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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Strongest Sage, Infects the Lack of Common Sense


"...The principal's room's gotten really extravagant in the past few days huh..."

Principal Edward together with Grevil were already waiting for us at his room when we arrived at Second Academy.
The room has been furnished full of anti-bug equipment that weren't present before.
To the point of being excessive for an educational institution.

"Second Academy is not just your average school anymore... We have made the improvements with the help of students."

Grevil touches a soundproofing magic tool installed near the entrance.

"Extra care have been given to Principal Room due to the hotline connecting to the royal castle. Up until now I had to go to the castle myself whenever something cropped up... But now I simply need to activate a magic tool."

A magic comm tool has been put on top of Principal Edward's desk.
It's a wired type comm tool with countermeasures against wiretapping put in place.

This place feels more and more like a military installation of the utmost importance than a school now...
Well, Second Academy don't fall behind the kingdom knights in term of strength, so that may not be necessarily wrong.

"So today we're here to gather intel about the place where the new demon showed up..."

"Yeah. We've already pinpointed the location... It should be around here, no?"

The principal pointed at a map unfolded on his desk.
There's an X-mark... on the spot where I detected Zadokilgias's mana coming from.

That's probably the place where Zadokilgias had been reincarnated.
The demon must have not gone far since there was no obvious movement afterward.

"How's the area around it are like?"

"We're currently gathering information while being careful as to not get detected by the demon. Some people had suggested we should go defeat the demon with the combined effort of knights and Second Academy considering its mana pool... But Grevil was opposed to the idea. We're strictly intel gathering right now."

A wise judgment.
From what I've seen in their training, even Second Academy students themselves would manage dealing with an ordinary demon no problem.
But against Zadokilgias... They're only gonna get utterly destroyed.

"Well done, Grevil... The demon this time is an extremely dangerous one. It's probably stronger than even Zaridias in a 1-on-1 confrontation."

"Thank you. I feel bad for always relying on Mathias-kun though..."

As we were talking... A knight opened the door behind me and entered the room.
It's the kingdom's knight commander Gayle.

"I've got all the information we have on it in the castle here with me."

The knight commander put a bundle of documents on an empty desk.

There's about 10 documents.
It's neither too much or too little, just about right to get proper info.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"So how is it?"

"The town closest to the source of that mana... is Boseil, information pertaining the town has been sparse ever since a change in lord a year ago. Reports delivered to the kingdom have some suspicious parts as well."

"Suspicious parts... What do you mean?"

"There were sudden bumps in harvest yield figures... The lord there may be trying to increase profit by overvaluing the numbers."

"...An attempt to game tax huh."

The lord of a territory decides on their own tax in this country.
Hence, the act of changing tax itself is not illegal.

That said, tax rates have their own market price as well.
If it's too high, the populace will emigrate en masse, yet if it's too low, people will congregate from other territories, causing problems in those territories.
As such, in practice, taxations are governed by the country in the form of [Correction Counsel] guidance, continuously ignoring that will eventually incite punishment.
Hence, these tax rates don't tend to change.

However... There's a way to get around it, like falsifying yield rates.
Say you impose a fixed percentage of tax to the populace.

Here's an extreme example, by reporting a field that only produces 100KG of product as producing [200KG], you get twice the tax.
Of course, the populace will ultimately be the one shouldering those burdens.

Normally, a change in lord doesn't normally bring improved yield numbers.
It's not impossible if the new lord has ideas to improve productions... But a drastic increase in yields would have created rumors in the neighboring areas.
Yet there isn't any... Which means there is no change in yield in reality.

"...Has anything been done to it?"

"We have sent out a Correction Counsel. It was brought by someone capable of Passive Detection and we confirmed that there was no demon in the area. Neither was there a demon that died from the [Lights of Heavens]."

I see.
The [Eyes of Heavens] magic is known as [Lights of Heavens] to the people, referring to lights pouring down the sky.
If no demon fell victim to that magic there... It means that either there's no demon in Boseil, or there are only mid and higher class demons there.

But had such demons were making their preparations to awaken Zadokilgias there, there would have been traces of that in the Sand Graph documents.
Yet there was nothing about demons in the vicinity of Boseil in those documents.
Not even anything about lesser demons, so there's no way a mid-class demon would be there.

Which means... There's probably only Zadokilgias in Boseil right now.
The fight would be much harder if there were other demons.
I'm thankful that's not happening.

The lord is probably a lowlife who unjustly levied heavy taxations on his populace, but he's just that, a lowlife.
We can probably regard him unrelated to demons.

"Doesn't seem like there'll be an obstacle in our subjugation effort... What about the neighboring cities?"

"We haven't detected anything suspicious as of now. There were demons lurking in Borsan, an adjacent town, but they had been eliminated by the [Lights of Heavens] already...  Those [Lights of Heavens] are really something huh."

The truth is lost in the dark now, but those demons might have been there to prepare for Zadokilgias's awakening.
Perhaps I could have prevented the awakening had I used that magic earlier.

"I understand the situation now... OK then, time to go beat up some demon."

"Un, let's go!"

Alma promptly responded to me.
She seems more enthusiastic than usual somewhat.

"...Alma, you look like you're having fun... Did something good happen?"

Ruli seemed to find it weird as well and asked her a question.
Then... Alma replied.

"You know, Boseil's famous for their food right? I've always wanted to give it a taste at least once ever since I heard about it when I arrived here!"

"Ooh! That's a very good news! Let's hurry up and go!"

Iris is eager to leave the principal's room as she makes a beeline for the exit.
Watching them... Principal Edward muttered with an incredulous look on his face.

"...You're talking about food huh. This isn't what a conversation before fighting a demon I imagined would sound like..."

"And their opponent is a demon stronger than Zaridias... I wouldn't blame a common soldier trying to turn away from reality in such a situation, but this is..."

"That's probably not it, more like this is turning into just another day to them."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-40

17-40. Dungeon Highways and Lunar Corridor (2)


Satou here. I love exerting my full power whenever I'm playing sport and fighting games. And once you've reached the limit, whether you're able to take another step forward toward further growth or not is a turning point.

Moon or Seryuu city.

As if substantiating what the purple little girl said about Netherworld encroaching, black sludge spilled down from the full moon high up in the sky, and I received a report from Phantasmal Labyrinth's Dungeon Core about an attempted hacking done to her, and that she had lost contact with Seryuu City's underground dungeon.

I headed for the moon.

I would have chosen Seryuu City if I let my emotion took over, but since I had a premonition that postponing going to the moon would make situation go real bad, I made the decision to follow the signal Crisis Perception skill told me.

After getting close to it, I see that the situation has gotten really bad there.

Black sludge miasma is gushing out of craters on the surface of the moon like magma, impurities are spreading not only on its surface but even the satellite orbit.

This is seriously bad. I really made the right choice believing in Crisis Perception.

I change my title to [God Slayer], draw the Divine Sword and head toward moon surface while erasing the materialized miasma along the way.

Ugeeh, gross. Repugnant sentiment and resentment are assaulting my body like undulating waves.
I never imagined that mere vestiges from the thick part of miasma I cut apart with Divine Sword would torture my mind so severely like this. If it could do this much to me with my resistant skills and Nanashi's equipment, I don't think even gods would survive a direct hit of this.

Those vestiges would have been erased as well had I recited the Scripture <<PERISH>>, but since that mode has a limited uptime, I decide to save on it.
Then, I somehow managed to arrive at the moon surface even while slightly regretting that decision.

I touch the rugged surface of the moon.

The real show starts now.

I push my palm on it and wish.


A moment later, the moon vanished.
Success. I bet on being able to put the moon in my Storage, and it was proven true.

Several individuals that appear to be demon are floating in what was the core of the moon.
I'll just leave those guys alone.

More importantly--.

The black sludge in the satellite orbit has begun its descent toward the planet now that the moon's gravity is no more.

"Ah man, dealing with all that stuff by myself will be a pain."

It looks simple outwardly, but the amount of miasma enough to completely cover the surface of a huge satellite is no joke.

『You're not alone!』

An energetic voice reached my ears as I groaned. It's Arisa's.

『That's right nodesuyo! Pochi is right over here nodesuyo!』
『Tama too~』

A large space ship with Arisa and the girls on board came flying into the satellite orbit.
Arisa must have used her space magic to transport it from base.

