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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Nobu-san's Current Status Report


It has been a month since I moved to this city.

My goal, that is leveling all my Classes to level 10, has been mostly completed. I said mostly because I got more Classes again from derivations and skill acquisitions, I still haven't got to them yet.

Those new Classes are Alchemist, Illusionist, Slave Trader, Carpenter and Mason.

Alchemist was a matter of course, while I unknowingly got Conjurer after showing some tricks to amuse children who were hanging around Bell. Carpenter was after I repaired leaked roof on Bell's place, and Mason was from making the jam's jars. Looking again, I got most of them from things related to Levellit Temple. Is this due to Levellit-sama's guidance? No, I don't think that noGoddess is capable of that.

I learned class skills at level 10 of classes that are not magic-focused.
Here are those skills

Fist Fighter 『Chakra』
Stimulate inner healing power by focusing your mind, heal HP. By increasing proficiency and reaching Veteran level, it's possible to recover from paralyze and poison.

Beast Tamer 『Treatment』
Heal your tamed monsters by placing your hand on them. The logic behind it is not known. Effect rises with deeper bond.

Hunter 『Hawk Eye』
Temporarily raise hit rate like a hawk eying its prey.

And here's my current status. Even though I'm not sure why I would want to level up Illusionist, my laborious mind forged in simulation compels me to do it.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Age: 15 - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Alchemist Lv1 - Illusionist Lv1
State: Healthy
Title: 【True Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 334/334 - MP: 2,183/2,183

Otherworlder Lv10 - Fighter Lv10 - Fist Fighter Lv10 (up!) - Monk Lv10 (up!) - Magician Lv10 (up!) - Conjurer Lv10 (up!) - Illusionist Lv1 (new!) - Alchemist Lv1 (new!) - Thief Lv 10 - Hunter Lv10 (up!) - Beast Tamer Lv10 (up!) - Merchant Lv10 (up!) - Slave Trader Lv1 (new!) - Farmer Lv10 (up!) - Househusband Lv10 (up!) - Carpenter Lv1 (new!) - Mason Lv1 (new!)

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv2 - Magic Modification Lv2 - Composite Magic Lv2 (up!) - Housework Lv5 - Farming Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Grappling Lv3 (up!) - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv2 - Body Reinforcement Lv2 (new!) - Mana Clad Lv2 - Evasion Lv3 (up!) - Parry Lv2 (new!) - Sacred Magic Lv3 (up!) - Dark Magic Lv1 - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv4 (up!) - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2 - Alchemy Lv2 (new!) - Processing Techniques (Wood - Stone) (new!)

【Class Skill】
Provocation - Treasure Hunter - Chakra - Treatment - Hawk Eye

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv4 - Levellit Blessing (Small)

【Tamed Monster】

【Elemental Magic Aptitude】
Fire: Fire Javelin - Shoot out a huge javelin of fire at a high speed
Water: Bubble Bomb - Produce bubbles that explode on touch
Wind: Thunder - Launch electric shock toward target
Earth: Stone Skin - Endow layer of stone that protects you from damage to a certain extent

【Sacred Magic】
High Heal - Heal with great recovery effect
Protection - Increase target's physical defense for a limited time
Mana Shield - Increase target's magical defense for a limited time

Name: Tama-chan - Gender: Female - Race: Moss Ball
Class: S Moss Ball Lv14 - State: Healthy
Title: 【Moss Ball of Possibility】 - Bond: Deep Affection
HP: 81/81 - MP: 24/24
(Status is improved by the effect of master's title)

Divided Body Generation - Sacred Magic Lv1 - Evasion Lv1 (new!) - Camouflage Lv1 (new!)

【Moss Ball of Possibility】
Having the potential to go toward the future, surpassing its current power, Moss Ball who has awakened to its inner strength.

The title is too abstract, I don't know if it has any effect in itself. But Tama-chan has endless potential. That's a good thing.
Camouflage is a skill that makes you blend to the surroundings like a chameleon, finding Tama-chan when she uses the skill is next to impossible if I don't have Differing Soul Telepathy.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

After the matter with Bell, I regularly dropped off the jam at Levellit Temple to have it sold there, my connection grew with it. Housewives who live near the temple, visiting adventurers and shopping district folks including Zahat-san. Especially the people of the shopping district, they regularly ask me personally to take their quests, like gathering ingredients.
As the result of rapidly completing those quests, my adventurer rank is now 『D』.

Eh? Why did it go up by two ranks?

