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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.16_17_18_19


"Doctor! Doctor Norma! Please help!"

"Our kid! Our son, he's!"

A man and a woman carrying a kid of around 10 year old rushed into the medical center and made a commotion.

Norma immediately left the patient she was examining and went to the waiting room. Lecan and Eda followed after her.

"Oh. Mr. and Ms. Yubo-san. What happened to Majifu?"

"A noble carriage ran him over! His leg, our son's leg, it's!"

"Lecan! Put a blanket over the sofa! Eda, we've got to wipe his body. Get water in a bucket. And some towels!"

The two quickly moved about.

The kid was listless. He's covered in mud and his right leg is bent unnaturally.

"Lecan. Soak a towel and use it to wipe Majifu-kun. Clean up all the mud."

"Got it."



"I need you to use <Recovery>."


"Listen well. Cast <Recovery> three times. Doing so successively might be hard, but I'm sure you can do it."


"Right now there's a lot of mud and small stones inside Majifu-kun's leg. They would get trapped inside him if you cast <Recovery> while they're still inside, rotting his leg from inside out. As such, make the first <Recovery> expel mud and bad stuff out of his leg. Foreign substances and stuff."


"Lecan. Wipe more firmly. Don't hold back. Change the water. Keep at it until the wound is bare open."

"Got it."

"Eda. The second <Recovery> will be the hardest one. The bones in Majifu-kun's right leg have been broken down, crushed and bent."


"The treatment has to be done while we're restoring his leg to its correct state. If you cast weak and careless <Recovery> when it's at that state, the bent bones will stick together, rendering the leg unable to return to its original state forever."


"Hence. Clad your wand, I mean hand in mana, examine the left leg, then restore the bone in the right leg to a similar state as it. First, mend only the bones."


"The third <Recovery> is to treat muscles, arteries and blood pipes. So long as you get the bones right, this should come naturally."

"Will this do."

"Very good, Lecan. Now then, Eda. Do it."

"Yes. <Recovery>."

Norma readies her short wand and watches over Eda's <Recovery>.

"Nicely done. And fast. The foreign substances are getting rapidly driven away. Lecan. Wipe off the expelled mud and pebbles."

"Got it."

"You're getting there, just a bit more. Simply amazing Eda. You're very impressive."

With a serious look on her face, Eda frantically operates her <Recovery> while keeping her eyes on the now drenched patient.

"All right. Eda. Clad your left hand in mana and examine his left leg."


"Make a mental note of that state for the right leg to... Eh?"

Green lights dwell on both Eda's hands. The left light on the left leg while the right light on the broken part of the right leg.

"No way... Dual parallel casting of <Recovery>?"

Norma looked shocked for a moment before pulling herself together and clad her wand in mana once again to examine the patient.

"Right... Keep at it. His bones are getting restored back. It's working. Nice... Eh? The crushed bones are reforming back into new bones? No way."

The kid is groaning while sweating out. The mother is wiping his sweat with a towel. The father is cheering for his son, 'You can do it, you can do it'. The boy is unconscious, but perhaps the warmth from his family is getting transmitted to him.

"Alright. Eda. You're done with the bones. I can't believe you fixed them up so quickly like that. Now get ready for the third <Recovery>."

Eda recited the spell name for another <Recovery>, restoring the boy's muscles and skin. The scene of crushed muscles returning back to their original state is truly a magical sight to behold.

After checking the patient and Eda, Norma instructed Eda to cast the fourth <Recovery>. Putting it over the boy's entire body, intended to raise his stamina and treat his condition.

Once the treatment was done, Norma lay down on the sofa.

Since Lecan and Eda couldn't exactly do her work, the medical center ended up closed for a bit.


In the afternoon, a blood vomiting middle-aged woman was suddenly carried into the clinic.

"Uwaa. There must be a hole in her eating organs. Lecan. We've got to close up that hole."

"Got it."

Lecan probed the insides of the woman's belly with <3D Perception>.

"I see. There's a gaping hole right below these entrails."

"Eh? You got the spot right yeah, but how'd you figure out? You didn't use your mana, did you?"

<3D Perception> allows Lecan to see shapes and positions of things, but it's an ability not magic. Mana is not needed for it.

"I have an ability that enables me to know locations and shapes of stuff."

"Eh? That sounds so convenient."

"There's some sort of blood clot coming out of entrails, can we really close the hole while ignoring that?"

"Well, there's nothing we can do about that. No choice but to leave it to her body's autopurificatory system."

"Shall I take it back to her entrails, or maybe even get it out through her mouth?"

"No no. That can't be done. Would be nice if it could though."

"Move <Torim>."


A while later, a dark blood lump of blood came out of the woman's mouth, floating mid air.

"Where to dump this?"

"What, did I just, saw? Some sort of illusion?"

"I'm asking you where do I dump this."

"Lecan-dono, please discard it here."

Jinga presented a small jar where Lecan put the blood clot in.

"I'm closing it."



The day after, four emergency cases were carried in.

By this point, Norma did nothing but gave instructions to Lecan and Eda.

