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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.4


Norma drank her cold tea. She continued on while gazing at the empty teacup.

"However, changes gradually crept in. <Purification> that started out once every ten days turned to every eight, six, five days."

She put the cup on table.

"Lecan, you probably can't imagine this. To grow old and be robbed of your bodily functions, to have a body that gets ceaselessly tortured by pain all over. However, <Purification> is capable of ridding that body of all that. Enabling one to freely move, think and work like their younger self."

Jinga pour new tea in the empty cup.

"But that body will deteriorate once a day has elapsed, and with it all the pain and suffering back. Until finally the marquis couldn't bear the anguish any more. What should he do then? It's obvious. Shorten the interval of <Purification>. What started as once every ten days eventually became once every two days."

Norma lifted her teacup, put it before her nose and enjoyed the fragrance.

"Mother was given everything. A treasure-class wand. A necklace that raises her mana pool. A ring that nullifies curses. Dresses tailored by the best craftsmen. Luxurious meals. And knight Jinga, her bodyguard."

Lecan looked at Jinga. His wrinkled face won't allow his emotions to be seen. This man appeared to be an even tougher opponent than he initially thought.

"The end came in the most unceremonious form. One day, a patient sent to father vomited in front of him. Mother cast <Purification> on that patient. She went and did it."

So, was she prohibited from casting <Purification> on anyone besides the marquis.

"Mother and father were lambasted for wasting <Purification> that could only be cast once a day, which could have resulted in the marquis missing having it cast on him."

"Couldn't she just drink a blue potion."

"Of course. In fact, they gave my mother blue potions right away. But blue potions would become less effective if drank consecutively, and mother's mana pool was just too little. What would happen if she had drank two blue potions and then cast <Purification> on someone that wasn't the marquis?"

"That's paranoid. Besides, it's your mother's prerogative."

"That's not how the marquis family saw it. Do you know how much a healthy body worth to a capable influential authoritative figure with excellent track records? The town was celebrating its prosperity. Going to the extreme, it's not an exaggeration to say that mother was the pillar supporting that prosperity."

Lecan drank up his tea as well. Jinga was going to pour him more tea, but Lecan gestured not to.

"The marquis family put my mother under house arrest. That was when I was ten."

Norma glared at wall.

"Ten years, ten years. An old man who was once a step away from death survived for ten years. Not only surviving. He even got free from the confine of bed, did a lot of work and even had more children."

She laughed and smiled at Lecan. A heartwrenching smile.

"Of course anyone is aware of the wonders of <Purification> already. But its true worth was made very clear when they saw a real life precedent in the marquis."

Norma reseat herself deep in her chair, and sent her glance upward to the ceiling while joining both her hands on her belly.

"Mother drank a bluish purple potion every morning and then cast <Purification> on the marquis. Then she drank a small blue potion and cast another <Purification> on someone else in the afternoon. That someone would be individuals who could bring something great to the marquis house, those who could contribute five gold coins to the house every month. It had come to it before I realized."

Bluish purple potions amplify mana for a time. Lecan got several from Golbul Dungeon, but he's never had a chance to use one yet.

"I would be brought to meet mother once every five days. She would ask about how my father was doing all the time. Father wasn't allowed to meet mother. I have no idea why."

Eda threw a question.
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"Is the marquis still doing fine now?"

"No. Four years since my mother was confined, his age finally caught on to him. Apparently <Purification> was mostly ineffective during his last moment. But he still managed to escape death for 14 years, and even worked well moments before his death. <Purification> is truly an amazing magic."

"So did they release your mother afterward?"

"No. The eldest son took over the marquis house and inherited mother. She was practically a property of the marquis family by that point. Father once requested to see mother after the succession. This is what the new marquis said to him. 'That's fine, but can you even cough up five gold coins?'"

"That's so horrible."

"They don't think it is, but it really is horrible, isn't it. To the marquis house, that's just how things are. They're a machine that must protect and expand their territory and house. Even the family head is merely a cog in the machine, they can't go against the motion already cast in its entirety."

"I mean, isn't Norma-san's father a brother of the new marquis?"

"They might be, biologically speaking. But not in standings."

Lecan asked a question to set the topic back on rail.

"When and why did you come here?"

"Oh right, right. My mother left this world when I was 17. Then the marquis family started consulting me about my marriage."

"Are they trying to atone for their treatment on your mother?"

"Pfft. Ah no, excuse me. Eda, you're really such a good girl. I sincerely hope you never lose that pure soul of yours."

"Wait, are you making a fool out of me?"

"No no, not at all. They were fussing over my marriage because of a small hope they carry, for my children to bear the aptitude for <Purification>. Magic aptitudes sometimes run in the family, and those in the same lineage manifest the same type of magic easier. In fact, I can use <Recovery>, weak as it may. Those people would do anything to get their hands on <Purification> once again, no matter how small the chances are."

"How did you escape them."

"The new marquis spoke to father. We shall make the arrangement if you wish to leave this town. However, you cannot take your property with you."

"Fumu. He must have ulterior motives."

"The previous marquis and my mother apparently forged a pact. To not bind me and my father. That was her conditions to serve upon marquis family without resisting."

"I don't get it. Even with that pact, I don't see why they would abide by it, all the more with both party involved dead."

"It was not a mere pact. They called a priest and made an oath to god Erekus. If they broke the pact, the previous marquis would have his soul sent to hell, and crimson flames would engulf the marquis family."

Oaths get broken all the time, even oaths performed with rituals. Lecan personally bore witness to a noble who easily broke an oath their father made to god with a sacrifice the moment that father kicked the bucket. This stuff may be different in this world though.

"When I was 17, meaning nine years ago, my father and I came back to this town. Despite them telling us we couldn't bring our property, we managed to take few medicinal plants and books with us. Well, those things probably weren't worth to be called property from the marquis house's point of view."

She said she came back with her father, but there was nary a shadow of that father in this house. Just when Lecan was wondering how come, Norma gave him the answer.

"Father died in a duel the year after."



"I mentioned about a noble who tried to kill mother with a Flat White Snake, right. A little while after that incident, the family head of that noble and his daughter were called in by the marquis family and met a dreadful end there. Since my mother had become the marquis house's assets. They could not forgive that noble and his daughter for their attempt on her life. I believe they were also intended to be an example. Like, 'This is what entails if you try to mess with her.'"

"And how did that connect to the duel?"

"The son of that noble found out that father had returned to this town and apparently believed he was exiled. A knight of that noble challenged father to a duel of honor. My father accepted the duel and died with one swing of sword."

"Didn't your father discard his family name and live in this town as a commoner."

"My mother's keepsake, her wand had been stolen, you see. We were told that they would return the wand had he won the duel."

"Where the heck is the honor in that."

"Tell me about it. To make matter worse, the other party tried to abduct me after killing my father. I most likely would have met a miserable end had Jinga not been there to save me."

Lecan looked at Jinga. He's standing silently without showing any kind of emotion like always.

"However, that noble had misread the new marquis's character and thought process. The new marquis was enraged. He probably saw it as an insult to the marquis house. The family head of that noble house was replaced with a literal head, several more individuals were also found guilty and executed. Consequently, my safety is guaranteed thanks to that. And this wand returned to my side."

Norma must have inherited her knowledge and skills as a medical practitioner from her father and took over this medical center.

Lecan himself had no interest in Norma's origin and life, but her life story should prove extremely valuable when it comes to protecting Eda. Even wife of a marquis's son ended up living the life of a confined slave. Lecan has just taken a glimpse of the cruel fate that awaits <Purification> users with this story.

Norma is done narrating all she needed to tell, but Lecan's still got some questions left for her.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Peerless...ed


"Oy oy, you sure are having quite the fun there, my fellow disciple."

Discerning-sensei, please!!

Beep Beep♪ Error Occurred. For realsies.

Dammit, what an annoying no-goddess-like announcement. Apparently he obstructed Discerning-sensei through some kind of means.

He looks to be at his mid 30s. Peculiarly styled short brown hair and sharp glances, kinda sanpaku eyed though.
The white armored man talks to the puzzled-looking me with a rather surprised look on his face.

"Hmm? Did you not hear from Master? I'm Temuro Ryei. Master's first disciple and a commanding officer of this Gramada's order of knights."

What. So this person is the first disciple. He's got this calm demeanor on him, it's hard to believe he's supposed to be a battle freak like master.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Nobusada, a recent recruit Master has taken under his wings. I have heard about your name from Master, but nothing about how you look like."

The surrounding people raised a stir as we had our conversation.

"O-oy, ain't that 『Meteor』!?"

"Yeah, no doubt about it. That white armor and that weapon, can't be anyone else but 『Meteor』."

"Why's that guy talking to him so casually?"

Is [Meteor] this person's alias. Man, I'm kinda jealous. I mean, did you see mine?

"Hahahaa, no need to get so formal with me. I'm not here to mess with someone Master and Eleanor-san hold in high esteem. They're gonna smash me hard if I did."


"But wow, your fighting style was really interesting. No wonder Master set his eyes on you. You're so far apart from my son despite your similarity in ages."