There's many reasons, but the biggest one is because I got satisfying evaluations from the clients in most of the quests I took. Most of the quests weren't about battle but gathering stuff, but thanks to my Magic Rucksack, the item' state didn't decline, I split the requested items by their types, and delivered them before the scheduled time, you know, stuff that's just normal to do in Japan. The rowdy bunch in this world is quite reckless at this, so the quest clients were quite happy with me. The Japanese corporate slave spirit works its magic here.
I think soon I'll be able to do the same quests Mitama and Futsuno-san are taking.

I'm still staying at Solomon's Pavilion even after having ranked up. The food cost and inn fee should have gone back to normal rate since my rank went up, but Donur-san said that there's no need for that. It's apparently for my shares from the sales of stuff I taught him like deep-fried breads that are popular as lunch take-out among adventurers. That feat amounts to an incredible number.
The reward may seem minuscule, but simply having stable food supply and more dish variety are more than good enough for me. Donur-san and his cohorts have created various filling for the bread, there's a lot to choose now. I also occasionally ask for his help. I'm very thankful that I'm allowed to freely use most of the kitchen now.

My alchemy training at Sefi-san's place is also progressing well. That said, I can't exactly fix walls by putting my palms together nor can I create flame by snapping my fingers.
But it's probably at a level where I can do mixing works in an atelier somewhere.

I've improved potion that was famous for its bad taste and successfully produced it in peach flavor, specialty of this city. It seems to have gotten quite popular among the adventurers, sales are soaring high.

With the modified version of dry spell, 『Freeze-Dry』, I instantly freeze herbs and peach and dry them into powder. Even though I don't know how the real freeze-dry work, I just made it so the magic causes similar phenomenon to happen, it's all ok in the end.
With it as the raw materials, I manage to create potion that's not bitter or foul tasting. In fact, as long as you can make this powder, you can make these peach flavored potions even with crude ingredients. Since production time, storage space, and quality are all way better than traditional recipes, Sefi-san was dancing in joy. And since I've put my mana into the powder during its production, the Enclosed Mana of the resultant potion will increase regardless of who makes it. By the way, Sefi-san also tried putting her mana during the production, but the quality didn't go up. It seems to be a special perk only for me.

I've got a share on the sales of this peach flavored potion, and the 『Shut-in Lamia』 has turned into a semi joint management. I firmly refused it at first, but Sefi-san's eyes looked like a bird of prey that wouldn't let go of her prey, and I ended up raising the white flag.

My training with master and Eleanor-san is also going smoothly.
I was able to keep up with Eleanor-san's 50% speed which I couldn't see at all before. I think my body is catching up with the level up. Her speed is gradually escalating like usual, but she regains her composure whenever she gets excited if I make a gesture like I'm trying to hug her. Apparently, that makes her recall the time I unintentionally grabbed her breast.

My technique research is going relatively well as well. I managed to reduce mana consumption and created more variations by reforming the way I put the mana. I also experimented with magic modification along with it, but since master's ideas were all interesting, we always ended up getting scolded up by his subordinates and Eleanor-san. I think we've managed to create several that are usable in real combat.

As for Bell, since he was originally the type that stimulates one's protective instinct, he had gotten popular amongst the housewives and managed to earn regular income from the temple's sick ward. He's greatly enjoying the days where he can eat meals every day. What a simple guy. Well, that's exactly why people lined up to help him. However, whether that gave birth to a stalker from a certain temple or not.... Bell, make sure to guard your ass at night.
And this one is related to me, there was one time where I stood side by side with Bell in the temple and met with very lukewarm gazes from part of the housewives. I don't want to think what this means, but I just wanna say, homo is no no! Tell me they're not gonna spread it on some thin books or something, are they!?

In addition, the Applevel Jam is also selling well. Just as planned, there are some curious folks who aim to complete the whole set. By the way, the secret rare one is designed after Tama-chan. I've only produced two of it so far. Fufufu, don't think you can get a hold on Tama-chan that easily.

Income and expenditure until today - capital 319, 020 + 9,750 (jam sales excluding sundry expenses like Bell's wage and offerings) + 32,000 (potion sales) + 63,400 (quests reward + Soul Stone and material sales) - 11,680 (inn and misc. cost)= 419, 490 mani

Looking at it again, it doesn't look like a month's earning of a beginner at all. I look plain though!

Now that I've gotten some nice footings, it might be a good time to start taking subjugation quests on and go deeper into the dungeon. I fondly gaze at Tama-chan while still having my mind on the still unseen enemy and dungeon's treasures.

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