『Master, I'm gonna go a bit wild today!!』

A purple aura ran over the space ship.


Space magic [Hyper Deracinator] powered up by her Unique Skill [Over Booost] assisted by the space ship stopped the black sludge.

"Geez, she's really going wild."

So that her effort won't go to waste, I used Flash Drive to soar toward the part with thick sludge and erased it with <<PERISH>> Scripture-activated Divine Sword.


Vestiges remain even with <<PERISH>> on, though it's less taxing than before.
I continue to work on it while enduring the unpleasantness tormenting my mind.

The girls are also helping purifying the sludge with purification-type ritual magic and anti-god magic.


After erasing some part of the black sludge, monitored Status of some of my acquaintances at Seryuu City started looking bad.

『I need to help out at Seryuu City for a bit. You girls take care of this place for the time being.』

I suspended my sludge-cleaning work and moved to Seryuu City with Unit Arrangement.
Got a complaint through Mass Tactical talk, "That's cheating, cheating!", when I cast Planet Guard before teleporting out though, but eh, since that came a bit too late, I just ignored it.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Battlefield, battlefield--over there huh."

I scan over Seryuu city from atop the sky.

The core of this commotion is--the greater black demon, Moi-kun. The demon who kept reviving itself no matter how many times I beat it.
It's clad in a purple aura that seemed to be a Unique Skill, beating up Kigori-shi and Zena-san's little brother, Yukel-kun at incredible speed.
Unique Skill-ed demons are a pain.

I change my black sludge-dirtied clothes, and cut Moi-kun in two using the Divine Sword right as I landed with Flash Drive.
A [God's Fragment] came out of Moi-kun's disappearing black mist, and I dealt with that using Divine Sword like always.

I was tempted to show up as Satou and accomplish the promise I made with Earl Seryuu to [Exterminate foreign enemy once], but were Yukel-kun lose his life due to me playing around, I would never be able to look at Zena-san in the face again.

Since Yukel-kun and friends are safe, I believe I made the correct choice here.

I return the still active <<PERISH>> Divine Sword to its scabbard.
A Dragon Fang Sword or a holy sword would be more than enough to deal with dungeon enemies.

"One defeated means nothing. Moi, meets."
"Shadow has no limit. Moi, advent."
"Moi, arrives."

Mass produced Moi-kun emerged en masse.
I'm not sure how much of what they said is true, but the real body must be lying in wait somewhere, and these guys above ground are probably just projections or copies?

"""Moi, high speed kill."""

The black greater demons came rushing at me from all directions at unbelievable speed.

"Moi, killer move."

Moi-kun #2 went from behind and reaped Hero Nanashi's neck with its elongated blade-like claws.


Yukel-kun and the others gasped when they saw the scene.
The headless Hero Nanashi vanished.

Well since I'm watching it unfolding and all, naturally that's just an afterimage.

I cut apart Moi-kun #2 to pieces with a holy sword before it could realize what was going on.
And since Moi-kun is quite tenacious, I also burn down its pieces with a napalm mixed with Dragon Fang powder.

"What strength."

As Hearing skill picked up Kigori-shi's murmur, I went around exterminating the other two Moi-kun.

"Moi, revives."

...It just went and revived itself even after all those rigorous undertaking.
I can keep cutting these demons to pieces until they can't revive anymore... But that's way too much work.

"""Moi, revives."""

The other Moi-kun revived themselves one after another as well.
I guess the fact that Moi-kun with a Unique Skill isn't reviving is a silver lining here.

"So long as moi seedbed, the dungeon, remains intact, moi immortal."

That's so annoying...

"Hero-sama! We've got to do something about the dungeon!"

Yukel-kun stated the obvious.
Well, destroying the dungeon itself is a simple matter, but it being a resource-producing mine, there's no way earl Seryuu would agree to--.

"Pen--Hero Nanashi!"

Earl Seryuu showed up next to Kigori-shi and shouted out loud.
I was worried to see him in this danger zone, but turned out it was just a well-made projection. Must be the City Core doing its magic.

"Fulfill your promise to protect Seryuu City once!"
"Haven't I done just that?"

--Or rather, I made that promise to you as Satou, you know.

"No you haven't! Get the dungeon gnawing on Seryuu City--"
"I might have to erase the dungeon, are you fine with that?"
"...I have no objection. This dungeon is said to be a base those demons use for conquering [Dragon's Valley]. It's unfortunate, but I will not compromise on my people safety."

Hee, first I've heard of that.

Well, since I've cleared the biggest obstacle, aka the permission from the earl and all, let's get on it real quick, I've done all the prep work and all.

"OK then, here I go."

I activate a barrier I've laid out beforehand.
A glittering blue light wraps Seryuu City which then turns into a multi-layered purification barrier that purifies miasma out of monsters flowing out of the dungeon.

"Moi, astonished."
"Moi, roars."
"Moi, shrieks."

This multi-layered purification barrier covers the entire Seryuu Earldom, and the effect is especially prominent at its focal point, the dungeon. It's at a level that afflicts even greater demons.
I'm able to deploy a barrier of this scale thanks to the connection to thick Dragon Veins of Dragon Valley.

"Moi has not lose yet. Moi, indomitable."
"Moi indestructible so long the dungeon is here. Moi, immortal."

--Yeah yeah.

I activate the trap I've had pre-installed in [Dungeon Core].
Right afterward, an earthquake hit. The dungeon must have started collapsing due to the destruction of Dungeon Core.

"Pendo--Hero Nanashi-dono, what is--"
"Oh I just destroyed the dungeon. And don't worry about a thing, I've made sure it won't collapse."

I forcefully close down cracks and land subsidences with Earth Control magic.

"It's a--checkmate."

I moved in to exterminate the slowed down Moi-kun while wielding a holy sword and a dragon fang sword in both hands.

"This barrier will protect the entire earldom for about 10 days. OK then, gotta get to my next stop"

I waved at the people who weren't done processing what happened yet and went back to cleaning up the moon orbit.

"Phew, think that does it?"

It's been a while since I went all out, so it was tiring.
Well, it's mostly caused by the stuff with black sludge though.

I get back to the large space ship where the girls are waiting.

"I'm back. Now that we've closed off the Dungeon and Moon gates, the Netherworld won't come crashing down on this world anymore right."

Guess god Tenion's quest is complete with this?

"Irregular! Save milord next!"

The purple little girl clung to me.
Oh right, we were talking about that.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-Intermission 2

Intermission: Little Goddess


"Demon God, you ok?"
"Parion huh."

Demon God raised his body in his luxurious bed.
He's currently resting in order to remove the impurities he got from fusing with the [Poisonous Satou], a trap set up by the pantheon.

Demon God stopped Parion as she was about to innocently hug him like she usually does.


Parion asked the reason since Demon God would usually be delighted whenever she hugs him when they're in material forms.

"You'd get infected with the impurities."
"...Uh huh."

It seems she's still not used to her newly created body, her face is all wriggly like 'poyayan'.

"But I'm impressed you managed to get this far."

Impressed that she was able to reach the deepest part of Netherworld filled to the brim with demons who absolutely loath gods without causing even a single commotion.

"Authorities, cultivated."
"I see, good girl Parion"

Praised by Demon God, Parion puffed her chest triumphantly.
An unfamiliar object came into Parion's view.

"What is that?"

Parion shifted her attention toward a pearl scythe clad in rainbow colored lights decorating the bedroom.

"『Godreaping Scythe』--a weapon capable of slaying gods."
"Slaying gods?"

Parion took the scythe in her arm as she muttered.
It appears to be too heavy to Parion's body, she's staggering around dangerously.

"That thing is dangerous, put it back Parion."
"Gotta go kill first before that."

Parion unsteadily takes a stance with the scythe.

"That is still incomplete."

Parion tilted her head like 'poyayan'.

"That doesn't yet have Divinity in."
"How do you put it in?"
"That weapon is the reason why I created Purple Towers, to collect divinity. They will have enough to fill it up in 10,000 years."
"Why not use Nymphs' Divinity?"
"Nymphs have too little Divinity to matter. Even all of them together won't be enough to fill this scythe up."
"How much it needs?"
"About one god's worth of amount."