Oh right, Master mentioned that too. He's got a son who looks like me and of the same age. Umu, did I just raise a flag?

"Ah yeah, you were the one who passed that info to Amiral-shi huh. I'm here under Duke-sama's order to discuss about some personnel affairs in the guild."

He said this in a low voice as to avoid getting heard by others around. I see, that guy went and dragged duke-sama into this. As expected of Amiral-san. Truly a capable guild master.

"And just when I was done with our discussion, I got greeted with a scene of one overwhelming six. Man, the way you fight really reminds me of my youth. Takes me back to when I brawled against nine assassins."

But that's more. Dang I can't imagine going against that many assassins.
Temuro-san pondered something for a moment before dropping the bomb with a face like he hit on something good.

"How about it? You don't look that tired and all, fancy a round against me?"

Uwoo, I didn't expect that! Since I haven't had many chances to fight against unbelievably strong people besides Master and Eleanor-san, this should be a good experience. It should be... but there's this certain rule when it comes to mock battles between fellow disciples.
Alright! It may be dangerous, but I'll prioritize in getting experience here. I'll try to not die at the very least!

"It would be my honor to."

"Nice answer. My son still can't keep up with me, y'see."

Son-bro seems to be having it rough?

"O-oy, that guy's gonna take on 『Meteor』 in a mock battle."

"Well dang, he's actually a disciple of War Fist huh."

"So he wasn't just someone who leeches off women."

Sheesh, just how bad is my rep anyway (tears of blood). I don't have many friends though, true.
But it's fine, so long as I have the girls with me! And those girls are looking here very anxiously.
Yup, forgive me for being reckless!
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I draw Lunar Cat and psyche myself up for a real combat.
Matda's disciples first precept.
When two disciples meet for a match, they must regard it as if it's a real combat even regardless of it being a mock battle.
Master, please rethink that rule, the gap is just way too vast no matter how you look at it, you know?

"Has Master taught you about duel etiquette?"

"Yes, I'll be fine."

The peanut gallery sounded surprised when they saw us taking out our real weapons. I would have that exact reaction were I there too.

"Let us begin then. I am Temuro. First Disciple of War Fist."

"I am Nobusada. Tenth Disciple of War Fist."


Temuro-san slowly fetches a javelin from his back. His other weapon, a kibidango, I mean a morning star is fastened tight on his waist. I can't tell its length since the grip is connected to the tip. I only knew what it really was thanks to prior information. Otherwise I would have mistaken it for a normal mace.

As for me, I take the Counter Stance with Lunar Cat at the ready and put Full Protection on myself. Feels like I gotta be passive here.

"I'm taking the first strike if you won't, hmph."

Temuro-san thrust his javelin forward from a peculiar forward inclining pose. I calmly shifted my body by a half step to dodge the javelin aiming for my shoulder and slash at its handle with Lunar Cat.


My attack hit empty air and with that I exposed my defenseless state. What the heck's up with that javelin's return speed. Going from thrust to back was inhumanely fast. Rapid thrusts not unlike a sub-machine gun fire came afterward. Dodging them took all I could, that first strike was the only time I took it easy. I couldn't contain my surprise since even this is just a warm-up.

"What's wrong? Is that all you've got??"

Calm down me! There's no way to win against him with my current strength. On top of it, he's moving like he's got a complete grasp of my next moves. Therefore, conventional moves would only end up cornering me here.

Very well then, let's do something outside expectations.

Boom, I jumped backward before immediately rushing forward using <<Air Thruster>>.

"Frontal attack eh. Too naive, don't you think?"

Right when I arrived before him, I kicked the air and changed my trajectory with <<Air Thruster>>. After turning right, I changed my direction once again and swung down Lunar Cat from Temuro's right.


Sound of a clash between metal echoed in the quiet training ground. It's the first time he used his javelin to block my katana. Looks like even the handle is made of metal. I can't help but feel impressed at how masterful he wields such a thing. Wonder if it's been enhanced with Lightweight magic or something? Since there is no indication of my blade cutting through the javelin, it must be quite a weapon.

"Hahaa, interesting. A combination of magic and martial art huh. Truly a curious fighting style. Guess I'll get a bit serious too then."

Temuro-san took the morning star on his waist with his left hand. Yes, he's currently stopping my slash with just his right hand. Whoa, more importantly, something real bad is coming. I've got to take some distance.

As I jumped backward and gauged the distance, rapid javelin thrust assaulted me again. I calmly dodged it by shifting my upper half, counterattack now!?



I can't breathe in. A steel ball has sunk into my side. This despite the Full Protection.
I flicked away the steel ball with my katana's grip and breathed in. Ouuch, that must have broken several of my rib cages. I cast High Heal to quickly treat the damage.

But really, that steel ball came flying almost without any time lag after the javelin's assault. It's turned back into a mace form now. The way his stance makes the morning star goes along his lower half must be intentional to obfuscate its true nature.

But dang, this is rough. Unlike cuts and scratches, damages from a blunt weapon accumulates inside the body. And there's no worry of chipped damage either, it's probably the best weapon to have in a protracted battle.
That morning star must be a magic tool, or a magicraft tool like Lunar Cat. The range of its chain beggar belief. And you can't tell where it gonna come flying toward you.

"I'm sure I got your rib from that sensation, yet here you are moving around like nothing huh. I see, you're fighting while casting heal or something to that effect. Never heard of a Heal that could fix bones though, am I wrong?"

Temuro-san seems to be having fun, he's chattering away with smiles on his face. He's taking it easy huh. Well seeing as I can't even strike back and all.

Ever since Temuro-san took his morning star, I've been getting completely barred from even getting close. The morning star itself has an unknown range, but the combination of the straight thrusts from javelin and the curving assaults of morning star makes it very hard for me to even gain distance.

I can only raise my hands now that I'm being toyed around this much. I initially planned to somehow scrap through with martial art and high-speed magic, but I never imagined the gap would be this wide.

Now that it's come to this, I need to at least throw senior disciple-dono for a loop.
If I can't get close, that just means I've got to bombard him from a distance. Barrage is power, yeah.

I start moving like sliding by utilizing <<Air Thruster>> and <<Air Hover>>. My aim is his feet. I'd risk hitting the peanut gallery if I missed his upper body after all.

"<<Icicle Bullets>>!"

I keep rapidly firing at the target while sliding around. GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA, bullets of ice were shot out toward Temuro.

"Mwu, your fighting style's changed. Getting serious now are we."

Temuro is still taking it easy while hitting down only the icicles that would have hit him with his javelin.

"I applaud your wealth of mana and casting speed, however your attack patterns are too monotonous."

I'm aware of that. Hence why I'm doing this.


Stone walls gradually rise covering Temuro-san from all four directions. Temuro-san can't move now that he's enclosed within these two-meter tall stone walls. Now I just gotta get close and... Wait whaaaaaat!?


Stone walls that I had created with flawless mana were easily broken down. You're kidding me right!? Even Master couldn't have destroyed those in one hit.

Looking closer, the parts of walls hit by the morning star's thorns are getting decomposed. Just how multi purpose is that morning star anyway!

"That one just now was well done, however your mana kneading and composition still have a long ways to go. A slight touch from this 『Meteor』 turning them back into magic essence is proof of that."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Strongest Sage, Infers


"Maybe it's like the typical scenario where the demon has killed and replaced the town lord here?"

"That sounds plausible... But this territory..."

Replacing a town lord is indeed a typical scenario.
It would afford the demon a degree of authority, easier time to create situations that benefit it, and there's little worry of getting found out as long as the demon erases the victim's body well.
It's especially effective for demons that are good at concealing their mana.

However... I don't believe there's much to gain for Zadokilgias to pose as a lord of this small town.
To begin with, the kingdom is keeping an eye on this lord for unjust taxing.
What's even the point of impersonating the guy.

Zadokilgias is most likely setting up a scheme that will certainly turn the table on its subjugation party.
With the amount of mana Zadokilgias sent through Dragon Veins, it must have anticipated the first subjugation party sent after it would be also the most elite unit, thus as long as it managed to beat them, it could take it easy afterward.
The problem is how...

"...Water huh?"

I drew water from a nearby well.
Then I drink a little bit of it.
And then I felt mana in my body getting ever so slightly weakened.

"I knew it."

The well water has been tampered with.
I'm guessing... some sort of specialized magic must have been cast in underground water.

"Is there something wrong with the water?"

"Yeah. You'll see yourself if you drink even a little... Careful not to take in too much now."

The three girls timidly drank the water after I told them that.
Alma and Ruli frowned.

"Uun, it kinda feels gross..."

"The difference is so subtle that I wouldn't have noticed had Mathi-kun not told me... But it feels really cold somehow. And not a pleasant one, more like it gives me the chill from deep inside..."

"This water is so good! ...I don't think there's anything wrong with it!"

Ruli and Alma understood.
As for Iris... I suppose this water won't affect her. To her, it's nothing but tasty water.
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"Is this a poison?"

"No. It's most likely... Normal water with its mana absorption property enhanced. The way you handle mana will be slightly altered if you drink a lot of this water."

