me. Noo, the housewives that had come here all went away. The hell you're doing, damn you.

"I'm not telling any lie. It does recover mana, and is good for your health. Who are you guys to have the gall to claim such even though you never even tried it? I happened to catch sight of you coming from Ares Temple, perhaps you guys are related to the temple?"

Yes, my Nobusada Eyes (estimated at 4.0 visual acuity) clearly saw that. Thought it may not apply to the entire temple, I should consider a part of Ares Temple to be in cahoots.

"Y-y-you're wrong. We're just ordinary men who don't approve of this trickery."

"T-t-t-t-t-hat's right, right. I'mma knock over these fakes."

They're obviously shaken. What a honest to goodness reaction. Moreover, Thug B tried to knock over my selling stand while saying that. Someone caught his hand as he reached over to the stand. And then, Thug B soundlessly fell down. What was that aikido-like move just now.

"Geez, what a rowdy bunch. When did this city's public order fall so low, I wonder."

The one holding that hand is a crossdressing beautiful woman who wears a mask that cover the area around her eyes.
...Eh!? Is she a member of a certain opera group or something!?
What are you doing? I was ready to shoot out stones here. But since someone took the stage from the blindside, I've decided to take a wait-and-see approach.

"Y-you bastard, the hell you're doing. This ain't your business."

"Fufu, as a resident of this city, I can't overlook people who give false accusations and trouble others. Besides, these goods are undoubtedly effective. I say this as a bearer of Appraisal skill."


The beauty's testimony rustled the surrounding people. One might have thought that this was staged, but it's a completely unforeseen event for me. Or rather, how should I go coping with this now.
When I was wondering what I should do since I ended up turningg into a sort of onlooker, I caught sight of the guards coming here. Someone probably informed them. Good job, unknown someone.

"Ok, stop right there. Everyone causing the commotion, stay where you are. We'll knock you out if you get violent."

While saying some private policemen-like line, the private policemen, I mean the guards arrest the thugs. Huh? Why are they coming here?

"You seem to be the cause of this commotion. I'll listen to what you have to say at the station."

Eh, wait, why me too!? I'm not involved in the quarrel, I'm the victim here no matter how you look at it y'know.

"Aah, he's a victim in this uproar, he doesn't have anything to do with it. I guarantee it."

"No well, you're also going to..."

The higher-up looking guardsman stopped moving when he saw the beauty. The beauty showed him a crest adorned on the dagger she had on her waist. Wonder whose crest is that.

"No, we will not pursue this matter further as you have spoken so. Please excuse me."

"Sorry about this. It'd be nice if you could investigate who's behind these men too."

"Yes, understood!"

The higher-up who is now acting like an long-serving underling take the thugs they arrested away. Umu, this is just like Komon-sama's tribunal now. Now then, what'd happen to me. I should give my thanks at least.

"Thank you for saving me. You're a lifesaver."

"Please don't worry about it. And I'm sure you'd be able to easily deal with those guys. I just lent a hand as a fellow Levellit believer."

What!? Not sure if it's that uncommon, but this is the first I've met someone as quirky as me.

Name: Shani Azbel - (Real Name: Casca Tycoon)
Gender: Female - Age: 16 - Race: General Human
Class: Princess Knight Lv19 - State: Healthy
Title: 【Knight of Levellit】

Rapier Lv4 - One-handed Sword Lv4 - Self-defense Lv3 - Small Shield Lv3 - Water Magic Lv3 - Life Magic - Appraisal Lv2 - Etiquette Lv4 - Charisma

【Class Skill】

Knight Commonness 『Sentinel』
Cut down physical damage to a degree for a period of time. Ineffective against magic.

Bwoah, I alsmost blurted out.
This girl is the daughter of duke-sama huh. But her real name is the real dangerous one here. This country is Tycoon Dukedom <TLN: Tled as Taikun before>. With that on her name, she must be a royalty. This smells like trouble. Nevertheless, she sure got a lot of skills. Wonder if it has something to do with the noGoddess's blessings.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Tettere~♪ Disguise leveled up

Looks like she used Appraisal too. Disguise-kun leveled up.

"How did you know I was a Levellit believer?"

"Well, Bell is a friend of mine you see. He was really happy when he told me that there was a new believer, a black haired boy he said, it piqued my interest."