Parion's eyes opened wide to hear such an enormous amount.

"What to do."

Parion tilted her head and her body with furrowed brows.
She never thought the completion of a god-slaying weapon requires the contradictory action of slaying a god first.

"I'll come, again."

Parion left Demon God's palace after murmuring that.

"Demon God. I thought up of a good idea."

Parion immediately got straight to the point on her second visit.
Demon God isn't sleeping in his bed today, apparently the poison inserted in the fake Satou has gone already.

"Welcome, Parion. What is this good idea of yours?"
"Let's use White Radiant Crystal."
"--White Radiant Crystal? That thing hidden in the innermost part of God's Realm huh..."

Demon God realized that god Parion was telling him to use the White Radiant Crystal to charge the Godreaping Scythe when he saw her glancing over at the scythe.

"The crystallization of Divinity [White Radiant Crystal] will indeed suffice... But I cannot agree to that."
"That crystal is needed for the protection of human world on top of God's Realm."

It's the [Seven Gods' Barrier] that's protecting the human world from the threat of [Outsiders] wandering in the void sky, and the White Radiant Crystal is a booster that converges the power to make that a reality.

That's the extent of Demon God's knowledge on it.

"It's OK."

Parion threw out her chest confidently.

"Is that so?"
"Everyone can just deliver. Everyone is hiding spare Divinity."

Parion insisted that the gods could make a new White Radiant Crystal if they all just put together their hidden stash of Divinity.

"Our ambition can be realized then."

Demon God ponders. He could free humanity from god's reign if he used the [Godreaping Scythe] to threaten those gods.
Just what's in the mind of the smiling Parion--.

"Let's do it."
"Very well. I'm counting on you to guide me to Realm of Gods."
"Count on me."

Thus a tag team of Demon God and Parion was formed, and the theft of White Radiant Crystal from Realm of God was carried out.

"Demon God, you OK?"

Demon God couldn't even afford to raise his body off his bed as he looked up at Parion in pain.
The divinity overflowing out of his body is far beyond the usual amount, but it's stagnant like a black sludge.

The impure miasma fog covering the whole Netherworld was apparently all from the Demon God.

"What happened?"
"Those gods got me good. The White Radiant Crystal had Malice in it."

Malice--The [Forbidden Power] sealed in the moon.
Demon God was saying someone had put it in the White Radiant Crystal.

He probably needed to take the Divinity into his body before he could unload it into the scythe.

"Who did?"
"Most likely Zaikuon. He's the only one who would do such a self-sabotaging foolish act among those gods."
"Uh huh."

God Parion nodded with her 'poyayan' face.

"Has it been filled with Divinity?"

God Parion asked while pointing at the [Godreaping Scythe].

"It hasn't."

Discontent dwelt in god Parion's face once she heard Demon God's reply.

"If I did that, the 『Godreaping Scythe』 would be defiled by the impurities too. It would have been a repeat of last time."
"Uh huh."

God Parion walks toward the [Godreaping Scythe].
A demon in the form of a saintess stood before Parion just as she stretched out her hand toward the scythe.

"You must not."
"I can't kill without that."

The saintess is looking at the [Gimme] god Parion with a troubled look.
The saintess's guard was impeccable, she blocked all attempts god Parion made to take the scythe.

"Stop, Parion. There's no need for you to get revenge on Zaikuon."
"Don't worry. My trusted retainers are currently making scapegoats to transfer the impurities over. Let's think about threatening those gods afterward."

Parion nodded reluctantly.

"Leave Netherworld, Parion."
"I cannot hold back the impurities at this rate."

If he failed at holding it back, the netherworld will be contaminated by impurities severe enough to defile a goddess like her.
Demon God fears that his power would end up defiling the little goddess.

"I cannot let human world be defiled either. I must shut the gates to the human world before that happens. Leave Netherworld before the gates are shut."

Demon God is apparently aware that she makes a transit at the human world whenever she visits Netherworld.

"I'll come again."

After saying that with her poyayan-face, god Parion left Demon God.

Thanks to her Authorities, none of the demons coming and going in the passages she takes notices her.

"A scapegoat to transfer impurities over..."

God Parion murmured.

"...There is one."

Parion knew.
That the Satou Demon God took in was a fake other gods had created.

Parion didn't tell him.
Since she thought that Demon God was already a perfect form that didn't need Satou.

Parion mulls.
Demon God's Uniform Body that's in the human world will fit best as a scapegoat to transfer the impurities over.

Parion plots.
A way to bring the Uniform Body to Netherworld in order to transfer the impurities.


There stood one of the pink-haired little girls in Parion's vision.
She's one of the girls who have been pointlessly moving about in the corridors while saying stuff like, "Oh no~", "What should we do~" restlessly.

Parion approaches the little girl who has strayed off from her group.

She fixes up her 'poyayan' face while moving, putting up a face befitting of a goddess.
She hasn't lived for 100 million years for nothing. So long as she wills it, Parion is capable of playing the act of a sublime goddess.

"You, yes you girl, do you wish to save Demon God?"
"I am an old friend of Demon God."

The little girl relaxes her guard at Parion's gentle voice.

"I shall give a mission to you who loves Demon God the most among all his familiars."
"You can save Demon God if you do as you're told."
"Yes, I promise. Will you undertake this mission?"

Thus, god Parion cunningly sent a poor lamb to where Satou was at the human world.

She even gave her an authority to wrench open the shut gates.
Even though there is no way a god like her isn't aware that doing so would bring the impurities over to the human world.

"Kufuu, kufufufufu."

Parion laughed innocently.

"I will finally get my hands on it. 『Godreaping Scythe』--a weapon to slay gods."

Parion's whisper disappeared into the rift without ever reaching anyone's ear.
Nobody knows the true nature of god Parion.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.16_17_18_19


"Doctor! Doctor Norma! Please help!"

"Our kid! Our son, he's!"

A man and a woman carrying a kid of around 10 year old rushed into the medical center and made a commotion.

Norma immediately left the patient she was examining and went to the waiting room. Lecan and Eda followed after her.

"Oh. Mr. and Ms. Yubo-san. What happened to Majifu?"

"A noble carriage ran him over! His leg, our son's leg, it's!"

"Lecan! Put a blanket over the sofa! Eda, we've got to wipe his body. Get water in a bucket. And some towels!"

The two quickly moved about.

The kid was listless. He's covered in mud and his right leg is bent unnaturally.

"Lecan. Soak a towel and use it to wipe Majifu-kun. Clean up all the mud."

"Got it."



"I need you to use <Recovery>."


"Listen well. Cast <Recovery> three times. Doing so successively might be hard, but I'm sure you can do it."


"Right now there's a lot of mud and small stones inside Majifu-kun's leg. They would get trapped inside him if you cast <Recovery> while they're still inside, rotting his leg from inside out. As such, make the first <Recovery> expel mud and bad stuff out of his leg. Foreign substances and stuff."


"Lecan. Wipe more firmly. Don't hold back. Change the water. Keep at it until the wound is bare open."

"Got it."

"Eda. The second <Recovery> will be the hardest one. The bones in Majifu-kun's right leg have been broken down, crushed and bent."


"The treatment has to be done while we're restoring his leg to its correct state. If you cast weak and careless <Recovery> when it's at that state, the bent bones will stick together, rendering the leg unable to return to its original state forever."


"Hence. Clad your wand, I mean hand in mana, examine the left leg, then restore the bone in the right leg to a similar state as it. First, mend only the bones."


"The third <Recovery> is to treat muscles, arteries and blood pipes. So long as you get the bones right, this should come naturally."

"Will this do."

"Very good, Lecan. Now then, Eda. Do it."

"Yes. <Recovery>."

Norma readies her short wand and watches over Eda's <Recovery>.

"Nicely done. And fast. The foreign substances are getting rapidly driven away. Lecan. Wipe off the expelled mud and pebbles."

"Got it."

"You're getting there, just a bit more. Simply amazing Eda. You're very impressive."

With a serious look on her face, Eda frantically operates her <Recovery> while keeping her eyes on the now drenched patient.

"All right. Eda. Clad your left hand in mana and examine his left leg."


"Make a mental note of that state for the right leg to... Eh?"

Green lights dwell on both Eda's hands. The left light on the left leg while the right light on the broken part of the right leg.