Water has a property of absorbing much more mana than air.
Hence why mana from detection magic doesn't pass through water easily.
This well water has its mana absorption property deliberately enhanced.

Drinking this water won't affect anything initially.
Thus, even those sufficiently proficient at controlling mana likely won't notice the trick in this water if they're not already on alert.
The issue will surface... once you've drunk a large quantity of this water.

Human drinks about 1.5 liter of water a day.
The water then circulates throughout the whole body through blood vessels.

Having water with this property circulating inside your body... will result in an increased amount of bodily mana, but in exchange, your magic cast time will become slightly longer than usual.
It's not a total loss since it does increase your mana pool, but it also alters how your magic work.

The more experienced a magic combatant is, the better their understanding of their own mana control.
Conversely, that also means they won't be able to unleash their power as well if there is a sudden change in their mana characteristic.

Zadokilgias must have anticipated that the subjugation party would visit this town first.
And then... The party would likely end up staying in this town after failing to find the well hidden Zadokilgias.
Afterward, they would definitely make a contact with this town's water then.

"Slightly alter mana handle... You mean it won't kill us or get us an upset stomach?"

"Yeah. And it's not like you can't cast magic anymore either, everything will go back to normal a few days after you've stopped drinking this water."

"This scheme is kind of lame..."

"...Which precisely makes it hard to detect..."

"You got it."

Ruli is indeed correct, the trick put in this water is emphasized on [being undetectable].
Hence it's not really a potent poison... or rather, it can't even be called poison.

It simply hampers one's fighting ability a bit for a time.
That's it.
In other word...

"The goal of this water is to defeat the persons who drink it. As such, it stands to reason the demon must be here in this town."

It'd let the subjugation party drink the water, and once the group has been weakened, the demon will launch an attack on its own term, fighting with the advantage on its side... That must be Zadokilgias's objective.
Which naturally means... The subjugation party (meaning us) needs to be at a place where the attack will occur.
This scheme can only work if the schemer has complete confidence in their hiding skill... and Zadokilgias definitely would.

"Does that mean, it's hiding inside this town..."

"Yeah. And I've got a good guess where it is."

"Good guess...?"

"There's no better place to hide than... Adventurer Guild."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.3


The two houses they visited in the afternoon were both from poor families.

In both cases, Lecan cast his <Recovery> after Norma filled him on the patients' conditions.

Lecan's <Recovery> had drastic effects. The patients couldn't immediately get up due to suffering their illnesses for so long, but they were both overjoyed to get better and suffer no more. Their families were thankful as well.

Once they got back to the medical center, Lecan asked while sipping tea Jinga served.

"I get how it is with red potions. But what about <Recovery>? How does that work?"

"<Recovery> works like it's ordering the Root of Life to reconstruct the body while consulting to it along the way. It's effective on any kind of bodily conditions, truly a flexible art."

"You've completely lost me."

"Same here."

"<Recovery> destroys foliage of diseases. <Recovery> does not reproduce foliage of diseases. <Recovery> works on roots of diseases to a degree."


"Nothing but good things, isn't it."

"Not necessarily. Unskilled red potions don't exist, but they do for <Recovery>. We have cases of shoddy recovery users casting <Recovery> on patients that resulted in recovering them toward imperfect states. But it's another story for wounds. <Recovery> works very well on wounds. You can heal any wound no matter how severe so long as you put enough mana into a <Recovery>. It's the reason why <Recovery> is valued so highly in dungeons. Inside dungeons, the amount of mana one possesses is probably more important than how skilled they are with <Recovery>."

"Hold it. A few days ago, you said this when we were treating a boy who got ran over by a carriage. Careless <Recovery> in that state could result in improper attachment of bones that cannot be undone for life. You also told us to expel mud and bad things inside his body first. Afterward, he was put under three stages, no four stages of <Recovery>. And yet now you say any wound can be healed inside a dungeon with enough mana. Which one is correct?"

"Both are correct, Lecan. Common sense inside dungeons is different from that of outside world. In a dungeon, you gradually raise your mana by defeating magic beasts. You can obtain blue potions as well. So long as the recipient side is full of life force and the caster side has plentiful of mana, there's no need to mind about fine details. That can't be applied outside dungeons. If you want to take a bath but there's only limited water available, wiping your body with a soaked towel without ever changing it will end up dirtying your body instead. But if you have yourself a bucketful of water, you can just wash it all down."

Is that the common sense in this world. However, Lecan didn't believe in that line of thinking. Dungeons are exactly where one has to efficiently use their mana. Otherwise, one cannot keep fighting over a series of battle or a protracted battle.

"Let's get back to about <Recovery> on diseases. Roughly speaking, low level <Recovery> can barely cut down roots of disease, mid-level <Recovery> can cut down a moderate amount of those roots, while advanced level one can completely obliterate them."

"Fumu. I'll think about what you taught us slowly later. I understand that red potions are taboo for Prado. But what about <Recovery> and medicinal herbs."

"Good question. Once <Overwritten> state has been established, even advanced level <Recovery> cannot remove roots of disease. But it can cut down the foliage."

"It won't restore the branches and leaves instead either huh."

"It won't. <Recovery> won't negatively affect those who have been <Overwritten>. However, since it cannot remove roots of disease, the disease will gradually makes a come back even after the body has recovered. Even so, once the body's regained enough strength, the patient could get nourishment and receive other treatments."

"Got it. How about medicinal herbs."

"Medicinal herbs work on the Root of Life though only ever so slightly, amplifying its functions that helps improve natural healing of the body. It's a wonderful thing, this force of nature. Herbs born from nature are truly all purpose."

"I see. Let's assume that I understand what's going on with Prado's condition for now. So then, what really happened during the treatment earlier?"

"Well, I'm sure you've got an idea already, Lecan."

"I don't get it tho'." <TLN: This is Eda.>

"I'd like to hear it from your mouth."

"The symptoms that had been afflicting Prado-san appeared to have vanished. I did not observe any sign of the disease's foliage growing back either. I believe he would be on the road to recovery once he's awoken. Medicinal herbs will also work really well on him from now on."

"So the roots of disease have been reaped."

"That's how it looked like."

"How do you think Goncourt House would react?"

"The treatment this time must have been a dramatic one to them. I had been making house calls to help with Prado-san's treatment for years, but never once did it made a huge impact. As such, someone would likely notice that Prado-san's recovery must have been brought by someone other than me."

"Would they know whether it was Eda or me that did it."

"Prado-san himself bore witness to it. No way to worm your way out of that."

"Oh right. That reminds me, why didn't they put anyone else in the room with us during the treatment."

"Probably because they trust me."


"You see. I'm Prado-san's granddaughter."

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<TLN: The author may have put this '4' here but the next chapter is also chapter 4. I'm following the original numbering and refer to this chapter as chapter 3 as well, just consider this an extra chapter.>

"Now that you mention it, your face does look alike somewhat."

"Nothing fazes you huh. My mother is Prado-san's daughter. But since the mother of my mother was a low born, they never formally admit me as family."

"I see."

"The place I'm living in now was originally owned by a certain medical practitioner. That medical practitioner fell in love with my mother, and they got married. Prado-san custom ordered an expensive wand as a present to my mother for her wedding. And this is that wand."

"Fumu. Looks like he still loved her as his kid."

"My mother had an aptitude in <Recovery> but it was nothing special. But thanks to this wand's assistance, she could help my father in medicine-making. Eventually they were blessed with a child, but then they brought the still-baby me to the town of Mashajain."

"Where's that?"

"You don't know? Now that's a surprise. You're just a bundle of surprise, aren't you. It's the marquisate, you know? The one situated right before Royal Capital if you go from here."

"Why would you go there."

"My father was the sixth son of the marquis. Both my parents weren't high in the strata, so my father was allowed to be free. He lived freely and opened a medical center here in this town. The marquis fell down with a serious illness, and was asking to see his cute grandkid. So my father went back to Mashajain. It was to be a temporary stay originally."

"Ended up not the case huh."

"One day, a present was delivered to mother. When she opened it, there was a Flat White Snake (Urasurin) inside. It was the work of a noble aiming for my father's wife position by killing mother. They had a misunderstanding, thinking that father would take over some sort of position or property since he was called there by the dying marquis. The snake that was intended for mother went to bite me instead."

"And then?"

"Mother frantically pointed her wand at me and recited <Recovery> spell. The light that emerged at that time was not big, but it was a dazzling one, and had the color blue."

"I see."

"Mother had cast <Purification>. She collapsed on the spot due to mana starvation afterward."


"<Recovery> is capable of detoxifying Flat White Snake venom. There was no need to cast <Purification>. But how could I blame her for drawing out her deeply hidden talent because of her strong desire to save me."

"Depth of desire huh."

"In the beginning, father was probably the only person who realized what had occurred. However, my father was a honest man to a fault. Once my mother came to, he told her about how she saved me and congratulated her for her newfound power."

"Doesn't read much as a tragedy up until that point."

"Until that point that is. A few days later, mother cast <Purification> under father's order. And right after father had confirmed that mother possessed <Purification>, he made her cast it on the ailing marquis the day after."

