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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Peerless...ed


"Oy oy, you sure are having quite the fun there, my fellow disciple."

Discerning-sensei, please!!

Beep Beep♪ Error Occurred. For realsies.

Dammit, what an annoying no-goddess-like announcement. Apparently he obstructed Discerning-sensei through some kind of means.

He looks to be at his mid 30s. Peculiarly styled short brown hair and sharp glances, kinda sanpaku eyed though.
The white armored man talks to the puzzled-looking me with a rather surprised look on his face.

"Hmm? Did you not hear from Master? I'm Temuro Ryei. Master's first disciple and a commanding officer of this Gramada's order of knights."

What. So this person is the first disciple. He's got this calm demeanor on him, it's hard to believe he's supposed to be a battle freak like master.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Nobusada, a recent recruit Master has taken under his wings. I have heard about your name from Master, but nothing about how you look like."

The surrounding people raised a stir as we had our conversation.

"O-oy, ain't that 『Meteor』!?"

"Yeah, no doubt about it. That white armor and that weapon, can't be anyone else but 『Meteor』."

"Why's that guy talking to him so casually?"

Is [Meteor] this person's alias. Man, I'm kinda jealous. I mean, did you see mine?

"Hahahaa, no need to get so formal with me. I'm not here to mess with someone Master and Eleanor-san hold in high esteem. They're gonna smash me hard if I did."


"But wow, your fighting style was really interesting. No wonder Master set his eyes on you. You're so far apart from my son despite your similarity in ages."

Oh right, Master mentioned that too. He's got a son who looks like me and of the same age. Umu, did I just raise a flag?

"Ah yeah, you were the one who passed that info to Amiral-shi huh. I'm here under Duke-sama's order to discuss about some personnel affairs in the guild."

He said this in a low voice as to avoid getting heard by others around. I see, that guy went and dragged duke-sama into this. As expected of Amiral-san. Truly a capable guild master.

"And just when I was done with our discussion, I got greeted with a scene of one overwhelming six. Man, the way you fight really reminds me of my youth. Takes me back to when I brawled against nine assassins."

But that's more. Dang I can't imagine going against that many assassins.
Temuro-san pondered something for a moment before dropping the bomb with a face like he hit on something good.

"How about it? You don't look that tired and all, fancy a round against me?"

Uwoo, I didn't expect that! Since I haven't had many chances to fight against unbelievably strong people besides Master and Eleanor-san, this should be a good experience. It should be... but there's this certain rule when it comes to mock battles between fellow disciples.
Alright! It may be dangerous, but I'll prioritize in getting experience here. I'll try to not die at the very least!

"It would be my honor to."

"Nice answer. My son still can't keep up with me, y'see."

Son-bro seems to be having it rough?

"O-oy, that guy's gonna take on 『Meteor』 in a mock battle."

"Well dang, he's actually a disciple of War Fist huh."

"So he wasn't just someone who leeches off women."

Sheesh, just how bad is my rep anyway (tears of blood). I don't have many friends though, true.
But it's fine, so long as I have the girls with me! And those girls are looking here very anxiously.
Yup, forgive me for being reckless!
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I draw Lunar Cat and psyche myself up for a real combat.
Matda's disciples first precept.
When two disciples meet for a match, they must regard it as if it's a real combat even regardless of it being a mock battle.
Master, please rethink that rule, the gap is just way too vast no matter how you look at it, you know?

"Has Master taught you about duel etiquette?"

"Yes, I'll be fine."

The peanut gallery sounded surprised when they saw us taking out our real weapons. I would have that exact reaction were I there too.

"Let us begin then. I am Temuro. First Disciple of War Fist."

"I am Nobusada. Tenth Disciple of War Fist."


Temuro-san slowly fetches a javelin from his back. His other weapon, a kibidango, I mean a morning star is fastened tight on his waist. I can't tell its length since the grip is connected to the tip. I only knew what it really was thanks to prior information. Otherwise I would have mistaken it for a normal mace.

As for me, I take the Counter Stance with Lunar Cat at the ready and put Full Protection on myself. Feels like I gotta be passive here.

"I'm taking the first strike if you won't, hmph."

Temuro-san thrust his javelin forward from a peculiar forward inclining pose. I calmly shifted my body by a half step to dodge the javelin aiming for my shoulder and slash at its handle with Lunar Cat.


