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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-40

17-40. Dungeon Highways and Lunar Corridor (2)


Satou here. I love exerting my full power whenever I'm playing sport and fighting games. And once you've reached the limit, whether you're able to take another step forward toward further growth or not is a turning point.

Moon or Seryuu city.

As if substantiating what the purple little girl said about Netherworld encroaching, black sludge spilled down from the full moon high up in the sky, and I received a report from Phantasmal Labyrinth's Dungeon Core about an attempted hacking done to her, and that she had lost contact with Seryuu City's underground dungeon.

I headed for the moon.

I would have chosen Seryuu City if I let my emotion took over, but since I had a premonition that postponing going to the moon would make situation go real bad, I made the decision to follow the signal Crisis Perception skill told me.

After getting close to it, I see that the situation has gotten really bad there.

Black sludge miasma is gushing out of craters on the surface of the moon like magma, impurities are spreading not only on its surface but even the satellite orbit.

This is seriously bad. I really made the right choice believing in Crisis Perception.

I change my title to [God Slayer], draw the Divine Sword and head toward moon surface while erasing the materialized miasma along the way.

Ugeeh, gross. Repugnant sentiment and resentment are assaulting my body like undulating waves.
I never imagined that mere vestiges from the thick part of miasma I cut apart with Divine Sword would torture my mind so severely like this. If it could do this much to me with my resistant skills and Nanashi's equipment, I don't think even gods would survive a direct hit of this.

Those vestiges would have been erased as well had I recited the Scripture <<PERISH>>, but since that mode has a limited uptime, I decide to save on it.
Then, I somehow managed to arrive at the moon surface even while slightly regretting that decision.

I touch the rugged surface of the moon.

The real show starts now.

I push my palm on it and wish.


A moment later, the moon vanished.
Success. I bet on being able to put the moon in my Storage, and it was proven true.

Several individuals that appear to be demon are floating in what was the core of the moon.
I'll just leave those guys alone.

More importantly--.

The black sludge in the satellite orbit has begun its descent toward the planet now that the moon's gravity is no more.

"Ah man, dealing with all that stuff by myself will be a pain."

It looks simple outwardly, but the amount of miasma enough to completely cover the surface of a huge satellite is no joke.

『You're not alone!』

An energetic voice reached my ears as I groaned. It's Arisa's.

『That's right nodesuyo! Pochi is right over here nodesuyo!』
『Tama too~』

A large space ship with Arisa and the girls on board came flying into the satellite orbit.
Arisa must have used her space magic to transport it from base.

『Master, I'm gonna go a bit wild today!!』

A purple aura ran over the space ship.


Space magic [Hyper Deracinator] powered up by her Unique Skill [Over Booost] assisted by the space ship stopped the black sludge.

"Geez, she's really going wild."

So that her effort won't go to waste, I used Flash Drive to soar toward the part with thick sludge and erased it with <<PERISH>> Scripture-activated Divine Sword.


Vestiges remain even with <<PERISH>> on, though it's less taxing than before.
I continue to work on it while enduring the unpleasantness tormenting my mind.

The girls are also helping purifying the sludge with purification-type ritual magic and anti-god magic.


After erasing some part of the black sludge, monitored Status of some of my acquaintances at Seryuu City started looking bad.

『I need to help out at Seryuu City for a bit. You girls take care of this place for the time being.』

I suspended my sludge-cleaning work and moved to Seryuu City with Unit Arrangement.
Got a complaint through Mass Tactical talk, "That's cheating, cheating!", when I cast Planet Guard before teleporting out though, but eh, since that came a bit too late, I just ignored it.

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"Battlefield, battlefield--over there huh."

I scan over Seryuu city from atop the sky.

The core of this commotion is--the greater black demon, Moi-kun. The demon who kept reviving itself no matter how many times I beat it.
It's clad in a purple aura that seemed to be a Unique Skill, beating up Kigori-shi and Zena-san's little brother, Yukel-kun at incredible speed.
Unique Skill-ed demons are a pain.

I change my black sludge-dirtied clothes, and cut Moi-kun in two using the Divine Sword right as I landed with Flash Drive.
A [God's Fragment] came out of Moi-kun's disappearing black mist, and I dealt with that using Divine Sword like always.

I was tempted to show up as Satou and accomplish the promise I made with Earl Seryuu to [Exterminate foreign enemy once], but were Yukel-kun lose his life due to me playing around, I would never be able to look at Zena-san in the face again.

Since Yukel-kun and friends are safe, I believe I made the correct choice here.

I return the still active <<PERISH>> Divine Sword to its scabbard.
A Dragon Fang Sword or a holy sword would be more than enough to deal with dungeon enemies.

"One defeated means nothing. Moi, meets."
"Shadow has no limit. Moi, advent."
"Moi, arrives."