"How did it go?"

"The marquis felt an indescribable sense of comfort. The next day, and the day after, mother kept casting <Purification> on him. With mother's mana pool, one weak <Purification> a day was her limit. By the seventh, the marquis got up his bed and had meals. An old man who was on his deathbed regained his full health."

"Doing that in front of everyone and reciting <Purification> spell, there would be no way to keep that a secret."

"Yup. But since my father was the marquis's favorite kid, there was no worry of us receiving an unjust treatment. Father was given a new mansion. Where I grew up until my 17th birthday."

Considering she's living in this mansion now, her life in that town must have come to an end. And most likely not in a good way.

"Mother would cast <Purification> on the marquis once every ten days. My father and I would accompany her every time. That might have been some sort of ritual, but the marquis was full of smiles, we were truly a family then."

Norma spoke nonchalantly with a deep longing gaze while ignoring the now cold partially drank tea.

"Anything we wanted was granted. Father cultivated all kinds of herbs in the garden. He got his hands on rare books, and they would even send patients our way. It must be hard to find another medical practitioner who could continue their research in such an ideal environment. Every day was a bliss, to mother, and to me."

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Peerless


Adventurers bustling inside the guild. We went straight to the guild once we got back from 8F.
The time is around 10:00AM. We're here to trade in items and ask guild about the quicksand thing.

"Welcome back, dear."

I involuntarily got all love-struck after hearing Eleanor-san's welcoming. I confirmed our quest completions while having my slackened face pinched by Mitama.
While Eleanor-san was taking down several quest tags from the quest board, someone shouted out loud with a rough voice.

"H-h-h-hold it, Eleanor-san. Yer' supposed to take care of me now."

"I'm sorry. But there is someone else who has completed quests here, and some of our clients have urgent quests posted."

The adventurer is glaring at me for some reason after he's told that. He looks like your average warrior outwardly. There's bothing of note, except perhaps the fact that he's outfitted exactly like a mob would.
Huh? He's coming here!?

"You! You've been quite an eyesore. Doing quests while hiding behind women's back."

Looks like they've been talking shit about me. Though considering those nicknames I got, I guess this would be the end result. But it kinda feels like he's got a personal bone to pick with me, or am I just imagining things?

『Duel me!』

Hm? his voice sounded weird. Still, a duel? No way, what a pain.

『Hmph, chickening out are you. What a pitiful bunch, getting led around by this sad guy.』

"I don't care what you say about me, but I'll have you retract your word toward our precious ladies. Fine, I'll play along with you in this little match of yours."

I said it. I really shouldn't preach other people with how low my own boiling point. Some people I know among the crowd are telling me to rethink, but there's nothing to fear against this one guy.

『Good, then come to the training ground. We sextuplets will deliver divine punishment to you. You'll hafta disband yer' party once we won.』

What!? Sextuplets? I thought he was alone, but then the six of them lined up together like he'd cloned himself. Uwaa, what the heck is this. They all look identical except their weapons. Faces, heights, even equipment all same.
So wait, is this. A six on one.
Is this what the people behind me wanted to say earlier.
'WOOOOOOOO', the peanut gallery behind us erupted.

"Aw yeaaaah, finally a duel. I'm accepting bets over 'ere. D-rank adventurer sextuplets against another D-rank Nobusada the [Carnal]! Not only winner and loser, acceptin' bets on how long he's gonna last too!"

"1000 mani on Gottmanz!"
"500 mani on five minutes!"
"300 mani on one minute!"

Uhee, it's turning into a huge event already. How'd it end up like this when we just wanted to trade in stuff.


"Ah, sorry. It's gotten big before I knew it."

"...I bet all of my allowance, so you can't lose."

Oh, I thought Mitama who ran up to me while carrying Wakamoto-san was worried, turned out she was betting on me. Apparently, Futsuno-san, Kagura-san and even Eleanor-san all also bet on me. I can't show them my uncool side now, can I. Lose? No, I feel like there's just no way I'm losing this, wonder why.

Most adventurers who were present earlier have gathered at the training ground. Oy, the staff are all here, do your work. In the center are me and the sextuplets, also Ranba-san who's acting as the referee for some reason.
I heard some details about my opponents during the preps.
Adventurer party, 『Gottmanz』. From the oldest to the youngest, Iwaso, Ryanwaso, Sanwaso, Suwaso, Uwaso, and Rowaso. Fighter, Thief, Monk, Mage, Hunter and Shielder, they're a well balanced party. They've proven their strength by completing many quests involving interpersonal combat like thief hunting and such, and while they may be D-rank, people believe they will soon be promoted to C.

"We will now begin a duel with me as guild's observer. Adventurer party 『Gottmanz』 versus adventurer party 『Izumi no Kami』 representative Nobusada!"

"I'mma make you pay for seducing Mitama-san!"
"Indeed, I shall pry Futsuno-san from your poisonous grip!"
"Fuhaa, I wanna get step on by Kagura-san..."
"Eleanor-san's smile is mine and mine alone!"
"Damn you for living in the same house of my long unrequited love, curse you!"
"Minerva-chan, haa haa."

There's two weird ones mixed in there. In the end, it's just a petty jealousy!! It's not like I don't get them though. I had zero luck with women after all. But that doesn't mean I approve of using underhanded tactic such as betting disbandment through a duel.
I'm also at fault for accepting it, but that means I just gotta make it crystal clear.

"Both sides, state your vows and demands here!"

Iwaso stepped forward and spoke out loud.

"『Gottmanz』, swear to fight until the bitter end without leaving any grudge behind. We only have one demand. The prompt disbandment of his party!"

OOOOOOOHHHHHH! The peanut gallery exploded. What did I ever do to you!

"Nobusada, swear to fight until the bitter end without leaving any grudge behind. My demands are forfeiture of their property and afterward, for them to take quests from me periodically."

Since I'm fighting alone and they unilaterally ask for our disbandment, this much demands should be acceptable, I confirm with Ranba-san. I could have asked them to be slaves, but turning a near C-rank adventurer party to ones would reduce Gramada's fighting force, not a good idea. I'm still gonna strip them bare of their arms though!

I'm not using Lunar Cat this time. Since I'm still not good enough to hold myself back. I mean I'm always fighting at full power.

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"Ready... Fight!!"

Ranba fell back after giving the start signal.

""""""Bear witness! To our Sextuplets Secret Art! Six Integral Bodies Attack, GottmanBUGERAA""""""

Nobusada immediately accelerated with <<Air Thruster>> and delivered a flying kick. The Rid*r Kick-like attack blew away Ropiso (shielder) into Supiso (mage) behind him, sending both flying. The two crashed onto the wall and fainted as if there were imaginary chicks flying above their heads.

The other four barely managed to dodge the attack, but Nobusada didn't let his fierce attack up.

He drive his elbow in Sanwaso (monk) who was trying to get up while staggering. Then he proceeded to strike Sanwaso's throat with his backhand from the elbow that then went up to strike the chin with a pumped fist. Sanwaso got sent up flying before crashing down and started convulsing.

Uwaso (hunter) who managed to regain his balance shot numerous arrows rapidly. However, those arrows were repelled hard by a stone wall that suddenly rose from ground.

"Chantless magic!?"

The peanut gallery sounded like they couldn't believe what they saw. It's only natural, after all even though this world has chant shortening, chantless magic is virtually nonexistent. Since chantless makes it easy to lose control of the magic, not to mention a huge increase of mana consumption. Nobusada himself hasn't managed to overcome those pitfalls despite many trials. However, after continuous usage of Stone Walls for making bases and containers, he has managed to do this much. There must be some sort of skill level for each spell.

Uwaso and Ryanwaso (Thief) let loose rain of arrows to over the wall.
And Iwaso (fighter) patiently waited for Nobusada to come out of the wall. However, he's actually quite flustered on the inside. Things were beyond the wildest expectation. Three of them got neutralized in record time from the start of the match. Even though their Six Integral Bodies Strike had never failed to destroy any and all thief gangs before this.

However, Nobusada is not coming out no matter how long he waited. Maybe he got done in by the arrows already? Just as Iwaso was about to stop the volley of arrows for a moment, he heard something falling. Iwaso turned around to see two of his brothers on the ground with Nobusada standing. When did he!?

Nobusada had immediately moved after raising the stone wall. He went around behind them under Space Camouflage effect.

"Dammit, what the hell's going on!"

Iwaso hurriedly turned toward Nobusada. 'Absolutely no clue what's going on, but I ain't gonna let him get his way!!'
Iwaso was assaulted by an intense floating sensation the moment he saw Nobusada muttered something.
That's right, he had been blown into the air. He knows that Nobusada is closing in on him, but there's nothing he can do mid air. And then, the moment Nobusada's fist clad in pale light struck his abdomen was when he got thrust into agonizing hell.

"Furious Airrrrrrrr War Fist Strikeeeeeeeeee!"

A dull loud sound echoed in the training ground.