My attack hit empty air and with that I exposed my defenseless state. What the heck's up with that javelin's return speed. Going from thrust to back was inhumanely fast. Rapid thrusts not unlike a sub-machine gun fire came afterward. Dodging them took all I could, that first strike was the only time I took it easy. I couldn't contain my surprise since even this is just a warm-up.

"What's wrong? Is that all you've got??"

Calm down me! There's no way to win against him with my current strength. On top of it, he's moving like he's got a complete grasp of my next moves. Therefore, conventional moves would only end up cornering me here.

Very well then, let's do something outside expectations.

Boom, I jumped backward before immediately rushing forward using <<Air Thruster>>.

"Frontal attack eh. Too naive, don't you think?"

Right when I arrived before him, I kicked the air and changed my trajectory with <<Air Thruster>>. After turning right, I changed my direction once again and swung down Lunar Cat from Temuro's right.


Sound of a clash between metal echoed in the quiet training ground. It's the first time he used his javelin to block my katana. Looks like even the handle is made of metal. I can't help but feel impressed at how masterful he wields such a thing. Wonder if it's been enhanced with Lightweight magic or something? Since there is no indication of my blade cutting through the javelin, it must be quite a weapon.

"Hahaa, interesting. A combination of magic and martial art huh. Truly a curious fighting style. Guess I'll get a bit serious too then."

Temuro-san took the morning star on his waist with his left hand. Yes, he's currently stopping my slash with just his right hand. Whoa, more importantly, something real bad is coming. I've got to take some distance.

As I jumped backward and gauged the distance, rapid javelin thrust assaulted me again. I calmly dodged it by shifting my upper half, counterattack now!?



I can't breathe in. A steel ball has sunk into my side. This despite the Full Protection.
I flicked away the steel ball with my katana's grip and breathed in. Ouuch, that must have broken several of my rib cages. I cast High Heal to quickly treat the damage.

But really, that steel ball came flying almost without any time lag after the javelin's assault. It's turned back into a mace form now. The way his stance makes the morning star goes along his lower half must be intentional to obfuscate its true nature.

But dang, this is rough. Unlike cuts and scratches, damages from a blunt weapon accumulates inside the body. And there's no worry of chipped damage either, it's probably the best weapon to have in a protracted battle.
That morning star must be a magic tool, or a magicraft tool like Lunar Cat. The range of its chain beggar belief. And you can't tell where it gonna come flying toward you.

"I'm sure I got your rib from that sensation, yet here you are moving around like nothing huh. I see, you're fighting while casting heal or something to that effect. Never heard of a Heal that could fix bones though, am I wrong?"

Temuro-san seems to be having fun, he's chattering away with smiles on his face. He's taking it easy huh. Well seeing as I can't even strike back and all.

Ever since Temuro-san took his morning star, I've been getting completely barred from even getting close. The morning star itself has an unknown range, but the combination of the straight thrusts from javelin and the curving assaults of morning star makes it very hard for me to even gain distance.

I can only raise my hands now that I'm being toyed around this much. I initially planned to somehow scrap through with martial art and high-speed magic, but I never imagined the gap would be this wide.

Now that it's come to this, I need to at least throw senior disciple-dono for a loop.
If I can't get close, that just means I've got to bombard him from a distance. Barrage is power, yeah.

I start moving like sliding by utilizing <<Air Thruster>> and <<Air Hover>>. My aim is his feet. I'd risk hitting the peanut gallery if I missed his upper body after all.

"<<Icicle Bullets>>!"

I keep rapidly firing at the target while sliding around. GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA, bullets of ice were shot out toward Temuro.

"Mwu, your fighting style's changed. Getting serious now are we."

Temuro is still taking it easy while hitting down only the icicles that would have hit him with his javelin.

"I applaud your wealth of mana and casting speed, however your attack patterns are too monotonous."

I'm aware of that. Hence why I'm doing this.


Stone walls gradually rise covering Temuro-san from all four directions. Temuro-san can't move now that he's enclosed within these two-meter tall stone walls. Now I just gotta get close and... Wait whaaaaaat!?


Stone walls that I had created with flawless mana were easily broken down. You're kidding me right!? Even Master couldn't have destroyed those in one hit.

Looking closer, the parts of walls hit by the morning star's thorns are getting decomposed. Just how multi purpose is that morning star anyway!

"That one just now was well done, however your mana kneading and composition still have a long ways to go. A slight touch from this 『Meteor』 turning them back into magic essence is proof of that."

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