"Both you Lecan and Eda are very talented and skilled. The <Recovery> you two wield are either at mid-class or maybe even already knocking on advanced class. Your mana pools are simply top class."

"Oh not at all. I never realized that treating others was such a daunting task."

"I too have learned many things during the past four days. Compared to your knowledge and skills, we're downright amateurs."

"Both of you are superb <Recovery> users, but if I had to say, Eda is really good at treating illness. You're excellent at drawing out the latent healing powers a person possess."

"Thank you very much."

"Lecan is skilled at removing affected parts and healing holes in entrails and wounds by adding external forces. Lecan, your ability to examine the inside of a person body is probably unrivaled by any other medical practitioner in this country. Then you've got that <Move> magic of yours to top it off. I never would have imagined how convenient it was for a medical practitioner to practice <Move>. Hat off to you, truly."


"Fufu. That's a weak reaction if I ever saw one. Are you maybe bashful. Still, your <Move> is radically unlike the <Move> I know. The magic <Move> is usually quite loose. How were you able to control it so precisely? And without a wand to boot."

"No clue. Felt like I just could."

It's probably thanks to his <3D Perception>. However, Lecan has no intention of telling Norma about his unique abilities this world aren't privy of.

"We'll take a break for a day tomorrow. I need to check up on some things in addition to resting. The day after tomorrow, we'll be doing house calls. It will be for four patients, all suffering serious conditions. Please lend your powers to them. I also believe that there are rooms for improvements for your <Recovery> control. Do prepare a wand if you can. This doesn't have to be done by the day after tomorrow though."

"Got it."

"I understand."

"And also, Eda."


"You shouldn't bring your <Box (Luuf)> with you on the day."


"You too Lecan, could you please wear some more casual clothings instead the intense one you have now."

"Got it."


Afterward, the two went to Shira's house to report on their progress at Norma's place and to ask her about wands.

Shira handed over a short wand to each of them.

Lecan's wand was of deep brown color, while Eda's was light brown almost whitish.

"Lecan. Since you seemed so busy and all, I had gone to pick up and process Shiarigi sprouts myself. You process it the same way as Nichia grass we worked on the second month, I don't need to teach you on that again, do I."

"I'm sorry about it."

Both Nichia and Shiarigi grass are ingredients for mana recovery medicine. Shira doesn't sell such medicine to the pharmacy. And since she rarely ever uses one herself, she only makes a few every few years. For this year, they gathered a lot of Nichia grass since Lecan had asked her to teach him about it, and Lecan himself had anticipated that he would need quite a lot. She had told him they would go gather Shiarigi on the fourth month, but then Lecan went and forgot about it.

They're now only missing Tago Grass that can be gathered between ninth to tenth month, and Zahad Moss that grows all year round.

Shiarigi is a shrub so it grows well on a level plane. In reality, most of the plants beside the poisonous plants in Shira's garden are Shiarigi.

"Follow me."

Shira went to her garden.

Most sprouts have been plucked out sans for a few.

"Look here, those with light green and puffed up roots are the one you want to pick. You do it like this."

Shira plucked off the sprout and carefully peeled off the husk.

"Pick out the insides. Afterward, let it dry for two days, grind it down and then dry it off completely. Make sure to take note now."

"Got it."

Lecan and Eda went back home and had a meal together.

"Are you taking a break tomorrow?"

"No. I'm going to the orphanage. Best to get the annoying stuff over with first."

"Doesn't look like you're annoyed by it at all though."

"Do you have empty holes for eyes?"

"That's so cruel, Lecan. That aside, gotta remember to leave <Bow of Isya> behind the day after tomorrow."

Eda usually leaves most of her luggage in the house, but she has the <Bow of Isya> and her money secured inside the <Box> Shira gave her. She put the Box in spots that were always within sight in the medical center.

While Lecan has most of his belongings inside his <Storage>. Only few things like laundry and stuff aren't inside.

Eda's anxiety is justifiable. No matter how secure the lock is, leaving such a valuable thing behind will make you worry for sure.

"Just leave the <Bow of Isya> on me the day after tomorrow."

"Eh? Isn't your <Box> inside your black overcoat's pocket, Lecan?"

"No. My <Box> is a specially made one, it's invisible to other people's eyes."

"Eeeeeeh? That's no fair."

"Don't tell anyone."


She believes it so easily.

With her too honest a personality, it would be difficult for Eda to keep Lecan's <Storage> a secret were he divulged her about it. He's got to be careful about the extent of things he talks to Eda.

Eda herself doesn't fuss over fine details, being a broad-minded character she is.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have taken her in as a pupil.

She won't question him over trivial stuff, nor she doubts Lecan even though there are things he doesn't tell her. In a way, that's her virtue.

Eda doesn't decide whether to believe in someone or not by analyzing and predicting things in her head. She does so by instinct.

Then, it suddenly hit Lecan.

Shira too must be interacting with Lecan while being careful on things she talks to him.

He's got to be keep the trouble he causes to her at minimum, swore Lecan.

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