Iwaso was assaulted by intermittent sensations of incessantly intense pain that wouldn't allow him to even faint as Nobusada's fist sunk. The true nature of that pale light was surprisingly, Heal. The fist is clad in heal to prevent fatal wounds, but the alternating impacts and restorations are practically akin to torture, a fact Nobusada doesn't realize.

Iwaso's body landed on the ground with a thud. He's frothing on the mouth while convulsing. Ranba declares the end of the match.

"Victor, Nobusada!!"


The training ground fell into silence before a huge cheer erupted.
Some people fell down on their knees, must have lost the bet.

Phew, I managed to win. It's all thanks to the first sortie of my original non-fatal magic. I applied some of the things I learned from that time I fought against plural opponents. The key is to immediately reduce their number and to attack swiftly. I could have made it even more decisive by employing Graviton and stuff, but I'd like to keep my trump cards a secret.

After the sextuplets were carried away to infirmary, the guild seized their property as vowed.
Alright, now that it's all done, let's get back to business.
I turned around while I was thinking that, and there stood an unfamiliar man wearing a white armor. I didn't even feel his presence though!?
The man said this with a smile on his face as I reflexively jumped back.

"Oy oy, you sure are having quite the fun there, my fellow disciple."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.1_2


"Three more huh."

Norma was perplexed to hear the word coming out of Lecan's mouth.


"You told us we'd be visiting four houses today, didn't you."

Norma was dumbfounded for a while before speaking up angrily.

"What are you talking about, Lecan! This isn't the time to worry about that!"

"Thank you, Norma."


"You're worried about Eda, right. It would cause a huge uproar if people found out she could cast <Purification>."

"Lecan. You're"

"Eda was summoned to the temple a few days ago."


"And the priests there were pressuring her into showing them her <Recovery> spell."

"A-and then?"

"I showed them my <Recovery>."


"Then I told them. Eda, my inexperienced pupil could employ a slightly lesser version of that."

"And then? What happened then?"

"After some disputes, priest Casis ended up having his position stripped temporarily, and would be put on a temple trial of some sort. I'm stuck having to go to the orphanage nine times."

"I don't really get the latter part, but that first half was surprising. That Casis finally tripped over himself huh."

"Also, the vice temple head declared that they wouldn't force Eda into priesthood while in the presence of the temple head."


"I already knew that Eda was capable of <Purification>."


"With her <Recovery>, Eda saved me who was hit by a curse. That <Recovery> had a hint of <Purification> in it."

"So that happened huh."

"Reason why I didn't let Eda use <Recovery> at the temple."

"I see."

"In any case, I've taken upon myself to protect Eda for as long as she's under my wings as a pupil. No matter what the temples or nobles are going to do, I shall keep Eda safe. If anyone tried to take her by force, I'll fight them. That's all."

"You're... really strong. If only father had even half your strength..."


"It's nothing. Right. No point in stressing over something that hasn't happened. We've gotta do all we can do today. Alright! Lecan. Eda. Time to get to work."

"Got it."


Jinga was standing by the door.

Under his elegant mustache, his mouth was sternly clenching.

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The second house call was at a luxurious house. But they had no family name, they weren't a noble family.

The patient was an elderly woman, she was skinny with an ill-looking yellowed face, she couldn't even get up in her bed.

An abnormality in her spine and a disease attacking her entrails are said to have caused this.

Norma thoroughly explained to Lecan how the problematic entrails should have worked originally, and what kind of abnormalities presently taking place.

While memorizing Norma's explanations, Lecan cast three extremely weak <Recovery> over a period of time. Come to think of it, Shira mentioned that the effects of <Recovery> are reliant on the caster's mana and the recipient's life force, if you cast a strong mana-filled <Recovery> that depletes the recipient's life force, successive <Recovery> will give no effects. As such, the best kind of <Recovery> for those with weakened life forces is a careful <Recovery> loaded with only the exact amount of required mana.

By the third <Recovery> the patient's complexion had visibly changed for the better, she could even get up. It was a dramatic recovery that made even the attending maids cried in joy.

The family prepared their lunch while they were doing treatment, and they decided to take up on the offer. Norma was planning to eat at street stalls. Lecan actually had a lunchbox Eda made, he decided to save it for dinner.

"Lecan. Are you aware of the difference between red potions and <Recovery>?"

"Red potions have fixed effects for each of its respective size, namely Large, Medium, Small. While effects of <Recovery> depend on mana put on it by the caster, and the recipient's life forces."

"Whoa now, this is a surprise. Looks like Shira-san is truly serious in drilling you with knowledge. No wait, I guess it only makes sense. I mean, you're the sole pupil Shira-san has ever admitted after all."

"As far as I know she had a few pupils before she arrived at this city."

"Hou. Is that so. Sounds interesting, but let's not go there for now. Well then, Lecan. Do you know that there are cases where taking red potions make the taker suffer instead?"

"What? No, I don't know that. Could something so outrageous be true."

"It's a very special case. And Prado-san was one of such cases."


"Let's assume that disease is a tree that grows in your body. The branches and leaves are symptoms. In other words, they're the pain, suffering, unmovable hands, blind eyes, holed entrails a patient suffer. The roots of the disease themselves are hidden to naked eyes."


"Red potions will erase those branches and leaves instantly. By way of a mysterious phenomenon that simply has no explanations. However, depending on the degree of red potion's effectiveness, it may not be enough to erase all the numerous branches and leaves present."

"I get it now."

"Red potions don't work at all on the roots. But if all the branches and leaves are cut down, the roots will naturally wither by itself. Or perhaps it loses the power to grow new branches and leaves. And even if it remains, so long as it can only grow tiny branches, it's virtually the same as having been cured of the disease."


"Yet if the roots are strong, erasing all the branches and leaves does nothing but delaying another growth."

"And that's the case with Prado?"

"No, that's not it. Don't rush it now. Anyway, just remember that even if someone looks like they have been freed of all symptoms, they may still experience a relapse so long as the roots remain. But in such cases, there is a period of repose until the symptoms strike back, affording the patient enough time to regain their strength and fight back."

"I see."

"Now then, from here on is a hypothesis of mine. It hasn't been proven yet, and I'm still trying to form an analysis myself, so it may not be reliable. When a body has grown exhausted fighting a disease, there may be cases when the condition of being ill gets treated as 'normal'. I call this <Overwritten>."

"Hum? I don't get it."

"Diseases are an invading force. They attack, torment and make your body suffer. Then it surrenders. Like, <we swear obedience to your reign, so please don't torment us anymore>."

"Then, what?"

"It turns into a state of equilibrium. Meaning, you're still suffering from the disease, but it will be harder for it to progress any further."

"Occupied by the enemy huh."

"That's exactly it. Now then, let's consider how red potions think in this case. Red potions are a magic that restores human bodies back to normalcy."


"Yep. Those things are no medicine. They're magic materialized. Here we have an <Overwritten> patient. They drink a red potion. What's gonna happen?"

"They're cured of course."

"The red potion issues a command to the Root of Life. Go erase the disease's branches and leaves. Yet on the other hand, the body which has yielded to the disease says this. The state in which the disease's branches and leaves exist is the correct one, reproduce them."

"What? ...Fumu. I think I've got the picture."

"I've no clue what's what."

"Grand magic such as large red potions will result in a complete erasure of branches and leaves for a time. However, in case of an <Overwritten> person, the branches and leaves get reproduced the same instance they are erased, rampantly growing back to their original state in the blink of an eye. Patients with a chronic condition suffers from it for years, or even decades. Which means, decades worth of suffering come assaulting all at once."

"That's unbearable."

"I don't really get it it, but that sounds so sad."

"I was against it when they wanted to use small red potions. But Zepus wouldn't have it."


"He's Prado-san's grandson, successor to Goncourt House. 'Grandfather is not one of the <Forsaken>', he insisted."


"Which country are you from again, Lecan? They are those forsaken by god's graces, patients which <Recovery> and red potions don't work on, one such persons is called <Forsaken> in this country, no, this whole continent. Those humans don't exist in real life though. It's nothing but a folklore."

"I see."

"After seeing how Pradon-san suffered from drinking small red potions twice, Zepus-san claimed that its effects were too weak and got his hand on a large red potion. Of course I was opposed to it again, but I was present when Prado-san took the potion. At first, it looked like his condition had improved. But then the suffering befell. It was such that I couldn't even bear to witness at. Now then, we've got to get to the next house soon. Let's continue this conversation afterward."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Strongest Sage, Appointed as Commander


"We're off."

As I'm about to open the door leading outside.
The knight commander called out to me.

"Please take this."

He handed over a piece of paper.

"And this is?"

"His majesty the king ordered me to pass that to Mathias... Make use of it well, he said."

The top of the paper was written with 『Nomination of Plenipotentiary Commander in States of Emergency』.
...The document states that collateral damage caused during a state of emergency shall not be condemned, and the country will cover for the damage... or so written on it.
It also gives one full authority over local knights.

We had done similar actions before... but having a document that clears it up helps.
Frankly, there is no way to avoid collateral damage if we fight inside a town, and there are ways to utilize the knights in such cases.