"No way... Dual parallel casting of <Recovery>?"

Norma looked shocked for a moment before pulling herself together and clad her wand in mana once again to examine the patient.

"Right... Keep at it. His bones are getting restored back. It's working. Nice... Eh? The crushed bones are reforming back into new bones? No way."

The kid is groaning while sweating out. The mother is wiping his sweat with a towel. The father is cheering for his son, 'You can do it, you can do it'. The boy is unconscious, but perhaps the warmth from his family is getting transmitted to him.

"Alright. Eda. You're done with the bones. I can't believe you fixed them up so quickly like that. Now get ready for the third <Recovery>."

Eda recited the spell name for another <Recovery>, restoring the boy's muscles and skin. The scene of crushed muscles returning back to their original state is truly a magical sight to behold.

After checking the patient and Eda, Norma instructed Eda to cast the fourth <Recovery>. Putting it over the boy's entire body, intended to raise his stamina and treat his condition.

Once the treatment was done, Norma lay down on the sofa.

Since Lecan and Eda couldn't exactly do her work, the medical center ended up closed for a bit.


In the afternoon, a blood vomiting middle-aged woman was suddenly carried into the clinic.

"Uwaa. There must be a hole in her eating organs. Lecan. We've got to close up that hole."

"Got it."

Lecan probed the insides of the woman's belly with <3D Perception>.

"I see. There's a gaping hole right below these entrails."

"Eh? You got the spot right yeah, but how'd you figure out? You didn't use your mana, did you?"

<3D Perception> allows Lecan to see shapes and positions of things, but it's an ability not magic. Mana is not needed for it.

"I have an ability that enables me to know locations and shapes of stuff."

"Eh? That sounds so convenient."

"There's some sort of blood clot coming out of entrails, can we really close the hole while ignoring that?"

"Well, there's nothing we can do about that. No choice but to leave it to her body's autopurificatory system."

"Shall I take it back to her entrails, or maybe even get it out through her mouth?"

"No no. That can't be done. Would be nice if it could though."

"Move <Torim>."


A while later, a dark blood lump of blood came out of the woman's mouth, floating mid air.

"Where to dump this?"

"What, did I just, saw? Some sort of illusion?"

"I'm asking you where do I dump this."

"Lecan-dono, please discard it here."

Jinga presented a small jar where Lecan put the blood clot in.

"I'm closing it."



The day after, four emergency cases were carried in.

By this point, Norma did nothing but gave instructions to Lecan and Eda.

"Both you Lecan and Eda are very talented and skilled. The <Recovery> you two wield are either at mid-class or maybe even already knocking on advanced class. Your mana pools are simply top class."

"Oh not at all. I never realized that treating others was such a daunting task."

"I too have learned many things during the past four days. Compared to your knowledge and skills, we're downright amateurs."

"Both of you are superb <Recovery> users, but if I had to say, Eda is really good at treating illness. You're excellent at drawing out the latent healing powers a person possess."

"Thank you very much."

"Lecan is skilled at removing affected parts and healing holes in entrails and wounds by adding external forces. Lecan, your ability to examine the inside of a person body is probably unrivaled by any other medical practitioner in this country. Then you've got that <Move> magic of yours to top it off. I never would have imagined how convenient it was for a medical practitioner to practice <Move>. Hat off to you, truly."


"Fufu. That's a weak reaction if I ever saw one. Are you maybe bashful. Still, your <Move> is radically unlike the <Move> I know. The magic <Move> is usually quite loose. How were you able to control it so precisely? And without a wand to boot."

"No clue. Felt like I just could."

It's probably thanks to his <3D Perception>. However, Lecan has no intention of telling Norma about his unique abilities this world aren't privy of.

"We'll take a break for a day tomorrow. I need to check up on some things in addition to resting. The day after tomorrow, we'll be doing house calls. It will be for four patients, all suffering serious conditions. Please lend your powers to them. I also believe that there are rooms for improvements for your <Recovery> control. Do prepare a wand if you can. This doesn't have to be done by the day after tomorrow though."

"Got it."

"I understand."

"And also, Eda."


"You shouldn't bring your <Box (Luuf)> with you on the day."


"You too Lecan, could you please wear some more casual clothings instead the intense one you have now."

"Got it."


Afterward, the two went to Shira's house to report on their progress at Norma's place and to ask her about wands.

Shira handed over a short wand to each of them.

Lecan's wand was of deep brown color, while Eda's was light brown almost whitish.

"Lecan. Since you seemed so busy and all, I had gone to pick up and process Shiarigi sprouts myself. You process it the same way as Nichia grass we worked on the second month, I don't need to teach you on that again, do I."

"I'm sorry about it."

Both Nichia and Shiarigi grass are ingredients for mana recovery medicine. Shira doesn't sell such medicine to the pharmacy. And since she rarely ever uses one herself, she only makes a few every few years. For this year, they gathered a lot of Nichia grass since Lecan had asked her to teach him about it, and Lecan himself had anticipated that he would need quite a lot. She had told him they would go gather Shiarigi on the fourth month, but then Lecan went and forgot about it.

They're now only missing Tago Grass that can be gathered between ninth to tenth month, and Zahad Moss that grows all year round.

Shiarigi is a shrub so it grows well on a level plane. In reality, most of the plants beside the poisonous plants in Shira's garden are Shiarigi.

"Follow me."

Shira went to her garden.

Most sprouts have been plucked out sans for a few.

"Look here, those with light green and puffed up roots are the one you want to pick. You do it like this."

Shira plucked off the sprout and carefully peeled off the husk.

"Pick out the insides. Afterward, let it dry for two days, grind it down and then dry it off completely. Make sure to take note now."

"Got it."

Lecan and Eda went back home and had a meal together.

"Are you taking a break tomorrow?"

"No. I'm going to the orphanage. Best to get the annoying stuff over with first."

"Doesn't look like you're annoyed by it at all though."

"Do you have empty holes for eyes?"

"That's so cruel, Lecan. That aside, gotta remember to leave <Bow of Isya> behind the day after tomorrow."

Eda usually leaves most of her luggage in the house, but she has the <Bow of Isya> and her money secured inside the <Box> Shira gave her. She put the Box in spots that were always within sight in the medical center.

While Lecan has most of his belongings inside his <Storage>. Only few things like laundry and stuff aren't inside.

Eda's anxiety is justifiable. No matter how secure the lock is, leaving such a valuable thing behind will make you worry for sure.

"Just leave the <Bow of Isya> on me the day after tomorrow."

"Eh? Isn't your <Box> inside your black overcoat's pocket, Lecan?"

"No. My <Box> is a specially made one, it's invisible to other people's eyes."

"Eeeeeeh? That's no fair."

"Don't tell anyone."


She believes it so easily.

With her too honest a personality, it would be difficult for Eda to keep Lecan's <Storage> a secret were he divulged her about it. He's got to be careful about the extent of things he talks to Eda.

Eda herself doesn't fuss over fine details, being a broad-minded character she is.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have taken her in as a pupil.

She won't question him over trivial stuff, nor she doubts Lecan even though there are things he doesn't tell her. In a way, that's her virtue.

Eda doesn't decide whether to believe in someone or not by analyzing and predicting things in her head. She does so by instinct.

Then, it suddenly hit Lecan.

Shira too must be interacting with Lecan while being careful on things she talks to him.

He's got to be keep the trouble he causes to her at minimum, swore Lecan.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Restart


Dungeon Search Party! Dungeon Search Party!
A huge sprawling jungle lies before us. Yes, we're on dungeon 8F. Tropical climate rife with heat and humidity. Not an optimal environment for leather armor.

Tama-chan is staying behind this time. She's working as an emotional support for the three girls. Our mascot this time is this person.

"Oy oy, this nice humidity's gonna make mine root hair go rock hard."

Yes, it's everyone's favorite Wakamoto-san. The other members in the party had an indescribable look on their faces when I told them he would be coming. But I'm afraid of the future if I don't train Wakamoto-san now. I hope he got a means to move around at least. It's not like he can't walk right now, but it's just way too slow. He'll be riding on my back for this excursion, so I'm moving in the back. I'll put him down if I need to though.

