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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Strongest Sage, Heads to the Capital


"Let's hurry. This period where the demon has just been resurrected is our best chance at defeating it."

"Got it!"

"Yes! ...We're heading in that direction, right?"

Ruli pointed at the direction where the mana flowed in.
Identifying directions from within roughened up Dragon Veins is supposed to be quite a task... But she handled that nicely.

"Yeah. You've got the general direction covered... and now I'll go check its exact location."

I probe Zadokilgias's location from Dragon Veins' flow.
Then... I managed to pinpoint it.

"Zadokilgias is over there. In the direction of the capital."

The demon's mana reaction is located further ahead of the capital.
Might as well contact the king and the principal since it's along the way anyway.
Still quite far, but it shouldn't take too long with our legs.

"Err... Would you like to ride on my back since we're in a hurry and all?"

Iris flaps her arms around while still in her human form.
That's the fastest method for sure, but....

"Nah, we'll walk there. The period after its resurrection may be the best time to defeat this demon, but one or two days won't make a difference... Iris, preserve your power."

"I got it!"

Iris will be our trump card for this fight.
Since her [Dragon Breath] boasts firepower that can be dealt just with a difference in skill.
How to make best use of that is the point of the upcoming fight.

Thanks to the continued treatment, Iris's magic circuits have stabilized considerably.
One shot of [Dragon Breath] should be no problem to her.

However... Flying in her dragon form would put unnecessary burdens on her recovering magic circuits.
We should just walk the walk if it would lessen that load.

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Evening of that day.
We arrived at the Second Academy without issues.
There were no abnormal mana movements caused by demons or anything either.

"Are we gonna go straight toward the demon?"

Alma asked as we reached the capital.
Passing through the capital to head straight to Zadokilgias's location is faster indeed.

"No. Let's gather some info first."

Zadokilgias's body gets stronger over time.
However, mere one or two days won't make that much difference.

We'd be better off gathering more information within that time frame.
Information about geographical features and neighboring towns near where the demon is could influence the fight.

The royal castle will prioritize matters concerning demons after all, might as well ask away.
And we've got Grevil at the Second Academy.

"Let's head back to the Second Academy for now."

Contacting royal castle is faster through Second Academy.
The principal will get us through back passage instead of the normal annoying procedures.

I got connected to comm magic while walking.
The caller was not me.
This mana... it's Grevil.

『What's the matter, Grevil?』

『I felt demonic mana mixed in the Dragon Veins while I was making an observation at Second Academy. Is that also why Mathias-san has come back?』

Looks like he's already noticed the problem this time.
Perhaps he has information I don't have considering how close the capital is to the demon's location.

『Yeah... How's the situation? Any incident taking place?』

『I don't see anything amiss since the time I detected the demonic mana. However... This demon is most likely quite strong despite its mana. Please be careful.』

『Oh right, are you not aware of Zadokilgias then, Grevil.』

I probably took care of Zadokilgias long before Grevil was born.
Yet the demon's mana is abnormal enough for him to be wary of its strength.

『Zadokilgias... Do you mean the [Demon of Destruction]?』

『Yeah. It's quite an old demon specializing in skillset.』

『I know the name at least... I've been keeping my observation for any suspicious trends after that one time... But there has been absolutely nothing in the Dragon Veins since.』

I see.
At least it doesn't seem like there's a large-scale magic that makes use of Dragon Veins.
Zadokilgias isn't the type that heavily relies on the scale of magic to begin with though.

『Can you inform the principal that we'll be arriving at Second Academy?』

『Yes. I shall ask the royal castle to gather information pertaining known spots of demons.』

On the move already huh. Nice footwork.
Instating Grevil as Second Academy's instructor was really a correct choice.

I made my way to the Second Academy's principal room while thinking that.

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