For example, it was the knights who helped evacuation during the fight between Second Academy and demons in the capital back then.
If they didn't fully blockade the districts where the battle occurred, it could have gone in a completely different direction.

"Give my thanks to the king."

"I shall."

We left the capital afterward.
Our destination is the town where Zadokilgias was revived--Boseil.

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Two hours later.
We arrived at Boseil after as we came up with a plan along the way.
I don't sense demonic mana anywhere as of yet.

"For the time being... Doesn't look like there's that kind of mana here."

"Yeah. Just as expected."

We went inside town of Boseil while talking.

We had already anticipated that there would be no trace of demonic mana here.
Zadokilgias isn't a type of demon who would resort to a direct confrontation right away.

Plan it out carefully and meticulously... then go fight once all of winning conditions have been met, that's how Zadokilgias fights.
In a way, it's the exact opposite of our strategy against demons.
Zadokilgias will hide itself until everything is set.

Were... Zadokilgias to readily show itself up, you should consider it a trap or a part of scheme.
Since this demon hasn't done so... it must be not finished yet with preparations.
Conveniently for us.

"Have you girls memorized the plan yet?"

"Of course!"


"Yes! ...Even though it's been so long since I used that... I'll give it my all!"

We were having a conversation under the effect of soundproof magic while walking in the town.

The town is rather lifeless.
It's like... Everyone seems to be starving.
Food lined up on stalls are mostly those that are cheap but filling, like raw monster meat and grain.

"...This town was famous for its good food, wasn't it?"

"That's what I heard, but... Uun..."

I see a lot of restaurants in the town indeed.
But most of them are closed.

"The yield rate must really have been padded to levy heavy tax."

There were many stores that didn't have a guest or downright closed.
Stores oriented for adventurers and cheap things seem to be flourishing... But stores that offer intricate food have mostly gone out of business.

They must be expensive... Or rather, none of the populace could afford stores that sell things at normal prices.
Business being bad is one thing... But this is just a whole other level of bad.
To the point that the town ruled by someone under demon's control was doing better than this.

We kept walking in town while thinking that.
But we couldn't find any trace of demonic mana.

It's not like someone has died in the town either.
Business may be doing bad... but the town itself looks to be free of incident.

...We couldn't find anything suspicious in the lord's mansion either.
We didn't catch a sight of the lord himself... but there were no suspicious spaces or anything in the mansion like it was at Gravy Woods.

"Uun... I can't find it anywhere..."

"Yes, absolutely nothing came up... Maybe the demon's gone to another town already?"

"Nope, this fits just right. The fact that there is no trace of its mana or any kind of hint toward it actions is all but expected."

Indeed, the possibility of Zadokilgias leaving for another town is not nil.
Doing so by flying would make it obvious... but we wouldn't have any way to detect it if the demon just walked away while pretending to be a human.
If a demon as skilled as Zadokilgias was serious in trying to hide its mana, there's almost no way to discern it.

Zadokilgias must have foreseen a subjugation unit that excels at killing demons being sent here after it scattered its mana all over the place right after it was awakened.
Zadokilgias would most likely win against such a unit... But its tendency to not pick the easy way to engage in combat is a bothersome quality of this demon.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.22_23_24


A carriage was waiting for them.

Not a simple utilitarian one like stagecoaches or carts.

It was a grand luxurious one whose coachman donned an outfit of the finest quality.

Which means it's a carriage sent by a noble.

Eda went inside along with Norma, but it was impossible for Lecan.

Hence, he followed after it.

True enough, the carriage entered the district where nobles live.

It passed through the district gate and went into a mansion from the front gate. In other words, they're treated as formal guests.

An old man in butler uniform welcomed them.

"Norma-sama. We're humbled by your presence."

"Pardon our intrusion. How is Prado-sama's condition?"

"There have been some ups and downs, I suppose."

"Is that right."

"His appetite is a bit..."

"I see."

They were led to a guest room and served tea. Norma handed over a small jar to the butler.

And then a plate with steaming towels on it was brought in.

"Lecan. Eda. Wipe your hands thoroughly with these towels."

"Is it customary in this house?"

"No. I requested it. I come here once every month, and my hands absolutely have to be washed with steaming towels before examination."

"I see. This Prado is your patient then."

"Prado Goncourt. Present head of Goncourt House."

"I see."

Lecan is unfamiliar with the house name. Thus hearing it did nothing to him.

To begin with, the only house name Lecan knew in this city was the lord's.

He tried to recall what that name was, but he couldn't.

(Well, whatever.)

Eventually, the butler came back and led them to the present head's bedroom.


"Is that you Norma-dono."

And elderly man sleeping in bed muttered as he turned his face toward the door.

Lecan found it weird.

The present head of a distinguished house could definitely call a medical practitioner to their home.

But adding <Dono> suffix to refer to her is unusual.

Which means, Norma is perhaps a noble by blood.

"Please pardon me for my long absence. I have brought two people who can deploy <Recovery> with me today. They're Lecan and Eda."


It's clear that the elderly man is emaciated just by looking at his face.

There are dark circles around his eyes, shadow of death is hanging over him.

"Excuse me."

Norma turned over a soft-looking coverlet, took out her wand and started examination.

"It looks like your entrails have stabilized."

"No need for consolations."

"I've also brought the usual medicine today."

"The thing that keeps me alive until now."

"I wish it was more effective though."

The elderly man shut his eyes and fell silence.

"Now then, Lecan. Eda. Several of Prado-sama's entrails aren't working right. Hence, his body doesn't take in food well. Additionally, his body also lacks power to purify bad things on the inside. As such, he's been severely weakened physically."

Lecan and Eda listened in silence.

"Your <Recovery> should be able to temporarily gives off a huge effect. Which should help his body regain strength and appetite back. If you can make his body stronger and suppress the illness, his condition should then improve."

She made it sound like she was talking to Lecan and Eda but it was probably for the patient himself, Lecan thought.

"I asked both of you two come, however judging from Prado-sama's current condition, Eda would be the best fit."


"Take a stance with the wand Shira-san gave you."

Eda readied her wand.

"Clad it in light mana, then examine his whole body centering around chest to stomach."

Eda is starting to understand the way to examine patients. She thoroughly examined his whole body.

"How does it look like to you?"

"He's emaciated. And there's a glut of poison inside."


Pardo opened his eyes wide. Norma promptly responded.

"By poison in this case, she means bad things produced in your own body. These bad things your own body produced ended up being harmful."


Prado shut his eyes once again.

"Well then, first of all, flush out all bad things in the entrails. Then raise the vigor and health of every parts of the body. Can you do it?"

"Yes. <Recovery>."

A green light sphere that wraps not only the tip of her wand, but her entire arm including the wand got produced.

Prado opened his eyes wide in surprise.

"Oh? Oh?"

The green light sphere slowly got sucked into Prado's chest.

Then as if cotton given water, it soaked in his whole body.

"Ooh. Ooh."

Prado groaned lightly. Not out of pain, but involuntarily from the comfort he experienced.

Green phosphorescence wraps the entirety of Prado's body inside the dim room.

That phosphorescence won't die out even after some time.


An even bigger light sphere was produced.

However, it was not of green color, but blue.

A beautiful translucent blue light.


It was Norma who murmured that.

Eda is concentrating on the treatment.

The blue light turned into the shape of a water drop that fell on Prado's chest.

That drop slowly wraps his entire body before permeating in.


A voice born from un-suppressible sensations.

Prado's mouth hangs semi-open as if trying to keep sacred air going out of his body, his eyes are wide open like he's trying to ascertain the miracle befalling on his body right now.

After quite a long time, the blue light vanished, leaving only Prado's sound breathing as he slept with a happy look on his face.

Norma pointed her trembling wand toward Prado and examined him.

"I can't believe it."

Norma put coverlet over Prado slightly roughly before turning around.

Her eyes are directed toward Eda.

Strong emotions dwelt in those eyes, but none could decipher of what kind.

"Lecan. Eda. We're heading back."

The butler entered the room then. An employee carrying a food cart followed after him.

The butler was going to say something but Norma spoke ahead of him.

"We're done with the examination and treatment. Prado-sama has regained his full health."


"We still have many more house calls today. If you would please excuse us."

"Oh wait. Please take your time. We will prepare your reward while you enjoy your tea."

"We're really in a hurry here. Save the tea for next time. Please deliver our reward to the medical center."

"Very well. Your carriage shall be taken care at once."

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Once they got back at the medical center, Norma didn't immediately go for the next house call.

Lecan had a hunch as to what happened, but he asked another question instead.

"That old man must be rich. Couldn't he just buy up red potions and drink them."

"He bought them. Drank them too. For the umpteenth time even. He had been taking in Large Red Potions for two years now."

"And that wasn't enough to cure him?"

"It was. Even regained his full health once. But not long after, his illness re-emerged, worsening his condition once again."

"What? Why would that happen."

"Because the root of his illness stayed on. Red potions do completely erase symptoms of illness. It also restores physical strength and health to their almost perfect states. However, red potions won't remove roots of illness. Not even <Recovery> could cure roots of illness that have taken root that deep!"

Silence ruled the place.