As for our bottleneck last time, I had asked Eleanor-san to introduce us to a retired adventurer to teach us lockpicking and trap search. I had every member attended the lesson for two days just in case. But only Mitama and I managed to learned the skills in the end. Though it was only beginner levels, learning those skills in just two days was quite a feat. Since our teacher, Red Nose-san was a heavy drinker, I presented him with trial-run unrefined sake to show my appreciation.

But dang, it's hot. My sweat is forming a puddle.
According to our intel, this floor consist of one huge room. It's also dotted with caves that sometimes have treasure chests inside. This floor's most well known characteristic is its abundance of monster types. So many that none has got the full picture yet even now. At a glance, I can see that there's a huge variety to be found here, from gigantic bird and beast monsters to small insect and leech monsters and stuff. As a consequence, the drop variety is also plentiful, you could even say it's a treasure trove of natural resource.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Kagura's swung spear pierced an incoming insect monster. Other monsters that were seemingly waiting for that chance slipped past her toward our back.

"Mitama! They went over there noja!"


Fwoosh fwoosh, thud, thud.

She hopped around with her flexible body, loping a monster's head off with her dual daggers. Mitama had to learn how to act in vanguard and mid positions while I was away at [Shut-in Lamia]. I was surprised to see her dual-wielding when I joined back.

"Aa, whoopsie!!"

The monster fell down after getting its jaw pulverized by a cane strike to its side. Futsuno-san is also serving in the frontline before I knew it. Just how'd it come to this!? I'm agonizing alone in the back while shooting out ice bullets to help the three rampaging girls ahead of me. Wakamoto-san is helping me with seed bombardment all around.

"Dang, yer youn' mistresses sure are ferocious. Ain't never seen' anythin' like 'em in mine long life as a mandora."

Quit it with mistresses stuff. And you've only been alive for a few days. Even I was surprised at how things turned out. Just when did their battle style turned to this. Other changed things would also include Futsuno-san's newly learned sacred magic and cooking. It's still level 1 but it's good to have another healer among us.

I pick up soul gems from the Jet Stag Beetle Mitama cut apart and the Long-legged Ape Futsuno-san beat up. They didn't drop ingredient nor item it seems.

"You girls have gotten really strong while I was away."

The girls all smiled back at me. But please wipe that blood off your faces first. You're scaring me a bit.

That was already the fifth scuffle on this floor. The monsters here are far more active and ferocious than any other floor before. Gotta think thoroughly when choosing a place to rest. The map we bought didn't have locations of caves and such, so we gotta look for them ourselves. Let's proceed ahead carefully while mapping out potential places for our base.

Once we found a nice looking cave, I made use of magic to make modifications on it. Wary of the frequency of attack, I finished making our dwelling in an hour. And since I've gotten quite used to this, I've also brought myself materials to make quasi-doors, turning the dwelling into a fully functioning one. Excrements will have to be put with Dry magic and buried though.

Now that we've secured a base, time to hunt in the nearby area. There might be monsters that drop food item around here after all.




From top to bottom, Dandy Boar, Wood Down Monkey, and Jungle Horned Owl. Mitama, Mandora-san and I sniped our prey. The other two are in charge of guarding our base and preparing dinner tonight. I'm so glad that Futsuno-san has learned cooking skill. I've been getting similar vibe from Futsuno-san, and it's proven true after all, she really is a jill of all trade!

My accuracy was bad at first, but it rapidly improved once I recalled about [Hawk's Eye] skill from Hunter Class and started deploying it. The skill has a cooldown period, but I learned Sniping skill after hitting some targets, gradually improving my kill time afterward. I aim for monsters that drop food items and shoot them down one after another. Wakamoto-san also rapidly gained levels as well as skills.

Name: Wakamoto-san - Gender: Man among Men - Gender: Mandagorua
Class: Mandgorua Lv18 (up!) - State: Healthy (Supplied mana from Nobusada)
Title: 【Refined】 - Bond: Soulmate
HP: 120/120 - MP: 136/304

Plant Control Lv1 - Roar Lv1 - Water Magic Lv1 - Earth Magic Lv1 - Accurate Shoot Lv1 (new!)

【Unique Skills】
Seed Bombardment Lv2 (up!) - Part Strengthening Lv1 (new!)

Part strengthening effect is unknown since we still haven't tried it. I was wondering how he started hitting more often midway through, so it was thanks to Accurate Shoot huh. He's not gonna light up some cigar and turn into a sniper before long, will he? The moment Seed Bombardment skill leveled up, the seeds turned into exploding bullets.

Since we got lotsa meat from Dandy Boars and Jungle Horned Owls, guess that's that for our dinner tonight. And since we've still got time, I'd also like to turn them into preserved food. Smoked food and dried meat that can be carried by other members would be a good idea. No guarantee that they won't ever stray from me after all.

As our hunt proceeded smoothly, suddenly sounds of weapon clashing could be heard. I haven't encountered a weapon-wielding monster on this floor yet, wonder if they're adventurers? I checked to the side and she gave me a nod. Guess this means we can get closer and check the situation.


"Dammit, there's no end to them!"

"Jerindo!! Keep your guard up."

"I know. Clay! How's Buraran and the other?!"

"No good, it's a bottomless swamp. Best I can do is preventing them from sinking further."

He's holding a rope connecting to two people sinking into the swamp as he says that.

"Tch, try and come at me! I'm gonna chop you all real fine!"

Jerindo bluffed to prevent Naina and the others behind him getting attacked. However, that proved fruitless as two Armed Apes went for them.


Naina's sword got flung in the sky. An Armed Ape's weapon was swung down toward her defenseless state as both her arms raised.
She closed her eyes in reflex at the impeding doom, but a loud booming sound saved her.


Clay turned around toward the source of that flying thing to see Mitama with her bow at the ready... and Nobusada piggybacking Wakamato-san. Clay was at a loss for words. Of course he would. After all these people absolutely lack any tension.

"Looks like you need a hand, allow us to help."

Nobusada moved on the swamp as if he was sliding. He accelerated and pulled the arms of both people who had half of their bodies buried. He then delivered them to where Clay was without minding the groaning voices.

"Sorry but their shoulders might have been dislocated, can't help it, was an emergency and all."

Clay could only nod at him. He did saw him pulling a wagon before but he never would have thought he could move above a swamp like sliding.

Bwoon bwoon

Arrows were let loose another after another from Mitama's bow.
Several of the Armed Apes that were assaulting Jerindo and Naina got hit and yelled out in anger. Even while confused at the sudden help, Jerindo raised a battle cry as he swung his sword to feel alive at the prospect of surviving.

Nobusada was going to brandish his katana but he couldn't move well with Wakamoto-san on his back, thus he shifted to hand-to-hand combat.
Armed Apes were coming at him with one-handed swords and hand axes, but he drove his gauntlet-furnished fists back into them calmly. These monsters are nothing to one who has gotten used to Matda and Eleanor-san's speed.

"...Nobu, behind you!"

An Armed Ape was coming for Nobusada's back. However, that proved fatal to the ape.


On Nobusada's back, Wakamoto-san's arm swelled up into a bulging mass of forged muscles.


The Armed Ape's head got crushed by a blow of that fist and it went into a spasm.
Mitama and Clay got their breath taken away by the spectacle. Nobusada glanced at his back and immediately pretended that he never did. What'd he gonna do if it turned into a trauma, geez. Honestly, it looks so grossly unbalanced. This must be Part Strengthening. If this is Lv1, wonder if it would eventually comprise of his whole body. Nobusada desperately tried to shake off the mental image.


Nobusada half-frantically shoot out rock stakes at Armed Apes with his Magtial Art (named by Matda). Afterward Armed Apes began exploding one after another. What the heck's up with this master and servant... Was what everyone here besides Mitama had in mind.
The Armed Apes lured by Jerindo's party were getting annihilated by Nobusada group one by one.
The remaining Armed Apes judged that the table had turned and scampered off all at once.

Previous Chapter

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-39

17-39. Dungeon Highways and Lunar Corridor (1)


※This chapter is told in third person. Not from Satou's POV.


A black haired young man, John Smith and a boyish red-haired young woman, Lilio are locking eyes in a fountain square situated in front of Seryuu City's lord's mansion.

"W-what is it."

