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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-Intermission 2

Intermission: Little Goddess


"Demon God, you ok?"
"Parion huh."

Demon God raised his body in his luxurious bed.
He's currently resting in order to remove the impurities he got from fusing with the [Poisonous Satou], a trap set up by the pantheon.

Demon God stopped Parion as she was about to innocently hug him like she usually does.


Parion asked the reason since Demon God would usually be delighted whenever she hugs him when they're in material forms.

"You'd get infected with the impurities."
"...Uh huh."

It seems she's still not used to her newly created body, her face is all wriggly like 'poyayan'.

"But I'm impressed you managed to get this far."

Impressed that she was able to reach the deepest part of Netherworld filled to the brim with demons who absolutely loath gods without causing even a single commotion.

"Authorities, cultivated."
"I see, good girl Parion"

Praised by Demon God, Parion puffed her chest triumphantly.
An unfamiliar object came into Parion's view.

"What is that?"

Parion shifted her attention toward a pearl scythe clad in rainbow colored lights decorating the bedroom.

"『Godreaping Scythe』--a weapon capable of slaying gods."
"Slaying gods?"

Parion took the scythe in her arm as she muttered.
It appears to be too heavy to Parion's body, she's staggering around dangerously.

"That thing is dangerous, put it back Parion."
"Gotta go kill first before that."

Parion unsteadily takes a stance with the scythe.

"That is still incomplete."

Parion tilted her head like 'poyayan'.

"That doesn't yet have Divinity in."
"How do you put it in?"
"That weapon is the reason why I created Purple Towers, to collect divinity. They will have enough to fill it up in 10,000 years."
"Why not use Nymphs' Divinity?"
"Nymphs have too little Divinity to matter. Even all of them together won't be enough to fill this scythe up."
"How much it needs?"
"About one god's worth of amount."

Parion's eyes opened wide to hear such an enormous amount.

"What to do."

Parion tilted her head and her body with furrowed brows.
She never thought the completion of a god-slaying weapon requires the contradictory action of slaying a god first.

"I'll come, again."

Parion left Demon God's palace after murmuring that.

"Demon God. I thought up of a good idea."

Parion immediately got straight to the point on her second visit.
Demon God isn't sleeping in his bed today, apparently the poison inserted in the fake Satou has gone already.

"Welcome, Parion. What is this good idea of yours?"
"Let's use White Radiant Crystal."
"--White Radiant Crystal? That thing hidden in the innermost part of God's Realm huh..."

Demon God realized that god Parion was telling him to use the White Radiant Crystal to charge the Godreaping Scythe when he saw her glancing over at the scythe.

"The crystallization of Divinity [White Radiant Crystal] will indeed suffice... But I cannot agree to that."
"That crystal is needed for the protection of human world on top of God's Realm."

It's the [Seven Gods' Barrier] that's protecting the human world from the threat of [Outsiders] wandering in the void sky, and the White Radiant Crystal is a booster that converges the power to make that a reality.

That's the extent of Demon God's knowledge on it.

"It's OK."

Parion threw out her chest confidently.

"Is that so?"
"Everyone can just deliver. Everyone is hiding spare Divinity."

Parion insisted that the gods could make a new White Radiant Crystal if they all just put together their hidden stash of Divinity.

"Our ambition can be realized then."

Demon God ponders. He could free humanity from god's reign if he used the [Godreaping Scythe] to threaten those gods.
Just what's in the mind of the smiling Parion--.

"Let's do it."
"Very well. I'm counting on you to guide me to Realm of Gods."
"Count on me."

Thus a tag team of Demon God and Parion was formed, and the theft of White Radiant Crystal from Realm of God was carried out.

"Demon God, you OK?"

Demon God couldn't even afford to raise his body off his bed as he looked up at Parion in pain.
The divinity overflowing out of his body is far beyond the usual amount, but it's stagnant like a black sludge.

The impure miasma fog covering the whole Netherworld was apparently all from the Demon God.

"What happened?"
"Those gods got me good. The White Radiant Crystal had Malice in it."

Malice--The [Forbidden Power] sealed in the moon.
Demon God was saying someone had put it in the White Radiant Crystal.

He probably needed to take the Divinity into his body before he could unload it into the scythe.

"Who did?"
"Most likely Zaikuon. He's the only one who would do such a self-sabotaging foolish act among those gods."
"Uh huh."

God Parion nodded with her 'poyayan' face.

"Has it been filled with Divinity?"

God Parion asked while pointing at the [Godreaping Scythe].

"It hasn't."

Discontent dwelt in god Parion's face once she heard Demon God's reply.

"If I did that, the 『Godreaping Scythe』 would be defiled by the impurities too. It would have been a repeat of last time."
"Uh huh."

God Parion walks toward the [Godreaping Scythe].
A demon in the form of a saintess stood before Parion just as she stretched out her hand toward the scythe.

"You must not."
"I can't kill without that."

The saintess is looking at the [Gimme] god Parion with a troubled look.
The saintess's guard was impeccable, she blocked all attempts god Parion made to take the scythe.

"Stop, Parion. There's no need for you to get revenge on Zaikuon."
"Don't worry. My trusted retainers are currently making scapegoats to transfer the impurities over. Let's think about threatening those gods afterward."

Parion nodded reluctantly.

"Leave Netherworld, Parion."
"I cannot hold back the impurities at this rate."

If he failed at holding it back, the netherworld will be contaminated by impurities severe enough to defile a goddess like her.
Demon God fears that his power would end up defiling the little goddess.

"I cannot let human world be defiled either. I must shut the gates to the human world before that happens. Leave Netherworld before the gates are shut."

Demon God is apparently aware that she makes a transit at the human world whenever she visits Netherworld.

"I'll come again."

After saying that with her poyayan-face, god Parion left Demon God.

Thanks to her Authorities, none of the demons coming and going in the passages she takes notices her.

"A scapegoat to transfer impurities over..."

God Parion murmured.

"...There is one."

Parion knew.
That the Satou Demon God took in was a fake other gods had created.

Parion didn't tell him.
Since she thought that Demon God was already a perfect form that didn't need Satou.

Parion mulls.
Demon God's Uniform Body that's in the human world will fit best as a scapegoat to transfer the impurities over.

Parion plots.
A way to bring the Uniform Body to Netherworld in order to transfer the impurities.


There stood one of the pink-haired little girls in Parion's vision.
She's one of the girls who have been pointlessly moving about in the corridors while saying stuff like, "Oh no~", "What should we do~" restlessly.

Parion approaches the little girl who has strayed off from her group.

She fixes up her 'poyayan' face while moving, putting up a face befitting of a goddess.
She hasn't lived for 100 million years for nothing. So long as she wills it, Parion is capable of playing the act of a sublime goddess.

"You, yes you girl, do you wish to save Demon God?"
"I am an old friend of Demon God."

The little girl relaxes her guard at Parion's gentle voice.

"I shall give a mission to you who loves Demon God the most among all his familiars."
"You can save Demon God if you do as you're told."
"Yes, I promise. Will you undertake this mission?"

Thus, god Parion cunningly sent a poor lamb to where Satou was at the human world.

She even gave her an authority to wrench open the shut gates.
Even though there is no way a god like her isn't aware that doing so would bring the impurities over to the human world.

"Kufuu, kufufufufu."

Parion laughed innocently.

"I will finally get my hands on it. 『Godreaping Scythe』--a weapon to slay gods."

Parion's whisper disappeared into the rift without ever reaching anyone's ear.
Nobody knows the true nature of god Parion.

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