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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Peerless


Adventurers bustling inside the guild. We went straight to the guild once we got back from 8F.
The time is around 10:00AM. We're here to trade in items and ask guild about the quicksand thing.

"Welcome back, dear."

I involuntarily got all love-struck after hearing Eleanor-san's welcoming. I confirmed our quest completions while having my slackened face pinched by Mitama.
While Eleanor-san was taking down several quest tags from the quest board, someone shouted out loud with a rough voice.

"H-h-h-hold it, Eleanor-san. Yer' supposed to take care of me now."

"I'm sorry. But there is someone else who has completed quests here, and some of our clients have urgent quests posted."

The adventurer is glaring at me for some reason after he's told that. He looks like your average warrior outwardly. There's bothing of note, except perhaps the fact that he's outfitted exactly like a mob would.
Huh? He's coming here!?

"You! You've been quite an eyesore. Doing quests while hiding behind women's back."

Looks like they've been talking shit about me. Though considering those nicknames I got, I guess this would be the end result. But it kinda feels like he's got a personal bone to pick with me, or am I just imagining things?

『Duel me!』

Hm? his voice sounded weird. Still, a duel? No way, what a pain.

『Hmph, chickening out are you. What a pitiful bunch, getting led around by this sad guy.』

"I don't care what you say about me, but I'll have you retract your word toward our precious ladies. Fine, I'll play along with you in this little match of yours."

I said it. I really shouldn't preach other people with how low my own boiling point. Some people I know among the crowd are telling me to rethink, but there's nothing to fear against this one guy.

『Good, then come to the training ground. We sextuplets will deliver divine punishment to you. You'll hafta disband yer' party once we won.』

What!? Sextuplets? I thought he was alone, but then the six of them lined up together like he'd cloned himself. Uwaa, what the heck is this. They all look identical except their weapons. Faces, heights, even equipment all same.
So wait, is this. A six on one.
Is this what the people behind me wanted to say earlier.
'WOOOOOOOO', the peanut gallery behind us erupted.

"Aw yeaaaah, finally a duel. I'm accepting bets over 'ere. D-rank adventurer sextuplets against another D-rank Nobusada the [Carnal]! Not only winner and loser, acceptin' bets on how long he's gonna last too!"

"1000 mani on Gottmanz!"
"500 mani on five minutes!"
"300 mani on one minute!"

Uhee, it's turning into a huge event already. How'd it end up like this when we just wanted to trade in stuff.


"Ah, sorry. It's gotten big before I knew it."

"...I bet all of my allowance, so you can't lose."

Oh, I thought Mitama who ran up to me while carrying Wakamoto-san was worried, turned out she was betting on me. Apparently, Futsuno-san, Kagura-san and even Eleanor-san all also bet on me. I can't show them my uncool side now, can I. Lose? No, I feel like there's just no way I'm losing this, wonder why.

Most adventurers who were present earlier have gathered at the training ground. Oy, the staff are all here, do your work. In the center are me and the sextuplets, also Ranba-san who's acting as the referee for some reason.
I heard some details about my opponents during the preps.
Adventurer party, 『Gottmanz』. From the oldest to the youngest, Iwaso, Ryanwaso, Sanwaso, Suwaso, Uwaso, and Rowaso. Fighter, Thief, Monk, Mage, Hunter and Shielder, they're a well balanced party. They've proven their strength by completing many quests involving interpersonal combat like thief hunting and such, and while they may be D-rank, people believe they will soon be promoted to C.

"We will now begin a duel with me as guild's observer. Adventurer party 『Gottmanz』 versus adventurer party 『Izumi no Kami』 representative Nobusada!"

"I'mma make you pay for seducing Mitama-san!"
"Indeed, I shall pry Futsuno-san from your poisonous grip!"
"Fuhaa, I wanna get step on by Kagura-san..."
"Eleanor-san's smile is mine and mine alone!"
"Damn you for living in the same house of my long unrequited love, curse you!"
"Minerva-chan, haa haa."

There's two weird ones mixed in there. In the end, it's just a petty jealousy!! It's not like I don't get them though. I had zero luck with women after all. But that doesn't mean I approve of using underhanded tactic such as betting disbandment through a duel.
I'm also at fault for accepting it, but that means I just gotta make it crystal clear.

"Both sides, state your vows and demands here!"

Iwaso stepped forward and spoke out loud.

"『Gottmanz』, swear to fight until the bitter end without leaving any grudge behind. We only have one demand. The prompt disbandment of his party!"

OOOOOOOHHHHHH! The peanut gallery exploded. What did I ever do to you!

