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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Strongest Sage, Plans Campaign


A few minutes after the demon cut off the transmission.
We've safely left the dungeon and come back to the inn.

The city was still in uproar because of the monster raid earlier, but it seems like inns have resumed their operations.
Well, the damage is almost nil after all, it's probably more peaceful compared to when that city ruler was still in power.

"So... How do we look for those demons?"

"With this."

I took out a small magic stone as I replied Alma.

"...Magic stone?"

"It kinda feel like the demon's mana..."

Just as I thought, Ruli would notice.

"Yeah. This is that demon's mana transmitted through the comm magic.... It needs time to stabilize though, so it's still not complete yet. We'll use this to detect the demon."

It's true that you can camouflage the actual location of the transmission by using relay magic.
However, even with relay, your mana will always be transmitted through the magic no matter what.

It would be a different story if the demon had used a special comm method, but then there would have been a delay in the transmission.
To begin with, searching a wide area by using mana as the basis wasn't widely known even before the decline back then, normally one doesn't prepare for it.

"Detecting mana, you mean... with Passive Detection?"

"No, Passive Detection can't cover that wide of an area. It's true that you can widen its search area... but there's no way Passive Detection can find our enemy unless they're very close."

Considering our enemy took precautions for our detection, they must be quite far from us.
Trying to detect them with the assumption that they're close by is a waste of time and labor.

"Which means, there's other methods? Like through Dragon Vein, maybe...?"

"You almost got it right. We're gonna use Dragon Vein indeed... But just that won't be enough. We'll use existing facilities."

Searching a wide area through mana is unusual even before the decline.
Of course, it's not simple to do... however, it can be made easier this time.


"Yea. There are large-scale magic devices that can search things by using enemy mana. We'll be using that."

That's right.
The facilities I made in my past life still remain today.
By the way, they're facilities I employed to destroy demons, thus it's possible to thoroughly detect them all in times.

"I never heard of such facilities though...."

"I'm not surprised you didn't know. Those magic devices were created 3000 years ago at the very least, and no one would know how to use it even if they found one."

"But, Mathi-kun knows their locations and how to use it?"

"That's right. As for the reason why... well, it's a long story."

I can't exactly tell them that my past life created the devices, I've got to make some excuses.
Well, Iris seems like she noticed the reason, she's looking at me with a meaningful glance.

"Well, Mathi-kun's weird knowledge is just like the usual anyway... And so, where are those magic devices at?"

"The nearest one is... Here."

I unrolled a map on the desk and pointed my finger at a spot 100 kilometer away from here.
Seeing that... Alma shouts out loud.

"So far!"
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"...But it's only about 100 kilo, isn't it? Shouldn't take long if we run."

"No well, I agree that we can run there, distance-wise... But that's in another country you know?"



Another country huh....
That'd make it hard to move around.

The magic device in question will produce considerably loud noise in the surroundings from the mana shockwave when used.
Thus, we can't exactly slip in and use it in secret either.

"How about this place?"

I pointed at a place on another direction, about 130 kilo away.
From the sensation I got touching the Dragon Vein, there are three facilities in question that are still usable today.
It'll make things easier if even one is located within Eis Kingdom...

"That's a foreign country."

"Then, how about here."

"Also a foreign country."

Looks like the magic devices are all in foreign countries.
Well, since there's only three of them in the entire world, the fact that we can reach them on foot is still a good thing though.

"...It'll take quite a while before this mana stone stabilizes to a practical level. We need to go to another country in the meantime."

It's turning into something bigger than I originally thought.
...For now, we should secure the king's cooperation.

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