Eda broke it.

"Err. Did I make a mistake somewhere?"

"Mistake? No, not at all. That was far from mistake."

"It was <Purification> wasn't it? No, more like <Purification> contained within <Recovery>."

"The chant was that of <Recovery>. However, that was true <Purification>, no matter how you look at it, Lecan."

[Episode 12 Medical Practitioner Norma] End/ Next Time [Episode 13 Abduction]

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Return


After seeing off the 『Foolhardy Giants』, we proceeded to cull out Cinnamonkeys around the neighborhood.
There are cases of monsters undergoing Class Change if they are not defeated for a long period of time inside a dungeon. Since Cinnamonkeys are especially unique with their habit of stealing equipment from adventurers, I realize that they would be the monsters that progress further on that point. Once a Cinnamonkey is defeated, the newly respawned one should have no equipment after all. Or so I convince myself with, in reality I just don't like their smug faces. If we're going to grind for levels anyway, might as well demolish those pests, should be good for mental health too. Alright then, it's annihilation time.



Hahahahahaha. Burn you monkeys.
I enclosed an area with Stone Walls then unleashed a composite magic with Futsuno-san to burn down all trees inside. Mitama and Wakamoto-san made beehives out of the fleeing Cinnamonkeys. Kagura-san who's standing guard against any surprise attack looks bored.

"Perhaps I too should strive to learn ranged attack magic myself."

"...Won't hurt to try. I will take a stab at learning magic too. Nobu and Nee-san look like they're having so much fun."

At first we were going to fetch their equipment, but since those monkeys never did maintenance on it, the stuff they had was all worn-out and unusable, so we decided to just eradicate it together with them. Nature destruction? Oh no no, after experimenting at the marsh, I found out that these trees respawn like monsters, so it's A-OK.

Tettere~♪ Title 『Monkeycide』 Acquired

Title 『Monkeycide』
A title given to those who massacre a great many monkeys. Oozes out intimidation that disturb wild monkey monsters.

I got this title after exterminating countless amount of Cinnamonkeys and Cave Kongs. No idea how many kinds of ape monsters out there, but this title should prove useful against those crafty nimble monsters.

We keep pushing our way forward in the jungle while switching bases.
In the end, the monsters that gave us biggest trouble were the 2cm tall D-Green Leeches. Just as their name suggests, it's a green colored leech monster that mimics a leaf, your HP would already be decreasing by the time you realized they're on you. A single cast of Dry would kill them outright, but since you never know when they're latching on you, everyone really detests it. To the point that I would scatter lightning bolts everywhere as we go forward when there's no other people around.

"Oy oy, young'un. Dontcha vent yer' angers just cuz yer' grumpy. Even these lil' leeches... Oouh? It's gettin' dark out here..."

Noaaa, he's getting leeched. a D-Green Leech is latching on Wakamoto-san. I tore it off hurriedly and revived him with Dense Mana Water.

"Pheeeew, sorry 'bout that, young'un. Blacked out for a sec there. Saw a dream in broad daylight, wonder if I'm goin' senile. I was holding weapons in both hands, swiftly finishing monsters off..."

Whoa there, Wakamoto-san, that's far enough. And you aren't going senile, you haven't even lived for half a month. You hear me, understand? Good. The only good monsters are those that drop items. OK?

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Afterward, we encountered two good stuff. Treasure chests.
But we shan't be careless here. Me and Mitama's got Lockpicking skill level 1 both. I put Full Protection on us just in case and unlock the chests from the side. Would be scary if flame arrows or flaming balls come flying from the front.
The struggle continued for 30 minutes. We managed to open them. And Mitama got her Lockpicking skill leveled up. Nice. Each chest had a ring in it. Now then, wonder what kind of effects do these have.
It's your turn, Discerning-sensei.

Scapegoat Ring
Quality: Average - Enclosed Mana: 3/3
A ring that takes on a fixed amount of damage in place of its wearer. The ring breaks once it exceeds its limit.

Curse Back Ring
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 6/6
Protects wearer from Curse and may return it to the caster at a fixed amount of probability.

Even better than anticipated. I'm gonna keep 'em all.

After meandering around for a while, we finally arrived at the stairway to 9F. This was the most stressful expedition yet.
As I was telling everyone to be on their guard since the next area is a quicksand grotto, we overheard people talking. Looks to be a party going up from 9F. Six people in total. A man who seems to be the leader and three female slaves. Then two men who seem to be followers.
As I saluted them while being careful, they took the initiative to talk to us.

"If you're thinking of going to 9F, better give it up."

The male leader spoke.
Fumu? Did anything happen?

"Is that right? This is our first time going to 9F, is there something unusual going on there?"

"Ahh, figured as much. There's this annoying period on 9F quicksand grotto, see. The guild calls it [Turbulent Quicksands]. Sands that usually only flow to one direction change their directions to who knows where. The flowing rates also rise substantially. It's gonna take 1-2 weeks till the whole thing settles down. You'd better abandon the idea of going there if you value your life."

I see. Something like that huh. But 1-2 weeks of lull are a pretty hard blow. Yet I can't let the girls face danger needlessly either.

"I see, didn't know there was something like that there. I appreciate the info. If there's something you want..."

"Really?! Then could you spare us some water if you've got reserve. We almost got sucked into the quicksands, y'see. Went and dropped our water canteens somewhere, unluckily."

Man, he sure is quick to bite. This was the reason he shared all that info huh. Doesn't change the fact that it was a big help though, I'll give him as much water as he wants.

"Do you have containers? I'll generate water with magic."

"Much obliged! We're running short of mana after continuous battles too."

Since I'm providing them water and all, might as well ask thoroughly. Never hurts to ask lest you're led astray.
Once I filled their canteens, all of them drank it all up in one gulp. They must be really parched.

Once they could afford to talk, I found out that they're C-ranked adventurers. They were inside the quicksand grotto hunting for variant of Iron Ants, Steel Ants when they felt a slight tremor. The well experienced male leader judged that something was amiss and immediately ordered them to turn around and flee. If they got swallowed into a quicksand, they would lose sense of directions, raising risk considerably.
Another thing of note is how the ant-type monsters are going wild with red eyes for some reason. Ants that are in this state would keep attacking even after having their limbs cut off. Truly berserk system. Thus even the guild advised against going to the quicksand grotto during Turbulent Quicksands period. By the way, in case you get left behind in the grotto during this period, you're advised to go to a simple observation base [Woosh Woosh] located inside. Guild members and guards are stationed there all year round, so you're likely to survive if you get there.

Umu, I learned something good.

"From experience, Turbulent Quicksands happen once every few months or so. Well, consider yourselves lucky to get a head up before getting in."

They were really grateful when I shared them smoked food. Guess their food situation was truly critical. They were apparently planning to hunt on 8F before going back.

After going our separate ways, we had a family meeting to decide our next plan. And the result is; we're going to see how it's like on 9F before turning back.

At the end of the stairway was... flowing sands that would make even Ishikawa river and Yukon river blush. Fast! It's definitely contending for the top spot of the rapidest of currents!

Alright, let's head back.
Of course no one was against it.

We spent most our time on 8F during this expedition. We got so many kinds of drop items as a result, so it's more than profitable enough. Thanks to the high ratio of Engel's law, most of it was consumed by us ourselves though. Anyway, once we get back I'll calculate our results and wait for the Turbulent Quicksands to end. We can also take quests outside dungeon or even delve in the dungeon to procure materials and gain experience.

・ The loot this time
Red Soul Stones (small monsters) x79
Orange Soul Stones (Cave Kongs, Cinnamonkeys) x46
Cinnamon x20 bags
Pepper x17 bags
All kinds of meat (for personal consumption)
Fruits (mostly tropical kinds such as mango, papapya, banana. However, all is for personal consumption)
Mithril Sword (From Cinnamonkey, worn out though) x1 piece
Two rings from treasure chests (gonna keep for ourselves)
Treant Timber (somehow were in our possession after the incineration) x8 pieces
Brilliant Plume (were in our possession before we knew it as well) x3 pieces
Wild Boar Livers x6
Protein x7 bags
Guarana x4 bags
Canola Oil x9 stone baskets (large)
Sugar x12 stone baskets (small)
Honey x7 stone baskets (small)

There's too many things of unknown trade-in value.

This one especially.

Brilliant Plume
Quality: good - Enclosed Mana: 16/16
Plume of a normally plain bird [Kouhakusachikoba] that gets clad in brilliant colors once a year.

It's probably less profitable than the last one money-wise, but we've procured so much more food, so our family food situation is flourishing. We've got more mouths to feed after all, and Master often drops by, our house's Engel's law keeps ascending without limit.

Anyway, saving people and stuff, this sure was an expeditions with many unexpected events.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-41

17-41. Netherworld Invasion


Satou here. Someone said incompetent allies are far more dangerous than capable enemies. I believe it was a saying originated from war times, but I was made aware of the truth in that saying once I took part in a team effort for developmental work.

"Please, I beg you! Save milord!"

Once I was done saving Seryuu City and cleaning up lunar orbit, the pink haired little girl in purple outfit asked me to save Demon God.

