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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Tama-chan's Potentials


The Eggplant Mushrooms finally dropped!

I can go back triumphantly now.
By the way, I tried experimenting a bit with the Fly Agarics I got as drop items.
Eh? What kind of experiment?
Eh, just this trivial suspicion as to whether defeating monsters with poisoned tools would gain me experience or not.

I changed my First Class to Conjurer and Second Class to Beast Tamer, and tried it on Pawn Dogs I encountered on my way back.

And the result, you do gain exp doing so. I tested with several Pawn Dogs and every one of them checked out. And surprisingly, even Tama-chan who didn't do anything gained exp. Need to check more to see if it applies only to Tamed Monsters or to party members also.
But really, even thought I was the one who did it, using poison really left a bad taste afterward. I put the agaric into the mouth of a Pawn Dog I had tied with Wind Bind and left it alone for a while. Its HP was gradually decreasing, but the scene was, y'know.... I thought of ending their suffering right away many times.
If I get more agaric next time, let's pile it up somewhere goblins come out! They might eat them since they eat anything, truly evil!
No wait, maybe I should dry and turn them into flour and then scatter it into a goblin colony with wind magic... Where'd the sentiment earlier go again. I sure am dirty, if I say so myself.

Let's stop thinking stupid stuff and quickly go back. I'd like to take it easy for now. Checking status and stuff can be for later. I'm already tired for today.

Solomon's Pavilion, I'm back!
Phew~, and the open seat... The usual one at the counter is. Hasn't it turned into my special seat now?
Fou-chan came to confirm my order when I took the seat.

"G-good work. How are you doing today?"

"It's been great, I've completed the quest I took too."

"I'm glad to hear that. Um, then you have to eat some good food and do even better tomorrow."

As expected of a waitress. Her lip service is perfect.

"Then, err, I'd like the recommended fruit juice. Oh, and this salted fried black tiger too please. Also, I've brought the item Donur-san requested, could you ask him when I can meet him?"

Fou-chan was dumbfounded. Her bunny ears were still swaying though. Then she came to, like, 'Ha' with her bunny ears standing upright. I wait for her response while suppressing the urge to mofu touch them.

"I understand. I will be sure to inform you when I bring the dish."

Fou-chan took my order and went to the kitchen.
Come to think of it, I ended up ordering the dish since I was intrigued to see it at the end of the menu list, but I wonder if tiger tastes good?
Just how will it be!!

Yup, I thought that this would be the punchline.
It was salted fried black tiger (prawns). Dammit, it's good, so good.
The saltiness from the sweat of my heart was a bit too much though.

Tama-chan is resting on my shoulder with a perfect balance.
She's treated as a tamed monster in the inn too, but Donur-san permitted her to stay in my room.
I immediately asked about it after registering her as a tamed monster, but apparently, there's no need to pay additional fee for a tamed monster the size of Tama-chan.
Or rather, Tama-chan is very popular amongst the little girl group (Minerva, Fou), her affection graph has completely overtaken me in a blink of an eye and reigns supreme on top. I'm not lonely, not at all, sniff.

It's a world with few amusements. Even though there are dolls, most are realistic bisque doll-like stuff, looks like there's craving for cute ones. Children who have never gone out of the city probably would have never thought that Moss Balls are a monster.

What surprising was how Donur-san kept stealing glances like he wanted to pat Tama-chan. You can't, okay? The little girl group takes priority.

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When most of the adventurers have left, I meet Donur-san in the staff break room.

"Here's the requested items, two 『Eggplant Mushrooms』. Please have a look."

Eggplant Mushroom
Quality: Good - Expiration Date: Until Withered
A high class mushroom with mellow fragrant, smooch food texture and irresistible down-the-throat sensation. It's not 'smooth', it's 'smooch'. Loved by all, from children to gloomy widows.

"Umu, this is what I requested. The quality and the luster are good too, no problem there."

"Good to hear that. But really, I heard that it was a rare drop, but I never imagined it would be that rare."

"That's, thanks for the trouble. I could purchase other foodstuff if you'd like to?"

"Ah, are you sure? I've got quite a bit of other stuff, I don't know what to do about them, that will really help."

I take out 15 hen-of-the-woods, 8 shimeji mushrooms, 4 enoki mushrooms, and 10 shiitake mushrooms from my rucksack. I've left enough to make tempura for myself. They're sold by a bunch besides the shiitake.

"This is, you've knocked down quite a lot mushrooms I see. Quality is good too. In total... how about 580 mani?"

That's quite a bit higher than the price I peeked on the grocery stores on my back. I guess that's only appropriate considering mine are of higher quality.

"Gladly. Still, procuring these ingredients on top of the requested mushrooms, is there going to be some sort of event?"

Oh, Donur-san is scratching his nose tip bashfully.