Mass produced Moi-kun emerged en masse.
I'm not sure how much of what they said is true, but the real body must be lying in wait somewhere, and these guys above ground are probably just projections or copies?

"""Moi, high speed kill."""

The black greater demons came rushing at me from all directions at unbelievable speed.

"Moi, killer move."

Moi-kun #2 went from behind and reaped Hero Nanashi's neck with its elongated blade-like claws.


Yukel-kun and the others gasped when they saw the scene.
The headless Hero Nanashi vanished.

Well since I'm watching it unfolding and all, naturally that's just an afterimage.

I cut apart Moi-kun #2 to pieces with a holy sword before it could realize what was going on.
And since Moi-kun is quite tenacious, I also burn down its pieces with a napalm mixed with Dragon Fang powder.

"What strength."

As Hearing skill picked up Kigori-shi's murmur, I went around exterminating the other two Moi-kun.

"Moi, revives."

...It just went and revived itself even after all those rigorous undertaking.
I can keep cutting these demons to pieces until they can't revive anymore... But that's way too much work.

"""Moi, revives."""

The other Moi-kun revived themselves one after another as well.
I guess the fact that Moi-kun with a Unique Skill isn't reviving is a silver lining here.

"So long as moi seedbed, the dungeon, remains intact, moi immortal."

That's so annoying...

"Hero-sama! We've got to do something about the dungeon!"

Yukel-kun stated the obvious.
Well, destroying the dungeon itself is a simple matter, but it being a resource-producing mine, there's no way earl Seryuu would agree to--.

"Pen--Hero Nanashi!"

Earl Seryuu showed up next to Kigori-shi and shouted out loud.
I was worried to see him in this danger zone, but turned out it was just a well-made projection. Must be the City Core doing its magic.

"Fulfill your promise to protect Seryuu City once!"
"Haven't I done just that?"

--Or rather, I made that promise to you as Satou, you know.

"No you haven't! Get the dungeon gnawing on Seryuu City--"
"I might have to erase the dungeon, are you fine with that?"
"...I have no objection. This dungeon is said to be a base those demons use for conquering [Dragon's Valley]. It's unfortunate, but I will not compromise on my people safety."

Hee, first I've heard of that.

Well, since I've cleared the biggest obstacle, aka the permission from the earl and all, let's get on it real quick, I've done all the prep work and all.

"OK then, here I go."

I activate a barrier I've laid out beforehand.
A glittering blue light wraps Seryuu City which then turns into a multi-layered purification barrier that purifies miasma out of monsters flowing out of the dungeon.

"Moi, astonished."
"Moi, roars."
"Moi, shrieks."

This multi-layered purification barrier covers the entire Seryuu Earldom, and the effect is especially prominent at its focal point, the dungeon. It's at a level that afflicts even greater demons.
I'm able to deploy a barrier of this scale thanks to the connection to thick Dragon Veins of Dragon Valley.

"Moi has not lose yet. Moi, indomitable."
"Moi indestructible so long the dungeon is here. Moi, immortal."

--Yeah yeah.

I activate the trap I've had pre-installed in [Dungeon Core].
Right afterward, an earthquake hit. The dungeon must have started collapsing due to the destruction of Dungeon Core.

"Pendo--Hero Nanashi-dono, what is--"
"Oh I just destroyed the dungeon. And don't worry about a thing, I've made sure it won't collapse."

I forcefully close down cracks and land subsidences with Earth Control magic.

"It's a--checkmate."

I moved in to exterminate the slowed down Moi-kun while wielding a holy sword and a dragon fang sword in both hands.

"This barrier will protect the entire earldom for about 10 days. OK then, gotta get to my next stop"

I waved at the people who weren't done processing what happened yet and went back to cleaning up the moon orbit.

"Phew, think that does it?"

It's been a while since I went all out, so it was tiring.
Well, it's mostly caused by the stuff with black sludge though.

I get back to the large space ship where the girls are waiting.

"I'm back. Now that we've closed off the Dungeon and Moon gates, the Netherworld won't come crashing down on this world anymore right."

Guess god Tenion's quest is complete with this?

"Huh? Where's Ringrande-sama and the others?"

I've only just realized that they're not on board of the large spaceship.

"Onee-sama and her group had departed saying, 『Leave the ground to us』."

According to my Marker list, they're in capitals of influential nations like Saga Empire.
They must have used solitary island's teleport gates or asked Arisa or Aze-san to send them with Space Magic.

People are most likely panicking on the ground after all, I'm sure they're the right people for the job to settle the situation being attendants of Hero Hayato who had toured the world and all.

"Irregular! Save milord next!"

The purple little girl clung to me.
Oh right, we were talking about that.

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