"Master, what about the moon?"
"Ah, yeah right. I'll put it back now."

I went back to lunar orbit with Unit Arrangement and put the moon back to its orbit with the assistance of Menu's AR readings.
The Nether Gate itself was a magical object floating in the core part of the moon, it was already destroyed after eating multiple anti-god magic.

『Geez, what if the people below suffered from disasters because of it?』
『I'll do something about that.』

It looks like the moon's orbit has slightly shifted due to its temporary removal, but it should not affect things much if I adjust it back little by little over time.

『I'll go erase some tsunami for the time being.』

This was a daunting task during the Divine Punishment, but now that I could erase them all from orbit, it was a simple matter.
There were also some storms and climatic changes occurring here and there, but I'm putting my hope on respective territorial lords to fix those up with the power of City Cores.

After all, it's still better than suffering from Netherworld Hazard above ground.

"Hey, hey, come to Netherworld and save milord, pretty please. You're the only who can do that, Irregular."
"A girl said so."
"Who is she nanodesu?"

Now that they understand each other thanks to translation magic, Tama and Pochi are listening to the purple little girl while sharing their snacks with her.

"Master, I don't think you need me telling you this but don't you go to Netherworld out of sympathy, you hear me."
"Un, I'm in agreement with Arisa-chan!"

Arisa and Hikaru reminded me for the umpteenth time.

"Please, don't worry about that."

I'd like to have a sightseeing tour in Netherworld, but we don't have such luxury in our current situation.
I don't plan on starting that [Go to Netherworld, take back White Radiant Crystal stolen by Demon God] quest god Tenion gave me before we're done dealing with Netherworld encroachment here.


Sera who was clad in green light is looking at me with a difficult look on her face.

"Could it be, another Oracle?"

She's getting treated like a gopher by god Tenion, I kinda feel bad for her.


Sera looks hesitant.
Did something bad happen?

"It seems the three male gods are leading their armies to invade Netherworld."

They're probably trying to take the White Radiant Crystal back, but a direct confrontation would cost them much Divinity, I'm amazed they'd even pick that option.

"--Why would they?"
"I'm not surprised god Zaikuon doing that but yeah, why god Heraruon and Garleon too?"

Blunt, but I get what Arisa is saying.

"That's... Apparently god Parion has been kidnapped by Demon God."

Zena-san had a shocked look on her face, "Oh no!", when she heard that.

"Once the gods found out about that, the three male gods rushed to Netherworld in order to take god Parion back."

I see, I get it now. Judging from what I saw at Realm of Gods, all other gods adore god Parion.


"Was she really kidnapped?"
"What do you mean?"
"The god Parion I saw at Realm of Gods seemed like she was attached to Demon God, see."

I think she even might have gone to Netherworld on her own initiative to negotiate for the White Radiant Crystal's return.

"Master, wouldn't the young organism know about that, so I ask."
"She would likely be privy indeed. Let us ask her."

Princess Sistina nodded to Nana's opinion and went to ask the purple little girl whether she knew about god Parion.

"Parion? Who?"

The purple little girl tilted her head to the side.

"Did you see Demon God bringing another god from outside?"

Lulu matched her line of sight with the girl's and asked a different question.

"Milord was sleeping all day, he wouldn't do that you know?"

Oh right, she was saying, "Save milord!"

"Raka-san, what do you think?"
『Well now, I do not believe the little one was spouting lies. However, instead of Demon God, it's possible that other demons might have done the deed of kidnapping god Parion.』

"Tama, what do you think nodesu?"
"Don't worry be happy~?"

Pochi was mimicking Lady Karina's and Raka's conversation, but Tama seemed exhausted, she was just flopping down on a carpet in the ship's bridge.

"Tama, please answer Pochi seriously nodesu."

Pochi shook Tama's body.

Tama was squinting her eyes relaxedly, but then she suddenly jumped out, shaking off Pochi's hand.

"Wawaa--are you angry nodesu?"

Tama ran toward the window and surveyed below through a circle-shaped monitor.

This is perhaps--.

"Something weird over there~?"
"It's Tama's 『Weird』 nodesu! Master, this is bad nanodesuyo."

--Yup, already searching the Map.


Zena-san and Sera are looking at me anxiously.
Nothing abnormal on the Map, yet. The location is at--.

"--It's around 『Country of Transformation』, Pier Rock Kingdom."
"Pier Rock is the kingdom where god Zaikuon's main temple is located, is it not."

Princess Sistina pointed out the thing I didn't want to notice most when she heard me.
Such pairing brings nothing but bad omen.

"Far Sight."
"Yes, Mia. Activating the ship's Far Sight equipment."

Nana zoomed up at the direction with Mia's instruction.

"Doesn't seem like anything is going down there."
"Arisa, look at the main temple!"

As Arisa murmured, Lulu pointed at the location where Zaikuon's main temple is at.

"The temple, it's!"
"Are those giants?"
"No, they're the spitting images of those figures projected in the sky."

Sera replied to Zena-san.
The three male gods broke through god Zaikuon's main temple, showing themselves up.

What the heck are they playing at now...

"Those gods are supposed to be invading Netherworld, aren't they?"
"Un, I've got a real bad feeling about this."

Arisa affirmed Hikaru.

"Master, should I direct the ship there, so I ask."
"--Right yes, do just that."

Nana slipped into the shelter-shaped cockpit and turned the ship around.
While feeling some slight G that couldn't be absorbed by inertia control unit, I changed my equipment with Quickdressing skill.

"Liza, Pochi, Tama, you three come with me to scout ahead."
"Yes nanodesu!"
"Aye aye sir~?"

I teleported to Zaikuon Main Temple at Pier Rock Kingdom with Unit Arrangement, bringing along the three beastkin girls with me.

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"Those male gods appear to be fighting against something."

Liza gave her report while looking down from above as she floated in her powered exoskeleton.
It was not mere projections, but their real materialized bodies though I had already noticed that when I saw them in the monitor.

"Pitchy black~?"
"Something black is wriggling around nodesu."

Black sludge overflowed out of the temple, wriggling around like sea anemone's tentacles and entwining the male gods while pulverizing buildings in the area.

『It's like watching an epic clash between Kaijuu.』

Arisa gave her impression through Familiar Link.

I can't even afford to respond back. The situation is relatively critical now.
Tentacles aren't the only danger from black sludge as it's also spreading out and turning buildings and plants into Netherworld like what happened at Seryuu City.

And just after I went all the trouble separating Netherworld from Human World, these gods just went and connected it back. What a pain in the rear.

--[Another World]

Since I couldn't intervene the gods and black sludge, I moved all people and animals of Pier Rock Kingdom into a copy of the country in a sub-space.
Used up lots of my mana, but now we don't have to worry about lost lives.

"Master! Tentacle person is storing up its energy like gugugu~ nodesu!"
"Pochi, get Lyuryu away from the capital's sky!"

The beastkin girls's voice overlapped.
Almost at the same time, the compressed black sludge flung itself all over the place.

I immediately defended against it with space magic-made barrier, but I couldn't manage to stop the black sludge from spreading above the now uninhabited capital.

"Lotsa something are coming out nodesu."
"Demons, or not~?"
"Yeah, those are apparently apostles."

They look exactly like the apostles that emerged at Weasel Empire though they have been corrupted by black sludge.

『Get off me! Malice of Demon God!』
『Eii, forget saving Parion, you even got us into this mess! Is this the best you can do, after all that boasting about being the first seat?!』
『Shut up, Zaikuon! That is rich coming from you who incited our enemy to lead such a massive attack back! How can you not comprehend that!』

The black sludge kept gushing out furiously behind the quarreling gods.

I should repair the barrier quickly.
After recharging my mana, I opened Menu's Magic Tab.

--Mythology Jail

Just like before, I detach the uniting point to Netherworld, plugging up the gushing hole.

『These impurities! They're on my body--』
『NUOOOO, get away from me Heraruon! You'd get those impurities on me. Do something about this, Garleon!』
『No you get away from me! These impurities cannot be allowed to--』

The gods are struggling hard against the black sludge coiling around them.

--They're in the way.

I can't use anti-god magic on the black sludge due to their presence.
They'd get dragged in it if I did.

"Master, the apostles!"

The blackened apostles went after Liza as well as Pochi and Tama riding on lesser dragon Lyuryu.

"Pochi isn't an enemy nodesuyo!"

The apostles continue to charge at them without heeding Pochi's and Lyuryu's call.
This is bad.

--Unit Arrangement.

I brought the beastkin girls and Lyuryu outside the barrier.

『Master, it's terrible! The Netherworld is encroaching fast!』

Images of the surroundings overlapped with Arisa's shout through Familiar Link.

The barrier that I had supposedly blocked with Mythology Jail was getting distorted as Netherworld gushed out into Human World.

Looks like the situation is seriously getting out of hand.

Good grief, it's not like I'm doing a debugging death march (crunch time) now, enough of these ever-cropping up issues please.

※ Next update is planned for 11/24
It may get delayed since the deadline for the next book is closing in.

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