"Er, well. It'll be our wedding anniversary in three days. I wanted to cook my wife's favorite dish."

My my, this is, Nobusada-san went and asked too much it seems. Thank you for the treat. It appears that Donur-san is a devoted husband.

"Well then, here's your reward and quest completion mark. It's ultimately a drop item. So I was unsure when I posted the quest. You did well getting them. Thank you, Nobusada."

Mwu, my HP was diminishing when Donur-san boasted his love story, but I'm  not sure now after getting thanked straight like this. Well, I'm just glad to help keep Donur-san's family harmony. I'll just heal this bachelor me by mofu-ing Tama-chan.

Now then, time to go back to my room and check for the levels up and reflection time. Here's my current status.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Conjurer Lv3 - Beast Tamer Lv3
State: Healthy
Title: 【True Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 160/160 - MP: 1,287/2,085

Otherworlder Lv10 (Up!) - Fighter Lv10 - Fist Fighter Lv5 (Up!) - Monk Lv3 - Magician Lv4 - Conjurer Lv3 - Merchant Lv1 - Farmer Lv1 - Househusband Lv1 - Thief Lv10 (up!) - Hunter L1 - Beast Tamer Lv3 (new!)

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv2 - Magic Modification Lv2 (up!) - Composite Magic Lv1 (new!) - Housework Lv1 - Farming Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Grappling Lv2 (up!) - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv2 - Mana Clad Lv2 - Evasion Lv2 - Sacred Magic Lv2 - Dark Magic Lv1 (new!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv3 - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2

【Class Skill】
Provoke - Treasure Hunter

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv4 (up!) - Levellit's Blessing (Small)

【Tamed Monsters】

Today's income and expenditure - capital 316,570 - 130 (fruit juice and black tiger) + 2,580 (2 Eggplant Mushrooms + various mushrooms)= 319, 020 mani

Ouph, my MP became 4 digit number before I knew it. I can do more magic and technique training now.
Conjurer leveled up during the fly agaric experiment and I learned Dark Magic.
Here's the details I got from Discerning-sensei.

【Differing Soul Telepathy】
Lv2 Easier to learn skills the master has

【Dark Magic】
Exerts a variety of effect by manipulating the power of darkness. Abnormal status efficacy and success rate fluctuate depending on level and consumed mana.
Available Magic List ※Liberated on level up
Pain - Cause limb pain
Curse - Place a curse on a target. Covers immobility, coma, feeble, intelligence down and others, the needed mana changes the more complex the placed curse is.

【Composite Magic】
Skill that exemplifies talent to combine magic. The possible combination is unlimited, restricted only by imaginative power and mana.

Thief 『Treasure Hunter』
Increase the probability of item drop after killing monsters

And here's Tama-chan's status

Name: Tama-chan - Gender: Female - Race: Moss Ball
Class: S Moss Ball Lv2 - State: Healthy
Title: None - Bond: Deep Affection
HP: 45/45 - MP 12/12
(Status is improved by the effect of master's title)

Divided Body Generation - Sacred Magic Lv1 (new!)

『Super Moss Ball』
The beginning first stage of the many potentials the weakest unknown Moss Ball has. A new star that hadn't appeared in 10 years in the world of Moss Balls.

Tama-chan learned magic!? I was dumbfounded to see the unexpected skill. Exactly a monster of potentials?
It seems Discerning-sensei's level is still not high enough to see the details on Divided Body Generation. Gotta put more effort on Discerning-sensei.

Now then, the reflection point this time is how I got too carried away. Especially the stumble at the end because I turned it into an extermination routine due to no drop. I could have lost Tama-chan in the worst case scenario. Meaning I can't let my guard down even on 2F.
Furthermore, I'm weak against abnormal status since I'm flying solo. Panicking to the point I forgot to take Cure Potion from the rucksack. I've got to think a way to take those stuff without using the rucksack. I can't be thankful enough for Tama-chan learning sacred magic here. Please do grow more from here on.

As for the new technique, it's a failure and a success in a way. I've succeeded creating the composition and activating it, but there's a ton of points for improvements. Though I originally planned it to be made of metal, and for it to be a pile bunker, not thorns, but I gave up at the creating metal part. Apparently, I lack the skill and knowledge to make that. It should progress rapidly in many ways if I could do just that. As for the technique itself, the firepower is too high and the MP consumption is awfully enormous. That one blow consumed a hell lot of my MP. Might be a good idea to add more variations on the rock, like drill type or short lancer type.

My next goal is to level up all the classes to 10 while continuing my training. Not sure if it applies to all classes, but apparently, you get a Class Skill at level 10. Those seem like they'll be useful.
Oh right, I shouldn't forget to gather herbs too since I've promised Sefi-san. I'd like to learn alchemy while at it.

Alright! Reflection end. I'll do my best tomorrow too.
Good night, Tama-chan.


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