Lilio blushed to see an unusual atmosphere hanging over John Smith.
Their awkward conversation must have been caused by a combination of shyness and nervousness.

"Aah, he stammered."
"Try to keep it down, they'll hear you."
"I mean, come on~"

From a slightly distant spot, Lilio's coworkers, Ruu and Iona, and also John Smith's Escort Caravan members, the two beauties are watching over them on edge.

"W-would you--"

John Smith choked on his words when he saw Lilio's eyes staring at him.

"Oy, don't ya dare chicken out on me now."
"Prez! You can do it!"

Ruu and the beauty encouraged John Smith in whispers.

"Would you please marrime!"

John Smith went on with his proposal riding on the momentum.
He fumbled on his words a bit, but neither him nor Lilio noticed.

"Yes, he said it."

The two beauties froze when they saw Lilio losing the smile on her face.

"Y-you want to hire me as a bodyguard for your two beautiful mistresses?"
"You're mistaken! Those two are just my bodyguards."
"A mistress?"
"I haven't done nothing to them!"

John Smith desperately tried to clear up the misunderstanding Lilio carried.

"You're the only one I want to make out with!"
"D-don't yell out something so embarrassing!"

Lilio was flustered as John Smith declared that out loud.
As Lilio was about to turn her face away, John Smith stepped forward and embraced her close enough for their noses to touch.

"I'll say it again. Please be my wife, Lilio!"
"O-okay okay... Let's get married."

John Smith embraced Lilio who whispered that with a look of a maiden in love.

"Oh good. Congrats Prez."
"Ah, sheesh! That's the part where you put yer' lips on her!"
"Lilio went and got a head start on us huh."
"We have to congratulate her later."

The two beauties and Lilio's coworkers gave their blessing as they watched over the pair.

"Lilio, let's live together in Garleok City where my company's headquarters is."

John Smith whispered to Lilio's ears as they hugged each other.
Without mentioning the reason being the danger of Seryuu City's labyrinth.

"Lilio, will you come with me?"

Ringing sounds coming from Seryuu City's alarm erased Lilio's bashful answer.
At the same time, a great tumult could be heard from the castle and beyond the city walls.

"What's going on? We're at a good part here."
"Question later. We've got to head back to the castle. Lilio, you're coming too!"

Iona clapped Ruu's shoulder and ran off while lifting her long skirts up.
Ruu followed after her.

"Don't go, Lilio!"

John Smith grabbed Lilio's shoulder as she turned around.

"Sorry. But I'm still a part of territorial army for now."

Lilio put her hand over John Smith's and brushed it aside.

"Don't worry about me. You'll be surprised to hear I'm among the very best soldiers they've got!"

Lilio said that in a slightly jestful tone as if to relax John Smith, before saluting like a soldier and running off.

"President, I've sent Rita off to gather info. We should take shelter somewhere safe ourselves."

His beautiful bodyguard urged John Smith to head to the underground shelter after he saw Lilio off.
After all, there's no guarantee of what's coming next considering the state of things in recent times.

"Lilio, please be safe..."

Even while chagrined at his powerless self who could only pray for his beloved's safety, he picks what he believes is the best possible action he could take.

The alarm was signaling stampedes of vanguard monsters flooding out of neighboring purple towers.
The main forces led by Earl Seryuu were dispatched to the city walls and purple towers, but the unit Lilio belonged to was stationed in the fort that encircles [Devil's Labyrinth] located in Seryuu City's suburbs.
Earl Seryuu was being wary of simultaneous monster stampedes occurring at [Devil's Labyrinth].

"Uwaa, something's shining over there."

Ruu yelled in surprise as she witnessed what happened beyond the city wall.

"Must be geezer-sama's thunder magic."
"It's white mist now! --Whoa, cold!"
"This coldness, it must be Isua-sama's ice magic."
"Isua? Was there even a mage with that name?"
"Don't you know her Ruu? It's the shopkeeper of that magic shop Zena-san often dropped by."
"Aah, that old lady huh!"

Right afterward, a disaster-like tornado blew over outside the city walls, ripping up countless vanguard monsters along with trees and sand.

"...Guess this one's Zena-cchi?"
"She goes by the name Silver Knight Air now."
"Who cares about the name."

Ruu wanted to say that she felt lonely not being able to fight alongside her but she held back.
Although they've become a bit stronger themselves, they have no place in battlefield where disaster-class magic rage on.

"Geh, Lilio, Iona! Look at the sky!"
"And so many of 'em."
"Oh no! They're landing toward Zena-cchi's direction."

Iona stopped Lilio as she was about to run out.

"Hold it, Lilio. Believe in Zena-san and the others there."

『My beloved children living in this world.』

An image of holy mother was projected in the sky right as Lilio was about to protest back.

"What the heck's that?"
"A goddess?"

Ruu and Lilio muttered as they looked up.

『Intruding the purple towers--[Tower of Trials] and letting Monsters of Trials flow out of the towers is a ploy by gods to reduce your faith toward Demon God-sama.』
"So that's what's going on!"
"Damn those gods! Gimme back my contribution!"
"I mean we've been getting extra income thanks to purple towers Demon God created, he's more godlike than those gods."
"That's right! Cheers for Demon God-sama!"

Soldiers bewitched by the holy mother began showing their support for demon god.

"W-what's happening to these guys?"
"Looks like they've been bewitched by that holy mother."
"So then, why are we fine?"
"I'm sure it must be thanks to these equipment Zena-san gave us."

Apparently the three members of Zena squad have acquired Satou-made equipment through Zena.
Afterward, the bewitchment came undone thanks to god Heraruon's intervention, god's apostles furnished with geometrical patterns intruded in the fight between vanguard monsters and demons, turning it into a three-pronged battle, leaving territorial armies behind.

Some time after that, a masked hero gets projected in the sky.

『Hello, people of the world. I am Hero Nanashi.』

"We even got a hero now..."

Ruu grumbled with a tired look on her face.

That sentiment was shared with many people around her.
They must be thinking that these lots are just doing things on their own while leaving them behind.

Right after hero Nanashi was done with his declaration, pillars of lights fell down from heavens, annihilating vanguard monsters along with demons as the purple towers vanished in flashes of lights and thundering sounds.

Ruu muttered as she looked at it from afar.

"Hey, Lilio."
"Ain't this hero like some sort of god?"
"Ah, un. Agreed."

Many soldiers around them nodded together with Lilio.
The real trial ends up coming to this land just as they sighed out in relief.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"John! Bad news!"

One of the beautiful bodyguards who was in charge of scouting the situation outside got back to the underground shelter where John Smith was taking refuge.

"What is it now? Labyrinth?"

John Smith asked with a fed up look.

In a short span of time, there were his marriage proposal, purple tower stampedes, demon invasions, holy demon mother, god and hero getting projected in the sky, and then quakes and roaring sounds from the destructions of purple towers.
His mental state has been desensitized by 1 in 100 years events that had just happened in rapid successions.

The reason why he guessed labyrinth was because that place simply had the highest chance of abnormality occurring next in Seryuu City.

"That's right!"

John Smith had a bitter look on his face when he heard the beauty.

"Or to be exact, I overheard people talking about black and purple mist coming out of the labyrinth."

Then, Another beauty got back.

"John! I've figured out Lilio-san's position. She's at the fort encircling the labyrinth."
"Tch, of all places, she just had to be there!"

That was when a man coming in from another entrance shouted, "It's a stampede! Monsters are flooding out of the labyrinth!"

"Damn it. Get back to the inn and prepare for our escape!"

John Smith ran out right after he said that.

"President! Where are you going?"
"I'm gonna go kidnap Lilio!"
"Wait, president! Rita, take care of our preps. I'm going after president."
"Got it."

His beautiful bodyguard ran after John Smith.

"None of you shall go outside the fort's wall!"

Knight Yukel Marientail had been dealing with monsters flooding out of the labyrinth before returning inside the fort encircling the labyrinth.
At first they had the upper hand, but halfway through he issued the order to retreat back into the fort.

Purple and black mist suddenly gushed out of the dungeon's gate and surrounding grounds and encroached horses and furnitures that were outside the defensive walls, transfiguring them into netherwordly eerie beings.

"Look at those fortifications laughing."
"The wagons we left outside are running all over the place without any horse pulling them."
"Forget about that you two, over there!"

