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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 34

Chaptert 34 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Encounter Arc


Today I'm also standing in front of the adventurer guild's quest board after training. Hello! Here's Nobusada.

Once you've turned into Rank D, there's more quests that involve subjugation and transporting things outside the city, a huge difference to when you're still a rookie. Umm, I can't choose, wonder if there's any quest that tickles my fancy.

And there's this quest among others.

《Urgent Recruit: Seeking Companion》
Seeking an adventurer that can at least protect themselves as a traveling companion. Quest details will be explained at the destination, Pezun Village two days away to the south of Gramada.

Client: Kagura
Reward: 1500 Mani + materials and Soul Stones obtained from monsters during the quest
Contact Address: 『Dog of Flame』

What an obscure quest this is, Kagura-san. Is there even anyone who's going to take it?

...There is one, me.

I got Two-handed Spear skill from her in a way, have to repay her somehow and I also want to talk to her along the way. I have a feeling that she must know many things about eastern countries judging from her outfits. I might even get info about katana and stuff. I'd like to wield a katana as a Japanese man. This sword isn't too bad itself, but I just can't give up on the dream.
Besides, traveling with a beautiful oni girl, I couldn't ask for more. I mean, I originally was a beansprout type in Japan.

Thus, I took the quest tag and lined up at the counter. Of course, at Eleanor-san's. Since the quest will take me afar, I've got to tell her that I'm going to take some days off on training.

Looks like the client, Kagura-san is staying at Dog of Flame inn. That's the same inn as Mitama and Futsuno-san. Still, Eleanor-san seemed a bit displeased somehow when she handled the quest, was she jealous I wonder? That would mean that she's conscious of me, that makes me happy. But well, for now gotta focus on the quest.

"Long time no see, Storm-san."

"Oh, is that you Nobusada. Been awhile huh. Looks like you've gotten quite used to being an adventurer. Your atmosphere feels different than before."

"Do I really? That'd be nice if true. I'm here for a quest today, is Kagura-san in?"

I explained to Storm-san while showing him the quest tag.

"Aa? Yeah, she should be in her room, didn't say anything 'bout going out or anything. It's room 206. And I've got to go with you, sorry bout that, that's the rule here."

"No no, don't worry about it. Oh right, I haven't tried your cooking yet. Maybe I should rent a room here and hold a party with Kagura-san, Mitama and Futsuno-san once I'm done with this quest."

"Oh you will huh. Then, you'd better earn big out there, hahaha."

We arrived in front of Kagura-san's room as we chatted. Looks like each room in Dog of Flame is spacious, unlike Solomon's Pavilion. That inn's room is like a capsule hotel's big after all.

I knock on the door and call Kagura-san inside.

"Kagura-san, are you inside? I'm here for your quest."

After a bit while, a sound like something falling could be heard from the room. Did she trip over something in a hurry?

"I'm sorry to make you wait. I give you my thanks for accepting my ques... Oh? Aren't you... Nobusada, was it?"

"Yes, I am. It's been a while."

"Mumu? I should have asked for rank D in the quest description, was there a mistake somewhere?"

"There is none. I've been promoted to rank D."

Kagura-san is dumbfounded with her mouth wide open. Storm-san has this 'you must be kidding' face. Muu, is it really that unbelievable, then eat this!
I take the guild card hanging on my neck and show it to the two. If this were a mistake, that'd be like blaming the guild. Now, check it out all you want.

"Y-Your rank is really D indeed. You, did you deceive me when you told me that you were a beginner a month ago?"

"No, I was really rank F at that time. This is the result of working hard on my training and quests."

Yup, I worked really hard especially in these last two weeks. I did two to three quests every single day after all. Particularly when I got rushed or nominated quests, I had to stay in the dungeon until late at night with Tama-chan. Well, even though there was nothing dramatic, I really worked myself to the bone.

"Fumu, I do not think the staff members there can do anything illegal. It's a bit hard to believe since it took me half a year to reach rank D. My apologies for doubting you."

"Please don't worry about it. I mean, I would likely do the same if I were you. I think it's only natural for those who are prudent."

"Well then, let us talk about the quest inside."

"I'm gonna take my leave here. Don't forget about the party once yer' done with the quest, Nobusada. Imma show you my skills."

"Hou, that's something to look forward to."

"Yes, thank you very much, Storm-san."
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I went into the room as urged by Kagura-san. There was no particular decorations inside, it was plain. But stuff like spear and breastplate are shoved aside in the corner of the room, probably from earlier.
Not good. I ended up looking around in bad manners. I'm not used to girl's room.

"As for the quest, there's a village called Pezun two days to the south of here. Our destination is a cave near that village. There's a certain mechanism inside that won't let you proceed deeper if you're alone, you see. Usually, I would have asked help from one of the few friends I have, but they're unfortunately not present due to a long term quest they took. Hence, I placed this quest in haste."

"I see."

"I myself am ready to go this instance, how about your side?"

"I can go right away after procuring foodstuff just in case."

"Then, could you meet me at the southern gate in one hour?"

"Got it. By the way, does Kagura-san have preferences in regard to food?"

"Hm? Me? I'm fine with anything that goes well with sake. I don't like beans, I guess."

"Aye aye sir. I'll be sure to take note when I'm buying the ingredients."

"Mumu, it sounds like you're going to prepare my shares too from where this is going...."

"But I do? We're in a party, even a temporary one. Might as well make something good for us two, right."

"You really are an odd one. Maybe even too kind for your own good."

"People often told me that. Then, see you at the south gate."


I carefully selected the ingredients at Yao Eight after parting with Kagura-san. Buying vegetables, fish, cheese and flavoring. Sure would love to get my hand on a magic rucksack exclusively for foodstuff. I should ask Sefi-san the way to make one next time.

Kagura-san was already waiting when I arrived at the south gate.
She's carrying a two-handed spear on her back and a rucksack in one hand. That's probably a magic rucksack as she has nothing else on her. She's armed with a forehead protector, breastplate, and gauntlets with leggings under under her hakama-like trousers. Similar to me, she's wearing minimum equipment as to not obstruct her movement. I think she's the type that slaughter her enemy with the two-handed spear while not letting them get close.

This is her current status I peeked.

Name: Kagura Kagami - Gender: Female - Age: 20 - Race: Onifolk (Disguised as General Human)
Class: War Oni Lv21 (Disguised as Fighter Lv17)
Title: 【Bloody War Maiden】
Two-Handed Staff Lv4 - Two-Handed Spear Lv4 - Martial Art Lv3 - Evasion Lv1 - Physical Strength Lv2 - Concealment Lv2 - Disguise Lv2

She's grown a bit compared to before.
If this is the growth rate of an average person, then mine is indeed extraordinary, partly because of the noGoddess's blessing.
Let's offer her something once I get back.

By the way, my equipment has also changed a bit. I'm wearing a belt that holds stuff which look like test tubes. This test tube-like things are made from stone, filled with many kind of potions. Corks are sold normally here, thus I use that to distinguish the content by colors. I made this after trials-and-errors so I could quickly get potions I need, learning from my mistakes in my fight with D Lostshroom. All of the four potion types are peach flavored, consisting of normal Potion, Cure Potion (antidote), Magic Potion (mana recovery), and Para Potion (anti paralyze). I made them all myself.

I'll be using a one-handed sword for this journey. I've been fighting a lot with bare hands lately, my skills could get rusty if I don't use other weapons.

"Thank you for waiting. Well then, let's go."

"Oh, you're here. Then let us depart."

It's Nobusada's first going outside the city quest. Now then, just what kind of incident-filled journey would we have.

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