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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Strongest Sage, Talks to the Enemy


『Something to be done... Are you going to look for the mastermind's location?』

Ruli got it when he heard what I said.


The most problematic demon this time wasn't the one on-site, but the demon that was giving orders from a distance.
Right now, I can grab his trails.

『That's right. Ruli, I'll spread out the mana myself, help me with the rectification magic.』

The Dragon Vein's mana continues to flow intensely.
We need to stop and fix the flow up in order to probe a magic that went through Dragon Vein.

『I understand! ...Here I go!』

A few sec afterward, the Dragon Vein's flow begins to stabilize.
After seeing that, I begin to grope around the Dragon Vein's mana.
--Right after.

『...Traceback huh. Useless.』

I heard a voice coming through the Dragon Vein.

It appears that the demon changed the object of his comm magic to me.
He probably noticed the rectification magic from a magic to monitor the Dragon Vein's flow that had been put inside.

『You're not gonna cut off the comm? That's some confidence over traceback you have there.』

I observe the state of the mana while saying that.
This magic seems to be coming from a place a few dozens kilometers away from where we are.

If I'm not mistaken, there should be a town called Elenia in that direction... but the demon is probably not there.
There should be a magic tool to relay comm magic placed in that town.

Camouflaging the source of the magic by using the relay.
It's the most basic of the basic to deal against traceback and the most effective method.

Traceback is still possible if we find the relay magic tool and go from there... but judging from the opponent's level of knowledge, the tool probably gonna self destruct once it's done with the job.
...Well, I've but expected this though.

『...And, have you found out where I am?』

The demon asked with confidence.

『I don't. I know that it's not Elenia at least. 』

『I was expecting you guys to go visit the relay only to be let down though.』

The demon really sounded disappointed.

『Well, we'll end up fighting before long, look forward to it.』

The demon this time is honestly lacking.
His magical capability wasn't too bad, but he lacked the combat experiences, very much so.

I feel like he'd have been a bit more tougher if he just had the capability to think through the orders given to him through the comm magic.
However--conversely speaking, the demon that was giving the directives might be worth something.

『...But I don't have any reason at all to fight a monster like you?』

『I do. ...You don't have to do anything and simply wait if you like, it'll just make your demise comes quicker.』

『That is only if you can find me.』
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He cut off the comm after leaving those words.
Judging from the mana movement, the relay magic tool seems to have been destroyed.

With this, it's impossible to trace the demon back using ordinary means.
He's really on a whole different level than any opponent I've faced so far.

This demon probably maintains the wisdom from before the decline of skill level.
He'll be a tough opponent to handle, it seems.

『Looks like the comm has been cut...』

『We've managed our sides somehow!』

『Successfully defeated the outbreak monsters! Zero casualty!』

I heard the three's voices.
It appears that they're done cleaning up the monsters above too.

『...Did we fail on the traceback?』

I see, Ruli heard the comm earlier.
Intercepting while at the same time, gaining control of the Dragon Vein huh, it seems her mana detection has powered up.
Well, her conclusion is a bit mistaken though.

『I wasn't trying to find out his location with the traceback this time, y'know.』


『I knew that kind of stuff wouldn't work on the enemy the moment I heard the orders he gave through the comm magic.』

I check out the trace amount of mana left in the Dragon Vein.

The demon seems to think that the tracing path has been completely cut off with what he's done... but, too naive.
If it can't be found through an ordinary mean, then I just need to do it through an extraordinary mean.

『I'm going to search for that demon now. It's gonna be a bit troublesome... But would you help me?』


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