At Ruu and Iona who were watching the situation outside in horror, a pale faced Lilio pointed at people writhing in agony outside the fort.

"Even humans..."

Several people who had black and purple mist coiled around them began transfiguring into a form similar to that of demi goblin.
Corpses of those who died fighting monsters coming out of purple towers started moving as undead. Even inside normal dungeons, corpses don't get turned into undead this fast.

"Yukel, we have to let the priests cast ritual purification magic. Your permission please!"
"I give them my permission Auna-sama."
"I mean, Auna."

The former miko of Parion Temple who is also daughter of the earl, Auna showed her dissatisfaction when she heard her husband calling her with sama suffix.
Lilio who was wincing back at the sweet atmosphere emanating from the newlywed pair shouted out loud as she looked up at the sky.

"Everyone, above! Look at the sky, quick!"

The moon high above in the sky had turned into a full moon before anyone realized as something black began dripping down from it.

"Another disaster?!"

Ruu grieved at the moon.

"I won't be surprised if the moon cracks open next."
"No way, that can't be--geeh."

Right as Ruu was trying to assert that it couldn't be--.

"""The moon's gone?!"""

The moon in the sky has vanished.
Disappearing suddenly as if the god has stowed it inside their pocket.

The dripping black thing was still in the sky, but no one was composed enough to point that out.

Everyone kept looking up at the sky even while an ominous magic circle manifested in front of the labyrinth, and a demon came out of it.

『Nuhahaha. Moi, arrived!』

People finally noticed the demon once it shouted out loud.

『You impudent little! Me, furious! Our master is an aide of demon god-sama! A demon monarch close to god! Prostate yourself in fear! Me, order!』

Next to the jet black demons, demons shaped like an eyeball with wings and arms showed up, one of them shouted out loud in front of the jet black demon.

"Black greater demon? I'm sure Zena-san had already taken care of it back then..."

Iona muttered as she looked up at the greater demon.
The Zena they're relying on is not here, she's left the place together with hero Nanashi.

『Submit yourselves to me, you humans aka worms. Moi, recommends.』

Advanced lightning and ice magic assaulted the greater demon.
Several lesser demons were destroyed into black mist by the magic, but the greater demon itself was unharmed, protected by a purple light.

『Foolishness. Moi has been granted god's protection. Your feeble magic won't work. Moi, pities.』

"Parion-sama's power won't lose out to some false god's protection!"

Auna swings her wand to bathe the demon in the finished ritual magic.

"Even a greater demon can't possibly win against a ritual magic cast by a congregation of high ranking priests--"

Auna's smile stiffened when she saw the unexpected outcome.

"H-how come!"
『Kuhahahaha. Moi, invincible.』

The greater demon struck some body building poses to show that it was unharmed.

『In deference to your awe, moi shall inform you dim-witted fools once again. Moi, joy.』

Ignoring the prattling demon, Yukel sent a light signal to ask for assistance from knight Kigor standing by on top of the fort's tower and for the mages including the lightning geezer earlier to work together and cast magic at the demon.

"Iona squad, sorry but I'll have to ask you to fight with me."

Yukel spoke to Iona and the girls.

"Geh, seriously~"
"Lilio, that's an order from our superior."
"I'll give it my all for Yukel-sama's sake."

Lilio smiled with a cramp on her face, while the serious Iona reproved her.
Ruu who had a thing for Yukel saluted back with a nervous look on her face.

『This is our base for human world invasion and [Dragon's Valley] conquest. You humans may be worth less than worms, but we shall let you live as miasma producing livestock. Moi, generous.』

Knight Yukel and knight Kigor charged at the greater demon.
With Iona squad supporting them.

The two knights seem to have taken in prohibited acceleration drug, they're moving at inhuman speed.

『Vain struggle. Moi, points out.』

The greater demon clad in purple light dodged the two drug accelerated knights at speed equaling them.

The greater demon circled around Yukel's back and swung down its gigantic fist toward his head.

"Sacred Aegis."

Blue and purple lights clashed intensely above Yukel's head, driving away the gigantic fist in the end.

Auna's holy magic has protected Yukel from the greater demon's attack.
Must be fruit of a new wife's labor.

『Impudent. Moi, serious.』

A purple light runs over the greater demon's body.
Blood vessels popped on its jet black body, its muscles bulged up.

『Have a taste of moi god's authority. Moi, accelerates.』

The greater demon kicked Yukel and Kigor around at speed that made it like the two, who were in still accelerated state, had stopped.
It's a supersonic acceleration by way of Unique Skills.

『Punishment fit for blockheaded turtles. Moi, condemn.』

The greater demon swings its fist down the fallen Yukel's head--.


Ruu's and Iona's swords were swung down toward the greater demon.
Both of their swords were stopped in between the same greater demon's fingers.

『Our lord, overwhelming. Me, rejoice!』

The surviving lesser demons showed the greater demon with praises.

An arrow clad in a blue light was shot behind the greater demon.
Lilio had let loose a holy arrow shot from a satou-made crossbow.

Lilio deployed the trump card Zena gave her at the best possible timing.

This shot would have been enough to kill most monsters.


『Moi, skilled.』

After flinging Iona and Ruu away with a swing of its tail, the greater demon threw the sword it stole from Iona to destroy the holy arrow.

That thrown sword closed in on Lilio.

Lilio immediately jumped away, but she couldn't perfectly dodge the sword and suffered a large wound on her thigh.

A second sword flew toward Lilio.


Just before the sword hit her, something flew off and exploded, changing the sword's trajectory at the last moment.

John Smith run in and carried Lilio away on his shoulder.

Behind him, John Smith's beautiful bodyguard protected the two from incoming thrown rocks using an Echigoya-made shield magic bracelet.

"O guardian spirit of Seryuu city. I command you by my name as territorial lord. Bring down my city's nemesis!"

Earl Seryuu's voice could be heard from afar, then blue transparent swords rivaling that of an advanced magic rained down upon the greater demon from above.
Followed by magic cast by lightning geezer and other mages assaulting the greater demon.

The fort walls nearby cracked deeply from shockwaves produced by their magic.

『Kuha, kuhahahahaha. Humans, feeble. Now that moi has received god's protection, no more blind spot. Moi, invincible.』

The greater demon wrapped in a purple light stood without any change whatsoever.

If only nee-san and Hero-sama were here--.

Even while tormenting his own powerlessness, knight Yukel mustered up the last of his dignity and swallowed those words in his throat.

『Submit yourselves, worms. Moi, order you.』

Everyone wished for a miracle as they looked up at the cackling greater demon.

Please defeat this enemy we can't possibly beat ourselves.


The greater demon that had been boasting its invincibility got cut in two by a jet-black sword before it could even process what that faint word was even about.


Yukel murmured.

A masked boy was standing beyond the black mist.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.15


The next morning, they went to Norma's clinic.

Norma brought Lecan and Eda to the medicine prep room in the morning.

There are far more tools at Norma's place than Shira's.

This is partly due to Shira's usage of magic to help her work and partly because most of Shira's medicines have combined effects while Norma's are more specialized to a type of illness each.

"That's a lot of drawers."

"Haha. Eda, can you read?"


"OK. That's good. How about you, Lecan?"

"No problem."

There are only 35 letters so memorizing them wasn't hard. But it gets much harder when several letters combine into different pronunciations like with the names of herbs and stuff.

"Alright. Then first, please recite the names on these drawers correctly. The <Dry> to the left of the names signifies dried herbs, while <Pow> means powdered ones. <Raw> marks raw unprocessed herbs, but it's empty right now. We'll just go pick up a lot, wash and dry them off whenever the need arises. <Half> is for herbs that are half-life. There are some herbs that give off high efficacy in this state."

Lecan and Eda read all the drawers' names aloud. Due to Eda's short stature, Norma allowed her to climb on a chair to read the taller drawers.

Then the examination started.

There's already more than ten patients waiting while having idle chatters between themselves.

During the examination, Lecan and Eda are told to stand next to Norma as she works.

Norma doesn't use <Recovery>.

She softly wraps her mana on her wand to examine the affected part on her patients. She speaks out loud which part is that and what problem does it have each time.

She also examined chest and waist area of most patients besides the affected parts.

