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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 328

Chapter 328 Strongest Sage, Treated as Symbol of Fear


Grevil replied to the knight commander.
Seeing them... Ruli and Alma looked dumbfounded.

"...Now that you mention it... It didn't sound like we're going to fight a strong demon... Yet that just came off naturally to me..."

"Are you saying we've gotten used to these critical situations...?"

"Well, I mean it's rarer for us to fight enemies that aren't way over the top instead..."

Now that I think about it... It's true.
I feel like we keep getting ourselves involved in extraordinary situations with barely any time to rest ever since I was enrolled to Second Academy.
No, rather than getting involved, it's more like we've been dealing with them a lot... But this frequency is not normal.

"When you put it that way, there's some truth in it..."

The past me often got dragged into these similar situations.
Before I realized, what was abnormal became normal to me to the point that I couldn't distinguish what was ordinary and what was not anymore.
That doesn't apply to me now since I have acquired common sense though.

However... Ruli and Alma were ordinary students originally.
I might have dragged them into this stuff way too many times regardless if they're party members.
Though it's probably not a big problem to Alma who had always wanted to earn money as an adventurer...

"Now I'm feeling bad for dragging into this stuff even though you wanted to get into a production role..."

Ruli is a production type mage who loves to create things.
Tempering her mana through battle in order to better her production type skills is an effective way to go about it... but I feel kinda bad when it's so excessive like this.
I do teach her production type magic since she's got the talent for it... But she's also been participating in all my fight somehow.

While I was thinking that... Ruli spoke out.

"Sure, there were a lot of combats... But, I'm glad I could get in your party Mathi-kun, you know?"
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"...You are?"

"I'd rather fight together than just watching you fight from the side line, Mathi-kun! ...And most importantly, I can be together with Mathi-kun when I'm in your party..."

I see.
Indeed, in order to study production type magic, close to me would be the optimum location.
The past me was a bearer of Glory Crest (known as First Crest in the past) that specializes in production type, a mage who stood at the supreme height of production type magic.
In that sense, being my party member would present the most ideal environment for that purpose.

"Umm... Did you get what I was trying to say?"

Ruli asked me with a worried look on her face.
I nodded firmly.

"Yeah, I did."

"...Yeah I don't think so..."

Alma murmured when she heard me.
...I got what Ruli wanted to say loud and clear though...

While thinking that, Iris muttered in earnest.

"I'm truly glad that I'm in this party..."

Her words were full of emotions.
To be frank, I think Iris is the biggest victim in this party though.

After all, we dragged her out of her mountain while she was resting to recover her wounds just because we needed a transportation.
As I look at Iris while thinking that...

"...I mean, as long as I'm in this party, I won't antagonize the symbol of fear to all dragons!"

"Mathi-kun you were known as that...?"

"First I've heard of that... But I won't be surprised if you tell me dragons fear Mathi-kun... He erased that [Dragon Breath] and all when we met Iris-san back then..."

She's talking about the past huh...
That was a story from thousands of years ago though.

"No, I'm only a symbol of fear to Iris, I think..."

I recall all the extraordinary situations we faced up until now.
Such situations weren't unusual in my past life either.
However... Those were in the span of once every few years or decades.

Compared to that, there's way too many irregularities in this world.
My past life would even look peaceful if you directly compare to the rush of extraordinary situations we've been dealing here.

It's more like there are just way too many abnormalities in this world than just us getting dragged into one.
Almost like a complication would arise every month.
Demons aren't supposed to get revived one after another like this to begin with.

There might be a [True Cause] to this all behind the scenes.
I've got a few candidates on mind already... But we've got to resolve the situation we have at hand first thing first.

"Tell me though, since you're heading straight to the site... You've got a chance, don't you?"

The principal asked me.
I nodded without any hesitation.

"Yeah... There is no chance but winning here."

Honestly speaking, it's doubtful if I can defeat Zadokilgias by myself.
But it's not an opponent us four cannot win against.

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