"Nobusada, swear to fight until the bitter end without leaving any grudge behind. My demands are forfeiture of their property and afterward, for them to take quests from me periodically."

Since I'm fighting alone and they unilaterally ask for our disbandment, this much demands should be acceptable, I confirm with Ranba-san. I could have asked them to be slaves, but turning a near C-rank adventurer party to ones would reduce Gramada's fighting force, not a good idea. I'm still gonna strip them bare of their arms though!

I'm not using Lunar Cat this time. Since I'm still not good enough to hold myself back. I mean I'm always fighting at full power.

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"Ready... Fight!!"

Ranba fell back after giving the start signal.

""""""Bear witness! To our Sextuplets Secret Art! Six Integral Bodies Attack, GottmanBUGERAA""""""

Nobusada immediately accelerated with <<Air Thruster>> and delivered a flying kick. The Rid*r Kick-like attack blew away Ropiso (shielder) into Supiso (mage) behind him, sending both flying. The two crashed onto the wall and fainted as if there were imaginary chicks flying above their heads.

The other four barely managed to dodge the attack, but Nobusada didn't let his fierce attack up.

He drive his elbow in Sanwaso (monk) who was trying to get up while staggering. Then he proceeded to strike Sanwaso's throat with his backhand from the elbow that then went up to strike the chin with a pumped fist. Sanwaso got sent up flying before crashing down and started convulsing.

Uwaso (hunter) who managed to regain his balance shot numerous arrows rapidly. However, those arrows were repelled hard by a stone wall that suddenly rose from ground.

"Chantless magic!?"

The peanut gallery sounded like they couldn't believe what they saw. It's only natural, after all even though this world has chant shortening, chantless magic is virtually nonexistent. Since chantless makes it easy to lose control of the magic, not to mention a huge increase of mana consumption. Nobusada himself hasn't managed to overcome those pitfalls despite many trials. However, after continuous usage of Stone Walls for making bases and containers, he has managed to do this much. There must be some sort of skill level for each spell.

Uwaso and Ryanwaso (Thief) let loose rain of arrows to over the wall.
And Iwaso (fighter) patiently waited for Nobusada to come out of the wall. However, he's actually quite flustered on the inside. Things were beyond the wildest expectation. Three of them got neutralized in record time from the start of the match. Even though their Six Integral Bodies Strike had never failed to destroy any and all thief gangs before this.

However, Nobusada is not coming out no matter how long he waited. Maybe he got done in by the arrows already? Just as Iwaso was about to stop the volley of arrows for a moment, he heard something falling. Iwaso turned around to see two of his brothers on the ground with Nobusada standing. When did he!?

Nobusada had immediately moved after raising the stone wall. He went around behind them under Space Camouflage effect.

"Dammit, what the hell's going on!"

Iwaso hurriedly turned toward Nobusada. 'Absolutely no clue what's going on, but I ain't gonna let him get his way!!'
Iwaso was assaulted by an intense floating sensation the moment he saw Nobusada muttered something.
That's right, he had been blown into the air. He knows that Nobusada is closing in on him, but there's nothing he can do mid air. And then, the moment Nobusada's fist clad in pale light struck his abdomen was when he got thrust into agonizing hell.

"Furious Airrrrrrrr War Fist Strikeeeeeeeeee!"

A dull loud sound echoed in the training ground.

Iwaso was assaulted by intermittent sensations of incessantly intense pain that wouldn't allow him to even faint as Nobusada's fist sunk. The true nature of that pale light was surprisingly, Heal. The fist is clad in heal to prevent fatal wounds, but the alternating impacts and restorations are practically akin to torture, a fact Nobusada doesn't realize.

Iwaso's body landed on the ground with a thud. He's frothing on the mouth while convulsing. Ranba declares the end of the match.

"Victor, Nobusada!!"


The training ground fell into silence before a huge cheer erupted.
Some people fell down on their knees, must have lost the bet.

Phew, I managed to win. It's all thanks to the first sortie of my original non-fatal magic. I applied some of the things I learned from that time I fought against plural opponents. The key is to immediately reduce their number and to attack swiftly. I could have made it even more decisive by employing Graviton and stuff, but I'd like to keep my trump cards a secret.

After the sextuplets were carried away to infirmary, the guild seized their property as vowed.
Alright, now that it's all done, let's get back to business.
I turned around while I was thinking that, and there stood an unfamiliar man wearing a white armor. I didn't even feel his presence though!?
The man said this with a smile on his face as I reflexively jumped back.

"Oy oy, you sure are having quite the fun there, my fellow disciple."

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