"Those of old age or suffer from long illness tend to have problems with their heart internals, breathing viscera, or eating organs. These internal problems get worse over time, so we need to slowly heal it over time. If we don't fix those up first, any treatment is only going to relief their pain temporarily before worsening their condition quickly."

Norma's explanations were concise and precise, very easy to digest.

"Types of illness differ depending on the spot it crops up, so does the herb used to treat it. You'd figure out how to deal with them once you've got a good grasp on those."

Most of the time, Norma immediately made the medicine on spot right after examination.

Wounded patients often get salves, while sickly ones usually get decoction.

As for the salve, she uses either water or raw leaf's stickiness.

"This stickiness, y'see. Is the secret to heal wounds."

Which means, to medical practitioners, the raw herb plants growing abundantly in her garden must look like a treasure trove.

Their lunch was bread and vegetable soup.

(Mu? This got herbs that recover mana inside.)

"Haha. Looks like Lecan's figured it out, yes, this soup does recover mana. Along with stamina. I really don't have a lot of mana you see, I've even used up all I've got during the treatment earlier."

'Please excuse me', said Norma as she lay on a nearby sofa. She must be taking a short nap to recover her mana.

Norma's mana pool is indeed small. However, her mana control is a work of art. She had a complete control over the mana emitting out of her thin short wand, taking shapes like it was a real object.

In most cases, it looked like a thin string.

There were times when it looked like a small sphere as well.

And times when it took flexible shapes of the patient's entrails.

Norma commands a free reign over her mana.

Lecan kept his <Mana Detection> on as he observed Norma all the while.

<Mana Detection> is an ability to precisely grasp the movement of mana. The way Norma's mana went along the patient's bones, afflicted parts, muscles and blood veins during her scanning was a master work.

Human body is like a gigantic labyrinth. Entering the mini world to explore it fully was the very definition of an adventure.

Lecan joined Norma in her adventure in human body.

It was an experience he had never tasted in his life before, he was completely absorbed in it.

Of course, not being as knowledgeable as Norma in this kind of stuff, Lecan had no clue what caused something even though he knew there was something going on in the patient's body, nor he knew how to proceed. Actually he's virtually clueless in how body parts work. However, he intuitively knew how to make impaired parts work right again. So long as he knows the problem is, <Recovery> will take care of the rest.

Eda seemed to also be learning Norma's examination in her own way as well.

She was observing Norma in a surprisingly earnest manner.

At first, Norma did everything from taking medicine out of the drawers to picking up herbs in the garden. Lecan and Eda only followed her around.

But halfway through, Norma began giving orders like telling them to bring specific amount of medicine on plates, or medicinal leaves.

"You've got to remember to always wash your hands whenever. It would be absurd if you mix in dirt and mud in the medicine you're making, in this world full of invisible weak poison. Makes it a habit to wash your hands off medicinal powder. This is the most important knowledge I can impart you."

"What is weak poison?"

"By eating food, your body takes it in and brings you energy. However, eating rotten food make you fall ill. In other words, they're poison. This world is loaded with graces that support human strength and existence. But those graces could also work similarly to poison under certain circumstances."

"Why aren't we allowed to talk when we're making medicine?"

"That's an inviolable rule common in the world of medical practitioners since old days. It's often expressed as 'taking your vitality away', or 'inviting evil spirits' and such. To tell you the truth, I don't understand the reason behind such rules myself. However, the act of not chattering off when you're making medicine itself is most likely sound. I want you two to follow this rule so long you are my apprentices as well."

"Got it. Also, I'm thinking of putting <Recovery> on the medicines during their creation, what do you think?"

"You mean putting <Recovery> in all the medicine you're making? No, that's way too reckless. But, I suppose you two can do it. Just, unbelievable. Humm."

Norma pondered for a while before shaking her head.

"An attractive proposition, one that I have to decline."


"It's unfeasible to have all the medicine I make put with your <Recovery> all my life. Which means, there would be unevenness in quality. One medicine may be tenfolds more effective over the other. What do you think will happen if a person who has been using that tenfold medicine uses the normal one next."

"Fumu. It won't be as effective, I believe."

"Right. And that will have a negative effect on the patient's mind. And speaking personally, medicine that demonstrates better efficacy than what I've anticipated is a bit of a wild card to me."

"I see. Understood."

"Use your time here in this medical center to observe and study how I treat and diagnose patients. Your help in preparing medicine is more than sufficient. Please keep your <Recovery> only for patients with serious conditions that are beyond me. Though well, exceptional circumstances may arise where you have to use it in this medical center."

One such exceptional circumstances occurred the day after.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Strongest Sage, Heads to the Capital


"Let's hurry. This period where the demon has just been resurrected is our best chance at defeating it."

"Got it!"

"Yes! ...We're heading in that direction, right?"

Ruli pointed at the direction where the mana flowed in.
Identifying directions from within roughened up Dragon Veins is supposed to be quite a task... But she handled that nicely.

"Yeah. You've got the general direction covered... and now I'll go check its exact location."

I probe Zadokilgias's location from Dragon Veins' flow.
Then... I managed to pinpoint it.

"Zadokilgias is over there. In the direction of the capital."

The demon's mana reaction is located further ahead of the capital.
Might as well contact the king and the principal since it's along the way anyway.
Still quite far, but it shouldn't take too long with our legs.

"Err... Would you like to ride on my back since we're in a hurry and all?"

Iris flaps her arms around while still in her human form.
That's the fastest method for sure, but....

"Nah, we'll walk there. The period after its resurrection may be the best time to defeat this demon, but one or two days won't make a difference... Iris, preserve your power."

"I got it!"

Iris will be our trump card for this fight.
Since her [Dragon Breath] boasts firepower that can be dealt just with a difference in skill.
How to make best use of that is the point of the upcoming fight.

Thanks to the continued treatment, Iris's magic circuits have stabilized considerably.
One shot of [Dragon Breath] should be no problem to her.

However... Flying in her dragon form would put unnecessary burdens on her recovering magic circuits.
We should just walk the walk if it would lessen that load.

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Evening of that day.
We arrived at the Second Academy without issues.
There were no abnormal mana movements caused by demons or anything either.

"Are we gonna go straight toward the demon?"

Alma asked as we reached the capital.
Passing through the capital to head straight to Zadokilgias's location is faster indeed.

"No. Let's gather some info first."

Zadokilgias's body gets stronger over time.
However, mere one or two days won't make that much difference.

We'd be better off gathering more information within that time frame.
Information about geographical features and neighboring towns near where the demon is could influence the fight.

The royal castle will prioritize matters concerning demons after all, might as well ask away.
And we've got Grevil at the Second Academy.

"Let's head back to the Second Academy for now."

Contacting royal castle is faster through Second Academy.
The principal will get us through back passage instead of the normal annoying procedures.

I got connected to comm magic while walking.
The caller was not me.
This mana... it's Grevil.

『What's the matter, Grevil?』

『I felt demonic mana mixed in the Dragon Veins while I was making an observation at Second Academy. Is that also why Mathias-san has come back?』

Looks like he's already noticed the problem this time.
Perhaps he has information I don't have considering how close the capital is to the demon's location.

『Yeah... How's the situation? Any incident taking place?』

『I don't see anything amiss since the time I detected the demonic mana. However... This demon is most likely quite strong despite its mana. Please be careful.』

『Oh right, are you not aware of Zadokilgias then, Grevil.』

I probably took care of Zadokilgias long before Grevil was born.
Yet the demon's mana is abnormal enough for him to be wary of its strength.

『Zadokilgias... Do you mean the [Demon of Destruction]?』

『Yeah. It's quite an old demon specializing in skillset.』

『I know the name at least... I've been keeping my observation for any suspicious trends after that one time... But there has been absolutely nothing in the Dragon Veins since.』

I see.
At least it doesn't seem like there's a large-scale magic that makes use of Dragon Veins.
Zadokilgias isn't the type that heavily relies on the scale of magic to begin with though.

『Can you inform the principal that we'll be arriving at Second Academy?』

『Yes. I shall ask the royal castle to gather information pertaining known spots of demons.』

On the move already huh. Nice footwork.
Instating Grevil as Second Academy's instructor was really a correct choice.

I made my way to the Second Academy's principal room while thinking that.

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