Beeeeellllll. Well, no point crying over spilt milk. He said that I was the first person he did baptism, he must have been frolic. This girl doesn't seem like a bad person anyway, should be no problem. No well, there's a huuge problem with her position though. I hope it doesn't turn into anything big.

"Is that right. Well, I did all this in an effort to help Bell too. I thought that the temple management would have it easier if this Applevel Jam could become its specialty product."

"I see. I think that's a good thing. Let me purchase some too. Truthfully, I couldn't get this flavor out of my mind after trying the sample earlier, hahaha."

And then the wild masked young lady bought five jars of jam.
The onlookers who were surprised begun to form a line. A testimony from a user of Appraisal skill must have been quite effective. 200 jars of Applevel Jam were completely sold out in a blink of an eye. Haahaahaa, this is a fortunate miscalculation. Of course my merchant spirit didn't forget to announce that Levellit Temple would be selling Applevel Jam from tomorrow on.

Afterward, I cleaned up the place and went back to the temple in a hurry. I think it's about 3 PM now.  I never thought that it would be sold out this fast. I thought there would be leftovers even. I've got to make more since the ones I planned to sell tomorrow are all gone. Oh right, gotta order more apples at Kumahat-san on my way back. Wonder if he'd undertake it if I offer to buy it at a higher price.

I overheard people having a pleasant chat of some kind when I was walking toward Bell's room to report.

"Ooy, Bell. You sure you can get up already?"

"Ah, Nobusada-san. I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm fine now. I can go help the treatment all day from tomorrow on!"

Miss Shania was in the room. Is it not a problem for a young lady to visit a boy's room alone? Well, I don't think Bell is capable of the act though. The two of us frowned at Bell who was confidently getting his priority backward.

"Bell, don't you think that's no good as a priest of Levellit Temple."

"That's right, you've got something else I need you to do tomorrow."

"Something I need to do?"

"Ummu. I made and sold a jam I called Applevel Jam at my own discretion. You should promote your healing to housewives and adventurers who buy this jam as the temple's specialty. I'll be the one making the jam, but you'll be responsible selling them, Bell. You'll be paid wages and offerings from the portion of the sales, so please accept it. As long as you promote it well, people will know that they can get treatment here at this temple, and if you get along with them while you're selling the jam, they should come here regularly. When that happens, you won't pass out starving like you did in the morning ever again."


Bell got confused to see me talking rapidly. He's got a very idiotic look on his face, but I guess that's only natural. I mean, things were moving along while he was sleeping. A complete bolt from the blue.

"And, here's half of the sales today. I'm leaving this here as an alm, use it to get proper food and make sure not to faint again. I'm going to make more jam now, I'm borrowing the kitchen, okay."

Bell nodded. He's been swept in the flow now. I'm being forceful, but if I don't push his back like this, the folks at Ares Temple would take advantage of him.

I felt a presence behind me while I was making jam in the kitchen.
Since it feels sharper than Bell, it's probably the wild young lady.
She speaks as I turn around.

"You're quite a good guy, aren't you."

"Really? I mean, many people have been helping me too. I just couldn't overlook Bell getting taken advantage of."

"Well, many who became Levellit-sama's believers are good guys like you. Come to think of it, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Shania. It'd be nice if you can get along with me like with Bell."

"Pleasure to meet you, I'm Nobusada. I'm just a humble rookie adventurer. Happy to be acquainted with you, good guy-sama who went and saved an unfamiliar jam seller."

I gave my gratitude exaggeratedly while smiling. Seeing that, Miss Shania looks like she's about to burst out laughing.

"Fufufu, nice retort there. Well then, I should be going now. It feels like we're bound by some kind of fate. I'll be looking forward to that."

Miss Shania left while saying some cryptic stuff. She seems like a good person, but please don't let it be troublesome fate if possible. But that kind of type is probably going to get the surrounding swept in. I resume simmering the jam while feeling unease for the future.

Ah, I completely forgot to offer the steamed buns.

Later on, I put steamed buns along with the jam in front of the goddess statue after remembering that.
The stuff I offered vanished instantly.

She's watching! She's watchiiiiiing! She's watching what's going on heeere.

And then something flutters down. A strip of paper falls on the floor.
With a word.


Written there.
Please give back the jar.

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